TrekInk: Exclusive 5-Page Preview of Star Trek Nero #3

spockThis week IDW continues the untold story of the Star Trek movie, with the third (and penultimate) issue of “Star Trek: Nero.” The series has been telling the story about what the wiley Romulan was up during those 25 lost years. Get a peek at issue three below, including a surprising encounter.



PREVIEW: Nero #3
Story by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, art by David Messina.


The third installment of NERO warps ahead with the villain continuing his quest for vengeance against Spock and the Federation!

Nero 3 covers

Nero #3 5-page preview

(click to enlarge)


Star Trek: Nero #3 will be in local comic shops this Wednesday. It can be pre-ordered (at 20% discount) at TFAW. You can also pick up past issues and pre-order the fourth and final issue, due out next month.









A trade paperback collection of Star Trek: Nero will be published May 2010, and you can pre-order from Amazon for $12.23 (discounted from $17.99).

Nero TPB coming in May

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ive been loving this cant wai to pick it up

So is that V-ger he runs into at the end there? sure looks like it!

……oh my god.


Wh-wh-wh-woah. So how does Nero not get zapped as a carbon infestation?


Not likely. As noted in the previous pages, the Narada has made contact with V’Ger, which usually means V’Ger backs off from attacking the target.

Could this be the V’Ger/Borg connection finally getting it’s pay off since the Narada is part Borg?

#4 Well, if I recall my Vulcan/Romulan blood chemistry correctly, they are more of a Copper infestation. And everyone knows that Copper is not as threatening as Carbon!

#4 or you can go with Jeyl’s explination. If you want one that makes more sense that is.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Due to JJ’s love of things being so huge in his Trek universe compared to the original universe, I’m going to take a stab at it and say that the V’Ger cloud is a sprawling 237 AUs in diameter in this Universe.

I wish NERO, CREW, REFLECTIONS, and COUNTDOWN would come out on DVD/Blu-ray via the Ken Burns Effect, these would be so cool.

ok so i have been dreaming hoping wondering what the evolved vger would be like since tmp premiered i even wrote a short story vgers return too many years ago to count–haha is this vgers return-can i sue em-oh yeh noone saw my story sigh–also those shots inside the narada with the ledges and window background remind me strongly of the control room in the cygnus in the disney movie the black hole–

@11 Jim Nightshade

Jim, you dope. This is NOT the evolved V’Ger post ‘The Motion Picture’. This is V’Ger some decade and a half before it reaches Earth.

#6: The copper in Vulcan blood is equivalent to the iron in our own, not carbon. Presumably, Vulcans and Romulans are equally as carbon-tastic as humans.

#13 well, they say you learn something new everday! Thanks ;)

Why V’ger? WHY??

Can’t they leave well enough alone?

I sense something…something I haven’t sensed sinnnccce…..

i hope all this leads to a final battle between spock and nero, which obviously nero would have to win for the events of the movie to take place. the nero comics all seem to be leading up to a confrontation of some kind between spock and nero, once nero somehow locates spock, but i just hope the confrontation is satisfying.

the countdown comics were basically a more detailed version of the first half of spock’s flashback in the movie, and the nero comics are obviously a more detailed version of the second half of spock’s flashback in the movie. even though spock wasn’t there for most of it, we got the basic jist of it when he said “nero spent the next 25 years wait for me”.

so, what i’m trying to say is, obviously more happened when nero found spock than was said in the brief flashback of the movie. nero didn’t just grab spock’s ship, spare his life, and send him to delta vega. they must have had a long talk or a fight or something. that’s what i hope the nero comics will ultimately lead to…

I don’t know what it is and how to say it, but the stories of the ‘Star Trek’ comics (particularly the ‘Star Trek’ (2009) prequels and follow-ups) are somehow bland. Nothing really happens. Everything looks just cobbled together. Complex storylines are completely missing.
The IDW writers should ask Dark Horse’s ‘Star Wars’ folks for some helpful hints – their ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ definitely shows how it must be done!

ahhah jeyl see that is why i was asking–thanx for the clarification on vger! i still wanna see a vger sequel hahah

# 18
Yep, the Trek comics are pretty uninspired and boring… always have been and, probably and sadly, always will be.

This proves once again that Star Trek (particularly in the eyes of the media industry) is nothing but the poor man’s Star Wars.

I love these comics…Countdown and Nero are unique….great visuals, and the storylines aren’t complicated, they get to the point brilliantly!


‘The storylines aren’t complicated, they get to the point brilliantly’

I, speaking for myself, expect a little bit more. I have a brain. I can think. Ergo, I like to be challenged or, at least, surprised now and then.

True, all the ‘Star Wars’ spin-offs of the various print media are much, much more sophisticated (just look at the ‘Cross-Sections’ and ‘Incredible Locations’ series or the Essential Guides) and diversified (catering to everbody, from young readers to their grandfathers, from newbies to hardcore fans).
Where are books like these about the ‘Star Trek’ universe? Where are the more ambitious ‘Star Trek’ novels and comics (or better: graphic novels)? All I can find is this over-and-over-again-regurgitated uninspired rubbish (I’m looking at both of you, IDW and Pocket Books)! Apparently the people in charge and the various authors think that all Trekkies are overweight no-brainers who can be fobbed off with the same merely-rewritten and -recombined low-brow crap year after year…

as long as peeple buy this stupid stuf, nothing will change

#22: If you read comics to be “challenged,” I have another challenge for you.

Go read a book.


Thanks a lot for the tip…
Unfortunately I already bought my fair share of Trek comics and novels (although I was always disappointed after having read them).


Haha, very witty…
You probably had to think for the last half hour to finally scrape this halfway poignant remark together.

If you never have been challenged by truly brilliant graphic novels that are available, the you probably never got past Mickey Mouse, Superman or this rubbish they try to flog here…

comix are comix, books are books

You are missing the point, SemiNormal…
Even when I read a comic, I want my money’s worth, not some off-the-mill brainfart cobbled together by some hack.

Well, they are at the edge of the Delta quadrant, so it’s logical that a Voyager would show up eventually…

Everybody knows everybody and everybody meets everybody in the Trekverse…

It was PREDICTABLE that Voyager would show up eventually…

What is next? Trilane? Wale Probe? Trek V god?

I can’t help it. Looking at that barely shapable blue cloud just makes me raise my arms up in the air and shout “Yes! Robert Wise lives!”.

“31. The Ancient of Mumu – October 20, 2009
Everybody knows everybody and everybody meets everybody in the Trekverse…”

Exactly. And it’s sooooo kewl.

Unfortunately, the great Robert Wise is dead.
Because of this comic, however, I bet he’s rotating in his grave…

“35. Lando – October 20, 2009
Exactly. And it’s sooooo kewl.”

‘Sooooo kewl’ is entirely something different in my book.

#32, you missed his joke. He didn’t say “Voyager” (or “V’ger” or “Voyager VI”), he said “a” Voyager. Delta Quadrant. If he told you he thought they’d wait until page seven or nine, would that have helped?

#30 Touché. Logically, I see coffee in that small nebula. ;)

#31,33 Of course. The whole motto of Trekdom: “cogito, ergo sumfin special”. I think Berlinghoff Rasmussen really ought to show up to interview Nero. Why, that could set Nero back for at least 3 months out of that 25-year long “Search for Spock”.

When this V’ger shtick’s the best they can do, I don’t want to see them not even trying…

Thats one heavily armed mining ship, gosh, I wonder why the Red Dwarf wasnt bristling with weaponry?

Oh, thats right, because it was a MINING SHIP.

So, Spock did his best to save Romulus against certain, natural destruction, and didnt quite pull off an unprecedented miracle, so now the latest Trek bad guy wanted to destroy the entire Vulcan and Human races?

Talk about a thin premise.

So, all of Vulcan’s advanced fleet of starships happened to have been on vacation during Nero’s attack?

And Vulcan had zero planetary defense?

Didnt we see this already? The Trek:Enterprise Xindi story arc?

Fun movie, but hardly Trek.

Cant wait for District 9 and Moon to come out on BluRay.

@ 40. Jeffery Wright

The Red Dwarf did have weapons, actually (if you read the production matterials) – it had heavy ship-mounted lasers used for braking apart large asteroids, they could easily blow other ships out of the sky. the only reason Rimmer / Lister etc. never used them was because they weren’t senior enough to have access to the weapons systems & Holly just dun forgot about them…

Ever heard of a cloaking device? The Narada likely only decloaked to fend off the fleet of Federation starships. Vulcan wouldn’t have even known it was there, especially with the dampening field in effect.

@40: “Cant wait for District 9 and Moon to come out on BluRay.”

Star Trek09’s Budget: 150 Million
District 9’s Budget: 30 million

Star Trek has a big eyed human, a long faced turd, bald humans with pointy ears and tattoos, a tall Alien on the Kelvin with 3 seconds of screen time and some background aliens during big crows scenes.

Wow. How can a movie with only 30 million dollars pull off aliens when Star Trek’s 150 million budget can’t even get a full Alien crew member? How about giving us alien looking ALIENS! And not just that, but the best goddang looking Aliens I’ve ever seen in a movie and they’re in almost every scene! Heck, one of the Aliens is a central character to the film!

JJ, what the frell?!

though it preceeded it- in production values Star trek was always a poor mans Star Wars but never in story- the 6 films dont have a story between them Vs the massive Star Treks universe


They want mainstream appeal & having a bunch of cartoon character monsters running around that the audience can’t accept as real or relate too is not what will achieve that- perhaps u want some cgi cartoon muppets like George Lucas had in the special edition of Jedi?

“They want mainstream appeal & having a bunch of cartoon character monsters running around that the audience can’t accept as real or relate too is not what will achieve that”

Yes, yes, yes. Mainstream Appeal. God knows District 9 had none of that even though the movie has since become a huge and critical success that had audiences actually feeling sympathy towards the CGI cartoony, non-human looking aliens more so than the actual human characters.

Maybe it never occurred to you that just because a character is a CGI cartoon doesn’t mean he won’t work as a character who audiences can accept and relate to.

If you want to brush elements at face value as being ‘non-mainstream’, than go right ahead. District 9 didn’t go the mainstream route with it’s R-Rated Alien story, but movie audiences embraced it. They made the CGI cartoon aliens work, they made the story work and people saw it and believed it. I’m willing to bet they embraced it more than they did Star Trek, because District 9 was made because the people behind the movie believed in it. JJ Abrams never really believed in Star Trek which is why he was so open to salesmen like approaches to have the movie appeal to the widest array of movie audiences as possible.

#46: I have not seen District 9. However, the tradition of Trek aliens on starships being primarily humanoid, with visible eyes, and capable of human-like expression is classic Roddenberry. He never wanted the audience to feel too alien from the main (Starfleet) characters. So going all CGI for a Starfleet officer would be a wild departure from that tradition.

#40: Bbecause of the time it would have had to take for the Narada to drill the hole to drop the red matter bomb into on Vulcan, they would have needed to get a Vulcan to divulge the planetary defense codes (like Pike for Earth). That way the 24th century borgified mining ship could (1) confuse and/or control the Vulcan defenses and (2) destroy the ships and other defensive weapons when they were a problem. Not that any one officer would have everything, but they might have enough to allow cover and destruction. Because enough time (about 4 days per ST:TMP) had to pass for the fleet to get to Vulcan.

#47: “Trek aliens on starships being primarily humanoid, with visible eyes, and capable of human-like expression is classic Roddenberry.”

So the Tribbles, Horta and Tholians were a bad idea, is that what you’re saying? I don’t recall the Gorn making any human-like expressions but I find it still an awesome Alien.

40. Moon was a bore of a movie. Nero was a great villain. He was mad at Spock because he thought Spock could have done more to save Romulus, but he didn’t. Nero wanted revenge. It was very similar to Khan in Trek II wanting revenge on Kirk for killing his woman and leaving him behind on a dead planet that Kirk never bothered to return to check on.

@49: “Nero was a great villain.”

Why? Because he wants revenge, has tattoos, gets upset easily and hates everything? Not very interesting if you ask me.

Also, Kirk didn’t kill Khan’s woman, and she also had a name. Marla McGivers.