Select Blockbuster Stores Selling Star Trek DVD & Blu-ray Midnight 11/16

North Amercia is getting excited about the arrival of Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray November 17th. The readers of EngadgetHD just voted it the most anticipated Holiday season arrival. In order to help some Trek fans to get a jump on in, some Blockbuster stores are holding midnight sales events on November 16th. See below for a list of locations


Blockbuster Stores open Midnight 11/16
Some stores will also be holding give-aways.  






1544 Piedmont Road




481 Harvard St.




8726 J.W. Clay Blvd.




6409 W. Grand Ave.




1855 Snow Road




2550 N. High Street




3501 McKinney Ave. at Lemmon




101 W. Hampden




27942 Woodward Avenue

Royal Oak



1917 West Gray



Las Vegas

9785 S. Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas


Los Angeles

17124 Hawthorne Blvd.



New York

2300 Dixwell Ave




11849 East Colonial Dr.




Route 130 & Fairview Rd.




2805 North Scottsdale Rd



San Diego

5620 Balboa Ave.

San Diego


San Francisco

3914 Rivermark Plaza

Santa Clara



4715 25th Ave.



Washington DC

815 Rockville Pike  



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How about some for the smaller cities?

Seems I’m first. Don’t have a blue ray player. Does it really matter?


I hope this sells really well

I’m in England and don’t gave a BluRay either.
Hoping mine will arrive on Saturday from Play.Com.

what a bunch of garbage!1 ever since i pre-ordered the BDVD, i’m getting shafted by all the other offers.


LOL… oh my… people, if you really cannot wait. Order the UK Version. Europe has them all over the place ;)

I can wait. And yes Bluray is spectacular, if you have a Hi Def TV. I don’t have a player yet but am planning on getting one for this release specifically. I went to my local trusted electronics dealer and had one demo’ed for me on a similar big screen HD TV to what I own and the difference between Bluray and an upscaled DVD image was startling. The Bluray image was literally like looking through a window upon the scene.

Believe the hype. An HD TV+Bluray player combination is great.

The Blockbuster in Michigan is having a launch party from 9-midnight. A local fan club (in uniform) will be accepting clothing donations for the salvation army

I’m in Germany, and yesterday I bought my copy of Star Trek dvd for 10.99 Euros.

Germany: Bluray 9,90 Euro in Media Markt :P

I love how the One in Los Angeles that just has a drive by shooting at the bus stop in front of the store last week. yeah there you go have the blockbuster in the most gheto and dangerous part of Los Angeles be the store youhave people line up at midnight for a bluray release.

I love how the one the are having the midnight release at in Los Angeles at the Blockbuster that had a drive by shooting at the Bus stop infront of the store last week.yeah there you go have the blockbuster in the most gheto and dangerous part of Los Angeles be the store youhave people line up at midnight for a bluray release.

oh and it would be really handy to have a edit feature for the comments we leave on here.

cant wait to pick this up. me and my camp lejeune buddies thought the movie was awesome. oorah!

Best Buy also has 200 stores doing the same thing

Yeah, baby!

@1. Vulcan Fury – Good luck with that! Whenever there is a big release of anything they always go for the larger markets available to them it just makes good business sense.

That being said “business sense” and “Blockbuster” don’t really belong in the same sentence (what with the closing of like 40% of their stores). You’ll be lucky to get the movie from them for less then the MSRP listing. I’ll take my $21 Amazon pre-order any day.

Say what you will about the new Trek (believe me I have) but you gotta admit.. they did put the butts in the seats.. just hope some future scientists / engineers / astronauts are inspired like they were back in the day..

#2 “Don’t have a blue ray player. Does it really matter?”

If you want to watch a blu-ray movie you will need a blu-ray player. Of course if you have a suitable computer for viewing high def (720p, 1080i, 1080p) movies you can always purchase the high def digital version (itunes has it, amazon, etc)

Or if you want both the blu-ray and digital version you can get the Blu-ray version which (I believe) has the hard copy and the digital one..

But if you are talking about the actual quality of a hi-def movie versus a standard-def movie then yes it makes a helluva difference in my opinion.. I rarely buy movies but when I do you can guarantee they are in hi-def (at least 720p)

once you go hi-def you won’t ever go back..

This is cool, can’t wait to get this.

Have to admit being jealous that First Contact never had this honour, lol

Hey all… one of the advantages of living in Thailand is that the DVD’s are already on sale here! Just picked up a copy last night. Great presentation… comes with a small model of the Enterprise… the saucer section flips up to reveal the 2 discs…

I’m a bit miffed because disc 2 will not play for me… so I’m going back to exchange it today.

But I did get to see the gag reel and a pretty lengthy featurette about the making of… both of which are on disc 1 with the movie.

This is awesome and I guarantee it will sale more copies than Transformers 2!!!!!

Get to Blockbuster ASAP, before they go out of business.

no canadian love ? coman !!! The most famous star trek captain AKA WILLIAM SHATNER is canadian.

I called my store. The newbie employee checked for me. The event fruns from 10-12. No stock out till midnight. Get this……they only have 8 Bluray copies to sell! This is 11/10…so tell me how many employees save themselves a copy prior to the event and exclaim they only had 3-5 copies!
A Star trek specific themed radion station sponsored event to promote the biggest seller film for BD for 2010 and the store has a whole 8 copies? WTF?

Its so funny at Malaysia.. i saw star trek dvd pirated selling for USD 2 at a shop and when i checked it out. It was a bluray copy with features but only 1 disc. the contents are not full but my speaker burst when the engines went to warp. haha.. talk about pirated

I’m getting the 2-disc dvd enterprise model from Target next Tuesday, Baby!

Check Best Buy stores as well. The store in Addison, IL will be opening at midnight.

I saw this film at the cinema. It beats waiting to see it on DVD, as all the above commenters apparently did.

It was a good film, lots of fun — the only good Star Trek film, actually. When you get your DVDs, you’ll be kicking yourselves for not seeing it on the big screen.

The USS Las Vegas has been invited by Blocbuster to participate in the Las Vegas NV area event and as Captain I will suplly a full report on our cities activies next week after the big event. Incidently, the USS Las Vegas is actualy participating in two seperate Star Trek DVD Events next week. The first with Blockbuster and the other event is our own Star Trek event we organized with Barnes and Noble to hold a Star Trek Book Fair on Saturday Nov.21st from 11:00 Am-4:00 PM.

I will also report on full details of that event as well…after the event

Captain Paul Walker
USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Fan Club

Oh before I forget……if anyone is curious…..there is still NO NEWS to report on the NEW Star Trek: Experience. Last official update from CBS and Neonoplolis developer Hosit Joshit (sp) is: ” It is still in development stages”

As Captain of the local Star Trek club here I predict it will be at least another 2 yrs before it will open if not longer. Sorry folks…

The last time I went to the new home of the “Experience” there was still nothing new or any signs of construction or renovation of the existing area. No signs NO Nothing….same as last time I went down to check on things personaly.

Just thought I would let every one……….

Paul Walker
USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Club

I happen to be in Germany with work this week and have picked up the DVD here as the Blu-ray is not released in the UK until next week.

just watched the movie again and it was wonderful. just as good as i remember it from last May.

I’ve now seen the film in three different countries across two continents ;)

Can’t wait to see it in HiDef, it should be amazing!!!

I’ll be buying a copy on the day of release for sure, but I certainly don’t feel the need to be at the shop at midnight to get one! I can wait the extra, thanks anyway! Looking forward to seeing it again though, very much. Just hope it loses little on the small screen because it was a great looking movie at the cinema.

re blu-ray vs dvd
The picture is made up of more pixels
On a blu ray there is up to 2 million pixels in each frame 1080p
A 720p tv can show you up to 1 million pixels
a 1080p tv is 2 million pixels
a blu ray player is capable of 2 million pixels

so best picture? a blu ray player on a 1080p tv (especially if your tv is 50″ or bigger)

an upconverting dvd player will upconvert a regular dvd to as high as 1080p. This allows you to get the best picture out of your existing DVD library on your high def TV
A blu ray is definitely the best way to go as it will play the blu ray and will upconvert your existing DVD library.

I purchased a PS3 as it offered the best all arounf value.

Hi all,

My son managed to pick up a legit, actual Blu Ray copy in Manhattan last Saturday.

A smaller independently owned retail store had received them already, not being allowed to put them out for sale until the release date but the owner could care less and was selling them already. he surprised me with it Sunday night. very cool.

FWIW, people have a number of reasons to buy the BD but if the sole purpose is because you believe this pressing to be the best 35mm transfer to Blu-ray video possible that Paramount could have done, you’d be better off waiting for the next edition or opting for the $10 DVD or the BD editions with SWAG that you covet.

#35 – I’ve already read several reviews of the BluRay (including a really glowing one over at By all accounts, this is shaping up to be one of, if not THE best BluRay releases ever in terms of picture quality.

While I’m sure there will be more editions of the movie released down the road with additional features, I very much doubt the picture quality will get any better on current generation equipment (ie: BluRay and 1080p TVs).

I’m also pretty sure that the special effects (which were all CGI) were rendered at 2K which not so coincidentally maps out to 1920×1080 (ie: 1080p). As such, even if the movie is ever released at a higher resolution, the effects would most likely have to be re-rendered to get the maximum benefit of a higher resolution and I very much doubt Paramount will shell out the cash to do that anytime soon.

So for anyone who wants the best possible experience when viewing this movie, the BluRay edition and a good sized 1080P TV are definitely the way to go and there’s really no need to cheap out now in anticipation of a better release down the road.

Ok,….my long standing preorder with Amazon, I canceled yesterday.
My hopes and best scenario is to either score a free or buy a Bluray copy @ Blockbuster’s midnight event on 11/16. My fall back is Target’s model ship that houses the discs in the saucer sect. after work on the 17th.
If both those fail, I may try call around locally and find whomever has a copy. If those attempts fail, I’ll order it online through Walmart for 19.96 and free ship.


You can speculate all you want but the fact is it is just a straight 35mm film to BD transfer – even for the FX. It is by no means inferior to good 35mm BD xfers but neither was it the maximum best 35mm image transfer possible for Blu-ray.

As I said there’s a lot of reasons to buy this BD but to purchase it never expecting Paramount to release a better image xfer on BD in the future would be foolhardy.

Target finally has it’s Exclusive BD offering up on their website. $34.99. No hint or text description though this “is indeed” the Enterprise model w/ separating saucer that houses the discs. It does look quite a deal thicker in pkging though.


“I think that we just did a transfer.” – J.J. Abrams in a recent interview on this very site.