Wil Wheaton Has A (Voice) Cameo In ‘Star Trek’

In the past we have reported on Easter Eggs and cameos in the new Star Trek movie, but there is one that has not been revealed until today. Professional Geek and former TNG castmember Wil Wheaton announced on his blog today that he had a small voice cameo in the movie. More details below.


Wheaton makes it into a Star Trek movie
Wheaton made the revelation in a post on his blog today, where he explained that JJ Abrams best friend Greg Grunberg first approached via Twitter to ask him if he would do some voice word for the film. Wheaton jumped at the opportunity, describing the day:

I thought it would be really hard to keep my squee under control, but when I stood there in the darkened ADR stage, three pages of dialog in front of me, sitting in the soft glow of a single dim light clipped to a music stand, I was able to put my inner awkward superfan into check long enough to be a professional actor. I mean, I was working for JJ freakin’ Abrams on Star frekin’ Trek, so maybe I could rise to the occasion, you know?

As it turns out, Wheaton dubbed various voices for Nero’s Romulan crew.

2nd time is the charm
Wil Wheaton almost made it into the last Trek movie, Star Trek Nemesis. A scene was shot with him at the Riker wedding, but it was cut.

Wheaton in deleted scene of ‘Star Trek Nemesis’

Wil on Big Bang
By the way, if you missed it, here is a clip of Wil’s appearance on CBS’ Big Bang Theory a couple weeks ago.



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Thats more than he said in Nemesis

Red matter: Star Trek’s very own big red ball.

LOL, yeah, he got more lines in the new movie than his own “original family” film…

Just to note: Wil Wheaton does indeed show up in the theatrical version of the movie — he’s seated at the far left of the wedding party table — but the scenes with dialogue were cut.

Ian, Wil is in the movie. He can be seen in some of the wide shots in the widescreen dvd


If you have not yet seen “Big Bang Theory”… get off your tuckus and get thee to Netflix.

I’ll be damned; once you know to listen for the timbre of his voice, it’s unmistakable.

Reminds me of ages ago when, on a repeat viewing of STIII, someone told me that John Larroquette was playing one of the Klingons on the BOP. Once I knew it was him, it was obvious.

#2 THX-1138:

Red Matter: Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball


I think he’s also on the Kelvin at the start of the movie.

I’m happy that Wil got to be in the new Trek movie, but I feel a little sorry for the Romulan actor who probably didn’t have very many lines to begin with, and had to have one of his overdubbed.

I know why they deleted this. That shot of Nero saying “Take it out”, it looks like he’s having a stroke. Something is off about the way his face contorts. What was with that grin?

Shut up, Wesl— I can’t finish, I like Wil. =]

Wasn’t he sitting on the end of the wedding table? I thought he was sitting right next to his “Mother”, or is that just in the directors cut DVD that I have….

If you listen to the commentry JJ actaully points all this out. The actor is the new Spock’s Brother. Not sure why Quinto’s brother couldn’t speak his own lines or why Will couldn’t have played the Romulan. Either way it gives us another ST moment.

#11 – Nero was simply doing his best Sylvester Stallone impression. At least that’s what it looks like.

@11 That wasn’t a deleted scene. It is in the movie.

Way to go Wil! Just ordered your “Memories of the Future” too.

Did anyone else hear ANY dialogue from the clip above? Don’t know if I’m deaf or not

Wil Wheaton seems like a really cool person, especially compared to Wesley on TNG. I hope they give him a chance to get some real lines in Star Trek again, maybe he’d make a good alien or something.

Never have or I guess will ever understand the animosity towards Wheaton. Think he is pretty good actor who unlike others doesnt take himself seriously or has the massive ego to boot considering being an actor. He was really funny on the sitcom.

@16 …For some reason, all the dialogue is in the left channel. If your set-up is not outputting left channel, that would be why you heard no speaking.

Always trying to save the ship…huh Wil? This time your working for the Romulans!?

Weaton is cool. I have a feeling he would
be in ST: Titan if they would ever make it.
Fantastic on Big Bang Theory – they incorporate
A LOT of trek into that show.


I think the animosity is more toward the character of Wesley Crusher than personally against Wil.

Wesley was pretty obnoxious.

WOW! If JJ is giving out more cameos than we thought! Mabye Kirk and Janeway will be in ST:2! (Or Picard!)

^23. Wil’s weekly podcast is currently revisiting first-season TNG episodes (and promoting his book) and he’s doing a pretty good job dissecting the specific moments when writing, directing, and performance came together to plant the seeds of Wesley hate. I’m convinced that the role, as written, would have caused any actor playing it to get hate mail. I think Wesley had a lot of secret fans though, particularly among viewers his age.

I liked the character of Wes… being a child myself when I watched TNG. But Wheaton is way cooler than his character.

I’m so not impressed by Wheaton. We talk SOOOOO much about him and for what little contribution he has made — WHY?

Most of the stories posted about him are pity stories? Such as: Wheaton’s first scene as a real actor since 1994 was cut, he feels bad, let’s give sympathy, Whaton’s making a second attempt at being scene in the final version of a film, will we see him, NO? lets give sympathy. Wheaton only remains famous for “celebrity,” guest appearances when whoever is putting on the show can’t even get Harry Kim to show up — and for that he deserves sympathy.

That episode of The Big Bang Theory was fraking hilarious to the max.

Finally, Wil Wheaton got some decent material to work with in the Star Trek franchise! ;)

At the start of the film on the Kelvin the helm guy looked abit like Wheaton

I think that led to some confusion at one point if it really was him or not

I’m hopeing Bill Shatner get his cameo in the next film especially if Will Wheaton’s getting one! Wow! I saw JJ’s face at the scream awards when Bill said “Call me! No, I’ll call you!” Sounded so Priceline Negotiatior like but JJ’s face turned ghost white like he was allready in talks with Bill about the next film! Whoopie Goldberg also needs a cameo but only if they can do a face lift!

JJ mentions this on the commentary on the DVD

Big Bang Theory was an tribute to Trek and TWOK! It was awesome.

I thought AP had assured us that there were no TNG cameos in the movie!

@27 What is your problem, dude?

Was “Lt Barkley” also in the new TREK movie? I could swear that was him at the Kobeyashi Maru test, who turns to Spock and says “how did he beat your test?”

Congrats to Wil Weaton for no one noticing his part in Star Trek 09 until this was given to us as if a gift from the heavens.



The animosity is not towards Wheaton per se, but towards his character, Wesley Crusher, whom everybody (but me) hated while on Star Trek: TNG. That might have rubbed of on Wheaton as well, for some stupid reason.

34: Who is AP?

Anyway, this is pretty cool…I’m a big Wheaton fan, the dude is awesome.

Hmmm my opinion of the film just took an ever so slight dip.


AP is Anthony Pascale, the founder and captain of this site.

#36–dude, that guy at the kobayashi maru test, the guy who turns to Spock and says “how did he beat your test?”…THAT GUY WAS ASIAN AND LOOKED NOTHING LIKE BARCLAY(the actor who played Barclay, his name is Dwight Schultz, BTW)…

I just read his full blog post on his Trek cameo — that stuff about the sound mixing is very cool.

jocor: “I’m so not impressed by Wheaton”

Remarkable coincidence, then, that I’m not at all impressed by jocor.

Has anyone seen Wheaton in “Jane White Is Sick And Twisted”. Very unusual and funny movie. Good for a good laugh to find all the Star Trek references in it!

Whil Wheaton’s a pretty nice guy.

You know, I personally never had a problem with the “Wesley” character. As for Wil and people’s mis-placed dislike for him personally, this is ridiculous. It’s not like he had a say in how the writers wrote the character. He was just the ACTOR at the time who had to play the part.

I’ve followed Wil’s blog, and enjoy some of what he writes. (All except for the times when he turns in his bleeding-heart liberalism). While I don’t him personally, nor have ever met him, he seems like a good guy. It’s nice to see that he has carved out a very diverse career, both in writing and acting, and didn’t end up like some of the other burned out former child stars. Also, I would remind everyone that he’s no different than you or me. He’s just a guy trying to make a living doing what he loves. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

OK, a few corrections:

“(All except for the times when he turns ON his bleeding-heart liberalism)”

“While I don’t KNOW him personally. . .”

Oh, one other thing. If you really don’t like the guy, you don’t have watch anything he has a part in.

That’s what the remote is for.

one thing i never quite understood about Wheaton is that hes like this HUGE Trekkie….yet he left star trek?

if he loved it that much why leave? why not have just seen it out till it ended? (another 3 years)

I know he probably left to pursue other stuff and try and be in movies again (which he probably couldnt fit around the tv series) but still…youd think being in a massively succesful star trek show would be enough….especially for a huge fan.

maybe at the time he (or those advising him) thought he was missing out on being the next big thing like his Stand By Me costar River Phonix had been hailed…..and doing a meagre role in TNG was holding him back? (plus he was pretty much seen as the Jar Jar of Sci Fi in the 80s/early 90s by fans…so all the negativity cant have helped)

that obviously didnt happen so in hindsight hed have been better off staying in the show…..Ironically if hed carried on hed have more than likely been in all the TNG movies which were quite a big deal at the time (esp the first 2)….not just a blink and you’ll miss it cameo that was cut out of Nemesis. Hed have been an young adult in the films and might have been seen as the hot young Zac Efron type guy with girls swooning etc as opposed to the annoying kid like he was in the series – which mightve gotten him noticed and led to other film roles in the 90s (The Matrix? i always thought hed have been a pretty good fit as Neo)