Star Trek Tops Home Video Sales Charts

Paramount had big hopes for Star Trek on home video, and it looks like they are getting their wish. JJ Abrams movie has wrapped up its first week in the home video market and (just like with theatrical release) it is topping the charts. The first sales data is coming in and Star Trek leads in both sales and rentals, as well as iTunes digital downloads. More details below


Star Trek big at home
According to Home Media Magazine:

Star Trek, from Paramount Home Entertainment, easily topped both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart and Home Media Magazine’s rental chart for the week. The film sold an estimated 5.7 million discs its first week out, according to Home Media Magazine market research — a figure that includes all of North America as well as the rental market.

First-week Blu-ray Disc sales are pegged at 1.1 million.

Star Trek also accounted for 40% home video rental activity, according to HMM.

In the digital world, Star Trek topped the iTunes sales chart for its first week, but has now slipped to second place following the release of Angels and Demons. At Amazon, Star Trek has been on the sales charts since it went into presales three months ago. The film topped the charts back when it was first out. As of now the Blu-ray is still currently the 7th best selling Blu-ray title, and the single disk DVD set is currently the 3rd best selling film on DVD.

The future of Star Trek is…exciting
One of the benefits of strong home video sales is the expansion of the fanbase. Although Star Trek is one of the biggest films of the year, many still chose to wait for home video to watch it. This can only help the sequel as more people get exposed to the new Trek. This same effect can be seen with other franchises, like how The Dark Knight ended up making twice as much as Batman Begins. In his recent video interview with TrekMovie, JJ Abrams spoke of this phenomenon. And tt seems the promotion of Star Trek on home video is working, even laying the ground work for a new generation of Trekkies, as the video below shows.

More detailed sales data will be available in the coming weeks, and like we did with the film itself, TrekMovie will keep track of the performance of Star Trek in home video.


Star Trek available now

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