Preview of Star Trek D-A-C New ‘Survival Mode’

Star Trek D-A-C was originally released for the X-Box Live Arcade in May (just in time for the Star Trek movie), but now the game has been enhanced and is coming out on the Playstation Network and PC this week. We have some more details, plus a new video preview below showing off the new ‘Survival Mode’.


New ‘Survival Mode’
One of the big new features of the updated D-A-C is a new game mode. Originally Star Trek D-A-C had three multiplayer game types (Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Assault). Now the game features a new single-player mode, called "Survival Mode." In Survival Mode, Starfleet captains select between four ships and are challenged to shoot down as many Romulan enemy drones as they can, progressing through four rounds with five different zones each before their three lives run out. When destroyed, the drones drop special pick-ups that help players win more lives and move up the Starfleet ranks and leader boards.

Here is the new preview video

Here are more details on Survival mode from the official release:

Players will battle AI controlled Romulan ships and three new ships types in Survival Mode:

  • Space Pirate: a quick, nimble flyer that awards the most loot of all three drones
  • Ramming Drone: an offensive fighter that commonly uses kamikaze attacks to crash into Federation starships
  • Demolition Drone: a slower model that assaults through explosions, obliterating everything around it

Survival Mode also features a point-based pick-up system and two new “special” performance pick-ups:

  • Temporal Shift: everything slows down – except you
  • Fire Everything: fire all of your weapons without depleting your energy stores

In addition to the new drones and pick-ups, enemies in Survival Mode are also differentiated by color – red for the most aggressive, yellow for the mid-level enemies and green for the least hostile drones. Plan your attack and fire away!

As players’ standings increase with their performance, they will climb the Starfleet ranks, beginning as Crewmen and potentially rising as high as Commander in Chief!

Star Trek: D-A-C is coming to PlayStation®Network and PCs via Valve’s Steam distribution service on November 12. All new content will also be available for Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Microsoft’s Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system. The download price is $10.


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Might be worth $10 for the amusement.

I’ll be downloading it on the PS3. Can’t wait!

Sounds good. It looks like a suped up version of the first video game that I saw in a pin ball arcade back in the late 70’s. It wasn’t called Star Trek, but had a stationary Enterprise shaped ship in the center. The ship could accelerate in various directions, but never left the center of the screen. Other ships and asteroid type shapes would come from various directions and you had to destroy them and avoid them. The game was definitely not “Asteroids”. Any ideas out there.

This game was crap. not worth the $10

#4, I recently went to fastfood restaurant and spent $10, at least this way I’ll have crap that I don’t end up flushing in the end. I think I’m going to buy it for the PS3.

You are talking about Starship 1 by Atari, 1977. Yes, it was loosely based on Star Trek including a variation of the planet killer from the doomsday machine incorporated into the game. I have the Atari 2600 version of that game to this day!!

Can’t believe they are still trying to sell this game. No one bothered to buy it the first time around.

Next time please hire a developer that takes the time to understand the license.

I wish they would make a game that follows the new movie, and allow you to explore new worlds!

Oh and btw, I forgot to complain about the new game. It looks awful. It is reminscent of the old games I used to play when I was 10. Ugh…

Does this game still suck?


Not worth it.

Originally Star Trek D-A-C is sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i waiting for star trek online better..

3. EM: “…the first video game that I saw in a pin ball arcade back in the late 70’s. It wasn’t called Star Trek, but had a stationary Enterprise shaped ship in the center.”

IIRC, it was called “Space Wars”?

memories… ;-)

Oh Wow. This changes everything.


I just got my used backwards compstible ps3-i dont have wifi-is there a way to dl the game from a pc?-does the ps3 have a slot for a memory card? I did not get an inst. manual with mine yet so not sure how to do that-i do see it has 4 usb slots in the front-does the joystick charge in a pc also-i dont think it charges unless the system is on?

You don’t need WiFi. Just use an ethernet port. You might not want it plugged in all the time, but take it to your computer room long enough to download the game.

I’d rather have Star Trek Online but who knows if it will ever get a console release and I refuse to buy PC games. I prefer to do not have to upgrade 80% of my computer in order to play a single game, and then upgrade that stuff when the sequel comes out.

I agree with #4 and all the rest if the naysayers. I downloaded the demo for the xbo when it first came out. I wasn’t expecting gold, but I wasn’t expecting crap either.

This is a terribly dull game that should have been a stand alone title, not related to star trek. But then of course no one gets a quick and cheap payday.

I appreciate TrekMovie trying to promote Star Trek-related stuff, but this is an indefensibly awful game, the very epitome of a cheap, thoughtless cash-in.

Save your money. D-A-C is really, really bad.

Louis G. – You are absolutely right! Sure does bring back memories. I remember thinking that it was gimmicky and probably wouldn’t replace pinball machines! But, I didn’t think that rap would last either. I can’t be accused of being a futurist!