First Details On Novels Set In New Movie Universe + Star Trek Online Novel Tie-In Announced

Over the summer we provided a preview of Pocket Books plans for Star Trek books in 2010, which included four books for Summer 2010 set in the alternative timeline of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. We now have the first (brief) details on those four books, plus the announcement of a novel tied to the Star Trek Online game coming in early 2010.


The Summer of the JJ-verse
In our earlier preview (and at the Pocket Books announcement at the Shore Leave Convention) in July, we only knew there would be four books and only had titles and authors for three of them. Now Amazon is listing brief summaries for each, including a title and author for the fourth book. (click links to pre-order)

"Star Trek: Refugees" by Alan Dean Foster (May 25, 2010)

Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise must decide if a group of refugees are a menace or misunderstood.

"Star Trek: Seek a Newer World" by Christopher Bennett (June 29, 2010)

Enterprise under attack escapes and discovers an entire civilization also hiding as is the ship. Kirk decides to find out what are they hiding from.

"Star Trek: More Beautiful Than Death" by David Mack (July 27, 2010)

Kirk leads a mission to Akiron, a dilithium rich world. Aboard is Spock’s father, Ambassador Sarek, who is hoping to broker a Federation trade agreement.

"Star Trek: The Hazard of Concealing" by Greg Cox (August 31, 2010)

When the elder Spock surfaces from the future, will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock’s knowledge succeed, with disastrous consequences?

These four books will be the first stories set in the new Star Trek universe, after the events of the 2009 Star Trek film. Although IDW have already done two comics tied to the film ("Countdown" and "Nero") and plan an adaptation, they have not yet announced any plans to do any ‘sequel’ comics. However, the Pocket Books Star Trek ‘sequels’ are being done under strict rules. These books will be stand-alone episode-like stories. The four books will not tie-in to each other and no changes will be made to the characters. There will also not be any ‘retconning’ to events during the film itself. 

When more info (and covers) are available, TrekMovie will do another update on these first Star Trek alternative movie universe stories.

For Pocket books, the only title they have related to the movie so far is the adaptation, by Alan Dean Foster, available in multiple formats:


New Star Trek Online book
There is also one additional book now being listed at Amazon. There isn’t any info beyond the title "Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many" except it is being written by Michael S. Martin and it is a mass market paperback of 320 pages. Over the last year, Crytpic has been using the official site to build a back-story for the upcoming Star Trek Online game, which fills the gap in time between Star Trek Nemesis and the setting for the game, the year 2409 and a war between the Federation and the Klingons. You can read those ‘yearly histories’ at

When more info on this book is available, we will provide an update.


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