Captain’s CelebWatch: Shatner ‘Gives Up’ On Trek Co-stars + Stewart’s Talks Abuse + Brook’s Talks DS9 Movie + Updates For Bakula, Mulgrew, & Pine

Star Trek’s captains have been in the news lately so today we check in with the latest celebrity buzz starting off with William Shatner talking about his Trek co-stars, Patrick Stewart talking about his childhood, Scott Bakula talking type-casting and Avery Brook’s talking DS9 movie. Plus we have clips of Mulgrew from DragonAge and the latest on Chris Pine’s next projects. 


William Shatner’s done with the ‘bitter’ Trek co-stars
The big dog and original Captain Kirk William Shatner is now promoting the second season of Shatner’s Raw Nerve. Bill has a new interview with the NY Post covering a lot of ground, including his relationships with his former Star Trek co-stars. Here is the exchange. 

Q: Have you mellowed now? I know you rubbed some people the wrong way earlier in your Hollywood career.

Shatner: I really haven’t rubbed anyone the wrong way. I think you’re referring to some cast members from ‘Star Trek.’ I’ve asked them numerous times to see if I can assuage their bitterness. I don’t know what their problem is, quite frankly, so I’ve given up on trying to make it better. I don’t like any ill-feeling, and if there was something I could do to correct it I would. But nothing seems to work. [Read more] 

Also, don’t forget to tune in tonight to see Bill on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on NBC.

Shatner with Rush on "Raw Nerve"

Brooks: Narrating for PBS + Ready for DS9 movie, but "they better hurry"
And what of The Sisko? Right now the only upcoming news for Avery Brooks comes from Variety, which reports he will be joining Cilin Powell in narrating "For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots", a PBS documentary on African-American veterans, which will air in February 2010. 

From a couple months back, here is a clips of Brooks, from the Toronto Fan Expo. Firstly, being asked if he would he do a DS9 movie.

More clips of Brooks at Fan Expo 2009 at YouTube, including one of Brooks singing.

Bakula is of a certain age – not worried about typecasting
Star Trek Enteprise’s Scott Bakula will soon be back on TV, as one of the three stars of "Men of a Certain Age", which premieres on TNT  next Monday, December 7th (10PM).  Last week Bakula did an extensive interview promoting the show with TheFasterTimes. Here is an excerpt of Bakula replying to a question on if he was concerned about being typecast in sci-fi roles. 

Bakula: I’ve done so many other roles. That’s why I wasn’t afraid to do “Enterprise.” Because I’ve mixed so many other things in. and “Men of a Certain Age” is so far from any sci-fi. In fact, Andre is like “I need to find some sci-fi! I haven’t done any sci-fi yet! I want to do some sci-fi!” I’ve certainly turned down a lot of sci-fi that’s come my way just because I want to role from one to another. I like sci-fi. I can’t deny it. And when a good script comes my way, I can’t deny it. I never would have done Star Trek except the franchise was allowing me to be the first captain. [Read more]

Here is a promotional teaser for Bakula’s new show

Patrick Stewart speaks out on domestic violence
Over the weekend TNG’s Captain Picard, Patrick Stwart wrote a moving and personal editorial for the UK’s Guardian on his experiences with domestic violence as a child. Stewart writes of his father’s abuse and how he coped with it, here is an excerpt:

I have struggled to overcome the bad lessons of my father’s behaviour, this corrosive example of male irresponsibility. But the most oppressive aspect of these experiences was the loneliness. Very recently, during a falling-out with my girlfriend, I felt again as though I were shut out and alone, not heard or understood. I was neither, but it was such a familiar isolation that it was almost a comfort and consolation.

I managed to find my own refuge in acting. The stage was a far safer place for me than anything I had to live through at home – it offered escape. I could be someone else, in another place, in another time. However, whenever the role called for anger, fury, or the expression of murderous impulses, I was always afraid of what I might unleash if I surrendered myself to those feelings.

Stewart is advocating that people get involved with Refuge’s fourwaystospeakout campaign.

This is not the first time Stewart has spoke out against domestic violence. He made a video about it for Amnesty International in 2007. Here it is.

Chris Pine ‘perfect’ for Jack Ryan + indie film release
What about Kirk 2.0? Since appearing as the new Kirk, Chris Pine has become a hot commodity. He is currently working on a a new Tony Scott movie with Denzel Washington and we recently reported that he is in talks to be the next Jack Ryan. In a new interview with Film Journal, Mace Neufeld, producer of the Jack Ryan series, talked about bringing Pine on board:

We tried to get Harrison for The Sum of All Fears, but the script only made sense with a younger Jack Ryan. And the approach we’re taking on the new project will work perfectly with Chris Pine. The key to a good franchise remains the character. Whether it’s Bourne or Bond or Jack Ryan, people have to care about the character and want to find out what happens to him.

However, the next Chris Pine film to be released will actually be another film he shot before Star Trek. Chris is one of the stars of the indie film Small Town Saturday Night (official site), which is now slated to be release in 2010. Pine plays Rhett Ryan, here is a synopsis via IMDB:

Just days before leaving for Nashville, Rhett Ryan discovers that the desire to follow his dream conflicts with his desire to be with the woman he loves. While Samantha does love the singer-songwriter, she starts to realize what’s best for her daughter and their future may not be what’s best for him. Tommy Carson works around the clock to keep the peace in Prospect, but Donny, who is on a downward spiral, makes this even more difficult for the deputy. And Les just wants to fit in with his big brother’s friends, but his overbearing mother desperately wants him to stand out. The subtle interconnections of these character’s lives will bring them all closer together, culminating in Rhett’s final performance

And here is the recently released movie poster 

Pine’s next movie

Mulgrew: Clip from Dragon Age
The latest project from Kate Mulgrew, Voyager’s Capt. Janeway, is as one of the starring voices from the hit videogame Dragon Age Origins. Here is a clip below

[click for part 2]

And in case you missed this update to the latest ShatWatch, here is a brief fun video of Bill, Kate and Brent Spiner behind the scenes at the recent Big Apple Con in NYC.


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FIRST! They should have done a DS9 movie.

Good to hear the Avery is interested in bringing back SISKO for a DS9 movie. I think that DS9 would be perfect for a direct-to-DVD movie. That is the way they should go.

They still should do a DS9 movie! They should ride on the popularity of the new movie to push it through!

Yes I’d love to see a DS9 movie, or even better a DS9/Voyager movie. Just send a huge Borg fleet at Deep Space Nine and have the two crews work together. Maybe throw the Dominion or Species 8472 in the mix and that’d be an epic finale.

Honestly, it seems like a waste for CBS & Paramount NOT to cash in on the new movie’s popularity by making Direct-to-DVD or TV movies, much like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate have been doing. If nothing else they could do reunion/finale movies for the rest of the series, one for DS9, one for Voyager and one for Enterprise (Romulan War? Proper Send-Off?)

I miss the 90’s Trek. I miss DS9 ! What a great trek series ! Still my favorite trek tv series.

Love the Shat!

Oh man, Affleck was the best Ryan and he should be in the next one, even if it means a middle-aged Jack Ryan again. Pine with his big forehead is not needed. Pine is not THAT good an actor, is he? I mean, you can’t tell from Star Trek. Being in a popular film does not mean one is a good actor.

Wow, suddenly Pine’s big enough to get his name above the movie title on a poster? Good for him.

I think he’d be great as Jack Ryan. I’d go see that.

@#7 Will:

Affleck was fine (I had no problem with him), but the BEST Jack Ryan? No. Both Ford and Baldwin were better.

Kate Mulgrew and Claudia Black…. convincing mother/daughter accents there.

Whoever was the sound director for that game should be fired. That dialogue was awfully stunted and poorly delivered by all.

Well, look, Shatner seems to have tried to smooth things over with just about everyone, while Doohan, Koenig and especially Takei continually knocked him in the press.

Shatner looks like the better man.

Are we going to beg for a new (_____) movie in every thread that mentions any series? Let’s talk about new series, or straight to DVD movies like Titan, but all of the shows are dead.

That said, after watching Enterprise again, I think I liked it the best of all the series (although, I have only watched a few TOS episodes so far).

Anyway, good to see them all still working.

Haha, not a DS9 fan at ALL, but I do love the Shat.

Long have I awaited the return of The Sisko…and #12, may The Profits forgive you my child!

If Avery Brooks is still interested in doing a DS9 movie, Paramount needs to jump on that NOW. Since books aren’t considered canon, they could just have it where Sisko has been gone for well over a decade and now he comes back to help solve whatever plot drama they come up with. Plus, they could bring Odo and Kira back together in a movie (should they both be on board to reprise their roles).

Deep Space 9 is the best Trek series. Too bad we haven’t gotten a movie out of it. Or really much of anything out of post-television DS9. The worst war in Federation history, Betazed is occupied, but it’s as if they magically cleaned everything up after the war.

I would love to see the Destiny books in a movie. That series was absolutly great. Dax, Riker, and Picard, and Chakotay all as Captain’s would have a huge audience.

That’s awesome seeing Data, Kirk and Janeway in one shot.

DS9 was the antithesis of everything Gene Roddenberry imagined Star Trek being. I watched the first episode and “Trials and Tribbleations” and that was it. Hated it.

Loved DS9. It was my favorite Trek alongside TOS.

I think a DS9 movie would have been great. I would have much prefered that as oppsed to the Abrams one. He’s right, “They’d better hurry” or it will be Star Trek: DS9 the Retirement home”

Would be a great time to get a DS9/VOY thing straight to DVD. Give it a 15 million budget or so and watch that thing recoup it’s money in a week. Guaranteed to make a nice profit, and a fitting end to those series.

DS9 became an outstanding Trek series, but its good qualities were the kind that grab or retain regular weekly viewers. Its setting and characters don’t translate to the broad appeal a movie needs. Most people would require way too much exposition even to get started with it.

One reason the 2009 movie was so successful is that TOS is part of our shared folklore well beyond the fan base. Kirk & co belong to everyone now. Even the best DS9 movie would be a niche market.

I have to agree. A DS9/Voyager/TNG film set in alraedy “well established continuity” would have been a far better move. A far better move than letting some egotistical jackass, who knows nothing about Star Trek, come in and turn it on it’s head.

Start a letter writing campaign to Paramount. Tell them we want a DS9 film!


That egotistical jackass can do whatever he wants as long as he keeps giving us good stories with the characters we love versus trying to give every nerd a geekgasm by elongating the already self-contradicting, all holy, “continuity”.

The above was @ 23 although I do enjoy talking to myself.

(18)….DS9 was the antithesis of everything Gene Roddenberry imagined Star Trek being. I watched the first episode and “Trials and Tribbleations” and that was it. Hated it.

……an interesting conclusion to reach considering you only watched two episodes – I always draw conclusions about films I haven’t seen or books I haven’t read…….and they are always the most informed opinions (it’s hard to type sarcastically).

Myself…after watching every ds9 episode…. thought that although sometimes it had too much of a war footing. It had some of the most thought provoking and allegorical episodes of any Trek series. I think it fits in well with “Genes Vision” (however it is interpreted) as it gave the Star Trek Universe depth and dimension and showed that although humans had achieved a mostly utopian existence, there were many races who had not. It was about how the federation interacted with those species, especially when they were in the minority and on the back foot.
Not every episode was great, but I don’t think any trek series can claim that. I myself like them all.

DS9 derserves a shot at one last go round, be it a big screen adventure or , direct to DVD or syndicated made for tv movie , Voyager and Enterprise as well . They were ALL good shows and each needs to come back one more time for the fans they knew and loved the series , and to show that the 24th Century era is still alive and kicking after Sar Trek Xi. You see as of now , the 23rd Century is on the silver screen , and that’s where it will most likely be for the next couple of movies , but if Trek comes back to the small screen in some fashion it needs to be a visit back to DS9 , with Voyager , and perhaps Titan , and the Enterprise E involved in a joint mission .

And if they revisit Enterprise , then we must see the Romulan War play out .

There is a wealth of stories that are waiting to be told , all that needs to happen is for the TPTB to realize that bringing back a few of these old shows back for another go round would be a worth while endevour .

While it’s not very likely as of right now , It’s nice to dream .

William Shatner on the same set with Rush Limbaugh???

Tha is one ugly pairing I would not want to see! Why would Mr.Shatner EVER want to interview him? Ugh!

I Like the idea of direct to dvd movies, but at the same time don’t wish for the movies to conflict with the continuation stories of these series in novel format as the novels are oftentimes better than the screen adventures! I like the idea of seeing these crews again, but it would be even better if CBS/Paramount gave us a new TV series to satiate our collective hunger for all things Trek.

Trek fans who think there’s gonna be a new movie with the Ds9 or Voyager cast are dreaming in technicolor! 90’s Trek is done!!! It’s great to watch reruns of those episodes on late night tv but…..It’s J.J’s Trek now….love it or hate it!

I agree with the direct to dvd sentiment but give us the updated Trek with adventures predating the movie. Heck since events were the same before Nero you could do an Enterprise “Romulan War” minimovie/series or be creative and do something original and new.

I really do not want to wait two more years until JJ can make a sequel.

When’s Rush going to be on Raw Nerve? I really want to see that.
Thanks for having him on your show, Mr. Shatner (if you’re reading this). Very cool of you to do that. :)

“I don’t know what their problem is, quite frankly, so I’ve given up on trying to make it better.”

Could it be that you’re an egotistical maniac? I wouldn’t exactly want to make friends with anybody who shoved a lady’s kid out of the way just so you could get an autograph either, no matter how much you wanted to try to make up. Seriously, the nerve of you wondering why…

Anyhoo, I say going back to the old is a bad idea. It would just reinforce the idea that ST is something for 37-year-old kids who still live in their mom’s basement.

on patrick stewart:

-anybody who reads that should think about his acting in first contact.
“…the line must be drawn HE-AH!! …and I will make them PAY FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE!!”

I’m not silly enough to think we’d get a DS9 feature film, but surely a direct-to-dvd film is possible? Regardless of what some say, DS9 was a great piece of the Star Trek mythos.

I LOVE DS9, but anybody here who thinks a DS9 movie would have been more successful than the new movie, or even profitable, is fooling themselves, or is simply a fool. J.J. Abrams did what was necessary to make a successful Trek, with future promise. I wish some Trek fans would stop being so bitter about reality. They’d rather see Trek die, because that’s what the old casts and crew were doing to the franchise – killing it. The only hope of Trek surviving was what J.J. Abrams did. And I liked it. And I love TOS, TNG and DS9.

On the other hand, I’d love to see a DS9 movie. Direct to DVD or cable seems a more likely venue for that. I don’t think they want competing Treks in the theaters, and as I’ve stated earlier, I don’t think there’s any way it could be a profitable theatrical film. But since we’ve “rebooted” TOS, I’d like to see a bit of reboot done on DS9. Keep the cast, but rethink it a lot, and don’t do it like Berman’s Trek. I miss those guys, and I don’t think they’re too old to pick these characters up again. I’d love to see Brooks play Sisko again.

Blah blah blah blah blah…

I’d listen to Avery Brooks read the phone book. He just has one of those voices, you know?

I love when games bring in at least one Trek veteran to chew digital scenery ;) Go Kate!

How about a new DS9 mini-series or Direct-to-video movie with all new and younger actors playing the characters? Have it based in the new JJ-verse with no Vulcan and they have to prepare to protect Romulus. And then, the wormhole is discovered, the Dominion attack, and the events are played out differently from the 90s series.

If they can get Ira Behr and Ron D Moore back, then that would be perfect. Well, for me anyway.

As much as people(myself included) enjoyed Deep Space Nine, a movie, whether theatrical or direct-to-dvd, isn’t going to happen for these reasons: Firstly, Deep Space Nine, while garnering respectable ratings, did not have the mass appeal that TNG did or even TOS did after its rebirth in the 70’s. A lot of people who enjoyed those series may have been turned off by some of the darker themes of DS9. Secondly, the average movie goer knows about Kirk, Spock, McCoy and even Picard and Worf. The same, unfortuneately, cannot be said about the characters of Deep Space Nine (apart from Worf). And finally, the series had a definite beginning, middle, and end. There was a conclusion with no where else to go.

The only series that would work as a t.v miniseries or a series of direct-to-dvd would be Enterprise. That show still had many storylines to explore in particular the Romulan Wars. Plus, I would gather that more people on this site and more fans in general, would prefer more Enterprise stories over DS9.

And finally, I applaud Patrick Stewart for speaking out on his experiences of witnessing domestic violence at home when he was younger. I wonder if he used his memories and emotions as a base for his portrayal of Captain Picard’s assimilation in Best of Both Worlds and his torture scenes in Chain of Command. He certainly deserves praise for coming forward and confronting an issue that is regrettably all too common in the 21st century.

Patrick Stewart was really touching there, I wasn’t aware he grew up in a house with domestic violence. Really helps you get closer to the man.

#39 DS9 Didn’t have a clear ending I like to have Sisko out of the Wormhole, See how his new kid affects the Bajoran Religion and other things. I think a DS9 Direct to DVD movie will work!

I am with #23 I sign up to start a Direct to DVD Movie for DS9 needs a better ending and a better ending for most of the Characters!

Try and keep up.
Shatner and Jimmy Doohan made up their differences, and Shatner even got invited to (and attended) Jimmy’s retirement bash in 2004.

Mind you, it would be nice if Shatner actually remembered that!! He NEVER mentions it.

…”Will you sign my Brest?” Best thing The Shat ever said to anyone! LOL! Mr. Spinner is funny too, Kate Mulgrew only made it better to laugh to!

– Mind you, it would be nice if Shatner actually remembered that!! He NEVER mentions it. –

Shatner never mentioning it doesn’t necessarily mean he does not remember it. :)

Aaahh, the posibilities of Star Trek TV miniseries are endlesss. If only they took the first step and make a first one…

I hope Bill, you do overcome your own bitterness which you’ve turned into a kitsch thing in the popular culture to be (still) around. I can not believe you are still talking about old friends to get coverage.

Grow up man, your nerves shouldn’t be so “raw” after all.

I’m suprised that no one has yet produced a fan production of voyager.




I am happy for JJ Abrams to exist prallel to the rest of the universe

But I prefer the prime universe and I hope that one day we get back to it.