IDW Launches New Star Trek Comics App For iPhone/iTouch + Star Trek Movie on iTunes

This week iTunes has some new Star Trek items. First off, the new Star Trek movie is available to download (in HD) and it even has a special bonus feature. Also IDW Comics has released a new Star Trek Comics application that lets you buy and read digital comics on your iPhone or iTouch .


iTrek comics
IDW first tested the waters of iPhone comics with Star Trek Countdown, which was a huge hit. IDW is now committed to these digital comics in a big way, this week they released a number of "digital storefronts" for iTunes and iTouch. There is a general storefront application for all IDW comics, or you can get one for specific lines (GI Joe, Transformers and Star Trek). 

IDW Star Trek storefront

The application allows you to purchase new comics and stores all of your previous purchases. It comes with three free comics, including "Star Trek Countdown, Issue #1". The library is starting off with a selection of more than 25 Star Trek comics, with more coming in the future. The application itself is free.

Most comics cost $0.99

Reading comics on iPhone or iTouch is easy. You can see the full page view in portrait mode and/or rotate your device to view each panel, see below for examples.

Full page view

Panel view

CLICK HERE to download the free IDW Star Trek Storefront from iTunes

iStarTrek 2009
Apple has the new Star Trek movie available on iTunes. It costs $14.99 for the standard definition version and $19.99 for the HD version. Both also come with the bonsu of the "A New Vision" featurette, from the DVD and Blu-ray. The movie will be available to rent on iTunes by December 16th. It is also worth noting that you get a digital copy of Star Trek with the 2-disk DVD and Blu-ray sets, although that is standard definition.

Get Trek on iTunes

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FIRST! — nice app.

I read somewhere there are exclusives linked with the iTunes download. I want to say there was a photo gallery and something else when I checked the other day. Paramount tweeted about it Tuesday, I believe

In the Uk, we cannot get the target special edition (saucer holder). But i think that the German version can be imported. its annoying because the other blu ray versions of Star trek are region free.

Does anyone know who the girl’s supose to be at 46:50 in the movie?????!?!?!?

Got the movie on iTunes with the extras! It looks spectacular. Full HD quality, and I can take it with me. The extras are a bit laking, but I’m definitely close to going all digital with my movies.

#4 – not sure who that is, no one important I’m guessing.

If any one has downloaded the iTunes version of the film out there, what is the code that needs to be entered once you click on the tab on the top right of the main menu screen. The menu screens on iTunes are the same as the Blue-Ray, so I’m not sure if any of the easter eggs are the same, if there are any at all.

Also, the main menu plays this electronic retro sounding music, really weird.

The code is: n42C02c942, not to spoil it for anybody

nero’s theme played against the balance of terror clips is pretty cool stuff.


Thanks. The girl looks like the Doctor lady from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and if so I don’t know why JJ hasn’t mentioned it. She only has like 4 lines in the movie.

LAUNCH is spelled wrong. Did anyone notice it?

wait a minute. Star Trek Nero #4 hasn’t come out yet, right? so how does trekmovie have one of the pages with spock on it??

“Year Four” is missing issue #2 of five. Anybody have any idea how to find this? The store is very clearly missing this issue (at least for me).

General comment: I’m not one to go out of my way to buy comics. This provides me with a fast and easy way to purchase the Star Trek comics, at a price I’m willing to pay. Good move on IDW’s part.

IDW–not all of us have been brainwashed by the iphone, some of us are brainwashed with Android–how about the app for us!?!?

@9. Yea, I noticed it. This website is plagued with poor grammar and misspelled words. I thought the Trekkers who run this site were supposed to be smart?? Guess not…


Trekkies!!! Not Trekkers! JJ messed that up! It’s so clearly Trekkies that Paramount made two documentaries about us called “Trekkies” and “Trekkies 2”!!! Respect the group you’re accociated with! :)

I’m just bummed that in order to condense my four Countdown iPhone apps into the fancy IDW reader I have to buy them again! Early adoption for the lose.

Pretty sad that some of us get that hung up about typos!

is blood and fire pt 2 still coming out today? please dont delay it again.

Hello all–

Issue #2 of Year Four is now live, we had not tied the issue to the correct series.

It’s corrected now and available. If you do not see it when you log in, you may need to go to settings and scroll down to Star Trek. Select “empty cache.” Then start the app again.

Watch for Nero #4 next week!

Thanks for your support, the IDW team

“The application allows you to purchase new comics and stores all of your previous purchases.”

How do you store all of your previous purchases?

THe Digital Copy will not Play on the Zune. Curse you Apple and Paramount. If I just want to watch it on my Computer I can put the DVD in my DVD player no need for a Digital copy on my Laptop. If I had known it would not play on my Zune, I would have saves 5 bucks and go the 1 disc version.

@8 Trekluver………..

is it just me being sad or is your “doctor lady” a referance to MST3K – Space Mutiny? Because if it is, its made my day, and if it isn’t i still laughed anyway!

I think a nice animated series depicting the events of neros 25 years and kirks childhood / training would be a good thing…. but im easily pleased

“The application allows you to purchase new comics and stores all of your previous purchases.”

This simply does not work. I guess you are supposed to Restore iTunes Purchases. I have several and although the app “pretends” to connect to the store, nothing is returned. IDW team, how should this work?

6 –

Where the hell did you figure out the code from .. I’ve been trying to guess this f**king thing for ages .. this code sure as hell ain’t obvious.

22. Andrew ( Sarek ) Cummings – November 20, 2009

“The application allows you to purchase new comics and stores all of your previous purchases.”

This simply does not work. I guess you are supposed to Restore iTunes Purchases. I have several and although the app “pretends” to connect to the store, nothing is returned. IDW team, how should this work?

— I have the same issue. Is that how its supposed to work, or does it only restore purchases you’ve made with the new program?

24. doubleofive – November 20, 2009

I am assuming this is the method to use and I would expect it to restore all previous iTunes comic purchases into the new library program. However, with no documentation or word from IDW then we will never know. I emailed them when the first library was released and, you guessed it, silence….


Uh no…there is a difference. Kate Mulgrew explained it perfectly in Trekkies.

I think the shat pre responded to this comment years ago on SNL. Spelling on blogs? Not a big deal I wouldn’t have thought…

Three free comics now that is something to get heated up about – that Borg story is epic loved the artwork esp the nebula class ship getting owned. I’m converted. Anyone Need a back catalogue of retro paper comics??? Sigh…

Er not to suggest that trekmovie is anything less than a first class website *clicks furiously on advertisers links as pennance* :D

I just downloaded this app, but I can’t see where “Three free comics” are available? Has anybody done this and gotten those three free? Is it automatic or do you have to select them?

@29: You have to go into the store and select the comic. The price is “free”.