Mashup Weekend: Picard & The Prime Timeline Strike Back

Today is Day Two of our Thanksgiving Weekend Star Trek Mashup Marathon. This time we take a look at a couple of imaginative alternate endings to the 2009 Star Trek movie, where Capt. Picard and his crew of the Enterprise fight to defend the Prime Timeline. Check them out below.



Star Trek 2009 Alt Ending 1
Video by NBKbauer

Star Trek 2009 Alt Ending 2
Video by GeneralGrin

So which is your favorite?

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Me likey!

That second one was hilarious! One of the best I’ve seen yet!

Next Gen Suck! Enterprise D is like a big flying Teapot!

I’ll take Kirk & Crew ( any timeline ) , over the self righteous Next Gen Crew any day of the week!!


First one ends the movie before it begins, though. But I’m always happy to see Jean-Luc in command.

– Harry

#3: Seems we’ve cross-posted.

You know, the first one isn’t that bad, but WHY do people always have starfleet captains blowing up other starfleet ships/people in these things? Additionally, this NEW Enterprise could kick the Enterprise D’s butt, IMHO.

Notice the main difference between the two? Picard saves the other bald Captain, but he destroys Chris Pine with the great hair.


Directed by Larry David.

Lame. Both of them.

They had to blow it up. It was an offense against aesthetics. :P

The first one is more seemless, I like it a lot more… the second one, was ok Uniforms kept changing, and the Prime NCC-1701 refit was used during the blow up rather than the new 1701.. making it feel less realistic

why do some people act like if they like Kirk they can’t also like Picard?

I thought the second one was the best. Thanks for posting these, Mr. Pascale.

Liked the first one best. :-)

The 2nd one was the best!.

Now the DVD is out, I suspect there’s no end to these.
Ahh, the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

Both good fun, but #2? ha ha! you go, JLP!

Haha, they’re both great. I love how the first video shrinks the movie to about two minutes. And I love how they easily destroy the Enterprise in the second video.

I liked the first one.. more seamless… The editing was chopping in the second on. but good work on both.

I like all the captains of Trek but Captain John Harriman of “Big E -B” is by far the best.

GeneralGrin has some of the very best videos on youtube.

CBS are going to do a TNG series, set in the Nero incurred universe. It wil depict new/yet classic origin of the TNG crew, from Picard’s command of the Stargazer to the assembly of Data.

Bank on it.

I like the second one.

You scratched my star ship you bastard, now you die kirk!

Fyi I like both captains in the prime universe, although the new kirk lacks some of the old ones charms, he was good in that role but not great.

I thought they were both great; but you know – they made me sad too. I did a few funny mashups – they were a lot of fun to make. But I got told off by Paramount; got a nastygram from youtube; had to take them offline.

I hope these ones stay onlne

Both a really good. New move its a fail, i hope star trek survive JJ Abrams.

I do make a type post on internets bored.

These videos are hilarious. It seems Star Trek is as much about BALDLY GOING as much as BOLDLY going. Which explains why Captain Picard destroys Captain Kirk while saving Captain Rabau and the Kelvin. It must be a difference of philosphy!
Someone should do a mash-up featuring bald villians!

With no current t.v series and the next movie not due til 2012, at least we have over 700 hours of Trek to inspire more mashups.

The editing on these things has all the sophistication of kidnappers taping together headline clippings to create ransom notes.

At least the tiresome traditionalists seem to have switched sides in the neverending “Picard versus Kirk” debate.

The second one was great. Of course the clip from Yesterday’s Enterprise is a good reminder of just how much ST09’s whole “prime universe” is bs.

2 should have been a bounus feature…

Dumb & Dumber

The second one is very funny!

And the Ent-D would blow the ST 2009 Enterpriseout of the water.

#1 lame, but funny. #2 painful to watch, but imaginative.

Both were well done. I prefer the 1st one though. Like post # 4 said. It ends the movie before it begins!
Anything would work to prevent that horrid JJ-verse from occurring.

#27 Nothing like a good ole’ “Kirk Vs Picard” debate!

#33 That’s too bad you didn’t like the movie. But to each his own. I thought it was great and hope you change your mind about it.


Picard obliterates the J.J. Verse :P :P

The first one showed a fast way to save Vulcan in the next movie. Maybe they could think up a story to last two hours with the same result and there you have the sequel with Vulcan not being destroyed. And bring back Shat/Prime Kirk while your at it.

Loved the first one, could have done without the second one.

I like Picard A LOT, but James T. Kirk was my hero throughout my childhood and beyond. I CAN like them both, I just favor Kirk a bit more.

I’ve come to accept that Star Trek 09 is a fantastic movie for what it is, but it remains bad Star Trek…

@ 19
Oh yeah, I also love captain noob-dumbass Harriman, with his trademark dumbass “what do I do?” face, lol

I’ve been pointing out the similarityies between the “black holes” in STXI and the temporal anomoly in Yesterday’s Enterprise for ages now.

It’s nice to see it acknowledged (the correlation, not me pointing it out).

The first one is well executed and makes more sense, but the second one was funniest.

“You don’t deserve to wear that uniform”

Darn tootin’! (I did like STXI, but Kirk’s promotion still doesn’t make much sense. He should have been assigned as Pike’s weapons officer or something, somewhere that Pike could keep an eye on him and raise him through the ranks.)

First Contact was awesome, new ship, new uniform and the borg, too bad it wasn’t Locutus from the past/alternate reality vs Picard.

Watching Enterprise series now to quench thirst.

Thanks for all the great comments!

I edited the 1st one, I would hope that the edit is pretty seamless as I am a professional editor.


Hey Schindlerlin,

I thought the editting, particularly with respect to the musical continuity and preserving the pace of the cuts worked rather well. I think I have a keen eye for detail, so it’s high praise when I say that it was fairly seamless.

The only place it fell down was on the shot with the E-E superimposed onto the Kelvin’s windshield. The windows to the left and right gave the game away, but I suppose you can’t be blamed for that. The First Contact shot was only so wide.

Can I ask why you letterboxed it to such an extent? I remember being able to see Randy Pausch’s face in it before. Aren’t both films shot in the same aspect ratio?

And I too enjoyed the 2nd video.

Both are clever, but the editing on the first one is awesome!

Hey Bren,

Thank you, I wasn’t paying attention and drug the 2.4.0 mask onto the timeline instead of the 1.8.5. oops!

I didn’t notice until I posted it and it already had like 50 views, so I decided that it was no big deal and that I would leave it up.

I suppose I could have gone into after effects to do a better matte with the viewscreen, but I did the whole thing on my lunch break in about 10 minutes, so, I figured it was fun for what it was.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the video, I didn’t expect that it would get posted here, but I think it’s really cool that it was.

Star Trek First Contact was Academy Standard
Star Trek 2009 was anamorphic, the difference is very subtle.

Really I probably didn’t need a mask. Ah well. At least it was a chance to edit something fun for a change.

Although this is my favorite of all the mashups that I’ve done:

I liked how Picard was talking smack in the 2nd one, but I thought the first one was just done better.

But I don’t think the Ent D would blow the JJ-verse Constitution class out of the water, since the ST09 Enterprise is backwards-engineered from scans of the Narada’s technology, which was way-advanced even for 24th Century (if you buy into Countdown, also Borg-tech influenced)