Exclusive Clip: Zoe Saldana From Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is now out on DVD and Blu-ray. One of the better special features is on Casting, which goes over how each of the iconic Star Trek crew members were recast. For those of you who still haven’t picked up this set, today we have an exclusive clip from the Zoe Saldana portion of the Casting Featurette.


Exclusive Clip: Zoe Saldana from Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray

The following clip is from the ‘Casting’ featurette, available on both the Blu-ray and 2-disk DVD set for Star Trek.

TrekMovie community makes it to the Star Trek DVD & Blu-ray!
Although Bob doesn’t mention the site by name, the video shows Bob and JJ on bridge the set of the Enterprise during the live chat they held here at TrekMovie.com back in January 2008. Of course, Bob is a regular (and very welcome) visitor to the TrekMovie comments section, making comments and answering fan questions. And apparently he and the team have been taking something away from the back and forth with the fans (and we are happy to offer the service). 

Top JJ and Bob chatting online; Bottom, Bob typing a comment (see comment section for 1/25/08 article # 206)


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i love zoe


I like when JJ says “she’s so ‘petite'”…

Oh yay. My favorite scene. /sarcasm.

Zoe was fantastic as a young,strong Uhura. Can’t wait to see more of her.
The casting was altogether terrific, that’s what attributed to this being a great movie.

I love Nichelle. I love Zoe. The two Uhuras are fairly different. Zoe’s is going to be more of a romantic figure, along with being kick-ass, which I think Nichell’s Uhura is as well. Nichelle’s Uhura (and this is only because of when it was made) got to do “Oh, Captain save me” kind of thing. Again, that’s a slam on 60’s TV, not on Nichelle. By the movies, she was clearly the professional career woman with some kick-ass thrown in.

I wish her skirt was even shorter

Love that trekmovie grab. Full circle we’ve come!

#7 Uh… yeah!

I don’t like the short sleeves

Great casting choice for Saldana as Uhura!

Abrams answered one of my questions during that chat. I asked him that I read some Trek forums that asked why didn’t they go foward post Nemesis?

Alternate Time Uhura: “Spock, make me a sandwich”
Alternate Time Spock: “Your request is illogical”
Alternate Time Uhura: “Do it now!”
Alternate Time Spock: “Yes. Yes. On my way….”

I remember that day in January. I literally stopped everything I was doing to sit around for that chat. Will there be another day like that?

Alot of people have criticized the fact that McCoy was not presented as one of the big 3 of the Star Trek triumvirate and instead was replaced by Uhura in the new timeline. Karl Urban was by far one the best casting choices made and I’m sure the writers will give him his due in time, but I for one was glad to see Uhura and Sulu have meatier roles in this movie and hope the powers that be continue to showcase the whole ensemble cast, not just one or two characters, namely Kirk/Spock. This I believe was a failing on the part of Next Gen movies which focused strictly on Picard/Data to the neglect of the rest of the cast which was ironic as Next Gen started as an ensemble cast as opposed to TOS which focused solely on the big 3 during its run with occasional moments for the lesser characters. I hope all characters are showcased in each movie in this new movie series, as everyone deserves to reach their full character potential. I agree with having more emphasis placed on Zoe’s Uhura during the 1st outing with these characters as it helped to attract younger female audiences to Trek and helped balance the gender scales somewhat. 7 lead characters in this Trek and only 1 happens to be female, so why not focus on her! I say add others like Rand, Chapel, or M’Ress from TOS but not to the detriment (less screen time) of Uhura.

Man, Zoe Saldana sure is hot. Just like how Nichelle Nichols was 40 years ago. Also, the Blu Ray special features are amazing. Almost 4 hours of behind the scenes bliss! Man I need to “GET A LIFE”!

I can’t wait until the next movie comes out.

Solution = Star Trek Cartoon for kids.

I hope she gets a uniform with sleeves next movie. Sort of dumb not to have any rank stripes.


Grow up.

#19. – I don’t think there is anything wrong with somone wishing for a shorter skirt on Zoe’s Uhura. Nichelle’s skirt was shorter than Zoe’s, so really nothing wrong with wanting that :)

As for Uhura having rank badges… yes, I feel if you are going to give a character like her no sleeves, she should have rank displayed elsewhere. A TNG style “pip” on the neck colar might work for this uniform, or a “rank” inside of the delta shield badge. Even something on the right shoulder would work.


Get a life

cool i was wondering when i watched that part of the interviews if that was trekmovie.com-cool n thanx to anthony n staff–

you’re so right! next gen movies missed out on showing the full crew. all the next gen movies were really about picard/data. by the time nemesis rolled around, i was over it. and thats coming from someone who loves the next gen’s run on tv.

I can’t wait to see more of Zoe as Uhura. (Or Pine as Kirk, etc.! :-) )

Although I appreciate the classics, I also like the fast pace of modern movie-making. I hope that some of the “rock” sensibility that the producers spoke about continues in future Trek movie installments. Trek is classical music and rock music — all in one!

And for those who think that it’s strange to have all this fast-paced action in movies, recall that as early as the 1960’s and 1970’s, there were even movies with more than one scene up at a time — split-screen cinematography was nothing if not fast-paced. It demanded your full attention; blink, and you’d miss everything.

“Petite?” More like “annorexic”…I mean, some girls are skinny, but Zoe there is practically non-existent.

Nah. My girlfriend is that thin and she isn’t “anorexic.”

One of the best aspects of the movie was that
each character was somewhat “fleshed out”,
and Uhura was no exception. Thank goodness
Zoe was talented enough to bring the character
to life. Another actress (actor) might have just
given us a cardboard cutout of our favorite
communications officer. Kudos!

(my favorite scene too)

I cant wait till Zoe does Playboy, in a tight little red skirt!