Exclusive Video Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Sequel

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the Star Trek sequel. At the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party TrekMovie had a moment to talk to JJ Abrams. The producer talked about the status of the project, what he will do to boost international sales, if he will direct it, and yes, Khan, and more. See below for video. 


JJ Talks Star Trek sequel

Video taken at the Star Trek Blu-ray/DVD Party


  • Hopes DVD/Blu-ray will help create "converts" to boost overseas sales for sequel (as happened with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
  • "Casting an international star would be a really good idea" for Star Trek sequel to help film overseas
  • It is "way too early" to talk about themes for the sequel
  • Abrams says "I don’t know how we can’t" have his friend Greg Grunberg in Star Trek sequel; he would "love" to see him as a redshirt
  • Regarding putting Khan in the sequel, the team is "not even at that stage yet"
  • The new timeline for the sequel, allows team to "use some of what was done before in a new way", but the team has "has not even figured out" what they may use from original Trek for the sequel
  • Still considering directing an unnamed film in 2010, which would "preclude" him from being able to direct MI4 (which should also go into production in 2010)
  • As the Star Trek sequel is now slated for a 2012 release he is available to direct it "in theory" and "it would be fun to do", but can’t decide until there is a script

JJ Abrams at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party

More Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Party video interviews coming up
Look for more interviews from the party from cast and crew of Star Trek.

Photo by Carla Van Wagoner

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Still like the idea of Khan and the Botany Bay being in the movie for like 5 seconds at the beginning before it is destroyed by either an astroid, or…wait for it…Captain Klaa using it as target practice before getting an urgent distress call to respond to the Planet of Galactic Sleaze

Rick Moranis could so easily play JJ in a biopic.

Nice to hear from JJ. I find it pretty amazing that he can balance these projects. I would just get so stressed out.

JJ thank you fro Lens Flares, it’s the best lens flares movie ever!!!

Star Trek (2009) is already a revenge flick. Nero has already been your Khan for this franchise…just with a vendetta for Spock instead of Kirk.

Don’t go for the “revenge flick”

Just my opinion.

PLEASE dont do KHAN..boldy go where no man has gone before..PLEASE.





Doesn’t the girl on the bridge at 46:50 exactly look like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner?The simalaraties are very striking! Please help I need to know!

At one point they were supposed to have script in by next month. Now, it’s “We still have no ideas for the next film.”Somewhat disappointing considering the way TV scripts are churned out consistently.

I think Jim’s brother should show up in the new film, and Carol Marcus should show up and Gary Mitchell and Nurse Chapel.

#8 TV scripts are terrible, look at all the crappy dramas on TV these days.

Sequel idea.

Dr. Khan Noonien Soong creates an android named Data, sends him on revenge mission against Kirk…

What? It could work!


A movie that talks about who created humans and allow the Enterprise crew to go on an adventure to solve the mystery of the origins of life. Search for new life forms and civilizations and simultaneously discover the origins of mankind. Sorta like all good things in TNG, have them move backward, and forward in time (you can then use Shatner as aged version of Kirk).

The best series/movies always involved time travel, this time instead of angry enemy from future coming back to wreck havoc, allow the crew to go through weird sci fi time travel and explore the human condition. The time travel can be done via omnipotent being/natural phenomenon or through near death experience for the crew member(s). A scene between Kirk and George Kirk would be touching, similair to a Spock and Amanda scene.

Time travel is powerful, you can showcase past advanced civilizations on earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs (ancient war between reptilian civilization and the nordics) and how humans can learn from past mistakes etc. and to understand who created mankind and why. Have another faction like the Klingons race with the Enterprise for the right to go back to their time period/home. Omnipotent being tests the Humans and Klingons to see who is worthy, Q film? or another type of alien divinity. 3 Tests, starship command abilities, problem solving and breaking/solving the universal puzzle for the opportunity to go home. Multiple time periods on earth will be used, from Jurrassic etc.

Fusing of Jurassic Park , Undiscovered Country, A Christmas Carol, All Good Things…and Voyage Home. At the very end of the film, show the Botany Bay being picked up by a Klingon Bird of Prey! Roll Credits.

nice to hear jj is leaning towards wanting to direct the next trek–Any use of khan would mean they would have to include dr soon and the Augments-that enterprise 2 parter was a great background piece to khan–but i also would not want to see him as the villain-too simikar to nero/revenge etc-we need to go boldly into a better story–i wouldnt mind seeing the borg reimagined by jj and battling the enterprise crew-ever since the manga story ive liked that idea n the borg are the most popular villains next to khan probably-

I’d go for Kirk falls in love with Carol Marcus, knocks her up, kicks some Klingon ass, and moves onto the next planet for the next movie.

Rick Moranis would make a great JJ Abrams! Heck! By lookinng at some of the old “SCTV” videos, he could probably direct a better “Star Trek” film than Abrams did!
What type of film did you expect coming from the guy who created and directed a few episodes of “Felicity?”
Abrams has only directed 3 films, one which even isn’t out yet!

What a HACK! He should stick to TV and leave TRUE film directing to the BIG BOYS!

I can only hope that JJ’s ego isn’t so massive that he believes only he could helm the next Trek, thus delaying it.
Paramount needs to open some more doors too.
Straight to DVD efforts featuring older series and stars in all eras. It works pretty well with Stargate, all versions and BSG to a more limited extent, a 4-6 month ‘fix’ for the Trekkers whoi’d like to see Picard, Janeway, Sisco, et al in the newly adjusted universes.
Just for giggles, do a couple of Enterprise straight to DVDSs too, the first one could explain how the final episode never happened when Tuck steps out of the sonic shower to the waiting arms of T’Pol saying , “I just had the strandgest dream” and wipe out all of the bad plot ideas for Enterprise!

Let the old hand Jonathan Frakes direct the next Trek theatrical release, he’ll get it out on time and under budget.

Trek’s back. We need more than a single followup evey three years.


final warning for trolling

find a way to make your points without personal attacks, or leave

@ # 8

Writing for weekly TV is very different than writing for a 150 million dollar feature film.

TV seasons are planned out far in advance as well. They don’t write them all in the span of a week.

As for Abrams, I hope he uses this site like he did for the first movie. Use it to see what he SHOULDN’T mess with as opposed to getting ideas from the fans here. Half of them want Kahn and the Borg, which would be a waste. There are quite a few Borg stories already.
I get the idea behind reusing Kahn but it’s unnecessary. Save it for a novel or something.

What kind of story would work for the next Trek movie? Perhaps one could commission a poll of movie fans in general.

Why are people thinking Star Trek 12 is going to be a revenge flick. Kahn cannot yet avenge anything. First he has to be marooned by Kirk , and then, 2 movies later, he can avenge hinself upon him. Except of course, they do it ala Lost, or Godfather part II and mix up different time periods, so we have Kirks first encounter with Kahn and the second one in one movie. That would/ could pave the way for Shatner. Well, no, he is too old any way.

@15 Ravenwood… I envision you as a bitter old man. “You kids get outta my yard!!!! Go find some joy in life, dude, and spare us your venom!

On a higher note… Greg Grunberg as a redshirt! Hilarious!

16 – you had me at Stargate!

sure lets get away from Trek at the movies 1979-86 style and get back to what everyone REALLY wants..a return to the Berman era bumpy headed treknobabble star trek…with a new tv show every few months and extended episodes as movies

forget Abrams, Orci making Kirk and Spock movies…lets have Berman bringing back Janeway, Harry Kim and Quark for some STDVD movies!!

oh and just for ‘giggles’ lets have Frakes directing The Rikers in Space for summer 2011

and ravenwood, how do you think the big boys became the big boys, by directing films of course, they weren’t the big boys over night. just though i’d point that out, and for trek being abrams 3rd film, i’d say he’s doin a pretty good job of getting the hang of things for film

12 – sounds like a something Gold Key wouldve done back in the 60s

yknow i think there was something like that considered for TMP back in the day…

I keep waiting to see what kind of films all these critics have written/produced/directed….?

I’m sure the sequel is still in the brainstorming stage, with possibly a few ideas on how to approach it. Someone sticks a microphone in JJ’s face and he’s got to say something. Give the poor guy some breathing room…

i vote for carol marcus and klingons. and maybe even crazyy comodore decker

Love JJ but he’s a scatter brain

I want the KLINGONS for the Star Trek sequel.

New movie idea? The Alternate Universe!

Greg Grunberg as a thought reading Klingon! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

“Casting an international star would be a really good idea for Star Trek sequel to help film overseas ”

Harrison Ford – Starfleet Admiral (April?)

Megan Fox – No 1

Arnie – Klingon Emperor

Hanks – Commodore Decker

I would love to see big name stars, but just as extras, maybe one or two lines. . . There are plenty of Trekkie Celebs.

Amitabh Bachan for Khan…. Overseas box office numbers would explode.

Subplot idea for Sequel – The Search for Spock’s Mom

She’s not dead, Jim…her Katra’s still in the pattern buffer.
Scotty has tied in the transporter to the new holodeck…. ☺

ooh megan fox as dr. marcus! (ILM can put a bumblebee easter egg in the movie)

I kinda like the idea of dr. marcus and kirk vs klingons.

Can we get t’poll to make an appearance? that would be cool. Doesn’t even need to be a big one. She could be a friend of spock’s family or something.

Jennifer Garner as a klingon (shes already said she wanted to do it) maybe make her one of the main villians like the duras family or something.

I have said–as many have–on several occasions that a bankable, international star should be cast in a TREK film to boost international sales. This has been a constant sore-spot for TREK. It should have been done for the first film. Why is it just now being considered? And please, no mention of Eric Bana.

Why do folks assume that a Khan story has to involve any sort of revenge against Kirk? The revenge part came long after Khan’s first encounter with the Enterprise – like 20 years later.

This is a new timeline folks! Khan was always hell-bent on power….and he can be anywhere doing anything the writers want. I’m still a big fan of the idea of the Botany Bay and crew, having been discovered by Klingons instead of the Enterprise, working to develop an army of Klingon Augments hell-bent on taking over the Earth and destroying what’s left of the Vulcan-less, and thus weaker, Federation. I mean come on! KLINGON AUGMENTS!!! It would be AWESOME!

And those Augment Klingons, under the command of Khan, happen to kill a pregnant Carol Marcus in the process. Now…there’s your revenge, but in reverse.

But…It would be even better if Khan didn’t appear well into the movie, like at the end…setting up a battle-royal third film.


Your idea does have some merit and imagination and please, I am not flaming or trolling here, but…


I think should wait a few years and movies before we go down that road again.

I am sick to death with lens flares. Can’t be said enough!

@2. “Rick Moranis could so easily play JJ in a biopic.”

You mean like Moranis 20 years ago, and he’s retired.

@22 I’m so there for RIKERS… IN… SPACE…. Just like Mel Brooks’ never done “preview” at the end of HoTWpt1 for “Jews.. In… Space…”

Of course, we’d have to retcon the USS Titan so it looked like a giant Star of Daoud spaceship. :)

@0 JJ “might” direct the sequel? So, he doesn’t see this as the major part of his proximate career? Very Very Foolish. I think JJ and K/O/L are all just sandbagging us. They don’t want to overpromise, and they’ve learned from the Engineer Scott… “always overexaggerate how long it will take you, so you are perceived to be a miracle worker.”

@8. “At one point they were supposed to have script in by next month. Now, it’s “We still have no ideas for the next film.”Somewhat disappointing considering the way TV scripts are churned out consistently.”

TV scripts for good dramas are done by committee (even though final credit is given to one or two writers), planned out before the season begins and (again on a good show) evolve organically from what came before and story arcs.

First, the upfront costs are huge on a SFX-filled, highly-marketed, tent pole movie that ST is, so the risk is higher. A 120-minute movie (versus a 44-minute TV episode) must be self-contained because there won’t be another one for 2 to 3 years (if it crashes and burns like Nemesis, a lot longer), and must give people enough reason to drive to the mall, plunk down $10 + $date + $kids + $popcorn, in huge numbers to make a profit. BSG never had the SFX budget nor marketing of this movie. TV economics and writing demands are very different than film.

This time they should have Capt Picard come back from the future and they can “BALDLY GO….WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE”.

@16. CBS TV can do anything they want with previous series or create a new one; JJ can’t hold up any of that.

#15 “What a HACK! He should stick to TV and leave TRUE film directing to the BIG BOYS!”

Witness the wild success of Trek as well as the number of projects this man has in the works. Sorry to break the news, but he IS one of the big boys.

#16 Quantity over quality eh…..isn’t that what gave us three trek shows in the 90’s and eventually gave us movies like Nemesis. You aren’t Rick Berman are you?

Let Speilberg Direct!

47 – Itd be fanboy dream to see someone like Spielberg direct a star trek film – but i doubt itd ever happen (although SS has never directed a space set SF film)

itd be cool for Spielberg to have some input though – bringing some of that cinematic wonder he does so well to star trek – and to see his name in the credits somewhere – like BTTF, TF etc …

44 – lets hope not then

i dont wanna see umpteen boring spin offs souring anticipation for the next big screen outing

A Speilberg directed Trek would be an amazing thing, no doubt! I just don’t see it happening.