Wait Is Over: Star Trek Hits Home Video & The Critics Love It

The wait is finally over, Star Trek has finally arrived on DVD and Blu-ray today in North America. TrekMovie has already given the release a rave review, but it seems we are not alone. The critics are raving for the home video release just like they were for the theatrical release in May. Below we have some quotes and links to what they are saying.  


Star Trek is here
Here is the new promo for Star Trek on home video (same as we put up before, but now says "arrives today")

The Critics Love it
The home video release of Star Trek is playing as well with critics as the film itself was. Here is just a sample of what the online critics are saying about the new release…

Rating: A

For my money at least, this new Star Trek is just a completely fun movie….It’s just a rip-roaring good time at the movies – a classic summer blockbuster that transcends its genre while managing to honor and respect the franchise. It’s also easily one of the best Blu-ray releases of the year. If you buy only one new film on the format in 2009, Star Trek is definitely the one to get! .

Digital Bits

The best movie of 2009 is also the best Blu-ray of 2009. .


Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)

Paramount’s Blu-ray release of Star Trek is, like the film, mesmerizing. Featuring impeccable picture and sound quality, not to mention a complete, thoroughly informative, and consistently entertaining supplemental package, Star Trek receives my highest recommendation.


Rating: 9 (out of 10)

I suppose if you’re a seriously dedicated “Star Trek” fan from way back, you’ll resist any part of this new film, no matter how good it is. But if you think of the new movie as just that, something “new,” something different, you should be able to overcome your prejudices and preconceptions and accept and embrace this latest installment in the “Star Trek” saga. It’s one heck of a ride!


Rating: Highly Recommended

Some die-hard Trekkers have rebelled against the reboot and criticize the fast and loose approach that Abrams and company took with the Trek universe, but I completely disagree. Sure, the technology has been updated, but who cares? It’s a fun movie that takes a big-tent approach to Star Trek for the first time, and it worked. The casting is perfect, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Ultimate AV Mag

Rating: 4 stars (out of four)

Against daunting odds, J.J. Abrams and his enterprising team have managed to create a Star Trek that might indeed be all things to all people. I was pleasantly surprised how many non-Trekkers enjoyed the film, while the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s grand interstellar odyssey remains thankfully intact. This is also one of the best-sounding discs of the year, while the NASA BD-Live feature helps keep it real..

Big Picture Sound

Rating: 9.4 (out of 10)

J.J. Abrams has brought back the voyages of the Star Trek Enterprise and given not just Trek fans but everyone purpose and reason to revisit the final frontier. Paramount has ensured the Blu-ray presentation is befitting the film with hours of non-fluffy bonus material, sharp video and audio that reaches levels of perfection few discs have before. Beam one of these into your high-def collection without hesitation and enjoy one of 2009s best discs yet..

The HD Room

Star Trek is one of the most sensibly-designed I’ve seen in terms of packaging and extras. They’ve wisely put the feature & commentary on one disc and all other supplemental materials on the second. One would assume they did this to preserve picture and audio quality, since the featurettes, deleted scenes, and gag reel on disc 2 add up to over three and a half hours of material.

Hollywood Elsewhere

More than anything, I walked away from this set more impressed than ever with JJ Abrams, and not just as a writer or a director, but as ground zero in something very cool that’s going on with genre film in general right now.


Rating: Highly Recommended

It is such a pleasure to have this disc at home and the fact that all of it came together so well. The movie itself is a home run, Paramount has done an exceptional job on the audio, video and extras, and the movie makers contribute heavily and convey such a sense of excitement in the project you can’t help but be enthused.

Home Theater Forum

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is a blast that overcomes some genuinely bad plotting through buoyant humour, well-rounded characters, and skippy action. I can’t wait for the sequel. This Blu-ray collection is tip-top from top to bottom, featuring a nearly perfect 1080p transfer, a Ben Burttified Dolby TrueHD audio track, and a whole bunch of really entertaining extras.

DVD Active

The Blu-ray release of Star Trek is a must-own for anyone with a Blu-ray player. It has the attention to detail that is sorely missing from most releases, and the in-depth featurettes that bring the audience to the process than we could ever expect. Everything from the creation of the new Spock ears to the paint job on the Enterprise is delivered in a way that is fascinating, engaging and full of life. Not to mention the fact that we get to rewatch one of the best movies of the year in glorious high definition..

Film School Rejects

Rating: Highly Recommended

This really is an impressive video presentation that you’d expect, it earns a very solid “5 Star Rating” for overall video quality. Kudos to Paramount on yet another job well done in terms of 35mm to Hi-Def transfers.



TrekMovie.com full coverage
TrekMovie is all over the home video release of the Star Trek 2009 movie. 

Get yours
If you want to reserve your copy on Amazon, you can pre-order all three sets (but the Amazon exclusive is now sold out).

Blu-ray DVD
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First! Can’t wait!!!

Unfortunately, I have to…until Christmas! Ugh!

Friends, Trek is BACK!

Been watching it all day. Loads of material.

I’ve had it since Saturday – one of the benefits of being in the UK!!

I pre-ordered mine and it didn’t come today. waah!

It’s great to see Trek in such high form again. I echo the words of one Captain Rob-o: Trek is BACK!

Columbia House didn’t even send me the “we shipped it” email yet.

They blow. I knew I should’ve gone with Amazon.

I long for a STAR TREK movie with no brutility and no enemy.

Not til I get a Bluray player.

http://www.DVDtown.com‘s remark that “I suppose if you’re a seriously dedicated “Star Trek” fan from way back, you’ll resist any part of this new film, no matter how good it is.” is so far off base as to be ridiculous. I’m a fan from way back, seriously dedicated (as one can get to a TV show) and I loved the new movie, with a few reservations.

Speak for yourself, DVDtown. I am going to enjoy the heck out of my disc, for which I bought a Blu-ray player.

had the limited dvd for 4 weeks now…live in holland..early europe release i guess? i have the enterprise replica…

Not only is Trek back, it ROCKS!

this film could have been better. but i will get the BD

It was very easy to give this release a 10 on the poll to the right.

The supplemental materials alone stand far and above any other Trek film DVD release. I’m only halfway through and I’ve been entertained the whole time.

Best Buy 2-nite! My badge set pre-order is IN!
Now… which BR player do I buy…

Got mines today, the quality of the blu ray is awesome. Watching the deleted scenes was cool, The original KM was pretty good, wish they kept that one in the movie, I can see why JJ deleted these scenes though. There is so much bonus material to go through.

Seeing the Cast and Crew behind the scenes, they really embody what a family is, the chemistry is really oustanding.


I went to Wal-Mart and got my copy this afternoon.

Gonna kick back tonight with some beers, Chinese take-out and a certain new Blu-Ray disk. Now, which one shall I buy…?

Had to go out and buy mine at lunch. I ran by Wal-Mart, and I swear the DVD was everywhere! I went to electronics first thinking that was the only place I would find it, but I was wrong. Not only did they have it in the “New Releases” section, but they also had it on the endcap. Then, I got to the front of the store, and there was a cardboard display unit with nothing but the movie. To cap it all off, they actually had a stack of them at the register! The best part of the whole trip through the store: I actually saw OTHER PEOPLE buying the movie!!! I’ve never actually been in a store at the same time someone else was actually buying something with “Star Trek” on the cover. Quite a cool experience.

All of that said, since obviously the talk during the theatrical release was how much money it was earning vs other Treks, I have to wonder how the DVD/Blu-Ray will stack up in sales vs other Trek DVDs. Since the theatrical release struck such a wide audience, I’d have to believe the DVD/Blu-Ray will do the same, if not better. I’ll be interested to see that info within the next couple of weeks.

Blu-ray arrived via Purolator today. Ordered from Best Buy Canada, which featured the snap-together Enterprise with discs in the saucer. Will try to watch tonight.

@ 10

Have you read some of the posts here? DVDtown describes the “purist” mentalities frequenting this site perfectly.

Got my Enterprise model DVD case from Target! Shame that once you assemble it, you can’t take it apart again, but the top of the saucer comes off, so I guess the DVD can still travel that way or in a spare CD case. A very decent replica of the ship, actually!

Just got done watching the movie with commentary…

Can we refer to the sequel as “Star Trek: Pineapple” until it gets an official name now? :-)

Watched all the bonus features first, now on to the movie…just love it!

I would’ve liked this movie more if they somehow explained why none of the characters thought to correct the timeline after Nero messed it up.
Any explanation would’ve been better than nothing at all.


Me too! Also have to buy a BR player to go with. At least the players are now broken the 150 dollar barrier. However, it will have to a “gift” as I am officially on a purchase embargo that was placed by my spouce. I suppose I can handle it…….I hope.

Got the 2-disc DVD on my lunch break today!

I’m looking through the special features now, actually. The one about the score is particularly cool — when the orchestra starts playing, and you hear them play the classic fanfare — instant chills.

I had to purchase the three disc blu-ray steelbook edition. It looks and sounds fantastic in HD. I am excited all over again. This film better take home some academy awards. 2012 can’t come soon enough…and it better have klingons and an epic armada battle scene.

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is a blast that overcomes some genuinely bad plotting through buoyant humour… did they dis our resident bud Orci?

I was a bit disappointed that there’s not a PC demo for the Star Trek DAC game included — only Xbox.

Anyone notice something funny coming from the explosion of the klingon ship at 00:32:43?

Bought the target BD exclusive with the ship. The ship is actually pretty well done. Worth the extra five bucks. They’re going like hotcakes though. Myself and brother went to Target today at 10 AM and only two BD’s were left. There were a bunch of standard ships though.

Unfailingly bland reviews but I’ll say this much – they’ll surely help shift some copies!

…(sigh)…and here I am, sitting at home with my leg in an aircast because of a broken ankle. I can’t even get out to pick up a copy. AUUUUURRRGH!!! ……..(beats self over head with blu-ray remote control)……….

I preordered the film and it shipped yesterday but I won’t get until probably tomorrow. If anyone has read some of my previous posts, you know that IMO it’s not the best Star Trek film but it’s not the worst either IMO. Therefore, I look forward to watching it again and maybe coming away with a better OPINION on my second viewing.

#7 –

Got mine from Columbia House today. I was pleasantly surprised! Shocked, in fact. They must have shipped it yesterday, plus I’m only the next state over (Ohio) from their shipping center. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Now i have to re-arrange my evening plans to set aside 5 hours to watch it twice! Small sacrifice!!

Watching my newly purchased dvd tonite. I already love the movie, so everything more is a plus.

Watching my newly purchased dvd tonite. I already love the movie, so everything more is a plus.

Watching my newly purchased dvd tonite. I already love the movie, so everything more is a plus.

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I have come to a decision. This will be my final post on TrekMovie. I have enjoyed commenting here but it has become quite apparent to me that differing points of view are unwelcome on the forum by other forum users. This is not an indication of my opinion of this excellent website or its talented staff. They have outdone themselves time and again and I will continue to come here to read the articles. I will not, however, comment on the stories. I hope the TrekMovie staff continues to do an excellent job in the stories they tell and I wish all of the TrekMovie staff and users well. Goodbye and good luck.

@39: So, see you tomorrow then?

the TOS clips in 1080p 16:9 look amazing during the special features

Just bought the Target Enterprise edition. Still at work. Can’t wait to watch it!!!!

AAAAHHHHHh mine arrived 15 minates after I left for work, going to have to wait untill I get home after 11PM to enjoy it
can you say an allnighter movie fest :)

Today was a long day but it was worth it just to be able to enjoy the 3 disk set. It’s awesome, that’s all I can say. Rounded up a few guys in the barracks and we watched it the second I got back on base. JJ & crew, thank you for breathing life back into the franchise. Oh and if closetrekker is reading, to answer your question, I’m stationed at Camp Lejeune. Oorah!

I’m immersing myself in the wondeful assortment of special features as we speak. Top notch! And the Best Buy badge replicas are pretty sweet too.

Just got done with the special features on the DVD. 1 1/2 hours just isn’t enough. And yeah, what’s with there only being an Xbox demo of the video game?

Oh well, at least I can still play with the online starship simulator a few more times if I want before it “expires” a year from now…

it expires? hmmm I wonder if some fan can arrange to provide it after the expiration?
but thats a year away

I’m watching it now!

Well I got the Badge set from best Buy and the badges are perfect replicas from the movie. Very impressive…The only thing I dont like is that they are pins instead of being magnetic for the backing….I got that blu ray set, then I bought the Steel 2 disk regular version from fyi and I got the Target Starship ENterprise 2 disk and it snaps together very easily looks great and I luv storing my dvds in the saucer section of JJs Enterprise….I really like this one the best….and since I was in a trek mood I went to Hallmark and got the phaser and TMP Klingon ship too….

so the blu ray starship sim. is online only..my ps2 aint online yet….oh welll it expires in a year? that sucks…