CBS Announces New (and Expanded) High-end Star Trek Replica Licenses

In the last few months CBS and Paramount have already announced deals with Quantum Mechanix and eFX for high end replicas from classic Star Trek series and the new Star Trek movie. Today CBS has announced expansions of those lines, plus two new additional licensees for high-end replicas and collectibles. 


Star Trek Expanding Into More High End Collectibles

CBS Consumer Products announced today the launch of a select line of high-end collectible items that will roll out just in time for the 2009 holiday season. The products, based on the classic Star Trek films and television series as well as this summer’s blockbuster film, will include ship replicas, prop replicas, uniform replicas, resin statues of the characters and more. The new lines come from agreements with Quantum Mechanix (QMx), Hollywood Collectibles Group, eFX Inc. and ANOVOS Productions. Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products Liz Kalodner says of the expansion:\

Star Trek fans continue to be the ultimate collectors within the science-fiction community. These new lines will feature an eclectic mix of niche collectibles that will satisfy any Star Trek enthusiast.

Each of the companies offereings are broken down below…

QMx Star Trek 2009 movie replicas & collectibles
It has been previously announced that Quantum Mechanix (QMx) is developing a 34-inch Artisan U.S.S. Enterprise replica from JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, which they showed off at Comic Con. They also previously announced they were developing a smaller ‘collector scale’ version.

Studio-scale Enterprise from QMx

Today CBS announced that QMx will be expanding their offering from the 2009 Star Trek movie to include more large-scale and mid-scale ship replicas, prop replicas, novelty items and animated-style maquettes. QMx has already started work on a large-scale and collector-scale version of the U.S.S. Kelvin. Their first screen-accurate prop replica will be the Starfleet phaser. QMx has also produced two premium collectibles that will be bundled with the Blu-ray DVD version of Star Trek this fall: a screen-accurate set of four Starfleet Division badges cast in metal and an 8.5-inch all-metal Enterprise replica exclusively for

Official site:

eFX ‘classic’ Star Trek replicas
Also previously announced eFX Inc. is developing a replica of the TNG era Mark IX Tricorder, seen in Star Trek: First Contact. Pre-orders for the Mark IX Tricorder began in September, and eFX will limit its production run to no more than 1,000 pieces worldwide. The Tricorders will be offered as a "Signature Edition" signed by actor Brent Spiner, who played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the films it inspired.

eFx first Star Trek replica: Mark IX Tricorder

Today CBS has confirmed that eFx will be developing more prop replicas based on the classic Star Trek films and TV series, and they are also developing ship replicas in all scales, such as thoseseen in the video game Star Trek Legacy.

Official site:

Hollywood Collectibles resin statues
CBS announced a new licensing deal with Hollywood Collectibles, makers of some of the best resin statues. Hollywood Collectibles will introduce 12" and 18" versions of the entire ‘classic’ Star Trek universe – from Kirk and Picard from the original series and The Next Generation, to Archer from TV’s Star Trek Enterprise series. The first pieces will be unveiled soon ranging from $149.95 to $249.95.

Official site:

ANOVOS High-end Star Trek Uniform replicas
The final announcement from CBS was for ANOVOS Productions, who in 2010 will debut the Star Trek Movie (2009) Collection featuring high-end male and female full uniform replicas starting off with the science officer’s complete uniform. ANOVOS Productions will also offer Star Trek uniform replicas available for the classic Star Trek movies and television series. These high-end uniform replicas will feature original or close-to-original fabrics, techniques and pattern analysis. Pricing for the 2009 Movie Collection is expected to range from $499.95 to $1099.95.

Official site:

TrekMovie will have more details on all of these exciting new lines in a future update.


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yeah thats good because those toy phasers.. uhhhh yeah..

It’s still a damned ugly ship. The only thing I appreciate is that they brought back the iridescent finish that the original motion picture Enterprise model had, but we never saw in the films (because its tendency to reflect light wrecked havok back in the days of motion control compositing).

Ugly? I think it’s the best of the bunch. Not that I’ll be shelling out that much cash for a studio-scale replica, mind you…

I wish that company made a studio quality E-D or E-E. Would be them twice.

Aye….she’s a beauty alright!

Want the tricorder!

But 500-1100 bucks for a UNIFORM? Good god!

Ok, how many have yet to max every credit card in multiples by now, and will now begin to seriously hawk their kids education, morgage to buy these ULTRA-high end items? Does CBS feel Star Trek the average fan, has an endless supply of disposable income,makes 80-250,000 a year and each has 5-10 Platinum Visa’s to buy all this?

However larrrrge it be, how in Crom’s name am I supposed ta’ fit in that ship; much less fly it aboot’?!

And how come that thar’ tri-recorder always beeps when I pass it o’er me liver?


Wow, what a beautifully detailed model of an impossibly ugly design.

Ok!!. This is a Trek Fans dream. So much out there and so little Money. But at least there out there for us to get.

Wow. J.J.’s ship looked gorgeous on screen and that carries over to the replicas. Beautiful redesign.

I like the new design of the Enterprise. I do wish they made something in a price range that would make it affordable for the average working class citizen that is different than the toys released earlier this yr. ( I like them, but would like more) Seems like everywhere there were Transformers and Iron man items but very little Star Trek.

I am glad to see them making these even if they are too pricey for the average fan.



I agree. Ugly ship. I tried really hard to wrap my head around it, but it still comes back ugly.

BTW, the aztec tiling on the Enterprise from TMP shows through beautifully on the TMP Blu Ray.

No, best Ship design ever! I love it more than E-E! I have multiples of the Playmates design and the Amazon metal exclusive on order!

I love the redesigned Enterprise. :) Looks nice and sleek and graceful, but still sturdy.

I wish the costumes weren’t so expensive…. ;)

the new E should be called the UGL-E…

17. Balok – November 16, 2009

the new E should be called the UGL-E…

I cry tears how they destroyed the D in Generations :(


I’m with you. What a waste. The EE was awful.

I will not be getting the high end collectible ships. When do we get a look at some of the more reasonably priced ships? How much are we talking about here?

I’ll have to see what the smaller version looks like from QMx, and I’d be real interested to see what they do with the Kelvin as well.

Uniforms that cost that much should come with Victoria Secret models wearing the costume at each purchase. I have paid that much for the original prop costumes but not replicas.

Ryan Church was going for a “60’s architecture” look for the ship.
At first, I didn’t get it. Now, after hearing that, it makes sense and I like it a lot more.
By the way- the Classic Phaser? Look for what should be the ultimate version by eFX.
Personally, I’m drooling.

I hope Sideshow Collectibles get in on this and make 12 inch figures.

@22, what do you know about a new TOS phaser from eFX? Have you seen pics or what is the scoop?

I wanna E-J!

She’s a beauty for sure! A very good update on a dated wimpy 60’s design, while staying true to the creative and beautiful aspects of that design.

ALL of the TNG era E’s were butt-ugly, series or movies! Unrealistic, unless you like your windows in the ceiling or the floor. And too aerodynamic, as if it mattered in space.

Compare the TMP E, the NG era E, and the ST09 E. Which is the abomination?

Can’t wait for the size queens to start posting! “The Enterprise can’t possibly be that big because….” LMAO!!


This Enterprise is the one ship that *should* have aerodynamic concerns, considering it had to get out of the atmosphere somehow… I would take the TMP Enterprise over this one any day; it’s well balanced. This one just looks awkward with the secondary hull so far forward, engine struts so far back and joined to the very tips of the nacelles.

I still believe that the new Enterprise is ugly. Everything about it is all wrong including the specs. The “beer belly” secondary hull is hideous and the nacelles are way too close to each other. I’d prefer Gabriel Koerner’s Enterprise ’cause it looks beautiful and elegant. But overall, I did enjoy the new movie and can’t wait for the DVD release.

To each his own, I guess. A few thoughts though:

#28 – A starship that is powerful enough and capable of warp drive needs aerodynamics to escape an atmosphere? Impulse drive maybe?

#29 – I believe the “beer belly” was introduced in TMP, at least more pronounced than the OS. And the pic is a bad angle, the nacelles are not that close. Very close to the nacelles on the TMP, actually.

The rest is just personal preference, nothing more. As I said, to each his own……

and Artasylum or DST License ???

“If I were a rich geek, ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum…” :D

QMX hasa dangerous, dangerous website. I want to buy, like, EVERYTHING. :)

Can’t wait to see the Kelvin model, myself, but I’m holding out for the DIY styrene models — they’re more my price range….

Nice studio scale model. Can’t afford one and wouldn’t get one of the ’09 Enterprise. Hopefully the ’09 Enterprise gets ambushed in the next movie, does a saucer separation and the secondary hull-beer brewery gets blown up. Then the saucer has to limp back to space dock where the Enterprise is remade into the Probert TMP Enterprise for the third movie in the series.


I believe they *appear* much closer due to the fact that they are bulkier than the TMP’s art deco slimlines, and fatter still than the round nacelles of the television series.

#31 It’s been hinted at in the Art Asylum Q & A’s that DST might have a hand in the Playmate’s 3 3/4″ TOS line’s design and development. Maybe some of the movie inspired designs will crossover into DST’s 7″ line. Hopefully both scales will survive in this economy!

That Enterprise redesign is fugly, and so are the phasers.

34 No, they really are closer. I have the Playmates toy ship. They’re like a hybrid of the pre- and post-refit nacelles with contemporary “muscle car” heft to them… The design language is pure Trek, unmistakeable, but it’s easy to see both Saarinen and Calatrava as influences. If you ever get a chance to visit the Milwaukee Museum of Art, the new Calatrava wing is pure science-fiction. Check these out (not my pics):

@37: That building is crazy awesome!

JJ’s location scouts, take notice! :)

By the way, I thought I read somewhere that the new Enterprise was supposed to change shape slightly during different flight modes (the deflector dish deployed forward, the warp pylons spread farther apart, etc).
Does that ring any bells for anyone? Or did I mis-remember something?

22 and 24.

I have a TOS phaser from Lincoln Enterprise in the 80’s. THAT is and always will be the ultimate version (because it was made from the original molds and materials).

How much is the model going to cost?!


A Calatrava building was in Trek 09. The Planetarium in Valencia, Spain (used in the SF skyline). They could shoot future Treks entirely at Calatrava’s City of Arts and Science in Valencia and Soleri’s Arcosanti in Arizona. Wouldn’t need to change a thing. They are already 23rd century!

If they make a high end model of the Enterprise refit from TMP/TWOK I’ll buy that instantly.

Lincoln Enterprises never sold a TOS phaser that was from the original molds and materials. The phaser they sold was made by propmaker Richard Coyle who later went on to work on some of the Trek movies. The originals were made from Fiberglass with metal accents for the midgrade phasers. The stunts were vacuum formed styrene. The heroes were the same fiberglass shells as the midgrades but with shaped hollow metal handles (pressed brass tube) with coffee stirrer sticks cut in half and glued on the sides.The electronics consisted of a grain of wheat bulb (both P2 and P1). Hate to burst the bubble. Also, Richard didnt have access to the ‘original molds’…his props were his interpretation based on watching the show and the pics in ‘The Making of Star Trek’.
Does your Lincoln Enterprise phaser have the square red trigger or the later aluminum one? Coyle did several versions through the years (Id love to see a pic of the one you have.).
The two most common ‘convention special phasers’ available in the 80s were Richard Coyles and Ed Miarecki (another fan turned pro propmaker). Coyles phasers are collectible in their own right as being some of the first available. You can check out his site and contact him at http://www.racprops.coAs to licensing. It says they are doing TOS movie costumes. Id be jazzed if they are doing screen accurate TWOK uniforms…it would be high time someone made that available in an accurate fashion and a grand for one with accurate detailing and materials would be a good price.

Maybe in the sequel the Enterprise will have to saucer sep due to a battle and the saucer will get mounted ona secondary hull more reminiscent of the TMP Enterprise (fingers crossed).

totally with you and others here, the new E design philosophy is a mess and plain ugly, a real shame and the ILM CG render is great. But the Motion Picture version reached the very highest watermark in depicting the E (or any massive spacecraft) thanks to Trumble, and the original design still has something that has been lost. My biggest disappointment and lowest point (with the brewery) with the brilliant new film.

I’m hoping Sideshow Collectibles grabs the licence to make 1/6 scale figures from the new movie. It’s all I’m looking for.

What about the tricorder, eFx? It was supposed to come out end of this month or beginning of next. Is that still the case?

High-end screen accurate uniforms?


It’s about time.



Thanks for the info. Will photograph it (and the communicator) and post to my Flickr site soon.

@ Brian Kirsch:

Well I like all of them, but if I had to point one: The JJ-E

The Enterprise-D was majestic and the E-E was just bad@ss. Both are my favorite TREK designs, since they are timeless.
Take a look at the TOS-E and the TMP-E. They scream 60ies and 80ies respectivley.

Look at the Galaxy and the Sovereign-Classes… they could have been designed yesterday.