CBS Announces New ‘Star Trek Live’ Theme Park Show – Exclusive Details

Star Trek is headed back to theme parks. Today CBS, along with the Mad Science Group, announced ‘Star Trek Live’ a new traveling interactive stage show which will be combining "science and entertainment" using Star Trek. More details below, plus TrekMovie has the exclusive first look at the logo and marketing brochure.


Star Trek Live!
Star Trek Live is a touring interactive stage show that will be appearing at theme parks and performing arts centers across America, starting in 2010. TrekMovie has a first look at the official brochure (below), which promises:

Audience members join Starfleet Academy only to be unexpectedly whisked into an adventure steeped in the grand tradition of Star Trek itself. STAR TREK LIVE combines cutting-edge special effects, unmatched audience interaction, and cool science to create an exhilaration and unforgettable theatrical experience.

The 60 minute show will have audience members playing the parts of Starfleet cadets, who are learning from Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, when the Enterprise is attacked and you set off on an adventure that will combine Star Trek fun with real science. CBS is working with Mad Science Group, a company that specializes in educational entertainment, and the brochure promises the show correlates with a number of national science education standards. No word yet on what footage and imagery the show will use, but the brochure (below) does include a shot of the Enterprise from JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie.

Here is the marketing brochure:

Front (click to enlarge)

Back (click to enlarge)

Press Release



Interactive show slated to debut in 2010

NEW YORK October 23, 2009 – CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, and Mad Science®, have united to launch an interactive stage show — STAR TREK LIVE

Targeted for a run in theme parks and performing arts centers across the country, the show takes audiences of all ages on an exhilarating journey with Captain James T. Kirk and Vulcan science officer Spock. The show combines cutting-edge special effects, unmatched audience interaction and an exploration of real space-age technology.

"The STAR TREK brand continues to offer entertainment and education through this multifaceted live stage show," says Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. "STAR TREK LIVE allows fans to experience Starfleet Academy firsthand and follow in the footsteps of STAR TREK‘s iconic heroes."  

Mad Science’s Managing Director and producer Leonard Lipes added, "So much of the STAR TREK technology once considered science fiction has become a reality.  STAR TREK LIVE is going to explore many of these technologies as well as other sciences for a truly memorable experience resonating to audiences of all ages.
Combining science with entertainment, STAR TREK LIVE sparks a world of discovery by teaching and encouraging scientific literacy. Audience members will leave the attraction with an understanding of the different elements of science and technology.

STAR TREK LIVE will debut in 2010 and travel throughout the United States and Canada.

Eager to learn from Starfleet’s best and brightest, Captain James T. Kirk and Vulcan science officer Spock, our cadets assemble, anxious to prepare for their first day at the Academy and an exploration of the legendary U.S.S. Enterprise.  As we are introduced to the proud legacy of the most powerful and most advanced ship in the fleet, the Enterprise and Earth itself come under attack from alien forces, leaving the fate of the Federation in the hands of our cadets.  Our cadets will have to quickly learn the intricacies of living and working in space, modern space travel and the latest in communication and technology as they draw on the achievements of science in the 21st century.  It will require all our knowledge, ingenuity, logic and an exploration of science to discover what is happening and how to set things right before it’s too late!

About CBS Consumer Products
CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, manages worldwide licensing and merchandising for a diverse slate of television brands and series from CBS, CBS Television Studios and CBS Television Distribution, as well as from the company’s extensive library of titles.  Additionally, the group oversees the CBS Retail Store and online sales of programming merchandise.  For more information, visit

About The Mad Science Group®
Mad Science® is the world’s leading science enrichment provider sparking the imagination and curiosity of children around the world. With live performances conducted in schools, camps, homes and theme parks, the Mad Science Group has developed over 2,000 hours of original content, with thousands of unique interactive activities! The company delivers its brand of fun science through an extensive network of 200+ franchised locations in 29 countries, and through its own award-winning large-venue touring production unit, Mad Science Productions®. This year, the company will conduct 250,000 live presentations in 13,000 public and private schools in North America, reaching over 7 million families. For more information, visit


Theme Park Trek
Star Trek Live is yet another example of how Star Trek is returning to its heyday. From 1988 until 1994 Universal Studios in Hollywood hosted the "Star Trek Adventure" where audience members would be brought on stage to act out various scenes, and were even able to take home a video tape (many of which are on YouTube, see example below). Also in the 90s there were live Star Trek shows held a Paramount Parks around America.


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Interesting. I’m wondering if it will come to the former Paramount parks, like Kings Dominion.

I hope they bring it to DollyWood. She has the Nacelles to make it happen.

Kewl! Hope I can catch the show.

Oh, I have me one of those Star Trek Adventure videos, too. Plus, a Star Trek Adventure hat (wore it when I went to see the new movie).

That puts a whole new spin on Mr. Abrams’ rather snarky “Nacelles Monthly” comment from several months ago.


Yes I’m only about an hour and a half away! If they whent to The Franflin Institute and Science Museum in Philadelphia then I might be able to go! I when the to Star Trek The Exhibition there in July! It was pretty cool, alot of the costumes were actually so simple like the starfleete bages were velcroed
on to badge shaped pieces of Velcro. The exact replica Enterprise-D bridge was cool to! The panel buttons had cast members names on them! Is was I nice experience to see, oh and they had the Borg Queen foam mockup from First Contact…

Star Trek is a global phenomenon – where is the love for other countries? If this were the relaunch of Star Wars…

How exciting and educational for my grandkids. They will expireience and hopefully a culture a love of science and a promisibg future.I don’t want them growing up to be backwards. Rednecks! Trek is realy back in a big way!

The cool thing about the chance to tour the Enterprise will be the free beer from the brewery.


At which parks will this be?

rofl @ theme park trek vid.
The original cast looked like they dreaded every moment of it, lol

This is wonderful. Before you know it, STAR TREK: THE MUSICAL. I hate musicals, but I’d see the Star Trek one. Gotta keep track of this, though, sounds very interesting. Great that they’re holding us over til 2012.

“Earth itself come under attack from alien forces”

How original.

This actually sounds kinda lame to me.

Great! It’s going on tour throughout the US! That means it will appear in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco and Sacramento — that seems to be the U.S. as far as Paramount is concerned!

hmmmm – wondering which Kirk and Spock they will be using!?
Does sound like a fun ride.


Given they have the new Enterprise on the cover and are likely trying to reach out to the newer fans to cash in on them, I’d wager we’ll see Pine/Quinto.

13. Why does Paramount get blamed for where tour operators schedules the locations?

What? Anyone wanna bet this thing only tours in California?

This was good, until the madscience turned up.

Better they call their crap “badscience”.

It’s right up there with hiring Cowboy Jim or Dopo the Clown for your birthday parties, and getting Sheriff Gil T. instead.

Ehhhh…Sounds cheesey…I’ll pass

Hey, it won’t be Star Trek:the Experience–but it sounds like a lot of fun! If I were younger and could travel, I would totally audition! Anything that exposes more people to the awesomeness of Trek (and teaches them a little something in the process) is okay by me.

If I had only videotaped/filmed Star Trek: the Ice-Skating Show when it showed at Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, California years ago.

Het. I think it will be fun and entertaining. Im for it. I do live in Austin Texas Hof the soon to be National Champs Texas Longhorns. But I do hope they come here. Hey. We here in Austin had the world premiere of Star Trek 2009.

Sounds terrible…but it’s Star Trek so I’ll go.



I’m sure Orlando and Las Vegas are part of Paramount’s plans too. But the point is well taken. And I know exactly how you feel.

Certain cities seem to have all the fun. They get all the new toys, shows, and celebrity chefs. While the rest of us have to make do with diner food, Walmart, and the multiplex.

Sounds like the Universal Adventure all over again. Bring back the Experience and stop wasting money you jerks.

haha i was gonna say that they should hire April and vernon for the show but they have already checked in -the show would need great characters like april n vernon created at the experience–is part 3 of your doc. ready yet Vernon?-luved the 1st two parts with great guests like april

Also I agree with Vernon-bring back OUR Experience, THEN go make somr traveling science shows also…

I hope they don’t just put it in certain cities-I hope it goes all over the country. Put the Enterprise in it, include things from all the TV Shows and Movies, and make it fun and enjoyable.

haha i work for mad science, that’s pretty cool

Why dont Chekov or Sulu have a com badge?

they should bring back an updated version of star trek adventure to Universal, they could do some amazing stuff with this now days.

Make sure you follow us on twitter @startrekhwood and on our facebook fan page.

This is awesome news, me and my mate are planning another trip to the USA so we’ll be checking this out if we get the chance! Five years ago we we went to Star Trek The Experience in Vegas and loved every minute of it so I can’t wait tot check out Star Trek LIve!! :)

They should re title this one “Star Trek Desperate”

Horray, this is great news! Can’t wait to see more on it.

That video was painful to watch. I think my nervous stomach is acting up as well. I’m rooting for the Klingons in this one.


Especially distressing when the article title and body makes it quite clear that CBS is the one responsible. And, given CBS’s heavy involvement with THE EXPERIENCE reboot, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did require approval of this group’s bookings.

#37 is it a heavy involvement with the experience and cbs? Is anything being done at all…I dont think CBS Paramount even officially stated that the Experience was going to reopen yet did they?? Seems ominous sign that nothing has been done yet and no one is saying anything….I was hoping for a notice in the dvd collecftion that had the Paramount footage of the closing of the experience but there was no notice in there….hmmm If anybody hears any new news let us know…

The video isn’t the “Star Trek Adventure” at Universal CA.

It had the Enterprise & a Bird-of-Prey attacked by an energy field by some squid thing.

I wonder if they can make room at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America for this…

This is great news!!! Please Please Please make sure it’s

wheelchair/scooter friendly.

As long as baseball players and rap stars get paid more than astronauts, this country may very well be doomed vis-a-vis space exploration.

It used to be that every kid wanted to be an astronaut. Now every kid wants to make it in the big leagues while wearing bling.

God save us all.



We were out in Vegas this last weekend and met up with April, Vernon and others from STTE. It was very nice to see them all and we had a blast.

About the future STTE, we all talked about it and and the group all agreed that they should bring it back and soon, that much is a given. But one thing that did come up is that the onwer of Neonopolis will or is going to renovate the entire Neonopolis, not just the STTE part. This calls for big plans with developers, architechs, city planners, etc. With that in mind, it is no simple feat to get the thing up an running. I am not defending the long wait by any means, it has been way too long and it needs to be back with out a doubt. Spending time with the former actors was both a pleasure and sorrow at the same time because we all miss STTE so much. It was our escape in an eascape to Vegas as one friend put it.

The one bit of joy in a sad way is that we stayed at the Hilton ( free rooms, why not?) and the Wall of Shame is still there and nothing has moved in to the old location of STTE. Biggest mistake those corporate bigshots ever made at Resorts International, Hilton does not actually own the place, they “lent” them the Hilton name. Which ever exec that was he/she is most likely out of a job for not being a litlle more compromising on the demands of a new contract to stay open longer. If Gerry reads this, he knows what I am thinking about those execs (R.B.s).

thanx much for the updates son of a maui and lt bailey! Great to hear you guys got to see April and Vernon et al-When we flew 2 vegas 2 weeks before the exp. closed i refused to stay at the hilton-we stayed at imp.palace-rumors were the site was gonna be a new theatre for m. jackson to perform in long term-nothing was ever confirmed but i remember resorts int or whatever the corp. name gave jackson millions to stop temporarily him losing neverland-celine dion also mentioned meeting michael and he asked tons of questions about what it was like to stay and perform in vegas-lastly-ent tonite showed a house jackson was gonna buy in vegas–so i am guessing that was in high gear a year ago when they closed the experience-they seemed in a hurry to tear down the models and remodel-Why? They WERE going to do something with it–why just abandon it-why keep spacequest casino-up n running when they tore out the main heart of the entire project? Also some of the models did not survive as i saw the collector dish from ent d on e bay for 300 bucks–and panels from the timeline have also been sold-so i wonder what was saved-i think they are going to have to start over from the ground up at neonopolis which is yet another reason why nothing may have been started yet–i wish it was a site on the strip as there are lots of families/kids that would luv an awesome attraction like that-far fewer families i think make it downtown-i hear ya lt bailey-i miss it too.sigh

Did Vernon mention if he is releasing part 3 of his my experience documentary-it is an excellent series he gas real filmaking talent-and he has people like april tell their stories and i cant wait to see more-


Far be it for me to steal Vernons thunder regarding his beautifully done series of STTE: My Experience…. All I will say is, its close.

I cannot express enough how well this series is created. Vernon is a real artist in my opinion. Those who are fans of STTE will be thrilled with what he has in store in up coming segments. I told him last Saturday that what he has done is to put those of us who were mere patrons of Quarks, into the STTE as as insider almost. It makes one feel as if they were an employee. I, for one, am greatful for that and his series is well worth seeing (waiting for) when he releases them. He is very passionate about this work of his and he deserves a huge round of applause.

Without giving anything away that has not already been brought to mind. He has enough video, photos, info, interviews, etc to make his 12 segments and perhaps more.

It really was sad to sit at Space Quest bar (drinking), turn around and see the Wall of Shame, but I do have a lot of photos from downstairs and great memories along some fantastic friendships because of STTE. That place had no pretensious people there like those Ultra lounges that every strip hotel has. Quarks truely was an equal opportunity atmosphere.

Of course, the characters were the icing on the cake, that made you feel as if you were actually in Star Trek….I still have faith it will rise again.

I Hear Ya Lt Bailey—I agree with you that Vernon is a genius-the way he has combined movie music and tos and tng clips with his recollections and interviews on the experience are great with interviews with April and Kerstan–I am so glad Sheri and I got to meet April one last time and say bye to her and we also met Kerstan and Jerry and April even introduced us to Vernon callin him the experiences Historian….I have part 1 and 2 of his documentaries on my psp with other experience tributes and its great. This has not been a great year for me–Last week I got a bday present from my doc I didnt want-Ive been struggling with type 2 diabetes for about six years on oral meds only well finally now I have to start taking Insulin…not very happy about it, and I have been outta work since April…I thank the great bird of the galaxy that the new Trek movie came out and that This great website that Anthony and crew have made has been here for news and reviews and discussions with great Trek fans like yourself–I probably would have gone crazy by now if not for the great communicating and sharing we all have been doing on this website thanx to Anthony and everybody reading and posting on this site…star trek lives and thanks to that i am still also trying to live as well….I am sure there are many worse off than meself but its easy to become too self absorbed sometimes….Trek and you guys have helped me greatly when I needed you guys….Thanks again everybody….luv ya all!

I’m looking forward to this, And i’ll put Improv skills to use, because I love to improvise.