The Collective: Review of 2010 Star Trek Wall Calendars

For 2010 Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing have three Star Trek wall calendars, all of which are available now. You can spend the year with the original crew, the new movie crew, or ships of the line. Find out more in our review below. 


Spend 2010 with Star Trek

Deanna Troi may be "blended" in the film Star Trek First Contact when she reminds William Riker that "Timeline? This is no time to argue about time! We don’t have the time! What was I saying?" yet there is no ignoring that Star Trek and timelines go together quite frequently, from 1966’s "The Naked Time" to 2009’s Star Trek feature film. That is one reason why Star Trek calendars are fun, because they allow fans to time travel through the year along with favorite characters and episodes. This year, Star Trek is treated with a trilogy of wall calendars from Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing.

STAR TREK (Original Version) 2010 CALENDAR
The original Star Trek has had calendars offered almost every year since 1976. The 2010 calendar includes pictures from various third season episodes, including a very nice image of Kirk and Spock from "The Cloud Minders" on the transporter pad right when Kirk is about to punch anyone around him because of the effects of the gas. It is a picture that shows how the characters have a true friendship of interdependence. Last year, the border which surrounds the calendar photos each month was a bit generic with connecting squares. This year, though, the border has a nice marbleized look that is classy and even evokes outer space symbolism. The center foldout is a great CGI artistic rendering of the Enterprise being repaired from the perspective of the workers (this is entitled "Repairs at the Rim of Starlight"). International holidays and the birthdays of Star Trek’s main actors are included in the calendar.

Star Trek 2010 Calendar – December

The Star Trek 2010 Wall Calendar is available now and retails for $13.99. You can pick it up at Amazon for a discount.

The 2009 Star Trek feature film also has a calendar. For maximum timeline fun, TrekMovie recommends placing the TOS and feature film calendars next to each other on the wall. This way fans could travel from one alternative universe to another between the Pineverse and Shatnerverse! The calendar features "widescreen" images from the film, which means there is good deal of border showing in order to fit the pictures into the square shape of the calendar. Unfortunately, the border is an image of Earth with a flair which means the calendar is dark in tone, somewhat of an ironic contrast with the very bright future the feature film presented. This doesn’t mean this isn’t a good or worthy calendar. Indeed, the images include some very nice and unusual photos, including a great picture of Spock (Quinto version) in the Jellyfish and Captain Pike wondering if Kirk will join the other cadets. For fans of the new Enterprise, there is the favorite image of the Enterprise near Saturn included
in the calendar. The center foldout is very cool, featuring international versions of the posters. International holidays and birthdays of Star Trek’s main actors and production crew are included in the calendar. 

Star Trek Movie 2010 Calendar – June

The 2010 Star Trek movie calendar is available now and can be ordered from Amazon (discounted to $11.19).

Of all the calendars, the Ships of the Line is arguably the best visual treat. Featuring amazing images from the imaginations of Andrew Probert, Doug Drexler, Max Gabl, Niel Wray, and many other talented artists, the calendar features more than just profiles of starships. The ships are often presented from unusual angles and with detailed backgrounds of outer space or Starfleet dockyards. The center fold of Flint’s Castle is worthy of being framed. The calendar itself also has an unusual design in that the dates are smaller to allow more emphasis on the artwork which is entirely proper. The calendar will look excellent on the wall and still maintains its function. The calendar is without hyperbole, often inspiring.

Centerfold – Flint’s Castle (by Max Gabl and Niel Wray)

August – Enterprise A from Star Trek VI (by Koji Kuramura)

The Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar is out now and can be ordered from Amazon for $11.19.

Because all these calendars tend to focus on either the two Kirk eras and occasionally with TNG and DS9 novel images, fans of shows like Enterprise or Voyager will not be represented too much this year with wall calendars. However, the publishers did announce earlier this year that there could be a digital version of the old school "a page a day" calendar for 2010 available for the computer which would feature 312 images from all versions of Star Trek. In many ways, this is a great year for fans of Star Trek calendars, with a trifecta of great wall calendars and a future digital version (TrekMovie will have more details on the digital calendar in a future update). Any of the wall calendars would make a fine present for Christmas for those fans who know that "time is a companion that goes with us on a journey."

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Cool might get one

I’m a “Ships of the Line” guy, myself…

I’ll get the Classic Trek one (for the office) and a Tolkien one for home.

Koji Kuramura is a VERY talented man. He made the Awesome Scimitar Model from Nemesis and the Defiant From In a Mirror Darkly.

Why does the Star Trek VI image not only use a “Wrath of Khan” quote as its title, but also features a very visible UNCLOAKED Bird of Prey?

That is a Star Trek 3 quote and they bird of prey is mildly MILDLY cloaked as it fires.

light bouncing…refracting….ILM…drama…all those things make the BOP appear….

6. About the quote….you’re right…my bad….I was thinking of “How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.” and the talk about Genesis being life from death…..

and as I recall, while the light and the energy given off by the firing of a photon does indeed make the Bird of Prey appear, it doesn’t do it that much….

Very ppor that Voyager and Enterprise are so underrepresented. It doesn’t have to be Kirk’s Enterprise every second month.

When does the 2010 Star Trek Day-To-Day digital calendar become available?

Okay, so why didn’t I find all of these calendars when I checked for them at my local calendar store last week? I even asked the clerk and was told that he didn’t understand why they didn’t have the movie calendar!

August 2010 Ships of the Line seems to mix STIII with STVI.

They need to make a 6″ X 9″ Ships of the Line, please. For the officer’s head.

The ‘marbled’ background in the TOS calendar looks a lot like a monochromed picture of the pinwheel galaxy.

I buy the “Ships of the Line” calendar every year. Some years are better than others, but it’s always pretty good.

“Flint’s Castle” is just awesome.

I understand why the ‘Bermanverse’ Treks have not been calendarized this year. ALL promotional attention has shifted to TOS (remastered BR discs) and Trek09.

Considering the vast back catalog of material, I’d imagine that will not be the status quo forever.

I love Ships of the Line, with one major exception:

As John said, “The calendar itself also has an unusual design in that the dates are smaller to allow more emphasis on the artwork,” but why can’t they line up the days of the week, as any proper calendar should? I don’t keep my appointments on it, but I may well glance at it to see what the date will be a week from Thursday.

– Harry

I have gotten the SOTL calendar for the past 6 years or so, and although they’re not always the greatest quality images, they’re always a treat. Looks like this year will be no different.

i just got my Star Trek XI movie calander in the post yesterday. I ordered it from Amazon UK. I found the calendar to to be well done and I loved the crew photos. Wall calendars are nice, but I wish they would produce a 365 day desk calendar with scenes from all the Star Trek television shows and films. I would definitely purchase that.

PLEASE keep us posted about the digital day-by-day calendar. I would definitely be interested in that.

I’ve been buying the Ships of the Line calendars to hang in my office at work for years. The images are almost always beautiful and I get a lot of comments even from people who aren’t Trek fans. It’s my favorite Trek calendar by far; I picked up the 2010 version a while ago.

I know the calendar I’m getting from my dad for Christmas now.

I think i’ll stick with ships of the line. . . August is a cool image.

None of the other calendars can ever match Ships of the Line.

Sorry, but the others are always just kind of boring, at least in comparison.


I would love to have a calender of the Mirrior Univers with the Terran Empire. That would be kool. Ok. Ill get all three as i am a Trek Geek and Nerd. Ha Ha. Ok. Back to the Agoniser Booth. Im in trouble for not helping Rescue Admirial Archers Porthos from the Mirrior Scotty.

#23. I like your call sign. But you should now also add Trek09 to it. To at least get it complete. Just an Observation.

How come the TOS calendars are always so boring and generic? Most of the time they just use promotional shots that we’ve seen thousands of times before, or a boring freeze frame from an episode.

The show was SO much more colorful and vibrant and exciting than what we see in that pic above.

#11 Dang, A Calander Store? I usually have to go to a book store to find calanders.

Flint’s castle is not a ship of the line.

#31 Rexan “Flint’s castle is not a ship of the line.”

No, but the shuttlecarft in the picture is.

I do think the Ships of the Line calendars are pretty, but really useless as calendars.

number 4, damage doesnt seem to be Mr. Koji Kuramura strong point, which
would explain why the defiant doesnt have any damage after being attacked by the mirror universe nx in that episode

Kev he just made the model. I do not believe he was in charge of the damage FX.

Now you made me go watch the episode again!

I know which calendar I’m getting!

The Flint’s castle pic is just… wow. I love me some Nouveau-Renaissance architecture in my Trek! :D

Yup, 30, we have calendar stores here around the holidays. :-)

yeh the calendar stores are mostly in the malls empty spaces or in a store in the mall that is closed down now–kinda like hickory farms selling booths and stores-both pop up at malls between sept and christmas and usually offer half off selling items after new years that are still left-I usually get my calendars then-

I got a black metal desk calendar holder with the star trek experience logo cut out in metal on the top frame and i havent been able to put a star trek calendar in it for 3 years now cuz they stopped making em-a star wars calendar is a lousy substitute-i had it at work til i lost my job last april-

Speaking of Star Trek: The Experience — it and the ST cons there were the original reasons I started going to Vegas. Now that TE is gone, Vegas doesn’t seem as much fun any more.

Speaking of which: Hey, NEONPOLIS! I’m still WAITING!

You would think that the CBS folks would give it a helping hand, if for nothing else than the calendars.

Here’s a question for the assembled wisdom: Has anyone found a good calendar frame for the Ships Of The Line calendar? (Which calendar of course must be hung horizontally rather than the traditional vertical position.)

I’ve never heard of a calendar frame before.

dont see why the original series callenders are so boring- cant they pick action shots, original art or shots of the new special effects.

I have the original series one…i also want the new movie version… but i have two!!!!!!

Ships of the Line all the way. The other calendars look lame.

Why isn’t the Star Trek calendar made like the SOTL? 2 pages, with visual effect scenes from the movie. There was this great looking shot of the Enterprise and the Narada in Vulcan orbit. Now that’s a calendar image.

But hey, the SOTL gives me that fantastic “Cause & Effect” image. And the December pic alone is worth the price!

I got my TOS calendar for 2010 a few months back, great images this year.

I get the TOS calendar every year.

I use to get the desk calendar but they stopped that in 2007

33 Imrahil: I wouldn’t dream of actually using my Ships Of The Line calendars as calendars. They could get dirty or wrinkled or something.

This is the calendar I’ll buy! The December pic is the greates thing ever done for any Star Trek calendars. Sad we’ll never will see that picture in a movie on the big screen. I would be epic!

# 49
Of course I meant: IT would be epic!