American Cinematheque & TrekMovie Star Trek Movie Event December 4th & 5th

If you live in LA and want to have a Trek-tastic time next weekend, then head to Santa Monica for a 2 day long Star Trek Marathon from American Cinematheque and The event includes a screening of Star Trek 2009, a 10th anniv. screening of Free Enterprise (with a panel), plus a showing of the "Genesis Trilogy" of Star Trek II, III & IV, including a panel with Nicholas Meyer. There will also be free prizes, details below.


American Cinematheque tribute to 30 Years of Trek Movies

The American Cinematheque in association with is proud to announce a special tribute to 30 Years of Star Trek Films being held at the American Cinematheque’s Aero Theater in Santa Monica on Friday, December and Saturday, December 5th honoring the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on December 7, 1979.

Friday December 4th

Friday will feature a theatrical screening of this year’s hit film, Star Trek, directed by J.J. Abrams and be followed by a Trek giveaway of highly coveted Trek merchandise courtesy Playmates Toys, Pocket Books, Titan Books, IDW, and CBS Paramount Home Video.

Immediately following the film is the 10th anniversary tribute to the Trek-centric cult classic, Free Enterprise, introduced by filmmakers Robert Meyer Burnett and Mark A. Altman and followed by a cast and crew reunion. The film will be projected in its original theatrical version.

Says writer/producer Altman, “We’re thrilled the film is being honored by the Cinematheque on its 10th anniversary and look forward to loving long and paryting like it’s 1999. I can’t imagine a better double bill than Trek 2009 and Free Enterprise other than when Free Enterprise played in Westwood followed by Buckaroo Banzai, but that’s a whole other story…”

Saturday December 5th

Saturday will be a Trek Triple Play with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan immediately followed by Q&A with director Nicholas Meyer who will discuss his work on the film as well as co-writing Star Trek IV and writing and directing Star Trek VI. This will be followed by showings of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and concluding with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The event will be moderated by Geek Monthly’s Jeff Bond and TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale.


Additional guests to be announced (and if you were involved in the making of any of these films, please contact us). More information at

American Cinematheque/TrekMovie Star Trek Movie Marathon Weekend
Here is all the info you need to know

What: Four Star Trek movies + Free Enterprise + panels over two nights with free prizes

Where: American Cinematheque’s Aero Theater
1328 Montana Avenue at 14th Street in Santa Monica

When: Friday December 4th & Saturday December 5th. Each night kicks off at 7:30PM.

Tickets: You can buy tickets at Fandango. Each day costs only $10 (with discounts for students, seniors or members). Click links below to buy at Fandango

TrekMovie will be giving away some tickets via our Twitter this week, so keep following.


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Oh! I want to see this so much.



Can I come?

How come they never have these things outside California? I know Hollywood is down there, but what about the rest of us


Robert Niwa and myself and maybe Pat Arthur are thinking about attending on Saturday night as we will be in the LA area next weekend. Can you please tell me exactly where the event will be held in Santa Monica? Also I love your idea for next years convention….and you know if there is anything the USS Las Vegas can do to help you as the August event gets closer let me know…..

Paul Walker

California and Vegas aren’t that different* to those of us on the East Coast, really.

*cost and opportunity to travel to

D: wish I could go… sounds awesome :/

Ditto, @#11

Sometimes, I really do miss L.A.

Sounds great and wish I could attend. As a former Paramount guy here in NY, I understand the difficulty in coordinating NY events, Anthony, please reach out to me anytime if something in New York may be of interest.

Well if I were rich or lived in LA, I would go. But I am neither, so have fun.

I have big-time envy, Anthony!
Enjoy! And post every utterance! (Please! And don’t make me use any more !’s)

Since I live on the east coast, I guess I’ll just watch my DVDs of the same movies on my bridge in my attic.

Have fun anyone who can attend!

Sounds great Anthony-I am two states above ya n being jobless in seattle(well near seattle)-I have the time but not the funds to visit-Everybody have fun n i cant wait to read about the details–be sure to tell roberto n jj n maybe nimoy can talk the shat into attending so he can finally see the new movie haha-he has to give the award he stole back to jj anyway-

The Aero is a beautiful theatre not, as nice as the chinese mind you but still a excellent movie palace to see these great films. I definately plan on being there.
sounds like you have a great program instore with the special guests

From the Next Gen Trek movie panel discussions….

I get a feeling that Jeff Bond and Anthony Pascale don’t get along well. Jeff Bond always gives these weird looks to Anthony, lol.

Should be interesting to see them both together again.

Sounds like fun. Unfortunately for me I’m in the UK!
Brace yourself though, if you’ve never done a marathon showing before its not easy! lol


I don’t live in either city. But I think there’s a significant difference. When you’re in LA, you know it. This is true whether you love it or hate it. As with Orlando though, Las Vegas has a sort of disembodied “Americana” feel to it that isn’t specifically anywhere and yet is everywhere at once.

There are even representations of several other states and cities:

– Hawaii (Mirage and Mandalay Bay)

– Los Angeles (Planet Hollywood and MGM Grand)

– New York (New York, New York)

– San Francisco (Fremont Street casinos and Bill’s Gambling Hall)

– Texas (all the “Station” casinos)

– New Orleans (The Orleans and Harrah’s)

– Miami (Flamingo, Tropicana, and The Palms)

And these are just the ones I can remember off the cuff. Las Vegas’ chameleon attributes means that everyone pretty much likes it in an indifferent, familiar sort of way. It doesn’t provoke the divergent opinions or conflicting emotions that LA does. That’s how I see it any way.

@ 20.

lol !

I watched each panel board discussion for each TNG movie. All my friends thought that Jeff Bond was giving you a condescending looks.

I might be mistaken, but thats the impression Jeff Bond gave the viewers.

Btw, I think you both should engage in a Klingon Bat’leth sword fight at the Cinema !

PS. Please bring some Star Trek love to Montreal ! Santa-Monica is boring.

Dont forget the rio for a big new orleans setting, bellagio for france,paris for paris’monte carlo,caesars rome, etc-

hey anthony why did they decide to screen the original version of free enterprise? I liked the added logans run scene and the other additions–it would be so cool to attend n possibly say hi to anthony n many other fans…

Why can’t any place on the east coast (usa) ever do this?????

@ 25

I would definitely attend any East Coast viewing of Wrath of khan. I’ve never been able to watch that movie on the big screen.

You know what the problem is about viewing these films, is that they start them to late at night. 7:30??? for 3 films and a panel? They started the tmp design guild thing at 5 with panel, didnt get out of there, until 10 or 11. So, here we have 3 films, almost 6 hrs. plus an hour panel. so, that takes us up until 3 a.m. and if you live 1.5 or 2 hrs away from there as I do, it does not make it feasable. the cinema people need to start this at 4 or so.

Does anybody else still have their “Sit Long And Prosper” T-shirt from the Star Trek Movie Marathon in 1991?

I drove to Baltimore MD and my friend & I watched movies 1 thru 5. There was also a special preview of The Undiscovered Country.

I t was a blast!

I’m not knocking this as an event, it sounds great, but you are celebrating the 30th anniversary of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE by not screening its original theatrical release or the director’s cut, but all those other flicks?

27. Here’s what you do. Buy a ticket to the event. Watch Trek II, leave, then come back later for the panel.

29 Wasn’t there a TMP screening a few months agp? I know a lot of Trek designers were there.

I’m surprised more movie theaters don’t take it upon themselves to put events like this together considering the number of fanboys that seem to gravitate to theater management.

I’m in Jersey. The weekend before Star Trek: Generations debuted, a local theater here did midnight Trek double features on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night we got The Motion picture at 12 am then Khan around 2ish. I remember dashing to the theater after work to catch Khan.

Saturday night Spock and Voyage Home. Sunday Final Frontier and Undiscovered Country.

I went all three nights, catching the even numbered films. The theater was consistently half full over the course of the weekend. Saw a lot of the same faces. But, for movies that were between 15 and 3 years old (at the time) that was not a bad turnout.

I wish more theaters would take the initiative to screen classic genre films. The fans are out there. I would love to catch the first two Alien movies on the big screen.

I think the reason most theaters don’t do events like these is that it’s hard to get prints of these old films that still look nice. I went to a screening of Raiders about 10 years ago and the film looked terrible. It had jump cuts, and holes and everything. I’d rather stay home and watch my perfectly clear DVD copy.

If you think I came off as condescending on those TNG discs wait til you see me at 3 in the morning…

I hear what you’re saying Enterprise. That same theater that did the Trek doubles also held a midnight screening of Dr. No a few years ago. The print was terrible. Audio in and out, jump cuts, scratches. However, it was still kinda cool to sit in a theater and see a classic like that up on the big screen.

On the weekend I am out of town and you guys plan this awesome event?!

I would have been there for sure. Good luck and I hope you have a great turnout.

#28 – Yes! I went to the Sit-Long-and-Prosper Marathon in Las Vegas! But I think they ran out of t-shirts, but we did get a pretty cool commerative pin!

Good times!

Rob! Ill see ya Friday night! Is Dr D going to be part of the panel?
FE…best fan oriented movie ever…took my copy to Iraq with me….

@ 34

Well i would never see you 3 in the morning, unless i slept in with you, which i wouldn’t.

Maybe with Anthony.

i wish i lived that close

:( I live in Idaho

This would have been great to go to had it been announced earlier :(

Just got my ticket from fandango for Dec 5 triple feature. Man is it going to be sweet! Anyone else going? I live about an hour away. Holy crap that is going to be a long evening but screw it it’ll be worth it!