November 2009

Exclusive: Preview Image of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” From TOS Season 3 Blu-ray

2009 has been a big year for Star Trek on Blu-ray and the final release arrives in December with Star Trek Season Three. One of the big special features is an HD restoration of the unaired pilot version of "Where No Man Has Gone Before". We have an exclusive preview image from that restoration below.  

Captain’s CelebWatch: Shatner ‘Gives Up’ On Trek Co-stars + Stewart’s Talks Abuse + Brook’s Talks DS9 Movie + Updates For Bakula, Mulgrew, & Pine

Star Trek’s captains have been in the news lately so today we check in with the latest celebrity buzz starting off with William Shatner talking about his Trek co-stars, Patrick Stewart talking about his childhood, Scott Bakula talking type-casting and Avery Brook’s talking DS9 movie. Plus we have clips of Mulgrew from DragonAge and the latest on Chris Pine’s next projects. 

Star Trek One Of Paramount’s Films For Award Season Consideration

JJ Abrams Star Trek has been doing well with the ‘popularity contest’ type of awards (Scream Awards & Hollywood Awards), but now it is time to get serious. With the end of the year comes the beginning for awards season. This is now being kicked off by the "For Your Consideration" promotional campaigns from the studios. For 2009, Paramount has around 20 eligible films, and they have selected four for their awards campaign, including JJ Abrams Star Trek.

First Details On Novels Set In New Movie Universe + Star Trek Online Novel Tie-In Announced

Over the summer we provided a preview of Pocket Books plans for Star Trek books in 2010, which included four books for Summer 2010 set in the alternative timeline of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. We now have the first (brief) details on those four books, plus the announcement of a novel tied to the Star Trek Online game coming in early 2010.

American Cinematheque & TrekMovie Star Trek Movie Event December 4th & 5th

If you live in LA and want to have a Trek-tastic time next weekend, then head to Santa Monica for a 2 day long Star Trek Marathon from American Cinematheque and The event includes a screening of Star Trek 2009, a 10th anniv. screening of Free Enterprise (with a panel), plus a showing of the "Genesis Trilogy" of Star Trek II, III & IV, including a panel with Nicholas Meyer. There will also be free prizes, details below.

ShatWatch: Raw Nerve S2 Preview + Kingdom Of Spiders Spec. Ed. DVD + Bill On TV + more

TrekMovie is gearing up to celebrate our second annual "Shatcember". Below we have a preview of the second season of William Shatner’s Raw Nerve, plus a preview of the special edition of Kingdom of the Spiders. We also have your guide to keeping an eye on Bill for the next month. [UPDATE: added video of Shatner with Kate Mulgrew and Brent Spiner]

The World Reacts To Unfilmed Shatner Star Trek 2009 Scene + Could It Be Done?

The big news this week has been the revealing of the scene written for William Shatner for the Star Trek movie. Below we have some of the reaction from across the web and here with the Trekkies. Plus we review comments from Orci and Kurtzman and take a look at the technical logistics of putting Shatner into Trek.

Science Friday: Space Turkeys + Aldrin’s Orion Rant + Saturn’s Aurora + LHC Online + more

Kayla gets this week off, so your humble editor will once again tackle the exciting world of science. This week we start our post-Thanksgiving hangover by digesting some turkey facts and news. We find out that the second man on the moon is no fan of Orion, check out Cassini’s latest vacation photos from Saturn, check in on the now back online LHC, and finish off with a ringing video of the week and chrome gadget of the week.  

Star Trek Tops Home Video Sales Charts

Paramount had big hopes for Star Trek on home video, and it looks like they are getting their wish. JJ Abrams movie has wrapped up its first week in the home video market and (just like with theatrical release) it is topping the charts. The first sales data is coming in and Star Trek leads in both sales and rentals, as well as iTunes digital downloads. More details below

Mashup Weekend: Star Trek A Team

News is slow over Thanksgiving Day weekend, and lets face it, people are spending their time eating and relaxing. So here at TrekMovie we will be helping you pass the time by presenting some of our favorite new viral video mashups. Today we have the new Star Trek crew mashed together with The A Team. See below

Happy Treksgiving

The future history of Star Trek introduced us to many new holidays, like the Federation’s First Contact Day, the Klingon Day of Honor and the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. However, some current holidays persisted into the future, including the American holiday of Thanksgiving, with its traditional meal.

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Avatar, The Hobbit, New Moon, Spider-Man 4, Thor + more

This week in Sci-Fi Movies we have a special pre-Thanksgiving edition. And what do we have to be thankful for in sci-fi/genre movies? How about fresh updates on Avatar — including a new interactive trailer — and The Hobbit. Casting news for Thor and rumors for Spider-Man 4. News on potential ID4 sequels (yes sequels) and we’ve even got a trailer for the upcoming Family Guy ‘Empire Strikes Back’ spoof. We have all that and more, including the latest box office figures, casting bites, images and videos.

Exclusive Clip: Zoe Saldana From Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is now out on DVD and Blu-ray. One of the better special features is on Casting, which goes over how each of the iconic Star Trek crew members were recast. For those of you who still haven’t picked up this set, today we have an exclusive clip from the Zoe Saldana portion of the Casting Featurette.

IDW February Star Trek Comic Covers & Details – Including Star Trek Movie Adaptation #1

IDW wraps up another month of Trek comic’s tomorrow (see our review from earlier), but the hits keep on coming. Today they have announced their solicitations for comics in February, and it includes a number of Star Trek titles, including the first issue of the Star Trek movie adaptation. See below for more details, plus cover images

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Yehya Show” Visits Star Trek DVD Party

Over the last week we have been putting up videos from our interviews from the Star Trek DVD party. The Jimmy Kimmel show also sent their friend Yehya to cover the event, and last week they ran a 6 minute segment with interview snippets with Bruce Greenwood, Jacob Kogan, Leonard Nimoy, JJ Abrams, John Cho, and Zach Quinto. See below for more.

Exclusive Video Interview: Leonard Nimoy Talks Star Trek Sequel, Shatner + more [UPDATED]

One of the fan highlights for the new Star Trek movie was Leonard Nimoy coming out of retirement to play Spock Prime TrekMovie talked to Mr. Nimoy at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party to see if he thinks he might have one more in him, to check up on that invite he gave William Shatner to watch the movie together, and more. [UPDATE: The video embed is fixed now]

Exclusive: Read The Star Trek 2009 Scene Written For William Shatner

Most fans can remember that one of the biggest debates around JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was about if it would (or should) include William Shatner. The film makers spoke of how they tried to find a way, but in the end felt it wouldn’t work. However, JJ Abrams revealed that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman did write a scene for Shatner, and today we have that scene for you to read.

Exclusive Video: Cho, Saldana, Quinto, Urban & Greenwood On What They Want In Star Trek Sequel

The returning stars for the Star Trek sequel expected in 2012 may not know what to expect, but they do have some ideas about what they would like to see. At the Star Trek DVD release party TrekMovie talked to John Cho, Zoe Saldna, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto and Bruce Greenwood about their hopes for their characters and got an earful on ass kicking, chair blinking and more.

Watch First 6 Minutes Of Star Trek Phase II’s “Enemy: Starfleet”

As promised the Star Trek Phase II  team is making up for the long wait for "Blood and Fire, Part 2" by releasing the first six minutes of their next episode "Enemy: Starfleet", which gives you the teaser, opening credits and some of Act 1. The preview lets you get a look at Phase II’s new Spock, Brandon Stacy, who was Zachary Quinto’s double for JJ Abrams Star Trek.