Zoe Saldana Talks Sequel Production In 2010 – Is 2011 Release Date Still Possible?

Last weekend we reported that Star Trek writing team of Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman were now talking about delivering the script for the sequel in mid 2010 for a potential 2012 release. But now Star Trek’s Uhura Zoe Saldana says she has been asked for details on her 2010 schedule, implying that their still may be a chance for shooting next year. How does this all add up? TrekMovie asks a trusted source to help us sort it all out.


2012 or 2011?
As we were reporting over the Summer, the original plan for the Star Trek sequel was to have the script finished by Christmas 2009, to shoot the film over the Summer of 2010 and to put it out in the Summer of 2011 (possibly May). However, since then Paramount has been dropping more and more movies into Summer 2011 and JJ Abrams has been adding more and more work to his schedule (as has the new Kirk, Chris Pine). TrekMovie noted that 2011 was looking less and less like (especially Summer) a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman seemingly confirmed this, stating:

Orci: We think it’s going to be a 2012 release, but I’m not sure.

Kurtzman: Originally we thought we were going to have to have the script in by Christmas, but the release changed so certainly within the next eight months I’d say

Yesterday we reported that this week Zoe Saldana (the new Uhura) was presented the Calvin Klein Collection Spotlight Award at the 16th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute. E’s Marc Malkin spoke to her at the event, and regarding the sequel, the actress stated:

Saldana: We’re working on it. They were calling to see where we were going to be and how my schedule is next year.

It could just be that Zoe hasn’t yet been updated, remember while at Comic Con she said the script was ‘half done’, something that is certainly not true, TrekMovie has confirmed that the scripting has not even started. But last week while at the Scream Awards, Karl Urban also talked about the Star Trek movie going into production in 2010, saying:

Urban: The hope would be mid next year, mid to end next year, the hope would be to have the next Star Trek out for 2011.

So which is it? TrekMovie checked with a trusted source and it seems that there is not exact answer right now. It is confirmed that the script is definitely no longer due to be handed in by Christmas and it should be done by Spring or early Summer 2010, but the source also noted that it "is still possible" that the film could still go into production in 2010 as early as late summer. The source also stated that a 2011 release date "is still possible." It was pointed out that pre-production could start in early 2010 based on an outline from Orci & Kurtzman, which is exactly how Paramount proceeded with Transformers 2. The final script for that film was completed in Spring of 2008 and the film was still completed for release by June 24, 2009. One other possibility for the next Star Trek could be a release in the Holiday Season 2011, but the source didn’t know if this was being discussed or not.

So the bottom line is that, for now, there still is no confirmed date for the Star Trek sequel, and that 2011 could still happen, although 2012 may look more likely at this point.

More Zoe from the Elle Tribute
Here are some more pics of Zoe from the Elle event.

Zoe strikes a pose

Zoe laughing

Zoe shows off her outfit

Zoe (in the middle) with the other honorees and the host
(L-R) Robin Wright, Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, casting director Bonnie Timmerman, Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana, ELLE Editor-In-Chief Roberta Myers, Emily Blunt, Julie Andrews and Katie Holmes



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I can’t wait for the sequal it is going to be EPPIC!!!

2011? If Zoe blows me a kiss, I’ll believe anything she says.

Fascinating. I’m looking forward to the movie, but not as much as the anticipation. I love the journey TO the movie, the movie is merely a sweet reward for the ride.

So much controversy, so many arguments, so much speculation, and I will personally enjoy every second of it.

“To the journey!” -Crew of Voyager, Endgame

I like this site! It’s exciting!

What a great Christmas present that would be!

Zoe… giggity.

Someone needs to remind this girl that Karl Urban is ‘Bones’…

Uhura: How’d you get the name “Bones” anyway, doc?

McCoy: (removing pants) Strip down to your birthday suit and I’ll demonstrate, lieutenant.

Zoe, you are beYOOtiful, but you need to eat some more cake or something. You are dieting the curves off that bod! You are a pin up, not a pin. Put the circles back in that booty baby!

My goodness, she’s pretty…and I vote for sooner than later for the movie. Not that I get a vote. ;_;

What the hell is Baldwin doing with that gorgeous batch of ladies?

Harry, you know the Photobomb Squirrel? Same concept.

@10: And to think I didn’t even notice. He fit in so well. Beautiful, beautiful, MONSTER HEAD, beautiful…

What, are they promoting a new movie…….”Beauties and the Beast”?

I like Alec Baldwin’s brother better! He’s a lot nicer and he’s not part of Hulu’s evil plot to destroy the world!

Okay, what I’m seeing is 3 options right now…
1. A Summer 2011 release date
2. A Winter/ Hoilday 2011 release date
3. A Summer 2012 release date

I really want to see the second Star Trek film out by the end of 2011, but if things go very slowly and get pushed into 2012 then that’s fine too. The extra time will give everyone more chances to make the film better and feel more right.

Zoe sure is a doll….

With the momentum the series has I would love to see it on screen as early as possible (X-Mas 2011) but I think it is far more likely we see it in the summer of 2012.

Would Paramount want to move a possible 300+ million film to the winter where films generally ake less money?

I agree those are the most likely outcomes. A 2012 release date seems the most logical to me. The fact that the timeframe for the completion of the script has been pushed back suggests summer of 2011 aint gonna happen, especially with the crowded schedule of blockbusters that summer. Releasing Star Trek during the holiday season also seems unlikely considering Paramount pushed back Star Trek (2009) back from Chrismas Day 2008 to May of 2009 as they saw the movie as a summer blockbuster which as well we all know it turned out to be! Of course the major benefit of a 2012 release is that it will give us the best chance of having JJ Abrams available to direct the movie.

Julie Andrews= Hottt!

Zoe is so beautiful.

Summer 2011: (from BOMojo)

May (Details)
• Spider-Man 4 (Sony) – 5/6
• Thor (Par.) – 5/20
• The Hangover 2 (WB) – 5/26

June (Details)
• Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (P/DW) – 6/3
• Green Lantern (WB) – 6/17
• Cars 2 (BV) – 6/24

July (Details)
• Transformers 3 (P/DW) – 7/1
• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) (WB) – 7/15
• The First Avenger: Captain America (Par.) – 7/22
• Smurfs (in 3D) (Sony) – 7/29

TBD Summer 2011
• Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (BV) – probably July

looks kinda crowded (and what about MI 4?)…the last Potter will be HUGE – like Titanic huge…and TF 3, Spidey 4 and POTC 4 are all potential billon $ blockbusters…i know Star Trek is a big dawg itself now but i wouldnt want to see Trek coming out the same weekend as any of those monsters

maybe May 13th would be an option?

Xmas 2011
The Hobbit, possibly Bond 23 and maybe MI 4 (if not the summer)

summer 2012:

• The Avengers (2012) (Par.) – 5/4/12
• Madagascar 3 (P/DW) – 5/25/12

possibles – The Dark Knight Returns, Ghostbusters 3, Wolverine 2, Indy 5, Battlestar Galactica, Superman reboot etc etc

conclusion is for certain – no one at all knows when production will start or finish at present!

I hope they restore the timeline in the first 10 minutes of this movie, like they messed it up in the first ten minutes in the last one.

How about Thursday, Sept 8, 2011? Would that not make a great 45th anniversary!

Another Superman reboot??? How about just a new adventure. enough with the reboots already.

Maybe Paramount don’t know WHICH films will be released in what year yet? With such a full 2011 slate, it may be that they’re pushing all their writers to try and be ready for 2011, and based on how each project is shaping up, those that CAN be ready for 2011 will be released then, and those that need more time will be given more development time.


Don’t forget GIJoe 2 in 2012! Narnia 3 in 2011 will be big too! (especially under the Fox banner instead of Disney! Oh I figured out how to get Shatner in ST2! You could send him into the “singularity” to go find Spock because the wave from the radiation from the star going nova reanimated his dead body! And if Geordi builds the Jellyfish 2.0 then he’ll have a ship to fly too!

Too bad she won’t show her marvelous ebony face in Avatar…..she’s just perfect!!

Brilliant idea, couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Star Trek!

Whatever they do, I just hope they don’t have a repeat of last time, where they first promised a Christmas date… and then made us wait ANOTHER five months until May.

I don’t think I could handle something like that again. They need to pick one date and STICK with it. lol

I smell an epic shoot for two, hopefully epic movies. Many of the stars are already branching out into other major film and TV projects and syncing their schedules will only get more difficult. I imagine the studio will also want to save a little scratch with one continuous production schedule.

And…I’m in the Kahn Camp. But, that’s a different discussion.

Zoe could sell me Amway.

Zoe – Eat something. You look like a swizzle stick!

Get that fat load Alec Bloadwin out of the picture

He could pay Jabba in the next film if we crossover with Star Wars

Thought he promised to move to Europe after the 04 election?

If Depp ditches that POTC sequel (and he seems to be hinting at it), it could really circle the drain. And why Cars 2? Wasn’t the first one bad enough?

June of 2011 looks pretty safe to me, no *real* heavy hitters there.

Baldwin looks like a BLOWFISH wearing a tie!

Imagine Baldwin with a handlebar mustache and developing a touch of male pattern baldness. THAT is Harry Mudd.

1.) Give us something new, mostly to keep the star wars comparisons to a minimum. Add brains to the storyline. And please no Khan, Mudd, or Quatloos. Especially the quatloos.

2.) Take as much time as you want to bring it out. Yup, I can live in Trek’s absence, maybe even giving ST:U another look. It’s hard to watch, but the sex keeps bringing me back.

3.) Pray, pray, pray Singer’s BSG dies on the vine. There I said it. I am SOOOOO not interested in seeing a big budget BSG that will kill the mood for Sci Fi on the big screen. Singer is cool. BSG is cooler. BSG had an ending and it was on TV. Let it go people.

4.) Bring back TNG. New cast, set in the new timeline. Mine that puppy for all it’s worth.

And I’m happy the blew up Vulcan. Never liked hot weather anyway.

Mr. Grumpy

Isn’t it also possible that while Paramount has ordered a script from the Supremes, that there’s nothing inherent in that, that commits them to filming their script as the next immediate picture in the series? Maybe the Paramount executive in charge of Trek films found a spec script with “a very specific kind of thinking” that they were considering for ST: SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING and in anticipation of a strike or whatever they’ve planned for the option to juggle it with ST: SOMETHING SOMETHING?

If there’s anything that’s clear in this Paramount’s recent actions regard theatrical and home video release dates it’s that they’ve become very adept at juggling.

I would much rather see a TNG/DS9 Crossover-If this film does come out in 2012, it would coincide with TNGs 25th Anniversary.

41 – and Trek IIs 30th

and Nemesis 10th (hmmm)

K/O could be sandbagging us all.

They might have it almost all wrapped up.

#7 “All I’ve got left is my bones”. Maybe he’s bifurcated?

#43. Daoud once opined “K/O could be sandbagging us all.”


And the studio may regard the the treatment to date as worthy of two pictures in which case, they’d only need half a script to let the cameras roll.

A bifurcated script. Ingenious. Fold the script in double, to save them some trouble.

I hope they can make it 2011 and beat the next writer’s strike, or any other delays that always seem to come up when you look forward to something great like this next movie

Zeol also said a few months ago the script had already been finished, which it clearly hasn’t. No offense, but she clearly is not in the loop.

Orci and Kurtzman also said their script will be done next year.

So why run a story on this?

Has anyone though of Tom Cruise in the next movie? He’s a friend of JJ’s, a huge international star, which would draw a bigger box office overseas that Star Trek needs. Tom Cruise as Khan????

Baldwin for Harry Mudd!!!

Trek 12 – starring Cruise as Khan, Alec Baldwin as Harry Mudd, Jim Carrey as Commader Kruge, Clint Eastwood as Soran and Sean Connery as Sybok (Prime)