Star Trek Tops Home Video Sales Charts

Paramount had big hopes for Star Trek on home video, and it looks like they are getting their wish. JJ Abrams movie has wrapped up its first week in the home video market and (just like with theatrical release) it is topping the charts. The first sales data is coming in and Star Trek leads in both sales and rentals, as well as iTunes digital downloads. More details below


Star Trek big at home
According to Home Media Magazine:

Star Trek, from Paramount Home Entertainment, easily topped both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart and Home Media Magazine’s rental chart for the week. The film sold an estimated 5.7 million discs its first week out, according to Home Media Magazine market research — a figure that includes all of North America as well as the rental market.

First-week Blu-ray Disc sales are pegged at 1.1 million.

Star Trek also accounted for 40% home video rental activity, according to HMM.

In the digital world, Star Trek topped the iTunes sales chart for its first week, but has now slipped to second place following the release of Angels and Demons. At Amazon, Star Trek has been on the sales charts since it went into presales three months ago. The film topped the charts back when it was first out. As of now the Blu-ray is still currently the 7th best selling Blu-ray title, and the single disk DVD set is currently the 3rd best selling film on DVD.

The future of Star Trek is…exciting
One of the benefits of strong home video sales is the expansion of the fanbase. Although Star Trek is one of the biggest films of the year, many still chose to wait for home video to watch it. This can only help the sequel as more people get exposed to the new Trek. This same effect can be seen with other franchises, like how The Dark Knight ended up making twice as much as Batman Begins. In his recent video interview with TrekMovie, JJ Abrams spoke of this phenomenon. And tt seems the promotion of Star Trek on home video is working, even laying the ground work for a new generation of Trekkies, as the video below shows.

More detailed sales data will be available in the coming weeks, and like we did with the film itself, TrekMovie will keep track of the performance of Star Trek in home video.


Star Trek available now

Blu-ray DVD
3-disk set





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Fantastic news!

Rich beyond the dreams of avarice….

Way to go, Star Trek!

everyone give thanks for good trekness.. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading that is in the US.

Not that there was every any doubt this would happen, but it’s still good to know. :)

Awesome news, to lead in both sales and rentals for DVD/Blu Ray really shows the true value of a movie, topping the box office was a phenominal achievment for Star Trek and the fact that people want to own the movie is a testament to how successfl the movie really is! And it has to be more than Trekkies that are rushing out to buy it as well. I took my nephews to see the movie and they loved it so much that they asked my sister to buy it on Blu Ray for them when it came out. So I can only imagine how many children world wide have been inroduced to the wonder of Star Trek through this movie! :)

I picked up my blu-ray copy.

**Applause** WOO HOO!!

Great news.

I’m predicting the discovery of this film on DVD and digital download by many people who weren’t interested to go see it in the theatres will result in a bigger opening and turn out for the sequel, as happened with New Moon relative to Twilight.

Compare Twilight’s opening of $69,637,740 to New Moon’s opening of $142,839,137.

Or Transformer’s opening of $70,502,384 to ROTF’s opening of $108,966,307.

(Those are domestic numbers).

Big jump. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar thing happen with Star Trek. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope.


I love that video. Could get annoying on repeat viewings.

Great news in the sales !!!

Well Done Abrams, Orci et al. !!!

On behalf of the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet sends its deepest appreciation for the support of the people of Earth. As do I! :-)

The more I watch it the more I like it. Really good movie! I think it is my favorite Trek flick.

Gotta love it. I got the 2 disc dvd version and 3 disc Blu-Ray Target w/Enterprise case. COOLNESS! Also picked up Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home Blu-Ray today off Amazon for 7.49 & 7.99. Great day to be thankful.

I picked up the 3-disc Blu-Ray set and just watched the movie last night. That was my 4th viewing overall (first 3 in the theaters) and it just gets better every time I see it!

I haven’t seen any of the special features, but I hear they’re very good.

It’s awesome that it’s selling so well!

Surely the availability of three special editions (Target, Amazon, and Best Buy) helps boost sales! lol

Anthony, when you jump up and down shouting “Star Trek! Star Trek!” you look like a little girl instead of a big grown-up web mogul. tsk tsk

@ 15


I have a 4 year old and she does the same thing whenever an ad for it comes on TV. She always calls Dad so he can join her (yes, I’m proud to admit it!).

I bought the Blue Ray set with the model of the Enterprise, and I don’t even have a Blue Ray player.

This the way it oughta be! Black Friday’s a’ commin’ and it’s gonna be big! My Uncle said he was buying it tomorrow since it will be $9.00 at K-mart! For anyone who’s not purchased it yet: buy the 2-disk DVD or 3-disk blu-ray: these have the best value since they include a digital copy and the 2- disk DVD is only $2.00 difference from the 1- disk DVD!

The Target blue ray version is the best buy out there. The Enterprise model which hold the disks is very, very well done. It makes a great decoration on a shelf in my living room. Whoever came up with that idea deserves major kudos. Too bad they aren’t selling it in other stores.

Here in Ireland the countries biggest video rental stores xtravision has a special offer that if you buy a sony blu ray player you get 4 free blue-rays, one of them is star trek., bought a player for my mum yesterday for christmas, she can have the other 3 movies and the player , i am keeping star trek :)

#20-I agree, it’s a pretty nifty case and looks great!

I picked up the regular dvd with model kit from Target. I love the case, it looks nice up with the rest of the E’s, wish it might have come with an extra case to put the movies in.

I picked mine up last Friday, the 2-disc DVD (I don’t have Blu-Ray yet). In any case, I watched it tonight with my father-in-law who hadn’t seen it yet. This was my 2nd overall viewing. Definitely enjoyed it even more the 2nd time!

I still can’t get my mind wrapped around this Enterprise though. I understand the idea of not using the TOS Enterprise, but I still feel the design could have been a little closer to the original.

I also wish they would have kept the Rura Penthe scenes in the movie. This would have aided greatly I think in keeping so many from wondering “What did Nero do for 20+ years?” Plus too, I gotta say that although we’ve entered an alternate timeline, there are still many things that don’t need to change. Many of the same TOS missions that we know of could certainly have still happened. Certainly, there are some things that are definitely changed. You wouldn’t have “Amok Time”, and quite possibly there’d be no “Journey To Babel”, and since the Romulans are already known, “Balance of Terror” might have happened a different way. I do hope that they don’t decide to do Kahn again. I kind of feel like we’ve been there and done that, and I feel it would be a bit to gimmicky if they tried to re-tread Kahn. Besides, Ricardo Montalban’s performance was so classic, and so one-of-a-kind, I’m really not sure it would work.

Obviously, until the filmmakers decide on a story, anything else at this point is just speculation. Anyway, as a long-time Trek fan, it’s great to see the success this movie has had. I feel like the success NV/P2 definitely showed that fans would accept new actors in their old friends roles. I’ve always felt that the death of Kirk in Generations was also in some ways the death of Star Trek itself. Most fans never really forgave Berman & Brga. It never should have been done, especially the way it was. Besides, legends never die. Plus, Bill should never have agreed to do it, and obviously he regretted it later. I do hope that if they decide to have him in the next film, that it’s not a gimmick as well. In fact, I think the role should be relatively substantial and definitely has to advance the story. Anything else would seem too forced.


I bought the Blu Ray edition of Star Trek with the pins last week. I have already watched it 4 times on top of the 5 times that I saw it at the theatre.
I also watched the special features twice. I believe it was the right move to not include the deleted scenes as they didn’t add anything even though the Rura Pente scene was great. Overall, this is one of the best Blu Ray releases yet. I plan on watching it for the 10th time as a Star Trek movie marathon this Christmas.

I love it, but my eyes need a rest from all the lens flares!
I bought the Blu-ray set & the DVD and I’ll watch it again in a few days.
Until then I will continue to go through all the special features. As soon as I’ve seen all of them…

Damn the lens flares, full speed ahead!

Well, I watched it again (from Netflix), and I was still disappointed…

…and the disk did not have the Starship Simulator on it! DAMMIT!

27, Only the blue ray has the Starship Simulator. Not the regular disk.

I got the Bluray with the badges from BestBuy and the dvd with the starship model case from Target, both were excellent purchases IMO- both were quality items. I considered getting the steel model for a hundred bucks but thought it was too expensive, a few days ago I came across it again but most who bought that seem dissatisfied with it- claiming it’s too small and not detailed enough, anyone here who got it and happy with their purchase?


Khan DVD looks rubbish, not sure about Blu-Ray I don’t have it. The colour tone is off, I am not talking about muted reds which is annoying, but look at the highlighted enterprise, its now highlighted blue rather than white, the dead moon is blue rather than brown and the tropical climate genesis images are blue rather than green.

I wish they would have restored the image and given the detail that they have but left the colour tone completely alone.

In terms of clarity and DNR or lack it is fine but the colours just ruin it for me, on dvd anyway I’d rather watch the 2 disc dvd.

Does the Blu-Ray have these blue tinge issues or is correct on there?


My thoughts exactly! My Target Enterprise is on display and I need to go and buy a case for the Bluray dvd’s.

Now we need someone with some graphic skills to make us an dvd cover insert to put in the case.

But I am impressed with the Target model. I would of paid twenty just for it alone!

The Target DVD model case is more detailed than the Playmates ship! If only it lit up! :-)

Fantistic!! Well done to everyone who was involved in this great reboot!
I bought mine last Monday, and I have watched it on my ipod every day since then!

Bring on the sequal! And maybe a T.V series?

I got my 3-disc blu-ray. I’ve watched it about four times already – been through all the special features once, even the commentary, which I usually avoid!

It’s also on my iPod. Ahhhh… Trek. You’ve come home!

More please. Next movie. And TV miniseries!

just wondering but if jj does a khan story in the sequel would u guys mind something totally different? i mean theres no way at all it could be a wrath of khan remake because space seed needs to happen first (which i dont think ppl really get). anyway if tthe enterprise didnt awaken khan and his crew, and someone or something else did… i dont know im just wondering if you guys care if khan is in it or are you just not wanting a wrath of khan remake?


Had some guests over last night and one commented on the Target “E”. He did ask if it lit up. Now, if we could modify it and add some lights :)


The debate here has been HOW to do Khan if the writers feel that’s the next direction, as well as whether or not Trek needs to revisit him at all.

It’s pretty well-known here that Khan’s introduction is a far different tale than Wrath of Khan. One dilemma is how to re-boot his introduction in an action-packed TWOK sort of way when the original, “Space Seed,” was essentially a bottle show (only Enterprise sets used). Also, specific actors have been pegged as potential Khans, especially Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), whom writer Bob Orci has indicated would be his first choice.

Additionally, it’s been debated here as to whether or not the ‘Khan debate’ is all smokescreen to create news when there is none. JJ Abrams has mentioned Khan in the mainstream press as essentially “not ruled out,” and it’s quite clear in ST09 how much TWOK still resonates with the creative team.

If I had to speculate, I would say that, for once, most of us at Trekmovie are united in being dead-set against using Khan in the second film. Me, too. To me, Khan is Ricardo Montalban. Cold and calculating in “Space Seed,” and wonderfully out of his mind in TWOK, he owns the role to such an extent that recasting him would amount to parody. Of course, we all whinged (unnecessarily) at the re-casting of the entire crew in ST09, but this is different. We also want new cinematic stories. Weave the ‘Botany Bay’ into a larger story, perhaps, or don’t. We just want fresh ‘Trek.’

Good news on the numbers, only one little problem comparing it to the Twilight and Transformers sequals. The studios got those movies into production fairly quickly, and they don’t seem to be in any rush to get Trek 12 in front of the cameras. You will lose some momentum if the fires grow cold…

Haha, I now don’t feel so bad about planning to buy the HD version on itunes as well as my DVD. :)

i just saw the film for the first time …on blue-ray today as ive just come back from afghanisatn……ABSOLUTLEY LOVED It! kudos mr abrams

Angels & Demons beat Trek after only one week? WTF? This movie couldn’t even beat Star Trek at the box office. What’s that about?

Hopefully the sales numbers won’t fall off too far. Batman Begins only made about $6 million following its Fall DVD release, compared to Revenge of the Sith which sold $15 million in 2005.

But even $7 million units translates to over $140 million revenue – once again recouping the film’s budget. But at only a little over 10% of the box office attendance, I’m not sure the DVD sales have broken significantly outside of the fanbase. But the 40% rentals surely represent mostly those who didn’t see it in theatres. Hopefully that number will remain steady and help drive new DVD sales. That would be a great indicator of Trek’s success outside of the original fanbase.

The potent sales of the Trek09 dvd is proof positive that many, many people liked this film, thought it was a good film, and wanted it in their possession. I got my copy the day it was released and have watched it several times since then. This is a GREAT Star Trek movie!

Just got it.

It’d been awhile since I watched it but it was definitely worth revisiting again. Since this was my fourth time seeing it I was able to put aside analysis, anticipation, and nostalgia and just view it for the hell of it.

Was unexpectedly fresh, though that may have had something to do with it being on our new Blu-ray player and my relatives visiting for Thanksgiving, having never seen it before, enjoying it thoroughly.

Figuring I wouldn’t be able to swing $225 for a BD player, I bought the single $12.99 DVD. Later, after the holidays perhaps, I would buy a player and the BD of ST. Then an electronics store offered up the Sony i liked for $138 so I snarfed it up. The DVD still looks great since the player upgrades SD to 1080p but I’m hoping for the BD version for Christmas. Undecided which one I want: the set with the four insignia or the one with the cool ship. Either will be appreciated.

Well, I “almost” took Best Buy’s Black Friday special on Trek films on Bluray for 7.99ea. Almost. Till I discovered I could ONLY get First Contact, TOS films 2,3,4, & 6! WTF? No STTMP or V, no other TNG films.
So after gasping at the retailers and online(those that weren’t sold out)price of $64.99 and up…I hit ebay….got the 6 TOS films on Bluray in boxed set w/ bonus Capt.’s Summit disc for only $41.99! $3.00 shipping and zero tax! It was a no brainer! I’m still loving my Trek 09′ Target ship/disc holder! Some retailers local and online sporces are charging crazy prices for the TNG 4 film boxed set….as much or more than the TOS 6 film+bonus disc set! What’s up w/ that?
I’m on the hunt for the best deal on this that sound reasonable in lines w/ it being only 4 films. I did notice Best Buy have TWO versions of the TOS films on Bluray. 7.99, and the 9.99 ed. stated it was enhanced or expanded to fit 16×9 screens, or some such thing. Is that for the HUGE screen tvs?

Sequel Idea —

Klingons held Nero and the Narada for 20 years. Gives them plenty of time to have done reverse engineering of the Narada to give them a HUGE tactical advantage over the Federation. They are already established enemies since the 2219 incident prior to Nero arrival in 2233.

Any thoughts?

45 Why not get the box sets? They’re much cheaper.

“Klingons held Nero and the Narada for 20 years. Gives them plenty of time to have done reverse engineering of the Narada to give them a HUGE tactical advantage over the Federation. They are already established enemies since the 2219 incident prior to Nero arrival in 2233.”

If the Klingons had been remotely successful at taking apart and analyzing the Narada I doubt the ship would’ve been so easily able to defeat an armada of, what was it 47 ships. And clearly the Kelvin’s encounter with the Narada inspired Starfleet to create a fleet of more powerful starships. If anything, following the destruction of Vulcan, it’s more likely that the Feds will get paranoid and go on the warpath. That’s your story, Kirk and Co. trying to stop some renegade Admiral from starting a war with the Klingons.

46 & 48:

Assuming the Rura Penthe prison scenes are loosely “canon,” we can see that the Klingons have had no access to the guts of the Narada. They would have savaged that database and only interrogated Nero as a matter of course.

In the one scene we see, it seems, however, that the Klingons are relying solely on the interrogation for information (and perhaps a way to infiltrate the Narada’s systems).

It has been speculated that we can retcon the new larger Enterprise as a result of the Federation’s (Kelvin) encounter with the Narada. Given that the Klingons are so easily bested by the Narada near Rura Penthe, it’s pretty easy to guess that they didn’t get any of her technology.

I watched the DVD last night. That’s 4 times I’ve now seen the movie.

Tell me, why does the Enterprise look so FAKE?? Every exterior shot looks phony as hell! Is this, seriously, the best they could do???