Photos From Paramount Star Trek Blu-ray/DVD Release Party

Last night Paramount held a star-studded party for the release of Star Trek on home video. The party was held under the stars at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles. Many of the Star Trek cast and crew were there, and we have photos from the red carpet, as well as from inside the party.  



Party like its 2387
Paramount was celebrating the DVD and Blu-ray debut J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. and they chose the Griffith Observatory, which happens to include a "Leonard Nimoy Theater" Red carpet arrivals were followed by an elegant party under the stars where guests were able to fraternize with green girls, sample some red matter and get a close up look at the “final frontier” through the Observatory’s famous telescope.

Outside the party

Guests for the event included Director J.J. Abrams was joined by stars Zachary Quinto (“Spock”), Leonard Nimoy (“Spock Prime”), Zoe Saldana (“Uhura”), Karl Urban (“Bones”), John Cho (“Sulu”), Bruce Greenwood (“Capt. Christopher Pike”), Jennifer Morrison (“Winona Kirk”), Clifton Collins (“Ayel”), Faran Tahir (“Captain Robau”), Jacob Kogan (“Young Spock”) and Jimmy Bennett (“Young Kirk”). TrekMovie has some red carpet interviews with many of the guests coming up, but for now, here are some photos.


Red (actually black) Carpet

Jacob Kogan (kid Spock)

Rod Roddenberry

Walter Koenig

Roberto Orci and wife Melissa Blake

Clifton Collins

Bruce Greenwood

Faran Tahir (Robau)

John Cho

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Paramount CEO Brad Grey, J.J. Abrams and Paramount President Rob Moore

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk)

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk)

Karl Urban

Karl Urban

Paramount Home Entertainment President Dennis Maguire and JJ Abrams 

Shots with the ‘Green Girls

Jacob Kogan

John Cho

Leonard Nimoy

Clifton Collins (Ayel)

Christopher LLoyd (Star Trek III: Kruge)

Karl Urban

Party Photos

Quinto and Urban

Spocks Kogan and Nimoy

Quinto Cho and Urban

Saldana and Quinto

Amaury Nolasco and Jennifer Morrison


John Cho, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban

Bruce Greenwood and Cho

Bruce Greenwood and Cho

Party decorations

Outside the party


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Blu-ray DVD
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Photos by John Sciulli © Berliner Studio/BEImages
Photo by Peter Wintersteller © Berliner Studio/BEImages

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Dig it!

First! Where’s Chris Pine?

I am watching this movie with my folks this very instant. Loving it.

Chris Pine seems to be pulling A Shatner/Kirk…no show

Of course would like to have had Chris Pine there, but there are plenty of other members of the cast that weren’t there.

Wasn’t the Griffith Park Observatory a location for the TNG 2 – parter called Descent?

#7 – No, that was the Brandeis-Bardin Campus an American Jewish University. It was also used as the basis of the matte painting of Camp Khitomer in Star Trek VI.

#5 – Yeah, too bad Chris Pine wasn’t there. Also missed Winona Ryder. She would have worn something low-cut no doubt. ;-)

My fav pics are Jacob Kogan with the orion girls, and Leonard Nimoy with the orion girls. Cute!

Griffiths Park was in the first Transformers film when Prime scans the glasses and was also featured in the ending of “The Rocketeer” when the Feds face off against the Nazis and Sinclair escapes on the Zeppelin.

Fun stuff; looks like Zoe’s been hitting the LA party circuit a bit too hard lately, though.

Zoe kinda has a “wasted” look in her eyes. Otherwise, she’s gorgeous!

…and Voyager’s “Future’s End”, I believe.

The above pics look fantastic. Wish I’d get an invite to these things someday.

Christopher Lloyd looks very comfortable.

Party of the YEAR, imo. Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun!

yes, they do look like they really enjoy everybodys company! can’t wait for the next adventure!

Whoooaaaa whhhooaaaa whhhooaaaa!!!! Christopher Lloyd but no Shattner?If I was Bill I’d be offended! Oh well glad to see his face anyway, he don’t get out much anymore unless it’s voice acting.

Thanks, Simon. I abhor work in the first place, laboring under a misconception is more dreadful still.

Only TOS & 09 cast at the party, no one fm any of the other spinoff crews, even though quite a few of them are in town. Starfleet has become so factionated?

The Observatory is a gorgeous spot. When I lived on the left coast I spent as much time as possible there. Went to more than one eclipse viewing parties.

hehe, lil Spock is cute ^_^ …and Zoe and Zachary are cute together too!

ugh, wish Clifton would shave the ‘stache though. he looked better in the movie. >.<

cool, looks like an awesome party! :)

#17 – I’m willing to bet Chris Lloyd’s actually *seen* the movie!


Let’s face it, I think Shatner has seen it, he’s just hammin’ it up.

Clifton Collins is rockin’ that mustache like it’s 1899.

I want to join the party

Leonard Nimoy brought so much to this film. Please invite him back (as well as all the original actors…if possible) for the next film.

Christopher Lloyd…. INCREDIBLE. I always wondered which past trek actors are fans and what they have thought about the new movie. The fact that Kruge was there in person is great.

Just finished watching the movie a few hours ago and DAMN did it look and sound great. Plasma TV, blu-ray, surround sound pumping… was that epic feeling like in the theatre….again in awe.

Walter and his wife look great!!! I love the old school crew!

What a great party setting (at the Griffith Observatory) for the release of DVD. How cool is this??? I didn’t buy the Blu-ray… I just couldn’t in good conscience buy a new DVD player right now.

I am watching the DVD right now as I type this (I still don’t buy Spock jettisoning Kirk from the Enterprise… LOL).

4 and 5…yes…Chris Pine is working out of town. My town as a matter of fact!

It’s pretty cool theyre shooting a lot of footage for Chris Pine’s new movie…”Unstoppable” right here in the Ohio Valley. (Wheeling, WV basically) The shoots are in small towns called Bellaire, OH and Martins Ferry, OH. Theyve also shot all across Pennsylvania. Its pretty cool…Pine is right here in town. And hes made a few appearances at local bars and hangouts. Some of my friends have bumped into him out n about….and grabbed a pic with him. I sneaked in with the crew last friday afternoon and got some cool behind the scene photos as well as cool video of a train losing some cargo in a dramatic fashion. The movie is about an out of control train carrying dangerous chemicals/toxic waste.

my video:

Just got my 3 disk set from Target.. for 24.99 they had the set and a model of the Big E that fits the discs and is pretty accurate as far as can be for the price.. Way cooler than the one at Best Buy and much cheaper!! Go check it out

Christopher Lloyd is always cool!

and Jennifer Morrison is looking beautiful.

Any pictures of Koenig and Nimoy together?

Yes, any excuse… *sigh*


This DVD/Blu Ray is getting more publicity than all releases of Nemesis, theatrical and otherwise, combined.

When was the last time there was this much excitement about a Star Trek release?? Star Trek was counted out a few years ago, now it’s back, bigger than ever. I can’t wait to watch this with my family over Thanksgiving!

@ #8 I think that location was also the location of the Power Ranger’s base in the Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Kruge was there awesome! Jennifer Morrison: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nice.

Karl Urban and Faran Tahir are the two best dressed people in that event. Jacob Kogan seems to have good style as a kid but the others like Greenwood (who needs to straighten up his tie) and Cho (who is dressed like a biker), Quinto (looks like a nerd) and Saldana (is like a stewardess) need more pizazz…

Oh and Rod Roddenberry needs a tie (he looks like a disco freak), Clifton Ollins needs a shave and Mr. Orci’s tie it too big for him…

Looks like they went all out for this party! And it looks like it was incredibly fun!

Not only do I have the Target-exclusive DVD, but I just noticed from the set of photographs above that my black-and-white striped tie is actually IN this year. Woohoo! And double-woo-hoo, actually. :-) ;-)

Cool nod to red matter in that picture before last labeled “party decorations”…

I want the star fleet embilum that was outside on the front lawn of the building.

Chris Pine is too busy running around with Olivia Mudd, who I might add loves Star Wars not Star Trek.

Any news about any of the new Trek cast at the Vegas con?

OMG ! Jennifer Morrison is so hot. I think im in love :P

Christopher Lloyd!…think he wants in the next TREK!…Kruge was pretty awesome..after Khan I think he was the best bad guy… and who doesn’t love Doc Brown and Reverend Jim!

Faran Tahir cuts a pretty captainly figure. Bring on a series about Capt. Robau and the Starship Kelvin!

Faran Tahir for best dressed mail, with Karl Urban a close second.

Jennifer Morrison is smokin’ and Zoe Saldana is right there too.


Great pictures- thanks. The green girlies seemed popular with most everyone! lol

They had a party like this for the cast of Nemesis, but it was held at a Denny’s.

Has Clifton Collins been shooting some German porn or what? Whats with that terrible facial growth?!

42…where was Pine, you ask. see above to #27. And its Olivia Munn. Not Mudd.