Zoe Saldana Helps Feed Homeless On Thanksgiving

Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, is doing the franchise proud today by pitching in and helping out at at the Los Angeles Mission & Anne Douglas Center’s Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless in Los Angeles. Saldana, along with other celebs, handed out meals to the crowd of thouasands. Photos below.  


Zoe gives on Thanksgiving




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How nice of her to do- she is setting a great example for others! It is so thoughtful especially during these difficult economic times.

Thank you Zoe!!

Let’s hope SHE actually eats something – the woman is so skinny it’s unnatural. ‘Bout time she started filling out, like her predecessor…if she wants to be a proper Uhura, that is.

Good that she’s helping out the needy.

I’m proud of this.

This just makes her infinitely hotter

CmdrR: Not that she’s a bad-looking broad, but if she really wanted to help out a fella in need…

Everyone Else in the Thread: Shut up.

Jesus…by the 2nd post there’s already a comment about her weight. Chill the hell out with that already please! She’s helping to feed the homeless. ENOUGH ALREADY

aww, that’s nice of her. :)

This is the stuff Trek is made of people! Never see George Lucas going around doing this! If Gene Roddenberry could see what he’s accomplished!

Someone always has to comment on someone else’s weight. It does’t matter what someone’s appearance is. If Star Trek has told us anything, it is what’s on the inside that counts. Zoe Saldana has a wonderful heart doing something selfless and noble when others can’t be bothered. She has a lot of class and has set a great example for the rest of us.


#4 – I concur. She is most uncommon.

She’s a good person! and a sweetheart too! I love you Zoe! <3

The next Edith Keeler.

Maybe she can’t gain weight…I hate it when people presume that skinny people don’t eat enough.
Cheers to Zoe for her good deed

#8 , Many people prefer to remain anonymous when it comes to charitable activities.

Girl needs to eat a sandwich.

a) Cute as a bug’s ear.
b) Can kick a$$.
c) Does charity work.

Zoe, will you marry me and my wife?

As Bill O’Reilly would say: “For feeding the needy, she is a Patriot.”

Can we say, publicity agent makes call to local media and wow, film crew to show humble, private citizen/movie star doing community work? I know many stars do this during holiday, but’s it’s dicey to say if this was a average citizen just helping out, or photo op.


Stop being a sexist piece of dirt…

Great job Zoe! This is the true spirit of trek and what its all about. My family did the same thing! And last nite when we had our feast. We had a clear consviene . Now let’s help these peple all year round!

@5. CmdrR:

@19. Forgetyourself:
You do realise that he’s quoting The City on the Edge of Forever don’t you? He’s joking, so lighten up.

u do realize it was in LA and there were other celebs there right? u dont need to callanyone for the media to show up there.