Star Trek Takes Home Top Spike Scream Awards – Shatner Makes Surprise Appearance [UPDATED

The Spike Scream Awards were taped in Los Angeles Saturday night (to air Tuesday October 27th). The new Star Trek movie started the night with the most nominations and walked away with a few awards, including the top prize of "Ultimate Scream" as well as Best Sci-Fi Film. And in a surprise, William Shatner appeared on stage to pick up one of Trek’s awards. Details and photos below.  [UPDATE: Full list of Trek’s six wins]


JJ’s Ultimate Scream (with assist by Shatner)
Star Trek led the nominations at the Spike Scream Awards with a total of 17 nominations in 15 categories. We don’t have the full list of winners and losers, but a partial list is up at AP and DreadCentral. For the seven known categories that Star Trek was nominated, it lost four, and picked up three, including Best Science Fiction Film, and Best Director for JJ Abrams. Abrams was at the event and the director award was presented to him by Harrison Ford.

JJ Abrams giving acceptance speech forBest Director Spike Scream Award

One of the awards we know Star Trek didn’t pick up was for Best Actress. Zoe Saldana was outvoted by fans of Transformers star (and apparent Star Trek fan) Megan Fox.

Megan Fox beats Zoe Saldana for Best Actress at Spike Scream Awards 2009

The biggest award of the night was the "Ultimate Scream" and Star Trek was up against some stiff competition. Actor Morgan Freemen presented the award and after he announced Star Trek had won, the crowd got a surprise when William Shatner stepped onto the stage to accept the award. After taking the award, Shatner stated (via AP):

"J.J., I’ll handle this," Shatner said to J.J. Abrams, seated in the audience, who also won best director and best sci-fi movie for "Star Trek."

"This movie was big," Shatner said. "Imagine how big it could have been with me in it? … I’ll be waiting for your call."

Shatner nabs the Star Trek ‘Ultimate Scream’

UPDATE: Full list of Trek Wins – 6 total
Popdecay has the full list of Star Trek winners:

  • Ultimate Scream
  • Best Science Fiction Movie
  • Best Director (JJ Abrams)
  • Best Science Fiction Actor (Chris Pine)
  • Best Cameo (Winona Ryder)
  • Best Fight Scene (Kirk Spock bridge fight)

Red Carpet
Only one Star Trek cast member walked the red carpet at the event. Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy Karl Urban was there.

Karl on the Red Carpet

Collider had a quick chat with Karl, where he talked about how he hoped the next Star Trek would go into production next year (apparently he hadn’t got the memo that the film release is now looking like 2012).

You can watch the the Scream Awards on Spike on October 27th at 10 PM. TrekMovie will have an update when we get the full list of winners. 


Photos: Wire Image

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Awesome news, great to see Star Trek pick up the award for best Sci Fi Movie and even better to see William Shatner accept one of the awards! :)

oh no he didnt :)

Oh snap! The Shat strikes again!

JJ : do NOT call Shat, I repeat: do not call Shat! Thank you

95% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes: Check.

Top-grossing SF movie of the year: Check.

The Spike Scream Awards: Check.

Can Oscar be far behind?

That explains why Shatner canceled his Big Apple Comic Con appearance at the last minute. :-/ Would have been nice to see him in person.

Nice to see Trek take home the big award. It’s nowhere near an Oscar, but it’s a very good indicator of Star Trek’s newfound appeal with young audiences.

Although apparently Best Actress really means “Hottest Actress Who Was Willing to Show off Her Butt Ten Times On Screen.” Saldana is definitely the better actress of the two.

Karl didn’t get the memo? But the script is already half-finished! Nudge-nudge, wink-wink. The moral of the story is not to count on actors for production news. Only JJ and our dear, beloved Bob can truly be counted on to give us the lowdown.

Freeman to Urban – ‘didnt you get the memo…?’

thatd be a sweet supporting cast for Trek 2:

Ford – Admiral April

Freeman – Admiral Nogora

Fox – No 1

Shat – the disused HoloKirk Prime scene from Trek XI (played by Spock Prime)

Hopefully, before December 21st.


Check your numbers

Transformers 2: 402 US- 832 World
Potter 6- 300 US- 928 World
Trek 11- 258 US – 384 World
XMen 4 – 179 US – 373 World
Terminator 4- 125 US- 371 World

So Trek was in top 5 but far from number 1.

Shatner looks great. Pushing 80??? I swear the man has the fountain of youth hid away somewhere.

Shatner’s appearance was a major Shat(ner) on the new movie. How dare you!

If I DVR this, I’ll skip right over the Ultimate Scream presentation, such a shame.


The Academy Awards isn’t about which movie made the most money but which one was actually good. Garbage attracts many flies as the numbers for Transformers 2 surely indicate, and remember it’s more about the “films” rather than the “movies”.

I am glad to see Star Trek win an award even one as cheesy as the Spike Scream Awards. I am upset that Zoe Saldana did not win best actress. Transformers 2 was horrible.

Shatner ANNOYS me hugely. He should piss off.
How dare he take an award for a movie in which he didn´t took part in any form??? unbelievable. hope to never see him again as Kirk

I love Shatner. Don’t care what anyone says. Him being there is the real story IMO. Said it before, say it again. Love him.

That’s a long time to wait for a sequel popular film. The public might not be as receptive to it so far down the road. Tastes change and right now Star Trek is riding a wave so I’d think the thing to do is make another film before the wave goes away. Unless you make the sequel take place 2-3 years after the first one. Why doesn’t CBS put Star Trek back on TV?

Okay, I don’t care if these aren’t exactly the most prestigious awards, but there is NO way that Meghan Fox should beat Saldana. Saying that Fox deserves an award for acting is just….

Too bad Shatner didn’t clock Abrams with the award. Somebody get Meyer on the phone.

Conversation at CBS:

Executive 1: Alright people, we need ideas for shows.
Executive 2: Well, that Star Trek movie came out during the summer. That’d make a pretty good show.
Executive 1: There’s no way it could last.
Executive 3: You know, we could always ressurect Cavemen.
Executive 1: GENIUS!!!


But, why did Shatner show up to pick up an award for a movie he’s never seen?

That was cool! Hope JJ does call Shat (does the Shat admit that he’s even seen 2000 yet?) Yah, Shat has a crabby rep but so effing what. It’d be great to see him in the next new to you Star Trek. Nimoy’s Spock was an elegant touch, but Kirk is Kirk and Shatner’s Captain Kirk IS the quintessential Star Trek icon. I even saw Rachael Ray make a ref to Shatner’s Captain Kirk on cooking show segment when her speech became sputtery as she tried to do too much at one time. So the Star Trek cultural penetration that I believe to have been precipitated by ST 2009, goes way beyond geek and sci fic TV. My point is that it all goes back to Shatner’s Kirk and it would be gemology to have him in the new to you sequel.

Speaking of the New York City Comic Con, Brent Spiner tweeted (after complaining about the size of his hotel room and the crappy weather) that he had dinner with Shatner and Mulgrew on Friday night (he said Shatner picked up the check). Wouldn’t you just love to have a movie of that repast?

I meant 2009 in the first sentence. Scuza my fumble fing3rs :P

As Leonard Nimoy once said, “Shatner IS Trek.” He needs to be in the next movie to give a proper blessing to the new crew.

24- yeah just like Generations

Although itd be fun for Shats to appear in Trek XII its not needed – and would kind of upset the symmetry that’s happened:

Shatner passed to baton from TOS to TNG in Generations…

Nimoy passed to baton from the TNG era back to TOS

All is well

Shatner didn’t need to show up and accept that award. I mean, I love the dude, but that’s just annoying.

I don’t think the “new” crew needs any blessing. They ARE a blessing. It’s the tip ‘o the hat to we Trekprime geezers that Nimoy represented in XI and I think it would be appropriate, and great fun, if Shat graced XII with his imprimatur. The aforesaid is not to diminish the “admirable” performance Nimoy delivered in XI. Amazing how much Shat has grown as an actor, particularly his comedic streak, in the intervening decades. He’d be no less that extravagantly wonderful in XII. And if not, I’ll eat your hat.

#18-Meghan Fox did more heroic things in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen then Zoe Saldana did in Star Trek-also, she wasn’t nearly naked like Uhura was in that scene, either.

All right, I’ll grant that ST2009 was NOT the “top”-grossing SF movie of the year. Although, to Trek fans, such as I, it might as well be….

However, ST2009 is, indeed, the best-grossing Trek movie of all time, unless I’m mistaken. And if someone with knowledge of adjusted inflation grosses can dissuade me on THAT, then at least Trek is ONE of the top SF movies of 2009.

Trek deserves all the accolades it gets.

I meant, “inflation-adjusted” grosses.

@18: Megan Fox getting an award for acting is like ebaumsworld getting an award for original content? :P

33 Shat has the biggest nads in the universe. Bigger than any of us fanboys could ever dream of.

That, bottom line, IMHO, is the reason people love the man or hate him.

Personally, I love him. Once he was made, the mold was truly broken. Plus, there’s no video of him to see now much “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” there was in his performance at this award show. But the photo does seem to present that “I’m gonna stir things up a bit” twinkle in his eye. Khaaaaaaaan!!

Paramount — please give Nimoy, Shatner and the others a closure film set in the prime timeline — if there is no way to work them into ST XII — before they truly do grow too old (most of them stay active as performers) and we lose more of them. Who but the TOS cast could do a superb Trek film about facing life’s end with peace, courage and dignity?

# 17 | Hey, don’t forget the Star Wars movies were three years apart and that didn’t seem to slow down the momentum. To confirm – while there were many reasons within the films that slowed things down, time was not one of them.

Shatner was at the awards in L.A. last night? I saw him appear at the Big Apple Comic Con in New York yesterday morning. I even had a photo op with him in which he was wearing the same jacket.

May we all have Bill’s energy when we get to his age!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they still managed to get the movie out by 2011. A lot of actors manage to film two movies almost at once, and JJ might not direct, but still would produce.

Hopefully Bill Shatner has had his lunchdate meeting with J.J.Abrams that J.J referred to recently and this was arranged as a result.If so perhaps Bills desire to appear in the next movie AND J.J’S stated willingness to work with him might finally be addressed.

If The Shat accepted the award, you can bet J.J. was complicit, if not an active co-conspirator. LOL

Um, It was a set up, a funny set up likely between JJ and Bill over lunch at Spago. SOME of you tards think Bill crashed the party, rushed the stage and grabbed JJ’s award?? Really. Please stop sprinkling lead chips in your CooCoo Puffs each morning.
Most seem to get it but an alarming number do not. Wow!


noel hannigan

“Hopefully Bill Shatner has had his lunchdate meeting with J.J.Abrams that J.J referred to recently and this was arranged as a result.If so perhaps Bills desire to appear in the next movie AND J.J’S stated willingness to work with him might finally be addressed.”

He’s been pegged as the director of the next film.


Ah, if only. But let’s look back on last year shall we?

The Dark Knight? The second highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes at 94% (The Wrestler topped it at 98%) Check
Top-grossing film of the year (no contest really) Check
Multiple winner of Spike Scream Awards AND numerous others (such as Empire) Check
Oscar? Well, one for Ledger

So I suppose we MIGHT expect something for say, Urban. But I expect the Academy is less amiable towards in-your-face science fiction than quasi-borderline science fiction like the Dark Knight.

That could be the only time that the words “Best Actress” and “Megan Fox” appear in context with each other.

As for the Shat picking up the Trek award, it was a funny bit, inspired a bit by the Kanye West debacle at the MTV Video Awards.

At least Shatner didn’t pull a Kanye! Haha

One of the few times you can say “Star Trek movie wins award”,

is it me, or is shatner a selfish dick? i mean come on “imagine how big it could be with me in it?” that is complete self centeredness. it’s like he completely ignored the fantastic job that the people who actually worked on the film did. personally, i would have rathered abrams get up and get the award


I’m ecstatic about Trek’s success, but Oscar? No. Seriously, no.

I love the movie, but the plot is full of ridiculously large holes. It’s one of only two 2009 movies I’ve seen so far, and I already know it’s not the best film of the year (even though it was better than the other movie I’ve seen….)

Megan Fox a better actress than Zoe Saldana?!?!?!

F*** that!

@ 48 (Third Remata’ Klan): i agree with you . Megan’s ok. but Zoe is my numbah 1

46 – It’s called a sense of humor. Get one.