City of Boston Declares November 14th ‘Leonard Nimoy Day’?

The original Spock (aka ‘Spock Prime’), Leonard Nimoy is returning to his home town of Boston this weekend to attend The New England Fan Experience. And Boston is so proud of their native son, that they are declaring Saturday (November 14th) "Leonard Nimoy Day". We have the text of the proclamation below, plus some new comments from the actor.


Leonard Nimoy Day

TrekMovie has obtained a copy of the proclamation that will be signed by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino:



Boston native Leonard Nimoy first appeared on national television’s Star Trek series as Spock in 1963, and now has 45 years later, returned to that character in a film of the same name; and

Leonard Nimoy has returned to Boston this weekend to appear at the New England Fan Experience a multi-genre event which is geared towards public interest in learning more about science fiction, popular culture, gaming, animation, plus science and technology; and

New England Fan Experience Panels, seminars, workshops and discussions offer a well rounded entertaining learning experience, as a program that benefits Boston’s people, young and old; and

This weekend’s New England Fan Experience represents a remarkably interesting gathering of some of Massachusetts’ finest actors and artists, including Leonard Nimoy, local author Wen Spenser, and published manga artist, Bettina Kukouski; and

The City of Boston takes great pride in the cultural contributions of those who create entertainment in modern media and popular culture in our city; NOW

I, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby proclaim today, November 14, 2009 to be

Leonard Nimoy Day

in the city of Boston.


Nimoy Talks Star Trek Politics & More
In an interview with the Boston Phoenix promoting the New England event, Nimoy was asked about Star Trek and its intersection with politics. Here is an excerpt.

The original Star Trek series aired during the height of the Vietnam War. Given the appeal of the official Federation policy of “non-intervention,” is it a coincidence that Trek has been successfully relaunched while we’re in the middle of two wars?

Well, I think it’s true that the original overarching theme of Star Trek included non-intervention policy, but we did some intervening. I think that was a concept, but I don’t think it was a reality.

In that era, there was a whole issue about whether gunboat diplomacy was appropriate, and whether force in other sovereign countries was appropriate. And we were going through a lot of turmoil on that issue. I think Star Trek tried to be on the right side of the issue, tried to be on the humane side of the issue, but there were times when I think our intervention was questionable.

More at

Nimoy in Boston this weekend – Seattle in March
If you want to see Leonard Nimoy and are in the New England area, head on over to the New England Fan Experience in Boston. For more info and tickets, go to

And if you are in the Pacific Northwest, you can see Mr. Nimoy in March when he appears at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. More info at emeraldcitycomicon.


How do you celebrate Leonard Nimoy Day?
Of course, you do not have to live in Boston to celebrate Leonard Nimoy Day, but how does one go about honoring this auspicious occasion? Wear Spock ears to work? Drop words like ‘logical’ and ‘fascinating’ into all your conversations? May we suggest getting together with some friends, and singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Make your suggestions below, on how you will celebrate Leonard Nimoy Day.



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Congratulations to Mr. Nimoy!

November 14th is my birthday! What a great gift this is!! :)


I hope Shatner won’t get angry…

Congratulations, Mr. Nimoy.

You finally got the recognition you deserve. All your hard work, skills and experience has definitely paid off.

I hope Mr. Nimoy enjoys his new career as a photographer.

By the way, Mr. Nimoy is a better singer than whats-his-name from the classic Twilight Episode, claiming he is seeing little monster on a DC-3, tearing the engine up or a martian alien he saw before he was leaving Mars on a “Outer Limits” journey return to earth.

Just Kidding.

An honourable mention on Mr. Man for being first. Congratulations!


Damn, Shatner always gets screwed.

He first appeared on Star Trek in 1963? And that was 45 years ago? Not only is the date incorrect, they can’t add.

Congratulations to Mr. Nimoy on having a day in his honor!

8 – details, details.

Congratulations, Leonard. Boston is a great town, even if they’re not too good at dates.

There’s got to be a way to work some bourbon into this beantown hullaballoo. It’d be an explosive combination.

Congrats to Mr. Nimoy. I actually JUST moved from Boston to California, so I won’t be able to attend the NE Fan Experience. However, I did get to meet him here in LA last weekend:

6 – It was a demon pineapple-man that somehow orbited Venus. For the love of God, get your facts straight.


Congratulations to Leonard Nimoy.

I’ll pay my respect by watching Star Trek IV, and Star Trek XI topping it off by watching the music video to my favourite Bangles song “Going down to Liverpool” with Mr Nimoy in the video.

I’m happy for you, Mr. Nimoy,because you deserve it! Congratulations!
Kisses from a brazilian fan!


MINE TOO! Happy birthday to us!


No The Shat won’t get upset since December is Shatcember! A whole month or a whole day? You decide!

This may be the best holiday since Christmas. :)
Congratulation Mr. Nimoy on a life time of success!

Good job lenord you deserve that day. Obamabinladin should proclaim it for the rest of the country.

awesome ^_^

Eventually, we’ll get a Shanter Avenue or Plaza. The real question is, will Kirk get his before Shatner?

And yes, I do think Shatner is a bit depressed lately for not having been in the new Trek, and now this?


That is awesome!

In the interests of fairness, though, Montreal has to establish “Une Journée du Shatner”.


@20: His old alma mater has a building named after him:

I think he’ll manage somehow.

@18: Oh, you and your obvious flamebait! So adorable…

I love Leonard Nimoy, he’s the greatest. But, Boston can have their actor.

Cincinnati will keep the first human to ever step on the moon.

Kudos to Mumbles menino on celebrating trek.

Congrats Mr. Nimoy! Wish I could be at the event!

Fascinating? No. But it is interesting.


Congrats, Mr. Nimoy!

I Grok Spock.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino….also known as “Mumbles” Menino :)

Way to go! Here in Atlanta we had DeForest Kelley day on a yearly bases honoring Dr. McCoy. And from what I understand in iowa a statue was erected for Capt. Kirk day! The shat was not screwed but immortalixed! Congrates to all

#8 Maybe their referring to the original taping of the Star Trek pilot: The Cage, or they could just be wrong. This is a government proclamation after all. Are we sure we want to hand health care over to the government when they can’t even add correctly?

I hear there’s a Strip Club in Jersey thats gonna have a “Yeoman Rand Day”!

Hats off and many well deserved accolades to the artist and performer Leonard Nimoy and his day in his home town.

How do I expect to celebrate? Probably first digging up, ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE and viewing it while pondering whether his alien solution there might be applicable to his last conundrum portraying an other alien from Vulcan. Then I’d try to spy him in his obscure role in the Navy in his TWILIGHT ZONE episode, A QUALITY OF MERCY. Catch the sci-fi classic movie THEM, then I’d catch his original I, ROBOT episode of his two 60s’ OUTER LIMITS outings and its 1995 remake. THE CAGE, his psychiatrist in the first remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, TMP, ST IV, and probably cap off the visual FEST with THREE MEN AND A BABY.

Maybe go IN SEARCH OF a Paris’ MISSION IMPOSSIBLE episode. I’d try to dig up some of his radio works online as well.

Have a nightcap while perusing a book of his photographs AND nodding off to the sounds of THE BALLAD OF BILBO BAGGINS…

In Boston, I would expect “Denny Crane Day” :-)) Congratulations to Mr. Nimoy.

And in honor of Leonard Nimoy Day, the next movie will have his character of Spock Prime join Kirk Prime to go back in time to save the planet Vulcan from it’s destruction in true Star Trek form :o)

Walter Winchell: On the night of Stardate 4353.9 Jimmy ‘T-Bone’ Koik and his band of Entouchables plot to wipe out a rival gang, The Klingons. They rendevous at the ware-base with the USS Hoods.

Koik: Legs, get me Commodore Tony ‘Pretty Boy’ Pascale on da blower.

Uhura: Yes, boss. Uh, sir.

Koik: Commodore. I am ingratiated to communicatize wit youze. Would you care to beam aboard to my humble starship?

Anthony: Why are you talking like that? Uh, yes, beam me to your bridge.

(Anthony materializes by the turbolift.)

Koik: Com Tony, welcome. I have called youze here to discuss a troubling matter. The Klingons have been disrespecting our cargo freighters… by blowing dem up and stealing the Armani crystals inside. Perhaps, if you saw fit to loan us some extra photon torpedoes, we could take care of this troubling situation. I would of course, be prepared to repay this favor sometime in the future.

Anthony: Again with the stereotypical Mafioso speech. That wasn’t very convincing on The Untouchables, and it’s not even close to being good enough in the Sopranos age. Not only that – (Anthony stumbles down the bridge steps and lands in Koik’s lap.)

JJ: Cut!

Anthony: (pulling his face out of Koik’s crotch) Was I all right, Mr. Abrams? Do you want me to do another take?

JJ: No, we’ll just CGI in something horrible that looks like a hernia, then throw in a few lens flares and cover it with epic theme music. That’s a take! Moving on!

Leonard Nimoy: This will not go over well in Boston.

Scotty, beam me up. There is no intelligent life down here.

Let’s face it… Star Trek returned not in response to two wars. It returned to make money.

End of story.

@3, @15
Funny. My birthday as well, today!

-Tom from the Netherlands

Today’s Leonard Nimoy Day! OK, I’m not in Boston, but anyway, congratulations to Leonard Nimoy.

Hey, I lived around the corner from Nimoy in the old West End. He got his start in the acting classes at the Peabody House near the Charles River. The Peabody House was one of several “neighborhood” houses throughout Boston where city kids could take free classes in the arts. I didn’t take acting with Nimoy, I took ballet. But, although he was one of the neighbor kids, he was seldom around and he was not easy to know then, kind of distant, in fact he had a Dr. Spock personality when he was ten. But, I’m proud to have known him, a little, and to have experienced the same Boston influences he did. And I share his nostalgia about growning up in the the old West End.

Congrats. I live just a ferry ride and a drive from where “Fringe” is filmed:) If I go to Boston I’ll be sure to see all the Nimoy-related sights!

Congrats to him. Nice to be honored by your home town. But he and Star Trek have been a world wide phenomenon for many years now. It’s taken this long for them to recognize and reward him?!