Final Details For Best of Star Trek TOS & TNG Volume 2

CBS has confirmed the final details and episode lists for the upcoming second volumes of  ‘Best of Star Trek The Original Series’ and ‘Best of Star Trek The Next Generation’ DVD sets. See below for the full press release.


Best Of Sets – Volume 2 – Coming November 17th

Best of TOS, Vol. 2 (all digitally remastered)

  • Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Space Seed
  • A Piece of the Action
  • Journey to Babel

 [also available: front view]

Best of TNG, Vol. 2 

  • Relics
  • The Inner Light
  • Cause and Effect
  • Tapestry

[also available: front view]

 Press release


More Sensational Episodes Arrive On Two DVD Collections November 17
From CBS Home Entertainment And Paramount Home Entertainment

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (October, 26 2009) – Go deeper into the world of one of the greatest action-adventure sagas of all-time with THE BEST OF STAR TREK®: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 and THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®, VOL. 2 landing on DVD November 17 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.

The original and iconic series set in the 23rd century where Earth has survived
World War III and humans have moved on to explore the stars, STAR TREK®: THE ORIGINAL SERIES explores many strange worlds and new civilizations with the fantastic adventures of Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the Starship Enterprise crewmembers. THE BEST OF STAR TREK®: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 features four of the series’ most memorable episodes including Where No Man Has Gone Before, the series’ second pilot episode where audiences meet Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Scotty (James Doohan) and Sulu (George Takei); Journey to Babel, that introduces Spock’s parents, Sarek and Amanda; Space Seed; and A Piece of the Action. Digitally remastered with brilliant picture quality and enhanced special effects, THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 serves as a perfect way to further explore the epic and legendary world of
Star Trek®.

The only syndicated series to ever receive an Emmy® nomination for Best Dramatic Series, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®is hailed as "one of the greatest television shows of all time" by TV Guide. The long-awaited successor to the original series is set in the 24th century and follows the all-new Enterprise crew under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) as they travel to distant planets to seek out new life forms and boldly go where no man has gone before. THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®, VOL. 2 features episodes including Relics, starring original series cast member James Doohan reprising his role as Montgomery Scott; The Inner Light, one of the official Star Trek website’s highest-rated episodes of all the Star Trek® series; Cause and Effect, guest starring Kelsey Grammer; and Tapestry, which delves into Picard’s back story and lays all his secrets bare.

Affordably priced for new and loyal fans, both DVD setswill each be available for the suggested retail price of $14.99 U.S. and $15.99 CAN.

THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®, VOL. 2 are each one-disc DVDs presented in Full Screen with English 5.1, LAS Mono and Brazilian Portuguese Mono as well as English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles. Both DVDs are Not Rated in the U.S. In Canada, THE BEST OF STAR TREK®: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 is rated G, while THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®, VOL. 2 is rated PG. THE BEST OF STAR TREK®: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 has a total running time of 3 Hrs. and 21 Min and THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION®, VOL. 2 has a total running time 3 Hrs. and 01 Min.

The DVD disc breakdowns are as follows:


Where No Man Has Gone Before – After the Enterprise attempts to cross an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, crewmembers develop "godlike" psychic powers.

Space Seed – The Enterprise discovers an ancient sleeper ship, led by war criminal Khan Noonien Singh, who attempts to commandeer the Enterprise.

A Piece of the Action – The Enterprise visits a planet with an Earth-like, violent, 1920s gangster culture.

Journey to Babel – While transporting dignitaries to an important peace conference, the Enterprise crew discovers an assassin.


Relics – The Enterprise investigates a vessel that crashed on the surface of a Dyson Sphere 75 years ago. An away team discovers Scotty who has been kept alive within a transporter diagnostic loop.

The Inner Light – A space probe creates a telepathic tether and causes Picard to experience a lifetime as a married man on a world long destroyed.

Cause and Effect – The Enterprise becomes stuck in a causality loop, each time ending in a crash with another Starfleet ship, and it’s up to Data to savethem.

Tapestry – An accident gravely injures Picard and he awakens in a white limbo to find Q, who takes him back to a turning point in his past.

CBS Home Entertainment manages the worldwide DVD business for the CBS Corporation across all lines of content including current hits and classic series from the vast CBS library, as well as new releases from Showtime Video. CBS Home Entertainment products are released on the CBS DVD label.

Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. PPC is a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. PHE is responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment products on behalf of various parties including: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Studios, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, PBS and Hasbro and for providing home entertainment fulfillment services for DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment.

Street Date: November 17, 2009
Pricing: $14.99 US/ $15.99 CAN
Catalog #: 075634
Runtime: 3 Hrs., 21 Min.
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
Canadian Rating: G

Street Date: November 17, 2009
Pricing: $14.99 US/ $15.99 CAN
Catalog #: 075644
Runtime: 3 Hrs., 1 Min.
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
Canadian Rating: PG


More to come
Look for more coverage on the Star Trek home video releases coming November 17th. You can pre-order your copy or copies below.

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Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

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3-disk set w/ badges

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The date of the new movie on Blu-Ray is getting closer! Can’t wait. I wonder how many of these volume packs they plan on making.

As one fan who doesn’t own any TNG, those would be some great episodes to have. I will have to pick this up!

Excellent choices with the exception of Relics. Relics is one of the greatest Scotty episodes of all time. I love it. But it’s not the best of the next generation. The TNG cast have nothing but cameos in it except for LaForge. But it’s really a Scotty episode. I’m not sure where that places it, but it’s not an episode that showcases the TNG crew. If anything it showcases a member of the TOS crew like never before — he even saves all their behinds from the Dyson sphere. I would have chosen something more TNG centric. Conspiracy was a very early gem.

How is it the TNG, one of the “greatest TV shows of all time”, is not getting another movie? Ridiculous!

“Inner Light” and “Tapestry” together is a bit too much Picard for the TNG2 set, I think. I’d have replaced “Tapestry” with “Data’s Day” or “Disaster” which showcase the whole cast or Worf’s showcase “Sins of the Father”.

So I wonder what the status on Next Gen tv episodes being remastered in High Def? Or has it stalled or been dropped? There was a report a while back from a member stating the same company that scanned TOS in high def also was approached at doing TNG. Any news Anthony?

A Piece of the Action? …hmmm…

#4. Because the, actors have aged too much to do action sequences convincingly? Because in spite of the show’s popularity in the 90s, the characters don’t possess the strong iconic appeal of the original series characters? Because they only put out one really good Trek movie out of four? Don’t get me wrong, I love Next Generation, Next Generation was my first Trek, and I was raised on Next Generation, but I think it’s easy to see why they aren’t getting another movie.

Although some kind of DVD release with the 24th century characters wouldn’t be too much to ask for…

8 – Totally agree with your latter point. I’d love to see Paramount explore online productions and DVD movies. Somewhere in the midrange of budget, between pure crap and full-scale tentpole movies.
Babylon 5 just put out a pair of DVD movies. One was only mediocre. The other was good because they scaled it down to some character heavy scenes. It worked like a stage play rather than the blockbuster we always get stuck with (that are like drinking too much Jolt cola without eating lunch.) Anyway — lots more to try. So please, Paramount — don’t limit us to MEGABLOCKBUSTERFABULOSITY or zilch.

Meanwhile, ‘Best of’ sets are really only good if you somehow don’t aspire to own every episode, clunkers and all.

A new next Gen movie could use chracters from three different series and span the entre federation. Hell, it could be the new adventures of the Rikers onthe Titan. The Next Gen universe is wide open.

Picard and Data are nearly as iconic as Kirk & Spock (though Shatnet is the only one of those 4 willing to do more ST).

4 – Because Nemesis and Insurrection sucked ass.

These don’t even come close to being TOS’s ‘best of’ episodes, with the possible exception of ‘Space Seed’. What on earth is Paramount’s yardstick for “best of”? The titles they can remember? Pin-sticking? If they really think these are great episodes, we’re likely to be getting ‘Spocks Brain’ in the next set!

Will they ever expand to Best of DS9, Voyager, Etc. I’m sure the answer will come up “Best of Voyager? Enterprise? What would those be?” but I like all the series. I allready have the dvd’s so not as much for me but just curious?

11 – No they didn’t, they were flawed but there’s been worse TREK (see ST:V)

“A Piece of the Action” and “Cause and Effect”? Best of? Nope!

a piece of the action is embarassingly lame- not at home on the beat of set volume 2- maybe volume 20…

I cannot wait for TNG Vol.2

Every one has their opinions on what or which is considered “Best of” to make up a DVD package. It really boils down to some episodes are better than others for sure, but in reality, I think all episodes are good.

A Piece of the Action is a great episode with the humor and history behind it. The ship that leaves “the book” behind on that planet is the “Horizon”. This is the same cargo ship that Ens Travis Mayweather from ENT was born on. The ship visited the planet for some repairs and left behind some articles. The currently available paperback book from the ENT series titled “Kobiashi Maru” explains this.

15 “a piece of the action is embarassingly lame- not at home on the beat of set volume 2- maybe volume 20…”

I have to agree; it’s moderately amusing between cringe-worthy moments, but nowhere near a candidate for a “Best Of” collection. How many of these are they planning to release, does anyone know?

“A Piece of the Action” is a fun episode to watch. As a die-hard TOSer, me likey…

#5: ““Inner Light” and “Tapestry” together is a bit too much Picard…”

Plus both stories have been featured on other collections, which is the problem I have with these collections. Paramount is double dipping too many time using the same episodes from one collection to another.

and I agree… they should try using stories that are more cognizant of the ensemble.

#2: I, too, have not yet gotten around to purchasing the entire Next Gen on DVD yet… Ditto to DS9.

I am not sure why that is, but I hope to correct that deficiency once I find a job.

Hey, what happened to the recent posting (within the past two days) that detailed an intriguing piece of information saying that in an upcoming Blu-Ray DVD release for TOS would feature alternate footage for “Where No Man Has Gone Before?”

I cannot find the posting anymore.

Heh. They keep releasing these “Best Of” DVD’s with half the episodes on DVD’s I already own.


Me too.

I’m grateful that it’s finally come out in a form that gives me an excuse to purchase it. For years I’ve wanted to try to identify all the extras playing crime bosses in Krako’s office. Especially, because I’m a bit of a Paul Sorvino fan and my brain keeps flashing on him being in the episode but I’ve never caught a frame with him in it to absolutely verify whether that gut feeling is true.

I also think that people are falling for the marketing term “Best of” as marketing intended but ultimately taking it far too literally. It’s not as if Paramount submitted these collections to a scholarly board for suggestions of what their compositions should be. No, these collections are largely what marketing research tells them will not only move these discs off the retail shelves but also with at least one episode that most would find unexpectedly entertaining and lead to more discs being purchased.

I think these are good volumes! Love the TNG picks, Inner Light and Relics the most. They’re all character centric, plus Scotty is in one. Plus they have a time paradox/causality episode and a timeline altering (and unaltering) episode with Picard reliving his past.. Obviously the latter two are trying to tie into the elements used in the movie.

The TOS picks I like too, Space Seed and Journey to Babel are amoung my favorite TOS episodes. This is all obviously marketed towards fans of the movie trying to ease into the series, and these are good picks for that, especially Journey to Babel with some backstory on Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites.