VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Yehya Show” Visits Star Trek DVD Party

Over the last week we have been putting up videos from our interviews from the Star Trek DVD party. The Jimmy Kimmel show also sent their friend Yehya to cover the event, and last week they ran a 6 minute segment with interview snippets with Bruce Greenwood, Jacob Kogan, Leonard Nimoy, JJ Abrams, John Cho, and Zach Quinto. See below for more.


Kimmel’s "Yehya Show" goes to Star Trek DVD Party

Part of the segment includes an impromptu "Yehya Show" which was shot to the side of the red carpet at the party. Abrams, Cho and Quinto were all "guests". Watch it on YouTube (in two parts)…

You can also watch the full 11/19 episode of The Jimmy Kimmel show at the ABC site. To get to the Star Trek stuff just foward to
9:00 in. Note: you may need to download a plug-in to watch video on the ABC site.


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saw it on youtube some days ago… who is yehya?


First time I’ve seen his segment. I was in stitches.

Solo the “Chinese Guy” and calling Jacob Kogan ‘Spot’ were hilarious.

Kind of like a “Borat” imitation for late night.


Bif Henderson has nothing to worry about.

JJ is VERY gracious to put up with the nuts in this business. I hope Kimmel manages to sell a LOT of DVD’s for him.


What is this, laugh at the immigrant?

Hat Rick

I take it “yehya” is some kind of street parlance for “yeah,” which is itself vernacular for “yes”? Is this the same language in which flowed iambic pentameters, Miltonian epigrams and Shakespearean phrases of everlasting note? Can it be the same language?

The King’s English is no longer very kingly. Harumph. ;-)


Jacob was so cute! And John seems like a really friendly guy. :)

Tiberius Kirk

God, that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Son of a Maui Portagee


JJ’s been on Kimmel’s show enough times that I’m almost half-way certain he’s a Kimmel fan. Or maybe it’s just his LOST obligations? But he seems to be enjoying himself when he’s on.

Hahahaha!! Kudos to the Star Trek cast for putting on a good show for the goofier side of the promotion – wouldn’t be much of a promo party without a few surprises right? XD

I’d love so see this footage show up in a future ST09 release!

– 24thCRS


loved it, JJ, Quinto and the chinese guy was hilarious.

Hat Rick

Why was John Cho yelling?


What was up with Abrams’s hair? Dang, that’s like a whole bottle of mousse or something.

Sag member since 1986

Yehya is always a funny person to talk to inperson.
a few weeks ago he was upset when a autograph seeker where jimmy kimmel films started to video tape him.



Maybe because he’s Korean and the guy kept calling him Chinese, then saying he reminds him of Jackie Chan, then going back to him being Chinese a

Hat Rick

I guess so. That’s possible. That host was really something else. :-) I don’t watch Kimmel (or much TV, anymore — no time), so I’m not really sure if this kind of thing is common in late night TV.

I do remember Larry “Bud” Melman from the Letterman show, way back, and there is a place for this kind of humor.