Mashup Weekend: More Alternative Star Trek Themes

For Day Three of TrekMovie’s Thanksgiving Weekend Star Trek Mashup Marathon, we pick up on a theme for an article from April 2008 and look at more alternative opening title sequences for the Star Trek shows. We have one for each show, with a different spin.


Star Trek TOS via UFO
Video by badwx. A new title sequence for Star Trek, using the opening theme from 1970 UK sci-fi show Gerry Anderson’s UFO.

TNG’s First Contact via Hawaii
Video by spock173205. For TNG we actually have a mashup from on of their feature films, and the classic cop show Hawaii Five-0.

Babylon Space Nine
Video by Martok7. One of the biggest nerd debates of the 90s (and still today for some), is between Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5. Well one fan tried to settle it by fusing them together.

Baywatch Voyager
Video by FanboyFilms. One of the things Star Trek Voyager was famous for having a buxom babe on the show. Another show from the 90s was famous for having wall to wall babes…and together you bet Baywatch in the Delta Quadrant.

Enterprise w/ Rod Stewart
Video by Akureifur. One of Enterprise’s most controversial elements is the use of the song "Faith of the Heart". Well maybe you might like it better, with the Rod Stewart version of the song.

So which is your favorite?

And for more great Star Trek theme mashups, check out our last selection.


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These are all great!!!

haha nice

Oh yeah, first.

Lol, great! There are so many awesome mashups on youtube.

The Voyager one was awesome! def. the best imo

Although the DS9 one is really good too

spock173205 by far got the “spirit” of the music the best of the bunch. I really wanted to vote for badwx’s take on the “UFO” theme–I still dig that groovy opening!–but the cuts just weren’t fast enough.

Enterprise is so much better with Rod Stewart.

Wow, these were all great! The Enterprise intro was about the same to me, though. Yes, it’s the same song, but Rod Stewart just didn’t add anything I thought was missing from the existing opening. Honestly I still think there shouldn’t have been vocals in the opening of Enterprise at all.

The best is the Baywatch/Voyager mashup! Then the First Contact/Hawaii is cool too!

Oh yea and the Enterprise theme song would have been better if Lady GaGa had sung it; “F-f-f-fati-th,f-f-fa-i-th of the he-a-art, mamamamoh…” Would have been awesome, someone could auto tune Russel Watson’s voice to sound like GaGa! Awesome!

I much prefer the Russel Watson version better. Why I like it I don’t know. Perhaps the fact that I had a rock dropped on my head when I was a kid as well as bumping my head on other occasions might explain my choice.

I liked all the mashups, but I thought the Babylon 5/Deep Space Nine one matched up best because they had similar themes and both shows were set aboard a space station.

So far the Hawaii Five-O version is my favorite mash-up, but I haven’t seen the ones after it yet. That zoom-in on McGarrett — er, I mean, PIcard was spot-on. :-)

All very well done. This is Star Trek at it’s best: people having fun! That is the whole point. Compliments to all.

personally i have allways preferd the Rod Stewart (original) version of the song, which was the title song for Patch Adams.

It was a perfect fit for that movie,not really a good fit when used as a Star Trek Theme.

I quite enjoyed patch adams and this song back in 1998 when it came out.

Funny, I did a Enterprise-Opening-Theme with the Rod Stewart Song years ago but I only had it on my Trekkie-website, never put it on youtube. :-(

Like this version very much.

I even did a Charmed-Opening with the cover version of the song by the girls from T.A.T.U.


heresy I know, but I much prefer Babylon5 to DS9. B5 has just started a re-run on the FX channel here in the UK- Sky 164. it gets into its stride really quickly doesn’t it. Couple of duff episodes but great stuff in the main. Please don’t hate me!
And amazingly that was the first time i’d heard the Rod Stewart version of Faith of the Heart. Like it.

Im going TNG – Hawaii 5-O as the best

alternate enterprise opening with a steven seagal song!

alternate enterprise opening credits with a steven seagal song!

(sorry if this has appeared twice)

stupid computers! love mash ups!

The last thing I want is to have to hear Rod Stewart during my Trek.

I sincerely think that theme was the first big nail in the coffin for “Enterprise.” The joy I felt hearing the alternate opening music for “…Mirror, Darkly” still resonates today.

ENT intro = no thanks…

the show was OK, and season 5 would have been awesome… but the intro was just a pure disappointment.

TOS / UFO is cute, but it needs title cards:



oh, and some nice butt shots

Just sayin’…

This is the best DS9 mashup I’ve ever seen, done NuBSG style. AWESOME!

The Babylon 5 one above is pretty good too.

The UFO theme goes really well with TOS.

Huh, the voyager one works pretty well, surprisingly…

As for Rod Stewart singing the Enterprise theme, it sounds just like the original, only with most of the heart and soul stripped out. Which is exactly what he did to the tracks on his “classic rock songs” album–they all sounded pretty much like the originals only not as good.

I think for sure the Voyager Baywatch one was the best, but the DS9 one was well done to. As for Enterprise, I do like that version better. What I don’t get is why they took a theme song that nobody liked and in season 3 made it even worse so that absolutely nobody liked it. Still, a different theme song wouldn’t of saved that show from Berman. If only they had given Coto more time with it I think it could have gone 7 seasons.

Haha, all of those were great, my favorite, though had to be the First Contact/Hawaii Five-0. Great pacing

And here’s a new mashup I found which is endearing:

It’s the JJ Abrams Star Trek trailer sound put to Monsters vs. Aliens.

Very nice!

Oh I loved the DS9/B5 opening.

The line “It was a year of rebirth” we get a shot of Ezri Dax.. Nice touch.


Before Enterprise hit the air, UPN promoted it with the tune “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling. Somebody hacked it together and you can see it at this link:

“Faith of the Heat” stinks no matter who sings it.

I’d like to see the “Enterprise” opening with the “Voyager” theme. I think they’d match in tone.

Not gonna lie, Seven still fills my pants.

I also love the Voyager/Baywatch mashup! Very appropriate. I also enjoy the Baywatch theme song. Another symptom of my various head injuries!
I hope you all don’t kill me! LOL!

The Baywatch Voyager sound was EPIC

What? No rock theme for Enterprise?

Love that grooovy Barry Gray UFO theme. Those 60’s British musicians had a great style. Great take on jazz. Dig that organ. What a cool recording session to have been a part of. That style and feeling had a big effect on me. Everything from “The Saint” to “The Two Ronnies”.

Here’s an alternate take with Barry Gray talking to some of the musicians during that session for anyone interested…

Mash up missions I’d like to see:

Star Trek: Enterprise with the theme from Star Trek ’09
Voyager with the theme from Disney’s Black Hole
Deep Space Nine with Holst

Agreed with #33.

Simply put: the DS9 opening with the Babylon 5 theme proves exactly how interchangeable both shows really are LOL

Also the Faith of the Heart Rod Stewart version SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my opinion the only person who couldve made that song sound any better than like Targ droppings is Josh Groban… or maybe Amy Lee from Evanescence…

IMHO – THIS should have been the Enterprise opening theme, Archer’s theme, with the “Space, the final frontier…” narration –

I have always hoped that a future re-release of ENTERPRISE on DVD would ditch that song. WHY NOT? Just add a new theme. Wouldn’t be hard to do at all.

DVD WISH 2 – Go back and add STAR TREK to the title card of season 1 and 2 of Enterprise. And yes… just use Archer’s theme for the Enterprise credits!

@ #44 Demode

They already had an alternate instrumental theme recorded and could have dropped it in place of the “song.” It’s called “Archer’s Theme” on the soundtrack collection. Sounds good, if a bit typical… ST: Voyager’s theme was my favorite of all the Trek TV show themes.

I actually liked having the song as the theme for Enterprise. It was very appropriate. But I think like Rod Stewart version even better.

– IMHO the best trek theme ever was the DS9 theme from the last seasons of the show…