Star Trek Sequel Writers Planning For 2012 Release

Earlier this week TrekMovie reported that, based on the Paramount’s release slate and the schedules of the filmmakers, the chances of a Star Trek sequel in 2011 were shrinking. Now comes the first (sort of) confirmation of this, with comments from screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman made at the Screenwriting Expo held in Los Angeles this week. More details below


Star Trek 12 in 2012?
The comments come from a brief interview with, where Roberto Orci noted they are still in research mode, but regarding the timing he stated:

Orci: We think it’s going to be a 2012 release, but I’m not sure.

His writing partner went further noting:

Kurtzman: Originally we thought we were going to have to have the script in by Christmas, but the release changed so certainly within the next eight months I’d say

This comes as no surprise, as noted in articles recently at TrekMovie, Paramount already have four ‘tentpole’ releases lined up for the Summer of 2011 (Thor, Captain America, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Transformers 3). That summer only has a couple of open weekends, with the rest full of major films, including films from the Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter franchises. Plus both the film makers, and the film stars have very busy schedules, with their 2010 plans filling up quickly (especially Chris Pine and JJ Abrams).

A two year gap, while not uncommon, is still a short time frame between franchise films. Three out of ten of the Star Trek sequels had a two year gap(Star Trek III , Star Trek First Contact, and Star Trek Insurrection). Most of the rest had 2 1/2 year gaps or longer, with the longest being 6 1/2 years (between Nemesis and Star Trek 2009). 

Increases chances of Abrams directed sequel
In addition to giving the team more time to prepare the film, 2012 also increases the likelihood that JJ Abrams would return to direct. In his interview with TrekMovie in May, Abrams made it clear that he would not want to direct two Star Trek movies back to back, preferring to do something in between. In his Q&A last week, Abrams stated that he hopes to direct another movie in 2010 which he is writing now. That film can be his ‘in between’ film, allowing him to return to Star Trek in 2011.

TrekMovie will have more on the Star Trek sequel as news becomes available.

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I’m not happy about having to wait longer, but hopefully it’ll be better this way.

It WAS looking more and more obvious that either they were being very secretive or the film would not be ready in 2011. Oh well, as long as it is good!

“Paramount already have four ‘tentpole’ releases lined up for the Summer of 2011 (Thor, Captain America, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Transformers 2).”

I suppose it is Transformers 3???

On-topic: I don’t have a problem with a release in 2012… Just let Star Trek 12 be a good movie as Star Trek 11, if not… even better!! Write a nice script.. And I will be waiting for 2012 !!!

So they ARE making a Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Well, unless Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom are in it, it’s probably not worth it. Also, Captain America? I can’t see that movie working in the Age of Obama. 5 years ago sure, but not today, unless Captain America is declared an outlaw and a renegade, Dark Knight style.

As far as STXII goes, let them wait until 2013 if they have to. Releasing a new Trek movie every 2 years was part of what contributed to Trek fatigue in the late ’90s/early 2000s. Let’s not make the same mistake again. Besides, waiting another year gives them more time to perfect the special effects, like it did with the first movie. Once I have the Blu-Ray in my hands, I should be able to survive.

I think we all want another film ASAP but this way they can take their time and come up with a much better film. I for one am thankful for the 2012 release…just make it a good one guys.

@ 4 antodav:

Captain America is a prequel to the Avengers-movie that will come out somewhere in 2013 (I could be wrong, maybe later or earlier).. Iron-Man 2 also is a prequel to that movie… You could be right about Captain America.. Then again, the question remains: who will play the Cap?

Sounds okay to me. I’d prefer if they’d leave TF3 ’til 2012 as well, but I guess that’s not too likely.

Taking your time to get it right is better than rushing it out.

However, it would be nice if the DVD release was bumped up a little.

As with the delay from Christmas to May, I think this will simply give them more time to fine tune their ideas. I say it’s a good thing, even if it means a longer wait.

If true, this site is going to have a lot less to report on. During the last movie, Trekmovie also had the TOS remastering project to report on. Now, there’s absolutely nothing major going on in the Trek universe beside the movie to fill the next three years.

It’s good to know Star Trek is in good hands.

Pete Jackson can release an Epic like Lord of the Rings, with Directors cuts with an additional forty minutes per film and we can’t get a regular Star Trek film out of these gents till 2012.

Not only that CBS does not want to leverage the new success and would rather launch Hawaii Five-O rather than moving on Star Trek.

They also have a Star Trek MMO coming out that they do not want to take any direct control over and would rather Syfy beat them to the Tv-Show MMO concept.

I just have no faith in the people who control Star Trek anymore. They have one of the greatest properties in history and they have no idea how to leverage any of it.


As long as it comes out before December 21, 2012. I want to see it before the world ends.

Like most, I’d love to have the next film tomorrow, if possible, but another year for them to work on it means another year for them to do it up right.

Hope this 3 yr period works better for them than it did from 1986-1989…going from save the whales to…God.

So if the actors signed on for 3 films. How long does the studio have to film the next 2 movies before the 3 film deal is void?

Look at it this way… the “ADD-addled, pre-pubescent, angst-ridden, ridlin poster child teenbopping 90210” cast will be another year older.

Lets get it right. They made a superb first movie, now they have the time to relax, get some healthy distance, engage the fans for longer, and get things more polished right from the start.

Get it right, not fast.

They say probably 2012, but normally things get pushed back it seems, for marketing reasons, writers strikes, unforeseen delays… whatever. I wish they’d shoot for 2011 and settle for 2012. In the meantime, how about a new Star Trek t.v. series???

With 3 years to make a sequel that should give them enough time to build an engineering set:)

2012?? Well I suppose we will have to wait whether or not we want to!!! I loved the last one!! And i will wait as patiently as i can!

The article forgot the two year gap between Generations and First Contact. Don’t mind a three year gap, especially if the rumours of the next two films are being filmed back to back are true, then we might have the third film in 2013. Plus, I hate the feeling I had watching the latest Bond or Transformers films, where it felt like I was just at the theatre watching the last film when I was watching the new one.

13 – Hopefully they can do better than the bad mashup/ripoff of Star Wars that this one was.

#4. antodav wrote: “Releasing a new Trek movie every 2 years was part of what contributed to Trek fatigue in the late ’90s/early 2000s.”

Considering that there were only two films released in that time frame, and they were 4 years apart, your theory doesn’t quite hold water. In fact, looking at the actual history of Trek releases, it suggests a gap of more than 2.5 years will cause the movie to fail.

As for many of the comments that suggest taking their time will result in a much better film, well I respectfully disagree. The amount of time between a film has little to do with the quality or performance of a film. There were exactly 2.5 years between TSFS and TVH and 2.5 years between TVH and TFF – both drastically different results. WIth the 3 full years between TFF and Generations, the result was marginally better. However, with only 2 years between GEN & First Contact the result was an overwhelming success.

On the other hand, the longer it takes to get a film to screen, the more likely the new audience will have forgotten about it and lost interest. Also less-likely is getting the original cast back together as they commit to more and more projects in the interim. There is also the looming possibility that Paramount may merge with another studio who does not have the same priority for Ster Trek. The budget could be affected by financial difficulties for the studio during the additional time. The current writer’s contract is due to expire again in May 2011 along with the actors and directors this time, and their issues are far from resolved. And, the longer the creative team has to work on the script and the film, the more likely they could be sidetracked by other projects and lose focus, or come up with new ideas and attempt to shoe-horn them into the film in a less effective way because the project is not as immediate for them.

All things considered, it is always best to strike while the iron is hot.

10. ttuthill: “…the people who control Star Trek … have one of the greatest properties in history and they have no idea how to leverage any of it.”

Well, from a (true) FAN perspective, no. From a business perspective, yes. $$$

They are going for the quantity audience (dollars), rather than quality (intelligence). …reality bites… =(

It will indeed be a tragedy if they don’t make the Star Trek: Kelvin TV series…

but the world is ending in 2012, darn Mayans, are those underground cities ready yet?

I’m okay with it, but I’m also a bit surprised. The movie was such a huge success you’d think Paramount would jump at getting a sequel out faster.

We need a new Trek TV series before then.

…here’s something they could do right now, that would be pretty cool IMHO:

Star Trek: The Animated Series REMASTERED

…use the original voice work, but do all-new TOS style Dreamworks 3D animation / direction / cinematics / sound effects and other cool stuff that the medium makes possible!

…maybe even make some new episodes…?

I wouldnt imagine Transformers 3 will take long to write. Script: robots fighting, things blow up, dork kid manages to keep Megan Fox as a girl friend, more explosions, etc. I dont see how Kung Fu Panda 2 is considered important at all. But I guess its not the end of the world, still sucks, though. I think it would make more sense to push MI:IV back a year because that would make a lot less people angry than pushing Star Trek XII back.

Well personally, ST XI was supposed to be in 2008. People bitched. We waited and the result. Legen… wait for it…. dary! Assumptions were 2010 now 2011. I can wait. But please don’t make me wait too long, my son loved ST XI, I don’t want him to be 17 when the next one comes out. Just for the record he is 4 now.

Please no Khan. If you worried about fanboys before, oh my god, could imagine?


I have a feeling the next movie will blow away the first one, no matter the wait. With the characters established I think we will get to see some classic stuff.

Pine and Quinto are gold.

2012 is too long.

Orci, Kurtman and Abrams knew long ago they were wanted for Trek XII and yet they took on a ton of work, and now find themselves all booked up.

Paramount should find other writers and/or another director if these guys are not going to take the job seriously and get the movie out by 2011.

Looking at it from a bottom line standpoint..Retelling and re-imagining space seed will insure hefty profits….Star trek “2” 1982 will be the second half of star trek 12. we could see khan’s criminal acts and trial in the 1990’s through flashback as khan tells his story to chekov..who’s face will never be forgotten again…

Chekov, who is this man? A criminal captain, a product of late 20th century genetic engineering…Sir! I demand that…you are in no position to demand anything..I on the other hand am in a position to grant nothing……..

I want khan, because khan can keep the franchise alive and profitable..and it has amazing tie-in potential.

I’d like to see janice rand and kevin riley added for at least one movie

#31-Well said my friend!

#33-Please no Khaaaaaaaaan! Let’s be original!!!

I’m glad they won’t be rushed. Having more time to make a quality film is better than just cranking out another one.

Movies planned for 2011: Thor, Captain America, Kung Fu Panda 2, Transformers 3, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter


On second thought, after looking at the lineup of mega hit movies already scheduled for 2011, perhaps it is best ST come out in 2012.

i dont mind waiting for the release, i say take another year and get it perfect. i agree with the no Khan idea, but i think Christine Chapel and Janice Rand should show up and have like, small roles, but notable ones…and no whales, and no God…but yes Leonard Nimoy, and Bruce Greenwood (now Admiral Pike)

Bruce Greenwood was excellent.

I have to agree w/ #33… it seems a no-brainer… How ’bout this:

a Bad Robot Production

directed by Guillermo del Toro

staring Javier Bardem as Khan Noonien Singh

co-staring Brent Spiner as Dr. Arik Soong

co-staring Rosario Dawson as Lt. Marla McGivers

STAR TREK II: Khan’s Genesis

I know… too crazy…

I hear Guillermo del Toro will be doing “Dr. Strange”!

…should be pretty sweet!! =D

…this reminds me… any updates on:

Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey movie?




Paramount should release a new Trek film every two years like clockwork!

As usual they are wasting the potential of a reinvigorated franchise!

I’m sick of morons running Hollywood!

Why can’t someone with talent be allowed to lead the way for once???

Damn you Paramount! I want my movie!
Some believe the whole 2012 date is just meant to be an awakening and or a realization of some sort for mankind… maybe this movie will help usher that in! :) wishful thinking

I only hope that the movie won’t be in the summer, regardless of the year. There is so much good competition at that time. Why not in the first quarter of 2012? With worse competition, it will get a lot of the film-goers then. That will be probably more than a smaller part in the summer.

I also think that the summer is not necessarily the best cinema time for the whole world. In Germany it is for example often the case, that people don’t go to the cinema, if the weather is good. They do then more outside activities. Perhaps that is somewhere else so, too. And even if not, it is outside of the USA, where Star Trek is not so popular, even more important, that there aren’t so many other good films at the same time in the cinemas. I really don’t understand why film studios show all their blockbusters in the summer.

No TV series!

The important part of STM:12 is the quality of the script. If only this second edition of the New Version of Star Trek would give 4 more movies engery to be created, it does not matter to me the time span. As for those who say it needs to be done faster an sooner, all I can say is those addicts most likely bitch the same way to their drug suppliers.

I desire quality not time endued limitations in the product. The only time limits I’d access is before we forget about the dreams of Star Trek and they become reality. The only other thing that coulf place time limits is if we find life out there, and when we do the whole personna of humanity will change, and may be even head hunters may then start watching Star Trek.

By that time they should have ponyed up enough money to build an actual “Starfleet- looking” engineering room. : )

2012 is gonna be an awsome summer, Thor, Cap, ST 2! and then hobbit at xmas!

i think it was a BIG misunderstang if im not worng.
that just cause some people have a multi picture deal dosent mean they are ALL trek films. it dependes on the individual contracts. usualy they come back for the sequel or do other projects if this movie sucks. or they could buy out the contract. dont know of any time limits.

??? what happened to the Sulu tv show with the Excelsior :)..

i say dont touch anything from the other trekls. do something original.

part of what made khan, Khan was the actor. So for the sake of argument , just who would we find today to play such a role ? WHO I ask you.


so who plays gary seven ?