FanMade: Phase II Update On “Blood & Fire, Part II”, “Enemy: Starfleet” and more

The fan production Star Trek Phase II is gearing up for a big November. After long last, part 2 of "Blood and Fire" will be released on November 20th, and to make up for the long wait, the first act of their next episode "Enemy: Starfleet" will be released the same day. We have more details and preview video and images below, plus an update on James Cawley’s Buck Rogers web series.


Blood and Fire, Part 2 is coming
Part of "Blood and Fire", directed by David Gerrold and based on one of his scripts from The Next Generation, was released last December (see TrekMovie review). The episode had the Enterprise dealing with Klingons and another Federation ship that had its crew wiped out by a mysterious horror. You can watch the full episode online at the Phase II site.

And now Part 2, which includes a guest appearance by TNG’s Denise Crosby,  is finally coming. You will be able to watch it online (for free), November 20th. Here is a preview trailer.

And here are some exclusive new preview shots (click to enlarge).

 Kim Stinger (Uhura), Andy Bray (Chekov), James Cawley (Kirk) Ben Tolpin (Spock), and Jay Storey (Kyle) in "Blood and Fire, Part 2."

Cawley with writer/director David Gerrold

Cawley and Bobby Rice (Peter Kirk)

Enemy: Starfleet coming too
Phase II producer/star James Cawley tells TrekMovie that he wants to make up for the long wait for "Blood and Fire, Part II" by giving fans something more, and that would be releasing the teaser and the first act of the next episode, "Enemy: Starfleet", on the same day as “Blood and Fire, Part II” (November 20th). “Enemy: Starfleet” was written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright and tells the story of a Federation starship that was lost for eighteen years and resurfaces in the hands of a renegade alien named Alersa (played by BarBara Luna). And you wont have to wait long for the rest of the episode, Cawley says it should be out by the end of the year. Here is a previously released clip from "Enemy: Starfleet".

For 2010, Cawley plans to release at least two more episodes, with "The Child" in the Spring and "Kitumba" by the end of the Summer. Both of those are currently in post-production. The Phase II team will be going back into production in the Spring, but Cawley has not decided which episode they will be shooting, saying he has "six good scripts" on his desk. And if you missed our previous article on Phase II, here are clips from "The Child" and "Kitumba"

Keeping the 1701 as is
Last summer we reported that Phase II was planning on making some modifications to their model for the USS Enterprise, transitioning it to the ‘refit’ seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They even released an early design image done by Daren Dochterman (see below). 

Phase II ‘semi-refit’ that will never be

This new ship was going to debut in "Enemy: Starfleet", as a result of the ship being repaired following the major damage the ship received in "Blood and Fire, Part 1." However, Cawley says that they have reversed themselves and will stick to the same ship design, continuing to match the original TOS Enterprise as close as possible. The decision was based on fan feedback, which Cawley said increased after the reveal of the Enterprise from the new JJ Abrams movie. According to James, the fans "Wanted one place where the original still flies."

Phase II sticking with the classic (from "Blood and Fire, Part 1")

Buck Rogers Update
In other news for Cawley Productions, they have recently finished up the first round of shooting for the pilot (titled "Armageddon: 2491") of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, a new web series based on the classic Buck Rogers comics. Cawley tells TrekMovie that they will finish up shooting in the Spring, and the show is still on track to debut in the Fall of 2010. The show stars Phase II’s Bobby Rice as Buck Rogers. Included in the cast are Gil Gerard and Erin Gray, who starring the NBC Buck Rogers TV series from 1979-1981. Cawley has sent us a first look, with a shot of Gerard and Rice (below).

Gil Gerrard and Bobby Rice in "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"

For more on Star Trek Phase II visit the official site.

And for more on this new Buck Rogers In The 25th Century web series, visit

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Aw. I guess I’m in the minority, but I was looking forward to the Phase II refit.

Oh well, I love the episodes so far, and will continue to do so. Thanks, James and crew!

I wonder why people were more tolerant of these fan-productions than they were of JJ’s Trek before it came out. These Phase-II actors aren’t very…um….great, and they look even less like the original crew than Pine and co.

Barbara Luna = Cougar… Somehow that doesn’t work….

My sincere thanks to the Phase II team for truly keeping the original adventures alive and well and at a high quality. I’ve been waiting for the second part to “Blood and Fire” with much anticipation. Thanks for continuing your use of the original series music. My only question- will there ever be any plans to release the episodes on DVD? I know they aren’t allowed to profit, but I don’t seem to be able to record them even though I can watch them. I would love to start a collection of the episodes.

I was looking forward to the Phase II refit also.

The actors aren’t professionals. They are fans doing it for fans. That’s why people like it.

The Phase two episodes are available by bittorrent download.
You can then burn a dvd on your computer

@2: How DARE you make sense Mr. Anonymous!

The answer of course is that the fan made stuff isn’t canon, so it can be as horrible as an open jar of cat piss in the Arizona sun and nobody’s a complainin’.

Hrm, Peter gripping Uncle Kirk in anguish doesn’t give me a good feeling about how part II ends for Peter’s fiance. :(

7 – Doesn’t sound like you’re “a complimentin” either.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Cawley and crew. Thanks for keeping up the spirit of the original Trek.

#2: I think many fans are ‘tolerant’ as you say of these particular fan productions because they are made soley for the love of the show and its characters without any possible financial gain. JJ’s Trek, love it or hate it, was made first and foremost to make money, as is most Hollywood fare. When James Cawley plays Kirk it comes from the heart.

As for looking less like the cast than JJ’s actors, take a second look. I think Andy Bray looks AND acts a heck of a lot more like Chekov, in appearance and tone, than does Anton Yelchin. JJ should have cast him in my opinion. And I’m not familiar with the actor here who plays Scotty, but he sure looks a lot more like Scotty than Simon Pegg. I would say James Cawley’s actors, overall, look more like their original counterparts than does the cast of JJ’s movie – which by the way, I very much enjoyed.

James Cawley has given us fans of the original series a way to continue the adventures – through the set design, costumes, and music we fondly remember and respect.

#6: For whatever reason, my computer won’t allow me to record these via the bittorrent download. That’s why I wish there was a site or place to purchase them.

Another one here that was looking forward to the refit! Too bad… still looking forward to more Phase II.

#10 – Basing casting on how someone “looks” in relation to other actors is silly. Anton Yelchin is playing Chekov, not playing Walter Koenig playing Chekov. Same with Simon Pegg. He’s not James Doohan. He’s Scotty.

“through the set design, costumes, and music we fondly remember and respect”

For its time it was state of the art, albiet somewhat low budget. To have NEW shows TODAY is just plain silly.

JJ Abrams may have made a profit, but the film was made with a love of TREK. Those actors had just as much heart (and more acting talent).

It’s about time!

I was curious to see how the “Phase II” Enterprise would look, but I agree with Mr. Cawley that we should have the TOS version still in use, as Abrams got about as far away from that version as possible.

I still prefer the original, I don’t mind that phase 2 refit so much but there are certain things…the scattered window placement for one. Sure nitpicky and why shouldn’t there be windows more than just the few spots but it stands out to me on the saucer.

All looks good though, can’t wait!

Thanks to James and crew for keeping the ‘ol “E”. Its nice to be able to see the TOS still being loved somewhere :)

Am I the only one that finds it amusing that Mr. Tolpin’s Spock looks a wee bit constipated in that promo image? LoL

Incredible stuff! The seamless adherence to the look and style of TOS is simply unbelievable. Definitely sends chills down the spine.

I’m very impressed by these fan productions, but it begs the question…where the hell do they get the money to make these little “epics”?

November 20th?

What I don’t understand is while they clearly can’t manage to push more than one episode out a year, they continue to promote themselves otherwise. They said part 2 would be out in March, they said the multiple delays for part 1 was so that they could release them closely together.

And now they’re saying there will be THREE more episodes released by summer? Really…

One episode a year is nothing to be ashamed of, so why keep tripping over yourself again and again.

At least they came to their senses for the Phase II Enterprise. That thing was wrong on every level– completely missing the point while being hideous at the same time.

I say, thanks James!!

It may be just “fan fiction” but thanks for the effort. You guys are doing great work!

Too bad. I liked the new design. And it would’ve been a nice continuation.

To those who are wondering why Phase II episodes are not released on DVD it’s because if they were to make any profit from these productions, it would be in complete violation of copyright laws and agreements James Cawley and his people have with Paramount. James and his people make no profit doing these shows. They spend all their hard work and efforts in their spare time to put these productions together.

As for the refit design, I too was looking forward to the new ship design, but I have to agree that it would be foolish to proceed with it.

As far as James Cawley’s acting abilities? My opinion is that he fills the role of Captain Kirk quite nicely. After all he is not William Shatner.

Ah darn! no Phase II refit? Great, now i’m going to cry in the corner of my living room then eat a gallon of Ice Cream afterwords. Just kidding, but seriously, would’ve been GLORIOUS to see the phase II Enterprise finally make its debut into this world.

Old school, baby. Old school.

Mr. Cawley definitely had some “Kirk-isms” in the “Enemy: Starfleet” clip. Or maybe “Shatner-isms;” whatever you want to call it, he did some nice reactions to Barbara Luna (great to see her!) that reminded me of Kirk from the original series. He’s really grown into the role!

I thought the colours of the refit should have better matched the original…nacelles and saucer domes for example, it was all too blue and cold…lacking the warmth of the original ship. That being said however, I was really looking forward to finally seeing the Phase 2 enterprise fly after all this time. :(

To be clear, I received so many emails asking me to keep the original design, I decided to do so. Also, for the first time in 5 years of making this show, I have 4 episodes in post production, and three of them are basically finished, awaiting minor tweaks and sound work. I am planning to try to come up with a regular release schedule that will allow me to coincide with the next new filming so I do not run out of episodes to release. It has been a ton of work, but well worth it for all involved. Hope you all enjoy them.

I’ve always found James Cawley’s Trek shows entertaining and I’m looking forward to these latest installments.

But add me to the list of those disappointed that we won’t be seeing the refit Enterprise on Phase II. I always liked that design and it nicely bridged the gap between the TOS Enterprise and the TMP version.

Its sounds anachronistic, but it’s really too bad that so many Trek fans are averse to change.

I could have lived with the new design but I like this sentiment…

” the fans “Wanted one place where the original still flies.”

I concur.

Look at you James. Proud of you bud. I love Barbara Luna. You ole’ dog.

James Cawley and his volunteers work harder and DO while the rest of us just watch. I am guilty of not contributing. That ends today. All of us can give cash and or time to keep the productions going. UPN, CBS or Paramount have not answered the fans needs for years. Cawley and other fan web sites are doing something. I too wish to see the original 1701 fly on. The opening of Blood and Fire Part I, hurt my heart to she her wounded!

There is even word of a episode with “Harry Mudd” in the pipeline! Cawley and company even let UPN use their “Sulu Scope” for the Enterprise’s last seasons episode.

Thanks James for every thing you do!

Okay, so the Enterprise doesn’t get the refit. No reason the refit Connie-class can’t show up as another ship somewhere down the line…

Dear James Cawley,

my wife and Ijust wanted to thank you and your group of Phase II for the fantastic work you are doing and for giving us this lovely episodes. Its absolutley amazing what you are doing and it milders the pain that there is no “real” Star Trek TV show in production right now.

We are looking forward to every episode of Phase II. :-))))

I personally would have loved a storyline that would have lead us right into the real Phase II. This would have realized the ideas of Roddenberry for the original Phase II so that we could have it after all. I realy like the modifies Enterprise that you came up with. It really would be interesting to see the introduction of Xon, Ila (was she so called in the original concept) and so on.
But I am more than happy that you “at least” use some of the Phase II stories like Kitumba. Can’t wait to see it and hope that you will realize more of the Phase II stories that were written.

To sum it up: don’t listen to others (including me ;-) ) because it is fantastic what you are doing and you have the right feeling what is best for you show. Don’t forget there are also people out there that love the Enterprise with three warp engines from “All good things” better then the original. ;-) Its just a sign of affection for your groups work that everyone suggest everything. And its right that it would have looked out of balance to have the real Phase II look of the Enterprise without the Phase II sets that were designed and constructed and the uniforms etc. as much as I miss to see the real Phase II concept getting realized.

To make a long text short: thank you very much! :-)))

See you around the galaxy and live long and prosper

Frank Fischer, Germany

P.S.: Congratulatiosn to all Americans for the sucessfull test flight of NASAs Ares I-X yesterday. It really was impressive and awesome. I am looking forward to the next American on the moon.

P.S.: What about introducing the holodeck (see Classic Animated) in your show and giving a Elvis Presley appearance by you? I would love it! :-)

This news made my year. I wonder if there is ever a chance that you could make something in between the first 2 movies. That way you could use the real refit design. That was my favorite Enterprise until First Contact.

I almost forgot: the preview clips looks fantastic, especially the one from Kitumba! Very well done!
“I love it because it is exciting” ;-)

Did Gil Gerard get a new agent or what?
I don’t think I saw him in a thing after the TV show, but now I’ve seen him in two Sci-Fi movies and this.

As for Blood n’ Fire… kinda mixed feelings. The productions get cleaner and more complex, but there’s still the aftertaste of a rip-off. I want to see this ‘enterprise’ take on more of a life of its own. For one, I’d like it to stop using music from the original series (except for the opening theme.) The musical stabs are especially distracting. I still think it’s a cool idea, though…

Hey there James Cawley. I love the Big E you have in your series and Im glad you are keeping it. I love the Big E in Trek 09 but it is also nice to have the orignal. been looking forward to Part 2 and can’t wait to see what all you have in store for us. Looking forward to Buck Rogers as I was a big fan of that seris as well. keep up the good work and may you Live Long and Prosper.

Hey James Cawley. Have you had any Scripts or plans to do anything on the Mirror Univers and the Terran Empire.

Thank You Mr. Cawley, for doing what you do.

Cheers from the UK.

I just wish they were playing a different crew. JJ gets away with it because the surroundings are so different one finds it easier to accept the characters as nothing more than a different interpretation. When everything, down to the placement of the ice cube buttons, is so exact and done to perfection, when new faces walk onto that duplication of the TOS bridge, the bridge IS so familiar, it’s like imposters have taken over the ship. WHen everything matches TOS, to a T, from the props to the sets to the music…..strange faces, even though they are supposed to be the same characters, stand out like a sore thumb. I just can’t get into it, I wish they would’ve have created a new crew on a new ship.

Have been parcelling the episodes of New Voyages/Phase II out since learning of them here (thanks TrekMovie!) I enjoy each one so much. So much love for TOS/Star Trek and its cast and crew in these, and so much professionalism in the productions. So heartfelt. And the scripts are excellent. It really is like having new episodes of the original show, if you narrow your eyes just a little. And better in some ways, as the present company has something the original series didn’t have – time to get those extra shots. It was so much fun to spot James Cawley in JJTrek.
Adding my thanks to James for keeping this series going. I can only imagine the huge amount of work that goes into these. Looking forward to the episodes coming up very much!

Why are fans so much more forgiving of fan-made productions than of the studio product? It’s simple – we can imagine OURSELVES doing it. (Some of us even have done so in eons past.)

Much more than the professional films, we can feel as if we are part of the fun and adventure.

Too bad they decided against the refit. We already have plenty of episodes with the original E design…it’s called TOS remastered! I thought the whole point of these fan films was to have the freedom to explore uncharted territory, but I think they’ve now taken a big step backwards. The only cool thing about this ‘show’ is that we get to see the stuff that never was, ala Phase II.

Where will they be shooting the locations for Buck Rogers? I would love to go & help out, and even would like to contribute some monetary assistance to Mr. Cawley & his team for their fine work. Will Twiki make a cameo? Even though this is based upon the comic strip, I would like to see him. He really carried the TV show. Gil Gerard is a great guy & all, but he is a ham actor, and couldn’t have done it without Twiki.

“For its time it was state of the art, albiet somewhat low budget.”

Star Trek was a VERY expensive show at the time it was production. Its budget seems low by today’s standards, but when you adjust for inflation, a first season episode of Star Trek budgeted at roughly $190,000 in 1966 dollars would be the equivilent of $1.2 million per episode in 2008 dollars. That’s not the highest budget per episode on network TV today but it is far from “low budget”. Star Trek was an expensive show that pushed the boundaries of what it was possible to produce for television in the late ’60s, and it was not some kind of bargain basement production.

Mr. Cawley

I found your idea of transitioning from TOS to TMP very interesting but hey, if you think its better for the fans I’ll keep watching

Great effot

“7 – Doesn’t sound like you’re “a complimentin” either.”

For a fan production they do an incredible job.

My complaint is against any bonehead who can figure out how to cut Cawley some slack and yet can’t figure out how NOT to bitch about every comma Bob and Alex put in their script.

Suffice it to say, if I wanted to be as brutal toward Phase II as some of you dorks are towards ST.09, I could have a never ending field day. But why would I want to do something like that to something that a bunch of fans do for love and fun? The show is both an impressive example of what fans CAN do—and it’s also a glaring example of what fans CANNOT do.

I’ve waited for Star Trek to become as epic as its potential for a long time.

The wait…is over.

Trek ‘Remastered Enterprise’s shortcoming is that it was constrained to a not-much-more-than TOS direction. It’s just a bunch of simple flybys.

Phase II is in a position to show us the ship in ways we’ve never seen. You can’t shoehorn all the original phase II ideas in there anyways, as they grew into TMP. But you can still bridge the TOS aesthetic with the motion pictures just by expanding on lighting and direction. Make the ship grand the way they did the Refit.