Star Trek The Exhibition Opens In Los Angeles + Opening In San Jose This Friday

The two ‘engagements’ of Star Trek: The Exhibition have been traveling the country for the last year, and this month both of them have landed in California. The first opened in Hollywood last weekend, and on Friday the second opens in San Jose. We have photos from the Hollywood engagement below, plus details on the opening in San Jose, where George Takei is going to help kick it off.

Star Trek: The Exhibition Goes Hollywood
The engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition, first opened in Phoenix last year and then moved to Philadelphia earlier this year, has now opened at the Hollywood and Highland Center last week. This centerpiece of this engagement is a recreation of the bridge of the USS Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation. Although not quite as exacting as the recreation at the former Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, this bridge is quite impressive and a lot of fun to see and play in. You can also get photos of yourself on the bridge taken by a professional photographer (at additional cost).

USS Enterprise D recreation

But there is much more to the exhibit than just D bridge. Other large pieces include an actual Reman ‘Scorpion’ fighter from Star Trek Nemesis, Quark’s bar (and a Dabo Table) from Deep Space Nine, a display of the Enterprise D sickbay and engineering room (with original furniture and props), plus captain’s chairs from The Original Series Enterprise (1701) and Star Trek Nemesis (1701-E).

Scorpion (you can also see Shinzon costume in background)

In addition to the large pieces, there are original costume displays throughout the exhibit, including some rare finds like Khan outfit from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Zefram Cochrane’s outfit from Star Trek First Contact and some Original Series bridge uniforms. There are also displays of genuine props scattered throughout The Exhibition. All displays come with excellent notations, and some the costumes even have LCD displays showing you the films or episodes where they appeared.

Khaaaaaan! (and a TMP Engineering uniform)

Star Trek weapons

And although the Star Trek The Exhibition was put together over a year before the premiere of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, there is a whole wall of genuine costumes and props from that film.

New Star Trek movie part of The Exhibition

In addition to all that, there is Star Trek artwork, information displays (like ‘Real Trek Science’ and the ‘History of the Future’), and interactive kiosks where you can take Star Trek trivia quizzes, and more.

Try your hand at Trek trivia (note this one is on Quark’s bar)

All in all Star Trek The Exhibition in Hollywood is a fun time and informative, even for a hard core fan. For a Star Trek fan, Star Trek The Exhibition is worth the $16.50 price of admission (and their are discounts for children, students, seniors and military). The Hollywood Blvd. location is convenient for other destinations, including Madame The Chinese Theater and the new Hollywood Madam Tausauds. The Exhibition team are also planning some special events and guest speakers. TrekMovie will provide updates as more details are announced.

Full slideshow

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or in advance at The exhibit is open seven days a week: Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information, text “Hollywood” to 75309 or call 866-940-3976. The address for the exhibit is 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028. Visit the STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION fan page on Facebook here. And follow the exhibition on Twitter @StarTrekhwood

ST: The Exhibition Hollywood looking for Volunteers
One of the features of ST: The Exhibition will be docents to guide guests around and explain the back story of the various parts of the exhibit. They are looking for guest docents and volunteers for a variety of positions to be a part of the exhibit over the next three months. If you are interested call 866-940-3976.


George Takei to help open Star Trek The Exhibition in San Jose
The other engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition (the one with the Original Series as its centerpiece) opens up at The Tech Museum in San Jose this Friday, October 23rd. On Tuesday, George Takei, Star Trek’s original Sulu (along with a group of costumed Klingons) will be on hand to give media tours and previews of The Exhibition.

For more information on Star Trek The Exhibition in San Jose, visit the official site at

Star Trek TOS bridge – part of Exhibit now in San Jose






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Looks awesome, now to head to ca again…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mobile Emitter

I really wish they would bring this to the Southeast (preferably South Carolina). I’m willing to travel to it as long as it’s within a 6-8 hour drive from where I am.

Is this ever going to get out of the west coast? How about southeast Florida?

lol, that TNG set. OMG! People pay to see that?

When is this going to come to the Midwest??? If I’m not mistaken, these are the 3rd and 4th exhibitions based in CA!

Seriously? Both in California? Ridiculous. Although whichever one has that awful Enterprise-D recreation, they can keep it. But yeah, how about some Midwest action? I’d hate to have to wait until October 2010 for some Midwest Trek (the convention in Chicago). And when they come to the Midwest, bring that TOS bridge with!

where next out of San Jose? Saw the one in Philly—TNG Bridge. LOVE to walk on the Enterprise bridge (no bloody A, B, C, D, OR E)!

Why is there the same article posted about this thing ALL THE TIME? All it does it just change streets. It never goes anywhere.

Come to Australia Damnit! We have Kangaroos!

Alright, the I’m hitting both of these before they close.

Still want to know if I can take my own camera & take photos, like I did at Long Beach.

Is that a padlock on the turbolift doors? O_o

#9) Samuel James said “Come to Australia Damn it! We have Kangaroos!” You forgot the other things like, your winter is our summer, Fosters came from here (even tho that is a marketing ploy only), and the beautiful beach’s with great surfing waves. I’m not a marketing person but there is 100’s if not thousands of American city’s the tour needs to appear in first. When they finish milking the American TV public you are welcome to come to Paramount or what ever company does these shows and camp on their door step begging them to head down under. Also the Enterprise-D bridge looks almost like a display model with no decals applied. As where the TOS bridge looked Operational, even lights behind the panels with over head display clear plastic sheets with magic marker colored blocks would make it look more lifelike, even a few life size cutout posters of some of the crew would help. If I wanted to have my photo on the bridge, I’d want it to look real and functioning like it came from the Real Enterprise. They seem to be marketing something you can almost touch, but they are missing the We can fill your fantasy dreams and have photos to prove it. It’s more of lets make a quick buck, not let’s fill the dreams of fans out there. But for some just being near the stuff used is a dream filled. If I was marketing it first I’d have a travel path… Read more »

Taking a closer look, rather than just scrolling past the TNG bridge photo, I see they do seem to at least have displays up. Ghats what a flash glimpse will get you rather then taking time looking at the picture.

How many guys have just caught a glimpse of a girl and thought she looked hot, but then you take time and you start telling your self she could use a paper bag. The same is true for the other side with you women. If you can’t tell I’m male so that’s why I used men first. But female first impressions are more than likely to be based on totally different factors than a man uses. And you have much more smoother ways than men for this judging. (i.e. Hugh Hefner and 1953 give any answers)

But the photos are grat pictures, who ever took them knew what they were doing.

i wanna take the TOS bridge home with me

The enterpride D bridge is actually pretty good, its just missing the overhead lighting screens, the framework is there but it has atmospheric niteclub lighting instead of the “flourescent” overheads of the TV series. The funny thing about bringing this to LA is it was here already a couple of years ago when the whole thing was one event at the Queen Mary dome in Long Beach.

Oh and the Enterprise D photo is “lit” pretty good so on the picture it looks convincing even though in person it has the cheesy niteclub lighting.

This thing started in California and now it’s back?? In two cities?? WTF?? Bring it to Chicago!


Ha ha, agreed. They didn’t even make the center section low enough, and those command chairs are awful. For that admission price, you’d think they’d get someone who actually KNOWS what the Ent-D bridge is supposed to look like.

And without all the colored lights, the TOS bridge looks a bit off too. How could they get everything else so right, and forget something as simple as that??

This thing was supposed to come to Minneapolis on its second or third stop! What gives?

yeah the under station lights should be blue and the overheads should be rainbow.

but realy. how many trek fans does it take to change a light bulb?

Seeing that they added costumes from the new film, this will be worth it to see again, it still will not beat what I saw at the Queen Mary/Spruce Goose dome. But that was a different company managing the exhibit.

Something I’m sure they’ll mention when they have the San Jose Exhibition article is that the movie is also playing at the Tech’s IMAX Dome Theater so you can go to the Exhibition and see the movie again in one of the few places left still showing it on the big screen. Plus it’s cheap, only $8. I’m going this Friday when it opens and this will be my 9th time seeing it and 3rd on Imax.

I wish it would stay on the west coast but git outta california-neither oregon or washington state has seen any of the exhibitions either-we have been to vegas for the experience which i am sure has been the best trek presentation so far–is there any news at all about reopening the experience? No news is bad news-wouldnt surprise me if that project was dead now-ive seen way too many parts of the experience being auctioned off on ebay including parts of the d model and the timeline presentation from the museum too-sigh sniff pout-

I wish they would bring it out of Hollywood! and California for that matter!
There ARE Trek lovers in the rest of the US!!! Take it national PLEASE!!

USS Armageddon NCC1752

Being Californian, I love that this is still so local for me, but seriously, they ought to have the two exhibits at least in different states, probably far apart states. And yeah, the wrong lights on the TOS set are annoying. I dunno if they did that originally in long beach when it was called the tour instead of the exhibit, but I do know they had a more accurate D Bridge. I spoke with an attendant there, and found out that they actually built that replica off of the original set blueprints. It also had ALL of the moniters working. Heck, the science scanners and range finders even ticked off distance, radiation readings, and all that stuff! Only things wrong with it were that the Helm and Conn consoles didn’t hinge out, and they used the wrong combinations of fabrics and leathers on the chairs. Other than that, it literally was standing on the bridge. I must say, a Galaxy Class Helm chair is the most comfortable seat ever! Which almost stinks, because I like Constitution better, but the fact that I made the ship go to warp makes up for it. lol Seriously though, I hope this moves around long enough for everybody to get to see both exhibits. The Tour exhibit I saw wasn’t quite the same thing as these, but it was definently the end all Trek experience outside of Vegas as I understand it.

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