Star Trek Movie Deleted Klingon Scene Available Online + DVD/Blu-ray Debuts In Some Countries

Ready for more Klingons? Tonight during the Scream 2009 awards, Spike TV debuted one of the DVD/Blu-ray deleted scenes from the 2009 Star Trek movie. The scene shows Nero being interrogated by the Klingons while at Rura Penthe prison, and it is now online, check it out below. Plus we have some news on special Star Trek movie releases overseas.


The Wait is over
You can now see the scene which led to Nero saying "the wait is over", which showed up in the first Star Trek trailer, but not in the film itself.

And a little piece of trivia. The Klingon interrogating Nero is played by Victor Garber, who was one of the stars of JJ Abrams Alias.

Star Trek released in some countries + special Int’l limited editions
The North American release of Star Trek on home video is November 17th, while the UK gets it November 16th.  But some lucky fans can pick it up this week. Star Trek has been released or is coming out in the next few days in France, Australia, India, Poland, Taiwan, Argentina, Iceland, the Philippines, and some other countries. Others get it next week, like Germany. [NOTE: if it has been released in your country let us know]. 

Here is an ad for Star Trek home video in France (thanks to LeSpock).

Like in the USA, there are some special editions overseas. Amazon in the UK is has versions that include the Countdown Comic book, and has a version of the film that comes on a Starfleet USB drive (see below).  In Japan, Germany and Australia there is a version with a model Enterprise, where the disks are inside the saucer.

UK USB Star Trek digital version

International edition with ship disk holder

In US we have the Amazon Exclusive Blu-ray with the pewter Star Trek statue, and the Best Buy exclusive DVD with the metal pins. Those and the other sets are all listed below for pre-order

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges

Best Buy gift set $27.99
FROM $39.99)


Official site updated
One last bit of home video news. The official Star Trek movie site has been updated with a new ‘splash page’ promoting the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases. It has images of the box art and details on the releases, but is the same details we have reported here previously. Hopefully more content will be added before the release.


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One thing this movie had a lot of – torture scenes.

I’ve already purchased the Star Trek limited edition two disc DVD set with the Enterprise and the three disc Blu Ray, watched some of the sepcial features last nite including the deleted scenes, was awesome to finally see exactly what was left out of the movie as well as the making of features! :)

#1 – You mean the audience?

(sorry… someone was bound to say it)

Here in Taiwan I am eagerly awaiting my Amazon BR DVD in the mail… I will no doubt wait an eternity. Thanks for uploading this video for my appetite.

Never mess with Jack Bristow…

Hey y’all. I’m Mark Paul from the Philippines. Heard that the DVD will be released this coming Oct.30th here in our country. :D

I’m glad that was taken out. That stunk… Victor Garber is great though.

Just bought my Star Trek Blu-Ray edition from JB Hi-Fi, $29.98AUD ( is a bargain compared to EzyDVD at $42.97! (

Awaiting the DVD version with the model of the starship in the mail, and I went mad and also ordered the Amazon US version with the QMx Enterprise replica as well, which I’ll have to wait until the end of November to see but I’m sure it’ll be worth it :)


# 6

Nice to see another pinoy trekkie here :)

October 30? To hell with my allowance. I’m going to “PUNCH IT”. :))

Hi Anthony,

sorry but Germany get’s the DVD / Blu-Ray on Nov. 2nd. Check

Take care

I thought the scene was pretty good except the scene showing the alien bug thats been overdone but mad Angry nero kicking klingon butt was kool—scream awards were interesting–didnt see much in the way of trek costumes in the audience–the shat was funny shamelessly promoting trek five haha as he stole jjs award–stan lee did not offer one word of thanx to legends like kirby and dikto for co creating most of the marvel universe with lee-lee does deserve accolades but his artist partners should have bwen mentioned-he acted like tobey mcquire and sam raimi were more important to the franchise than dikto and kirby–if i were one of the co creators or their familiesbi would be poed at lee-

All editions of Star Trek (1 DVD, 2 DVD and Blu-Ray) are now available in Poland (they were officially released yesterday).

Say what?!

more bugs! i guess no one has “Raid” cans in space

Interesting how the Klingons wore helmets to cover their foreheads. The helmets had the Klingon ridges on them, but if Trek lore holds, there aren’t any ridges under those masks.

I’m glad the scene was deleted, though. It would have ruined the development of the plot by spoiling some things a bit early.

can’t believe i have to wait another dang month for this.

transformers, ji joe, …. they’re out already.

The middle of the scene is missing? Mr. Bristow talks about placing a bug someplace nasty, and then suddenly he’s asking for the prisoner to be taken to his cell. An unmade special effects sequence of the bug going somewhere maybe?

I might be the first and maybe only person to think that they should have left that in. It was just such a hole that needed to be filled in the movie. It helped a bit to have read the countdown comics but even with that it was still a bit off.

#17: I was thinking the exact same thing!

Where did the Klingon’s BALLS go! Those weren’t Klingon’s, they sounded and acted like Romulan’s. loved seeing the Klingon’s, but glad they were cut from the movie. WHY THE RIDGES!

I guess they gave the Klingons helmets, because they were not yet sure about their ultimate design. Now they can really figure them out next time. And they say in an interview, they hinted at the fact, that they are Klingons, because they gave them prostectics around the eyes, which can be seen despite the helmets. Nice try, but Klingon make-up never contained wrinkles around the eyes.

By the way, did you see those purple flashes, just like in TUC

I managed to get my Blu Ray copy on Monday the 26th from Video Ezy in Australia. The clerks accidently put it out for sale, so I was lucky enough to get it a few days earlier as it comes out on Thursday here. Fantastic on Blu Ray, and some of the best special features I have ever checked out on a movie.

Note about the deleted scenes.The first part of this Klingon scene has a very interesting alien who I hope to see again as his design was amazing. I also found the extended Kobiyashi Maru scene more entertaining than the original along with a scene involving Kirk and a ‘green girl’ later on in the film that also had to be cut because of the change in the Maru scene.

@ #9. sera18alpha

I’ve been buzzing around here in the site for months already, but didn’t bother to post a comment coz’ reading all of the posts makes me feel contended already. :P

me too! no allowance. errr :P wish classes would start again. :D

10 Sebi
May I ask where you are from and if you are a Lokalist?
Greetings from Munich :D

I’m divided on this scene, as I still am with the rest of the movie…
If nothing else, hearing the Klingon torturer actually speaking more like a TOS Klingon, rather than a slobbering brute was a bit refreshing.

@sera18alpha & @markpaulnoble

make that 3 Pinoys, but i’ve been here since sept2006 the time this website started. any idea where they’ll sell the DVDs?

Hm. I love the new Klingon look, but the urbane vocal tones and Colonel Klink walk around the torture table felt very strange.

I love the look, though.


Servus! Na freilich bin ich bei den Lokalisten…. influxx-sebi.

Grüsse aus Rosenheim!

#25 “hearing the Klingon torturer actually speaking more like a TOS Klingon, rather than a slobbering brute was a bit refreshing”

Totally agreed.

Holland a.k.a. The Netherlands will have the dvd and blu-ray on the 5th of November.. the sad part is: We’re going the have a 2-disc (!!) Blu-ray special edition, without the digitally copy :-(

How the heck is it that an American-made movie starts showing up on the shelves weeks before the U.S.? No wonder this country is in a tailspin. We don’t even get our own movies first.

In Hungary, the 2-disc DVD and BR edititions are available from today. A net store had them for order already a week ago. I saw the movie on 7th May. So sometimes it’s good to be hungarian :)

Why do we have to wait so long for the DVD?!! That’s not fair, especially when the bulk of the box office was domestic. I’m glad the movie was well received overseas, but come on, I wan’t my copy now. Sorry for sounding like a whining kid, but the agony of waiting is just too much. I want to enjoy the movie on my big screen and here it in surround sound.

That guard was the least threatening Klingon I’ve ever seen. The TOS Klingons were always intimidating–this guy? Meh…. Take off the helmets, there’s no need for them.

And I find Nero’s escape a bit boring, too. I suppose that’s a Romulan’s only way of defeating three Klingons, huh? Shooting them? He can’t beat them without a gun!

Liked what I saw. Wished they would have finished the scene though and left it in.

#15—“The helmets had the Klingon ridges on them, but if Trek lore holds, there aren’t any ridges under those masks.”

I’m not sure that’s necessarily true. Like it or not, ENT is a part of Trek canon. It’s certainly plausible that some Klingons might have ridges during the 2250’s, while others might not. I don’t think they would encounter any continuity issues either way. There’s an “out” at either end of the spectrum.

The one deleted scene that added the most to the film was the one with young Kirk and his brother discussing the car, prior to Jim stealing it.

It makes that whole scene so much more palatable.

Still, I understood what they were saying about the pacing of the film being better without it.

I wish people woould get over the “ridges” issue. Next you’ll be saying the Klingons from TMP weren’t canon because they had ridges. GOT RIDGES? HELL YEAH!

Adds some much needed backstory to Nero. Too bad they had to cut the movie down so much. Nero’s revenge simply lacked teeth.

That’s not the whole scene by the way. This is about 1:20 when it should be 3mins. I think they cut the slugs being used on Nero.

That scene was awesome! And I don’t agree that Nero lacked backstory/motivation. As a Star Trek fan, the fact that Romulus had been destroyed gave him all the motivation he needed, IMO. I found him more compelling than many Trek movie villains.

@ #26. roadsiren21

cool! 3 Pinoy Trekkies here. Most probably they’ll be out on any local home video stores like Astrovision, Astroplus, Tower Records, Music One. :D

Is that a painstick? Nice touch.

If they ever include that scene in a special edition, they should re-dub the lines with someone who sounds like a true Klingon. Just get J. G. Hertzler (Martok) or Robert O’Reilly (Gowron) to re-dub the lines.

Also, it does appear that a part of the scene is missing once the bug bowl is placed next to Nero.

That Enterprise that holds the disc ROCKS!!

Nero was a miner, who’s planet was destroyed by a natural event.

For some reason, only an offworld ambassador was in a position to try and drop “red matter” into a star that apparently exhibited extremely rapid signs that it was going to explode. (No one had any trilithium on hand? Red matter? Really? Does it taste like cherries?)

Romulus has no fleet of ships of it’s own, and no one to respond to, well, unexpected turns of events like their sun going nova?

A desperate, last ditch attempt, and apparently Romulans did not have a chance to leave their system… how much warning did they have?

Months? Weeks? Hours? Or what?

24th century tech could not have detected stellar fluctuations, or other symptoms of supernova several decades in advance?

So the alien ambassador gave it his best shot, it didnt work, and thats all a miner, who must have been outside the star system at the time, to take revenge and, with his mining ship, destroy the Federation?

With his mining ship?

Good thing Vulcan had NO ships or any kind of planetary defenses, not so much as a rock to throw, and that the finest Fed starships were no match for a mining ship…

Thats the equivalent of a modern offshore oil rig, going back in time and destroying the Spanish Armada of the 16th century.

The movie was fun, but Trek?

I hope the new Forbidden Planet is handled with more care.

The only Klingons without ridges were from a failed Eugenic hybrid experiment, ended around the 23rd century. Klingons are also more than just a race of warriors.

Some fans might be surprised that there are also Klingon doctors, scientists, chefs, entertainers, artists, bureaucrats, construction workers, etc…

The same fans who probably couldnt deal with a Vulcan like T’Pol… “but Vulcans are all the same, like cartoon characters!”

I like this scene, but why use the slugs once again? I’d say, use “pain sticks” on him for torture. Anyway, I agree that is was good to have flavor from both styles of Klingons…walk & talk like a TOS Klingon, but other qualities of TMP-VOY era Klingons. It’s all good.

#47-I’m pretty sure I read several places that his “mining ship” also had Borg technology on it….plus, it’s from the future, that’s why it could kick some “Federation of the past” ass!

Good points.
The backstory to the Narada’s Borg power maybe should have been referred to better. The fact that the film was so enjoyable made me not consider these sort of inconsistencies, and overlook the design flaws too. But on reflection they are a tad dissapointing…