Star Trek Online Coming February 2nd, 2010

saavikAlthough it has been hinted at, not until today has Cryptic official set a release date for their upcoming MMORPG, Star Trek Online. Today the announcement was made on the official site that STO will be released February 2nd, 2010 in North America and Feb 5th in Europe. Pre-order information below


Pre-order Star Trek Online
STO is available for pre-order already, with a list price of $50. Two retailers are offering special exclusives. Amazon is offering beta access and an exclusive Borg Bridge Officer. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders on Star Trek Online for $46.99.

Amazon exclusive Borg bridge officer

GameStop (list price of $49.99) is offering an a bonus Starfleet Constitution Class Starship, which is equipped with blue phasers and an extra engineering station mod slot.

Gamestop exclusive ship



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I never heard anything about a beta for this game. Seems kind of fast if there hasn’t been one yet.

closed beta began a couple weeks ago

see our history of sto articles

Somebody should offer the future Enterprise-D from All Good Things as a exclusive ship. I would buy that.

What are the system requirements and how much is the monthly subscription cost gonna be?

cryptic have not set official monthly price or system specs, but they are likely to be the same as their other new game, Champions. That is 15/month with discounts

more info here

Is it just me or is the Borg officer a Seven of Nine rip off?
Gamestop definately has the better offer with the constitution class ship.

#4 This is from the websites FAQ page.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: We haven’t finalized this yet. Suffice to say, we want to make a game that looks great and can run well on a wide variety of systems.

Too bad they have lose a customer because I have a Macbook.

Any chance for an Xbox 360 Port?

Love it. So getting it… if I can be bothered to pay a monthly fee…


No one asked you to buy a mac, and no one forced you either. If you want to run the game, either build a PC (You can build a computer that is more powerful then your macbook for the same price you shelled out for it), or use Bootcamp and install windows (If you got an Intel mac), other then that, go QQ somewhere else.

I hate elitists…

@9 Then don’t pay a monthly fee, do what I do with WoW and Champions: 60-Day Game Cards, cheaper then the $15/mo


What was elitist about his comment? It was simply a lamentation of no mac support. One I echo.

Can you no longer run virtual PC on your Mac ? Once upon a time you could.

You can run bootcamp on a Mac – but why would I want to install Windows bloatware? One of the reasons I bought a Mac is because I prefer the OS. The fact that Mac OS is now Intel-native should make the game much easier to port. I remember hearing a while back that they will come out with a Mac version sooner or later, and so I’ll wait ’til then to get my hands on a copy. I’m sure a large percentage of Star Trek fans are, like myself and others on here, Mac users, so they’d be remiss not to port it over eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later because I’ve been following the coverage of the build-up to the game with great interest.

Aceman67– Wow, just wow.

And since we’re talking about elitists: is it not elitist to expect someone to build and use their own system and use an operating system that isn’t to their liking just for one game? No. No-one asked me to use a Mac. But no-one asked you to condescendingly disregard the fact that Mac users do exist, and thus a demand for a ported version of the game exists, too.

I’m a Mac user. I installed Windows 7 via bootcamp just to play STO.

Windows Bloat ware… Last I checked, OSX and windows 7 have roughly the same install size (OSX needs 11gigs, and Windows 7 needs 16 gigs), and requires roughly the same system requirements (My win7 rig has 2 gigs of ram and a dual core amd 2ghz processor thats performance rated at 4ghz).

Also, out of the box Windows 7 doesn’t have most of the programs that Apple boasts as selling points, namely their iLife suite

I don’t need iPhoto, My college gave me a student license for CS4 for free
I don’t need Garage Band, My musical talent extends to Plastic Instruments and my Xbox
I don’t need iDvD since I don’t own (nor want) a camcorder, nor have the need to do any video editing.

Pretty much the only Apple software I use is iTunes, since its the only thing that can put music on my Touch.

As for the Elitist comment: That comes from the fact that the majority of mac users feel that because they use a Mac, they’re better then windows. This is not the case. Apple doesn’t have a majority share hold on the PC market, that belongs to Windows, and will continue to do so.

Also, It stems from your comment right there Phil, “I’m sure a large percentage of Star Trek fans are, like myself and others on here, Mac users”. Not the case, since Cryptic isn’t making their game for both Windows and Mac, I’m pretty sure if their research showed that a large majority of ST fans used macs, they would have a port ready for launch, or have one in the works, and since they’ve only hinted at a Mac port with no definitive announcements, I’d try swallowing your Mac pride and get a windows box if you want to play computer games, since your friend Steve doesn’t want to make it easy for developers to make games for his OS, game developers will continute to make Windows only Games.

Moral of the story: If you’re a desktop publisher or designer of some kind, Get a mac.

If you want to play games, get a PC.


@Mac owners,

It will be a very long time (if ever) that they port to Mac.

There are specific reasons game companies don’t make games for the Mac. Back in the powerPC days it was primarily due to the hardware. Today, one reason is because Mac doesn’t natively support DirectX.

I use GNU/linux which natively supports OpenGL (as does Mac i believe, but dont quote me), so i know the gaming pains. But i just built a $1000 XP rig that has lasted a year and will last another 2-3 years, easily.

The other reason you may not see it for Mac is because you are using a margin OS. The PC market consists of 5.27% Mac and 92.52% Windows. The way they see it is, why waste man hours porting to an “irrelevant” market. Its the same logic as to why most of today’s PC games are crappy console ports.

So, the only two ways to play are to build a windows box. Or run Windows *cough*torrented*cough* on bootcamp.

If only Apple would wise up and release the MacOS like MS does windows. If they did, after a few years, you could see those percentages reversed.

Oh, and Aceman67, …you know what. Its not even worth my time.

OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard – the latest version) requires only 7Gb.

I’m running a bang up-to-date version of OSX 10.6 on a two-and-a-bit year-old MacBook with a 2Ghz Intel Core Duo with 2Gb RAM. An 867Mhz processor will still run Snow Leopard.

Having iPhoto and Garage Band doesn’t necessarily mean I use them either (in fact, OSX doesn’t come with these as standard). Being a semi-professional photographer and having worked in graphic design for seven years means I tend to steer well clear of iPhoto. But what has this got to do with your point?

I never said the MAJORITY of Star Trek fans were Mac users, I said a large percentage. You’re quoting me way out of context. You quote Windows vs. Mac users as a whole in terms of percentages, but if you break it down to the demographic of Star Trek fans who are willing to put money into this game, and then break it down to Mac vs Windows, I’m sure the percentages would be a lot closer. Hell, just the fact that so many people have posted on this very topic wishing for a Mac release of the game would indicate as much. And it might be the guts of 6% Mac user versus the rest of the world, but that’s still six percent of a potential market you’re blotting out.

And Cryptic, like I said, have been quoted in the past as having said they would eventually port the game to Mac. I’m not normally interested in playing games on my Mac. That’s why my girlfriend is hopefully getting me a PS3 for Christmas. But this one time, I would quite enjoy to be able to sit on my machine to do as much. The demand, contrary to how you see it, actually IS there. The fact that Steve Jobs made the move to Intel proves he isn’t making it difficult for developers – quite the opposite, it would suggest to me. Furthermore, the fact that the Mac platform uses standard components (eg, either ATi or nVidia graphics cards) would make it a lot easier for such a port to be possible. But if people don’t voice their wishes, how are developers to know that the demand is there?

Either way, it’s very arrogant of you to come out and say I should buy a Windows box purely for playing this one game when I’ve got a computer that would be more than capable of running it, but I shouldn’t simply because a number of Windows aficionados want to keep it all to themselves.

EdieC – yes, the Mac does support OpenGL. But if Apple released MacOS like Microsoft does Windows, it would mean, to me, that it’d be an inferior product. I’m no idiot when it comes to computers, but I prefer to spend my time being productive rather than having to spend six hours rebuilding registries and finding missing DLL libraries when I could just plug something in and work it. One of the reasons the Mac OS works so well is because of the hardware it’s running on. Without an infinite combination of different components that can lead to software conflicts, from spurious manufacturers with impossible-to-find drivers because the company sells their product like a commodity to the highest bidder, and they also happened to fold up the week before I bought my computer (happened with my last PC). I like my computer to just WORK. And if Apple went down the Microsoft route, it wouldn’t be worth MY while using their OS.

Anyway… this isn’t about a Mac vs. PC debate. It’s about a kick-ass game that, hopefully, none of us are going to miss out on. If you want to kick my ass, let it be orbiting Galornden Core in my beat-up Excelsior-class refit, because this argument is as old as the internet, and as old as me (since I was born the same year Mac OS gave us the wonderful new features Microsoft have finally got around to giving the wider public with Windows 7….

This new game-play video suggests this will be unfortunately awful;

haha borg bridge officer is a total rip off of 7of9 up top and boozom size and then borg queen rest of the way down. Very disappointing. They should also speak to what the advantage of having her is, other than having something to show and tell in front of borg during borg missions…

I must have the wrong thread, I thought this was about the STO launch date…


I have a Mac, and I have Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, Windows XP, Windows 7 and CentOS. Vmware Fusion is your friend.

Doubt I’ll bother unless they have a free trial on the 360.


“Without an ‘infinite combination of different components’ that can lead to software conflicts…”

I love this! ICDC instead of IDIC……you’re a poet!

$50.00. Not bad, but I guess the online fees will be high then?

Totally got to pre-order this game!!!

The Borg officer will be awesome because it probably means fast shield recharge rates and fast phaser remodulation! Awesome! And the Contitution class ship will be awesome too since it’s still the ultimate Bad @$$ Trek ship!

out of curiosity, how come i can get a warnign for trolling by calling shatner names, yet nobody here is getting warnings and they’re starting a flame war?

and I use both windows and mac, the best of both worlds.

as for STO, I’ve never really played any games before, so I’ve heard people say that this is a TOR ripoff and that it doesn’t look good, and I just think, it’s better then anything I’ll ever make! Looks good, keep up the good work cryptic!

the online fees are what is going to make or break this thing for me

i dont buy pc for star trek but i rather buy game for ps3!

This title has become a too-tired topic years before it was launched. As a game fan, I do not see the integrity of the storyline and space-ground environments from what I saw and read. Unfortunately it will become another Star Trek game failure. They don’t even offer a Mac version. Star Trek Elite Force will remain to be the best ST game for some time longer.

Any chance this is gonna run on Mac OS X?

Looks like a glorified shoot ’em up.

Whatever happened to “explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations” ?

Thanks, but I think I will pass.

A shoot ’em up??

Doubt you know what a first person shooter is, because if this game was supposed to be one, it’ll be way beyond an epic fail!

Take the time to look at a few screenshots, there’s loads of space to explore…


I’ve been playing PC games in one form or another from farther back than Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (on floppy disks) right up to Batham: Arkham Asylum and lots in between. Mass Effect, Stalker, Fallout 3 etc….

So I think your blanket statement of “Doubt you know what a first person shooter is” is as unwarranted as it is inaccurate.

And please bear in mind that I did not mention anything about a “first person shooter”
What I said was it looks like a “shoot ’em up” and this was after I looked at a recent YouTube video from the makers. Pretty much every clip showed ships or players firing at one another with things vapourising and exploding, and in my book that pretty much sums up what a shoot ’em up is.

If Cryptic want to show there is a diversity of game play, let’s see it.

Until I see evidence, it stays off my list. Thanks.

Gee, I wonder why we Trek fans get labeled as geeks so often.

Yup, three accounts lost here in the house, about another six or seven in the family. We’re all Mac users.

Don’t waste your money on another CRAP star trek game..

I hold no ill will towards Mac users (or Mac’s.) My first computer experiences were on Apple 2GS I think they were. Macs are useful, productive, stable, well made and designed. Am I right? Can you play games on Mac’s? Of course you can play them. So instead of posting on the comments of a Star Trek site that’s only trying to inform fans about a Star Trek game. Maybe cut and paste it on to the official mac forums and harass their developers and designers? <—- Rant

Then I was introduced to DOOM and Sim City for PC by a tech at a friend’s dad’s computer shop. And you can all guess where that went.

STO is looking better all the time and I can’t wait to give it a try. But like some other comments Cryptic really has not shown anything other than the combat side of things. Ok they haven’t shown anything other than combat. But since this is an MMO there WILL be a whole non combat part to it no matter what the videos show. My guess is that is going to be highlighted closer to launch.

Can you talk through the mouse on a Mac yet?

No need. They’ve pretty much always had built-in mics :P

The whole non-combat aspect, I think, is something the players have to bring to the game – to decide to fight or co-operate. That is what Star Trek is all about, is it not? To make a Star Trek game in a multi-player environment is to make it a fighting game. There’s not really much else you can do with Star Trek, short of collecting dilithium crystals á la the old Apogee platform games or Sonic & Mario. And in terms of “exploring strange new worlds” – that, I’m sure, will become more of an incentive the longer the game gets time to bed in, and the more people around the world actually settle in to playing it.

Of course, all this could be horse manure, since I’m an MMPORPG virgin.

There’s something about the Borg officer that makes me say ‘NICE’.

I’m already paying to play World of Warcraft, so pretty much no chance that I’ll be switching to STO. So far (although I haven’t followed all that closely) I haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe that other than its scale, this won’t be another Star Trek that translates poorly to the game universe.

One thing that Blizzard (Warcraft’s maker) has had going for them since the late 90s is Mac support. Simultaneous Mac and PC releases really do a lot to give them credibility with Mac users, especially when so much of the gaming world places them in the “not worth the money” list. Imagine when your game is both 1) a best seller on the PC, and 2) one of the 4 games that’s playable on your system. I think it’s a shame more companies haven’t followed in their footsteps. Even though I’m on a PC, lack of Mac support is evidence to me that these guys aren’t as concerned about the quality of their game as they should be (or as Blizzard Entertainment is about theirs).

ST-Online, here i come
I’m bored to death of WOW

45 – well said. Especially in this day and age where a simultaneous release is no longer that big a deal. I’ve always been able to enjoy big releases from the likes of Maxis and the Myst series of games on the mac as soon as my windows counterparts. As well as that, certain star trek releases, such as the cd-rom version of the encyclopaedia and elite force had mac compatibility on the disc or a simultaneous release across platforms. And Lucasarts hve generally been pretty good about it too. In fact, the only really big release that the Mac community never got that we always cried out for were the Half Life games. And that was simply because valve couldn’t bother their backsides to port the game over, when they were more than happy to release on the PlayStation, which enjoyed very little success compared to the PC version.

I am excited about this game but I am not going to rush out and get it.

I can have $50.00 in my pocket from now until February.

On February 2nd I am going to come to Trek Movie like I do daily.

I will read all of the reviews on the game, from all of you.

At that time I will will have all of the info such as the monthly fees.

If its cool purchase it and get online to play the game.


Purchase a 300 dollar E machine and a VGA cable , hook it up to your big screen tTV , that is what I do.

We are living in the 21st century ,you are allowed to own 2 computers.

Why do people not understand that I don’t want a Windows computer? That’s why I got a Mac in the first place. So spending €300 on a computer I don’t want lacks sense, no?

The simple truth is that Macs are 5% of the computer market and most games, especially MMORPGs are not released on Mac. Sure WoW has a mac version, but that game is so massive it makes sense.

If you have a mac you can play with bootcamp or hopefully on a console.

but that’s that for now, there really is no point complaining about it and turning every article about STO into another PC v Mac debate.

I use windows because it just works.

I can do anything on my computer. From video editing, gaming, productivity. There is nothing a mac can do that windows can’t do. The reverse is true though. Macs can’t play games 90% of the time. So either stop complaining or get a real computer.

As for conflicts, dll hell, etc… I haven’t seen that since windows ME. I’ve never had any of that crap in XP, vista, or 7. And so far 7 has worked flawlessly out of the box with 3 year old hardware. Try that with snow leapord if you were dumb enough to buy a non intel mac (i know someone who did)

I had two outdated pcs one I expected was good enough for min requirements for this game thu I was wrong only on one issue I had a 3.3ghz p4 cpu the rest I had at recomended requirements ie 2g ram + *I got 4g* ati radeon hd 3850+ I got a hd 4650 so I went on craigslist got new tower minus harddrive for 100 so ya I know can max out my new tower with 3.0ghz core2duo processor and go past min requirements,

I may be a total mac fan due to 4 years graphics design in hs/college, but I understand gaming is one thing and that is another

I personally would have waited for it on ps3 then that 100 I spent would have gone to subscription or that n the game but due to no offical garentee its launching on ps3 I sucked it up n got a new pc.

Everyone must know yes they have played sto on ps3 and xbox360 and it works but what it comes down to is if sony and microsoft both agree or if one pays cryptic/atari for exclusive rights until that’s settled there won’t be a console launch so me as an avid ps3 user I’m frustated but I found a way because ya I’m a diehard trekky, and if this game fails welp I got my fallout3/oblivion/ and soon to come fallout new vegas to fall back on lol