New CBS Contest For Star Trek Movie Replica Captain’s Chair & Home Theater

How would you like your own captain’s chair replica from the new Star Trek movie? Well Paramount has teamed up with CBS and Gamespot to give one away in a Star Trek giveaway that also includes a complete home theater, and a copy of the Star Trek movie. See below for details.


Get your own chair
The Star Trek Ultimate Home Theater Giveaway gives you the chance to take command of your living room, and Spock will never come by and say "out of the chair." The grand prize winner gets a LCD HD TV and Blu-ray player along with a Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker system, and of course a a copy Star Trek on Blu-ray. And to round it out, the grand prize winner also gets a a screen-accurate replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Captain’s Chair, custom designed by Quantum Mechanix Inc., (the same people making the new USS Enterprise studio scale replica and other replica from the Star Trek movie). The contest website is at 20 Runner ups will get the 2-disk DVD edition of Star Trek.

The chair that you could win is the same one that was seen last weekend on the CBS show The NFL Today. The show kicked off with Star Trek theme, including "Captain Boomer Esiason" doing the show intro in the chair.

CBS Sports’ Boomer Esiason in the chair that can be yours

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Booo… US-only.

i’m entering right now!

OK, I’m in.

I have sent in my entry

What an amazing prize! I’m in!

Once again us Brits are screwed…
How about a comp we CAN enter?!?

That was painless.

Does it have vibra-matic heat? Cup holder? Clicker?

sucks, hey trekmovie, can you tell JJ Abrams to persue CBS/paramount to set up an international version of this competition and others like it so that people actually know and can invest time in Star Trek who aren’t in the US – come on it wasn’t just popular in the US – it was a global success – would have been a bigger hit abroad if CBS/Paramount made more of an effort to include the rest of the world with Star Trek.

Boomer Esiason….out of the chair. :P

Entered, though I doubt I’ll win. Never hurts to try though!

They should really jazz this thing up. Put a universal remote in the arm rest. maybe a speaker phone with call display too!

And open this up to us Canadians!

watching Stat Trek in HD with surround sound and a huge TV in THE captain’s chair…gives me goosebumps…

US only again, huh?

Rest of the world gets screwed

I don’t know why people get their panties in a bunch over contests. There are different laws internationally regarding them. It’s a legal nightmare and I don’t blame contest organizers for whatever laws other countries have on the books. A lot of contests will even limit things state to state because of different laws.

but the world is getting more global every day, and the governments and there legal limits for contests is still running on cassette tape. they need to get with the times and realize we’re one community now, not several

Dear international contest hopefuls:

What I believe #14 Simon is getting at is that the problem lies not with the U.S. contest promoters but rather with the individual governments outside the U.S. and their laws as pertains to contests. Obviously I am no expert in all the laws governing contests internationally, but I would imagine that in most of the democratic republics of the world one can have an influence over laws through the elective process.

What #16 said.

If companies have to invest the money to make sure they’re legal and can’t possibly get sued world-wide because of obscure regulations, they just won’t have the contest at all. Sorry you can’t play, but I’ll take what I can get.

I don’t get to watch the BBC internet feed because my IP is not in the UK. Not happy, but that’s the way it goes.

I’m sure it’s in the Rules that no one ever reads, but does anyone know how many times, per household you can enter? I wants me a Chair.

Even if I have to build one myself…


You can enter once per day until December 11th.

The value of the grand prize is $4490.

I hope someone from this site wins it.


Meh. Ugly chair and it really doesn’t look /that/ comfy. What’s ironic is that the TOS chair doesn’t look comfy, but it’s surprisingly comfy! I could be surprised by it, but I don’t want it. I’m still trying to save enough money to get the TOS working replica chair.

I’m going to win, my pyschic told me so. So you can all stop entering! HA!
The chair, cool , but had it been from the classic tv show!….., but the BD/system is awesome!

it is not some kind of plot, contests are almost always country specific. There were UK, Canadian, German and Australian contests around the release of Star Trek, and we will be happy to report on any when we learn of them.

RE: winner
If the winner is one of you all, sending in pics of the chair in your house is a must!

@11: And if they do open it for Canadians, make sure it’s open for Quebecers, too. We always get double-screwed by these contests. :(

I don’t care if I don’t win the chair or home theater. As long as I can get a free copy of the best blockbuster of 2009.

Besides, I want to design my own captain’s chair and bridge anyway. Hell, when I buy a house, I’m going to design the whole thing like the interior of a Starship.

I’m entered. If I win the chair, I hope Bob Orci will personally present it to me (JJ would be OK, too). : )

No love for Canada. As usual.

I want that chair for when Star Trek Online comes out in Feb’10! Oh the joy… I could jury-rig it to my pc so i can fire phasers and photons while spinning around and laughing hysterically! [I have clamed down again -US only! boo hiss ;)]

yep, nothing for Canada yet again, oh well… Good luck to those who can actually enter the contest!

Does Canada deserve any love? We’re still suffering from the auditoriy rape that is Celine Dion and Bryan Adams.

Honestly, now, folks – these contests are targeted at the consumers living in their country of origin. You don’t hear folks bitching they can’t enter UK contests, or Australian, or Iraqi (not that it’s all too hard to sign up and win a free trip over there these days anyway, is it?). If I live in Zimbabwe and want to enter the contest and can’t, I get over. Why let it ruin my day. I only had a one in eight kajillion chance of winning even the 8th place consolation prize of a six month supply of Budweiser Classic.

I know im being harsh here and that real aliens want to enter our contests, but it’s been this way for YEARS people. Why do you expect it to change anytime soon?

I would prefer getting a replica of the original 60’s TOS captain’s chair and Captain Picard’s chair over the new movie one

To those outside the U.S.: Please read posts 29, 22, 17, 16, and 14.

It sort of explains the thing about contests. People from the U.S. can’t enter contests in England, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Central America, South America, Asia, the former Soviet Republic, The Middle East, or Africa.

As a U.S. Citizen, I apologize that Star Trek and the companies that produce it and hold the commercial rights to it are based in my country. But that’s how it is.

Where would I even PUT this?! =)

I have to agree with number 20. That’s probably one of the worst Captain’s chairs they’ve ever come up with. The arm rests are so low it’s not funny. I’d never be able to sit in that thing through a whole movie. I think I’d rather take the helm!

But it’s a great contest none the less!

@29: We gave you William Shatner, James Doohan, Bruce Greenwood, and Senator Vreenak.

You’re welcome.

…and my personal favorite Canadian export – poutine!

Note to any potential winner:

Don’t forget – If you win this thing, you will OWE INCOME TAXES on its published retail value, as if you had received that amount of cash. For some, it could even change your tax bracket, increasing your rate.

I thought that was Richard Dean Anderson when I first saw the picture.

Yes I fully agree with such syrange rules on a cobtest that should be global! After all starfleet is diverse repeesenting countrues ..and PLAETS to boot! Idea: each country has their own chair etc. Thatts fair ok?

Why the hell would I ever want that piece of sh*t chair that isn’t even barely recognizable as a redesign of the TOS captain’s chair? Does it also come with the pointless decorative wall of lens-flare causing lights behind it?

@39: Then why the hell’d you post?

This would be great to win! I was saving up for a TOS Captain’s chair, but since it’s so big, being able to get this version would also be fantastic because it would fit into my room much more nicely. Especially since I won’t have to pay money! :D

I’d like to have enough money to design and build a house SHAPED like the Enteprise, like this fan:

Notcie they’re NOT giving away 20 Bluray copies of the film! Just that older format…dvd? HA!

All non US people complaining about not being able to enter. Get you ticket sales up and I bet they would have a separate international competition.

QmX has been bringing some fantastic Star Trek collectibles to the market. This Captains Chair would make an amazing addition to anyones collection.