Full List Of Star Trek 2009 Home Video Retailer Exclusives

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is coming to home video in North America on November 17th. In addition to the regular DVD and Blu-ray editions, there are a number of exclusives available at various retailers in the USA and Canada. See below for the full breakdown of the specials you can get.


Star Trek 2009 Retailer Exclusives


Amazon.com – Star Trek Limited Edition Replica Gift Set (Three-Disc + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Hollywood Video – Rent/Buy any Star Trek DVD and be entered to win an autographed poster of Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

Transworld (FYE/Coconuts/Suncoast) – Collectible Steelbook packaging. (Second Image above)

Best Buy – Collectible Gift Set with four pack of badge pins.

Target – Limited Edition Collectible Starship Enterprise Packaging on both 2-Disc DVD and 3-Disc Blu-ray. [disks are in saucer]

CVS – Consumer Offer. Buy $15 (or more) in itunes gift cards and get the DVD (single disc) for only $9.99 (First week only).


Best Buy Canada – 3-Disc Special Edition Blu-Ray Collectible packaging – Easily assembles to become a Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise DVD Package! (same as Target in the US).

Future Shop – Exclusive 2 Disc Steelbook Edition and 3-Disc Blu-Ray Steelbook Edition.

HMV – Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set – includes Star Trek 3-Disc Blu-Ray set with Digital copy and Four Replica Starfleet Division Badges.

Wal-Mart Canada – Exclusive Lenticular o-sleeve package on the Star Trek 2 disc DVD.

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Paramount has also just released a countdown to home video widget, which you can grab on the official site:


USA Pre-orders
You can pre-order the regular and exclusive Amazon and Best Buy editions below.

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges

Best Buy gift set $27.99
FROM $39.99)



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I will get them on my birthday which happens on November 17th! :D

I’m getting the Target Enterprise Edition, that’s too cool!

If Blu-Ray holds so much more data, why is ST09 on 3 Blu-Ray discs but only 2 DVDs?

I’m getting the ”AMAZON” exclusive.

Unfortunately, the Best Buy Gift Set pre-order is no longer on sale. It’s back to it’s previous $39.99 price. : (

If Blu-Ray holds so much more data, why is ST09 on 3 Blu-Ray discs but (only 2 DVDs?) QUOTE

I think it is because of the digital copy.

Im getting the Target Enterprise Edition, and I am in ARGENTINAAAAAAAA



As always, the problem now becomes, WHICH ONE DO I GET?


The Blu-Ray is in 3 discs because it has almost twice the special features as the 2-disc DVD. This I find annoying btw. (I’m not in the HD age yet due to cost).

OMG!!! I will be able to get my insignias in Canada! :D Will go great with my Grand Heritage ’09 costume! :D :D :D

Blast you merchandising gods! Now I’ll have to double-dip. I want the badges and the (non-pewter) Enterprise replica. Sigh.

Maybe I should also get the pewter Enterprise replica version anyway.

I’ve already pre-ordered a more mundane version of the blu-ray set. But I have to admit the Target/Best Buy Canada packaging looks like a lot of fun!

So, ye’ put tha’ D-VDs in tha’ saucer?

Could I put me gin glass in it?

What if I put tha’ saucer in me D-VD player? What extras be encrypted upon it then? Makes me screen go all ka-blooie and loud etchin’ sound emits from tha’ D-VD player… and smoke! Good things I gots me glass o’ gin ta’ toss on tha’ burnin’ movie machine! Awwwwwwwk! Fireball! JJ really does have tha’ special effects…

Do any come wit’ a free pussycat?
“Starry Trek 2009 Kittycat Packaging- Watch the box open itself. Hurry! Limited supply and can only be kept in stock on shelf a day at most! Litter not included.”


Why in the world is the 3-disk bluray as cheap as the 2-disk dvd? Over $22 for a two-disk set? My, so expensive…

I am going to pass on this one.

so many sets.. I would have thought they were up to the 3rd or 4th new trek movie.. omg I don’t EVEN want to know what that combination would be..

will be watching this one on the iphone.. something about watching trek on that thing is just cool.. TOS remastered is especially nice..

oh and has anyone seen mongo? me not see mongo lately.. maybe me just not look enough..

Does anyone know why it came out earlier in some parts of the world, not to brag toooooo much but I got my Steel Book style copy last Friday here in New Zealand!

Holy Christ the disks are in the saucer they must be 350m in diameter!!

I’ll need a bigger Blu-Ray player

Mongo here ensign joe man’s. Mongo just not have much to say.

Mongo think it better to say nothing and people wonder about intelligence rather than open mouth and confirm suspiscions.

Mongo make sure to get shiny new Bluray machines and get Trek movies on Bluray spinny disc. Mongo know someone who want collector ship. That be good gift get for him.

Hi BND mans! Mongo try throw alcohol on old DVD machines. Make good special FX. And get new Bluray machines sooner.

right on mongo..

ensign joe thinks shiny bluray and shiny trek movie make good team

Star Trek not only lives — now it RULES!


I’m a-gonna get me some Star Trek DVD’s.

I have a futureshop gift card, so will probably go with that (steelbook)

Well, I have a preorder through Amazon for the 3 disc Blu-ray. I was tempted by the USA Walmart Blu-ray + standard dvd copy of film Excl.
Now, I’m ALL OVER the USA Target Enterprise model w/ stand that houses the discs inside the saucer sect.! OMG! I’d seen this offered in other countries. Now, the only thing is to GET to a/find a Target store DAY ONE that HAS this on BLURAY after work while a copy still exists to buy, drive there and score! I remember the hunt for the Wiz of Oz 3 disc BD Excl., and begging a saleslady to go against store policy & save me 1 till I could get off work that day and drive after work to pickup!

Does the edition where the packaging assembles into an Enterprise model come with DVDs, or is it strictly Bluray?

I don’t see how the Steelbook packaging is different from normal packaging, but my birthday gift was a preorder from FYE, so that’s what I’m getting. Just ticking off the days ’til I can pick it up. :D

Man, the Target DVD Set with the Enterprise model looks fantastic for me !!!!

If I were on Blu-Ray, I’d have the Best But with the insignia pins. I need the Command one for the Uniform. I’m such a geek :)

What about VHS?

#25. Um…its a steelbook. That’s how it’s different from normal packaging.


hey Anthony, thanks for including all the details on the Canadian exclusives! Best Buy here I come!

I’m going to get the insignias; they look really cool! Even though the Enterprise looks really nice, I already have a model I assembled and my parents aren’t going to get another one.

I wish this came out on just a couple of days earlier. That way I could get it for my birthday! x]


Actually $22 for a blueray is pretty good. Most new releases are $29 or more (at least in store).

32. I think he’s talking about how the DVD is $22.99, which is ridiculous. But it’s just that they’re trying to hasten the conversion.

The Target Enterprise looks neat! Engage!

half a year from now and we have these sets with the Narada and the Kelvin, remember my words…

#31 Lieutenant

Where the heck did you get a model of the new Enterprise? Or are you talking about a Prime Universe E?

The disc holding Enterprise looks WAY better that the Playmates version.

Been to the Target website, can’t find the Saucer set there. What gives?

#24…..Target will supposedly(your nearby stores stock will vary) have BOTH the 2 disc standard AND 3 disc Blu-ray Enterprise(saucer separating) housed model boxed sets. But will this have a hardcase for discs, will they be in paper sleeve, or already loaded in saucer sect.?
My guess is the price will be approx. 29.99-39.99. Not listed online, so must be in-store excl. only.

One last thought I had on the Target Enterprise model that holds 3 discs in saucer. Won’t constant storing of these on top of each other cause undue scratches and thus playback issues from surface being abused?

I’m getting the Target case for sure.

In fact I may get two. One to assemble and one to leave un-assembled.

If I had close to $100 I would get the Amazon metal one.

#38 In Australia we had the Enterprise 2-Disc DVD set with Enterprise model. The ship comes separately from a standard 2-Disc plastic amaray case. So you don’t have to put your discs in the ship at all. I imagine it will be similar for the releases you guys will be getting from Target.

I’m just spewing we didn’t get a Blu-Ray option for that ship here in Oz. Ah well. I bought mine anyway!


Incidentally I wrote a review of the Australian release ‘Enterprise Discholder’ at this URL if anyone’s interested: http://www.400scalehangar.net/forums/showthread.php?p=499705


Sorry, I meant the original Enterprise. Either way, this new one looks better, but you know… >.<

How about a UK version of this article, please Anthony?

Totally going with the Best Buy version, I don’t need my discs stored inside the Enterprise, besides I have to say I don’t even intend on purchasing a model of this Enterprise. Those Cankel Nacelles turn me off.

If you think about it, ST2009’s DVD/Blu-ray releases have been the most spectacular of any such releases ever, in history, including any and all of the Star Wars releases and any of the blockbusters we’ve seen in recent history.

This speaks, I think, to the importance of Trek as a franchise in general.

Lets talk about how awesome the bluray pin set is. Does anyone remember the various TNG era pins sold with cheap chrome and gold plating, anywhere from $10-20. And they weren’t even accurate.

The bluray comes with 4 gorgeous, high-quality, and screen accurate replicas. They are essentially free (I got mine for 22$ last week at bestbuy.com).


It’s easily the most valuable collectible of the lot, and the best value period. Hell, even if you don’t have a bluray player, picking up a pin set for $22 is far from a bad idea. I only wish it would come with the steelbook case.

Hmmm…already got the Amazon collectible on order, and the better half thinks I’m crazy already but I want the Target and BestBuy sets too!

I’m getting both the Best Buy version and the Amazon one too, I need both. However not both sets of Blu-rays…

I must have the enterprise saucer edition of the blu ray. But I live in the UK, does anyone know if it’ll be issued here.

Star Trek Lives!