William Shatner Reads Levi Johnston

Remember back in July William Shatner appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (twice) to read some of the tweets from Sarah Palin? Well Shatner has returned over the last couple of nights, this time reading from the works of Palin’s almost son-in-law, Levi Johnston, see the video below.



Wednesday Night
Shatner reads Levi Johnston tweets (which turned out to actually be bogus)

Thursday Night
Last night Conan set the record straight and brought Shatner back, this time to quote the real Levi Johnston.


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Funny stuff! As usual, The Shat continues to be downright ubiquitous!

This is the role the Shat plays best….funny!

The one, the only.

Man, Shat’s a tubby dude. Still funny as hell, though.

The Shat Rocks!!!. The Real Levi Johnson is realy Dumb and Stupid.

So funny! The side of The Shat that I absolutely love!

He’s absolutely hilarious!

The Shat strikes again. and I think he has a right to be tubby! HE’S WILLIAM SHATNER! He can do anything. (Chuck Norris jokes make so much more sense when you replace Chuck Norris with ‘Captain Kirk’)

Does anyone think that one day Chris Pine will have such class?

The man can just sit on a chair an recite anybody, and it’s classy by default.


LOL! Hope not… The Shat is the best! JJ better get him that cameo our we are all gonna tie him down and have a point blank phaser shoo…I mean phase out! (Funny joke!) But really with Will Wheaton getting one if just don’t seam fair!

If you want the Shat in the next movie, tell him to lose 20 pounds, have them CGI his face to look younger (or have him get one final facelift) and tell him to give a credible performance for once, and not over the top as he is prone to do!

Bill Shatner proves he always has been and always shall be… Cpt Kirk. The man is laugh a minute and he can be very funny when dealing with himself in a parody.

Shat will go strait to hell for making fun of our Palin and Levi, The Christian theocracy will be soon be America. Just kidding! :p The Shat rocks, JJ write this guy into the next movie!!!

Shatner should come back as the villain. Now that would be original.

^15. They wanted him to come back as the Mirror Universe Kirk on Enterprise but he named his own price.

@12 —– 20 lbs is not enough , probably 50 to 60 will do . The last time he looked good in a movie was 1979 ST-TMP . We need the Shat in the next movie but its got to be great and for a real good reason or why bother.


As good a Pine is as Kirk in this new alternate universe, he will never be in the same league as William Shatner.

Shatner is a legend who made Kirk such a great character. To me Shatner is and always will be Captain James T Kirk.

I do like Pine but I still prefer Shatner. When I read the books its Shatner I picture.

if they have a great reason to have Shat in the next movie then I am for it.

Make that a REALLY GOOD reason!

I’m waiting for one of the right-wing ditto-heads here to complain: Why don’t they ever make fun of the Democrats?!?! : D

William Shatner can say anything and it’ll be funny. I bet he doesn’t even know what LMAO means. lol

This just made my day (well, night). We love you, Bill! :)


16 is right but it would be original! He could do a prime Kirk and a mirror Kirk and Pine could do the same! Strange? I think so!

I love William Shatner.

What, Shatners a left wing idiot? Too bad.

Your forum but bad form bringing politics here. This thread should be deleted.

Poltics aside, Levi Johnson is a tool for going on tv and trying to make the mother of his child and her family look foolish. The guy should act like a man and keep his mouth shut.

I think it’s great that Conan and Shatner are making this dope look like the backwards redneck that he truly is.

If anyone here likes Levi Johnston, or his type, tell me, where do you find the brainpower to type?

#16 you can do that when you are William Shatner.


I didn’t have to wait long – haha! Give my regards to Rush – LOL!

Quite a late update, IMO.
But thanks for the videos.
I only got to see the episodes in black and white.

In 2013 at the inauguration for term 2, they should install Shatner as Poet Lauriate.

Why don’t they ever make fun of the Democrats?!?!

@32 they are laughable on thieir own.

Leave politics out of this, you nitwits. If you watched Conan, you’d know politicians of both sides get made fun of. And Levi isn’t even a politician. Just a moron. This segment was very funny.

The Shat. National Treasure. (US and Canada)

Will Chris Pine be playing Kirk in 2040? I will bet against it.

Note to anybody who thinks the Internet if the future of television::

Taking 20 min to watch a 3 minute clip is NOT the future of television. ‘Buffering’ is not substitute for actual content.

And NBC- if you are going to sell DVDs, do us the kindness of telling us the title and release date.

Poor kid. Not even 20, and already having to hold his own on a violently cruel national media stage.

I don’t like him, either, I admit — we wouldn’t be buddies, and honestly he strikes me as a jerk — but I have to bear in mind that I have advantages he never did, and I have never been thrust into the middle of the national political stage because I happened to be dating a girl who was suddenly a major political figure.

And good Lord, #20 Anthony Thompson: it’s one thing to react to a political comment, another to make a subtle snipe at the other side. But it’s an entirely different thing to try to deliberately provoke a political fight on a TrekMovie thread. Do you *have* to be such a deliberate asshat? Will our Dear Leader, Mr. Pascale, please give you a modwarning?

#37: He’s doing a shoot for Playgirl, for Pete’s sake — this isn’t exactly a private guy shying away from that mean ol’ media that hounds him day and night.

Levi! Wanna be the male Paris Hilton, a pure “guy who’s famous for being well known?” Prepare to take some lumps. I’m sure the big fat checks will ease his poor little heart’s pain.

Johnston’s the kind of guy who, when he reads a Stop sign, his lips move!

He’s doing a shoot for Playgirl, for Pete’s sake — this isn’t exactly a private guy shying away from that mean ol’ media that hounds him day and night.


I am sure it will be tastefully done.

Yo, all you folks trashing Shatner’s weight: Come back and post when you’re 78. You can tell us all about a) your waistline and b) your energy level!

If I’m half as active as Le Chat at that age — if I look half as good, if I have half the wits — I’ll be one happy senior.

Anyway, he’s hilarious.


It’s sad when people expose their shortcomings!


How about if you have half his hair? Oh, wait a minute…