November 2009

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: Chuck, Doctor Who, Fringe, Lost, Smallville, V + more

Sci-Fi TV is back after a week off and this week’s edition features premiere date news for Lost, Chuck, and David Tennant’s final Doctor Who special. There are also two cancellations to report on this week with the news of Fox canceling Dollhouse and ABC letting go of Eastwick. Plus J.J. Abrams talks about Fringe and we have our first look at Michael Shanks as Hawkman on Smallville. All that and more, including the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.

STO Update: Box Art + Trailers + Open Beta + Bridge Announcement + more

Although the focus of the week has been the home video release of the new Star Trek, there has also been a lot of activity on the Star Trek Online MMORPG front. Cryptic has released the box art for the game, announced dates for open beta, released new videos, and more. They also revealed a big change in the game, allowing you to hang out on your bridge. 

FanMade: Review of Star Trek Phase II “Blood and Fire” Part 2 [UPDATE: More D/L Links]

It has been a long eleven month wait, but part two of Star Trek Phase II’s "Blood and Fire" has finally been released online. Decades after writing it as a script for The Next Generation, David Gerrold has finally realized his allegorical story, now set in the 23rd century. Find out how it all works out in the TrekMovie review [NOTE: Contains SPOILERS]

Exclusive Video Interview: Orci and Lindelof Talk Star Trek Sequel (+ Fringe & Lost)

For the sequel to Star Trek, the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be augmented by producer Damon Lindelof. At the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party TrekMovie talked to Orci and Lindelof about the next Trek, getting a status update, thoughts on their approach and what research they are doing. Bob also talked Fringe and Damon talked about the final season of Lost. See video interview below 

Science Friday: Utah Fireball + Enceladus Tiger Stripes + Unstuck Mars Rover + more

Is it really that time again? Yep, can you believe it, it’s already Science Friday! Catch up on sciencey goings on this week and watch the fireball that lit up Utah, get up close and personal with some tiger stripes, cheer on the Spirit Mars rover, and teach your computer to think like a cat! All this and more plus our gadget of the week: Frolicat!

IDW Launches New Star Trek Comics App For iPhone/iTouch + Star Trek Movie on iTunes

This week iTunes has some new Star Trek items. First off, the new Star Trek movie is available to download (in HD) and it even has a special bonus feature. Also IDW Comics has released a new Star Trek Comics application that lets you buy and read digital comics on your iPhone or iTouch .

Rumor Control: Nestor Carbonell NOT Being Eyed For Khan In Star Trek Sequel

Now that the cycle is complete and Star Trek is on home video, it is appears it is time for the next cycle start up in earnest. In the last day their have been rumors running around the interweb that the Star Trek team are not only focusing on Khan for the sequel, but they are already settling on a specific actor, Nestor Carbonell. However, TrekMovie’s sources say it just isn’t so.

VIDEO: JJ Abrams Presents Ben Burtt With HPA Award – Explains How Sound Designer ‘Salvaged’ Star Trek

One aspect of the new Star Trek movie that received universal acclaim is the sound design, and that much of that was due to Oscar-winner (and Star Wars vet) Ben Burtt. Last week, The Hollywood Post Alliance honored Burtt with their Charles S. Swartz Award, presented to him by JJ Abrams. You can watch video from the event below, where Abrams talks about how important Burtt was to Star Trek.

See R2-D2, Slusho, The Tribble, Friends & Family and more Easter Eggs in ‘Star Trek’ [UPDATED]

As we reported over the summer, there are a lot of friends, family, and general Trek references throughout Star Trek (2009). With the release of Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray we thought we’d try and hunt down all the cameo’s and visual references to other work by J.J. Abrams and other Star Trek series, along with a little droid friend from another franchise…

Wait Is Over: Star Trek Hits Home Video & The Critics Love It

The wait is finally over, Star Trek has finally arrived on DVD and Blu-ray today in North America. TrekMovie has already given the release a rave review, but it seems we are not alone. The critics are raving for the home video release just like they were for the theatrical release in May. Below we have some quotes and links to what they are saying.  

Exclusive Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Allegories, Design, and Release Date For Star Trek Sequel

Yesterday TrekMovie put up the first part of our exclusive interview with JJ Abrams, talking about his Star Trek movie and the home video release. Today we finish off the the interview, talking to Abrams about the sequel, including his thoughts on “going deeper”, the engineering sets and his best guess at a release date.

Star Trek Coming Home Tuesday – New Preview + Info Overview

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last month, then you may not have heard this yet, but on Tuesday Star Trek finally comes to home video, on DVD and Blu-ray. We just got our hands on a great extended promo for the sets, which shows bits of deleted scenes and featurettes. We also have a list of links for everything you need to know about Star Trek coming home. 

CBS Announces New (and Expanded) High-end Star Trek Replica Licenses

In the last few months CBS and Paramount have already announced deals with Quantum Mechanix and eFX for high end replicas from classic Star Trek series and the new Star Trek movie. Today CBS has announced expansions of those lines, plus two new additional licensees for high-end replicas and collectibles. 

Exclusive Interview: JJ Abrams Talks DVD/Blu-ray and About What Worked (and didn’t) with Star Trek 2009

With the imminent release of his new Star Trek movie on home video, TrekMovie thought it would be nice to check in again with director JJ Abrams to talk about the DVD and Blu-rays and look back on what worked (and maybe what didn’t). See below for (part 1) of our TrekMovie’s exclusive new interview with JJ Abrams.

Book Review: Star Trek: The Art of the Film

Fans have been waiting for non fiction ‘making of’ books about 2009’s Star Trek. In fact, it has been almost ten years since a Star Trek film had a dedicated behind the scenes tome, yet the good news is on November 17th, the same day as the release of the 2009 Star Trek DVDs, Titan Publishers are making available "Star Trek: The Art of the Film" by Mark Cotta Vaz. TrekMovie has this early review of new coffee-table book.

New Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Featurette Clips

Paramount has released a couple more clips from the upcoming home video release of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The first shows part of the Simon Pegg portion of the "Casting" featurette, and the second is a montage of various behind the scene clips from home video release. We also review the features in the different home video packages for Star Trek.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #3

Back on Romulus, the Praetor’s headed to the border, the question is… what kind of mess between the Klingons and Humans will he find? Will he let his desire for revenge get the better of himself? How can he be stopped with the new cloaking devices? Find out in our review of Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #3, the final chapter in John Byrne’s Romulan saga, which was released last week.

Science Friday: Lunar Water + Doomsday Denied + New Dinosaur + more

So much science, so little time! This week in Science Friday, DON’T PANIC come December, 2012, learn why Ares is Time’s invention of the year, discover new dinosaur species, study how butterflies flutter in space, and buy future beach-front property in the middle of Africa. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The not-so-fantastic USS Enterprise Chandelier! Oh, and are you ready to swim on the moon?