Exclusive Video Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Sequel

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the Star Trek sequel. At the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party TrekMovie had a moment to talk to JJ Abrams. The producer talked about the status of the project, what he will do to boost international sales, if he will direct it, and yes, Khan, and more. See below for video. 


JJ Talks Star Trek sequel

Video taken at the Star Trek Blu-ray/DVD Party


  • Hopes DVD/Blu-ray will help create "converts" to boost overseas sales for sequel (as happened with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
  • "Casting an international star would be a really good idea" for Star Trek sequel to help film overseas
  • It is "way too early" to talk about themes for the sequel
  • Abrams says "I don’t know how we can’t" have his friend Greg Grunberg in Star Trek sequel; he would "love" to see him as a redshirt
  • Regarding putting Khan in the sequel, the team is "not even at that stage yet"
  • The new timeline for the sequel, allows team to "use some of what was done before in a new way", but the team has "has not even figured out" what they may use from original Trek for the sequel
  • Still considering directing an unnamed film in 2010, which would "preclude" him from being able to direct MI4 (which should also go into production in 2010)
  • As the Star Trek sequel is now slated for a 2012 release he is available to direct it "in theory" and "it would be fun to do", but can’t decide until there is a script

JJ Abrams at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party

More Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Party video interviews coming up
Look for more interviews from the party from cast and crew of Star Trek.

Photo by Carla Van Wagoner

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