Pine, Cho & Quinto On People’s Sexiest Men List + Shatner Talks Sexy List On Conan

Last week we reported that Chris Pine, JJ Abrams (and the ‘Surpreme Court) were Men of the year in GQ, and Zoe Saldana was being featured in the new DETAILS. But we were remiss to mention that the week before People Magazine was also honoring the new Star Trek by naming three of the stars in their list of the Sexiest Men Alive. We also have video of William Shatner talking about how he is also on a ‘sexy list’.


Pine, Cho & Quinto: 3 of People’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’
This year People Magazine named Johnny Depp as their Sexiest man alive, but the also have an extended list of 109 of the sexiest men, and half the male cast of 2009’s Star Trek made the list, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and John Cho.

Below are the descriptions of each (with links to profiles on


The Star Trek stud has galactic good looks that could turn anyone into a die-hard Trekkie. And Trekkies might be in luck: The actor looks for brains when seeking out girlfriends. "Intelligence is a big thing," he told PEOPLE. "If you can’t have a conversation, it’s done."


He’s gone from stoner hero in the Harold and Kumar movies to hot FBI agent in FlashForward – a role that comes with a sexy walk "if you’re carrying a real gun. When it’s on your hip, you lead differently; your hands go to different places," says Cho, 37.


ZACHARY QUINTO (listed in magazine as ‘sexiest villain’)

On unwinding off the set: “I love to run with my dog and go hiking,” says the star of NBC’s Heroes. “I love a glass of red wine, I won’t say no to it usually. I like an Italian, red, full-bodied situation. I’m not a connoisseur or anything, but I can tell the difference”

You can spot the Star Trek stars in People’s 100 Sexy Men in 1 Minute video:


Shatner: Still Sexy
Last night William Shatner, the original Kirk, was on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. While on the show, Conan asked Bill about how he too was voted one of the sexiest men, and how he wanted to work his way up the list. Here is a clip.


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More mainstream relevance. Love it.

Not one of those posers will ever measure up to “The Shat!”

Long live William Shatner!

Why are people voting NO to having Shatner in the sequel? Seriously, folks……………..

Anthony probably would hope we can avoid politics here, too, but then Shatner had to bring up Sarah Palin. TrekMovie can’t get a break! :)

Sexiness is a bi-partisan activity.

Loved the ‘pull my finger’ schtick between Bill and Conan.

Shatner’s trying hard… too hard

Shatner in his prime would out-sexy any of them…

but still…

…where’s Karl Urban?

Why should the Shat be in the next movie? I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Shatner’s the one who agreed to die stupidly in Generations. Besides he basically had Trek to him self for about 25 years. Pine and the new crew were great, lets let them do their thing while Shatner continues to whine and make a fool of himself on late night talk shows.

I actually flipped through that issue of People to see if any of the men had made it. Made my day to see those three… although I agree with #6… where’s Karl? He made McCoy my favorite character, and not just because he has the wit ;)

You really love the Shat a lot…don’t cha?!

Just say no… to Shatner.

I want to remember him at his finest, which in my opinion was the Wrath of Khan. I know some would disagree with me, but this is my personal feeling.

Shatner has in recent years become a living parody of himself. He’s the Soupy Sales of our generation. I know that reference will be missed by most reading this blog, but for those of use who pretend to remember first run episodes – it’s a valid comment. This is not a bad thing. But his time as a draw to Star Trek is looooong over.

He will be missed and cherished for what he brought to Star Trek.

Shatner can do other things – and do them quite well. Boston Legal was an excellent example of the Shat at his greatest. I look forward to what he will do with great relish.


Bill Shatner would leave them all in the dust back in his day.

He may be a wee portly now, but we wish we could all be so lucky to look as good as he does at almost 80! (and have even half his energy.)

@2 – Because the torch has been passed by Nimoy. Done. I would have enjoyed the proposed written Shat ending but it’s too late now. We need to move on.

John Cho may not get as much attention as Pine and Quinto, but he –is– smokin’ hot. Been watching him on Flashforward, what a cool show (so far), and about fell off my couch during Cho’s shirtless scene.

Why are we voting ‘no’ to Shatner?

The same reason I wouln’t want Adam West in The Dark Knight.

Pine, Quinto, And Cho Are Smoking Hot!!!! So is Karl Urban too. The new Crew is young, hot & sexy to the Max and I look forward to seeing them all soon… and , yes they can all act too, Amazing!!!!

Adam West starring in the next Batman movie! Brilliant!

Let’s face it — the cast of Star Trek is just ridiculously pretty. I bet that even Alnschloss K’Bentayr is considered a total babe on Monchezke. ;)

I’m surprised that Karl Urban didn’t make the list, he’s a good-looking dude.

Shatner’s humor used to make me cringe, now I LMAO when he’s on TV, especially Conan. I’m not a big Conan fan, but if he were wise, he’d replace Andy Richter will “The Shat”!!!!

Zachary Quinto is delicious P:


Randomly, I walked passed Conan O’Brien on the street last Friday. I actually considered chasing after him to suggest he replace Richter with the Shat. Great men think alike.

#14 we aren’t, if you look at it, the two “yes” categories outvote the one “no”.

Why are you so prejudice about a person’s age, because you cite Adam West too?

Cho is 37??

I would have NEVER guessed that!

The reason Karl Urban wasn’t on the list: he was scowling practically the whole movie. Not a good look on most people.

#22 yeah hard to believe. That picture in GQ is one of the best I have ever seen of him.


Slap ANYBODY with a thin frame into a $2000 suit and, hey, they’ll look good, too!

Note to self: Must get thin so will look good in $2000 suit…..

Can’t beat Nimoy, Shatner and Doohan. Not at all. I just regret they’re calling it Star Trek.

#23 – “The reason Karl Urban wasn’t on the list: he was scowling practically the whole movie. Not a good look on most people.”

That is one of the weakest argument I’ve ever heard… That man is one of the sexiest men alive and he totally deserves to be there, way more so than John Cho.

Leonard Nimoy should have been there instead of Shatner…

Go Shat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nimoy did ST09 because it was a good story that did honor to Trek. With Shatner its all about the paycheck, and it shows. It has nothing to do with his age, its also that he’s a joke after the priceline and denny crane stuff. He would ruin the movie, but he wouldn’t care as long as he gets paid.

#25 Harry, would you say that about Erica Durance?

#7 Why should the Shat be in the next movie? I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Shatner’s the one who agreed to die stupidly in Generations.

Didn’t Nimoy agree to die in ST3? Why don’t people hold him to the same standards?

It should be noted that at the moment 72% of all voters what Shatner to appear in the ST sequel.

#30 “its also that he’s a joke after the priceline and denny crane stuff. He would ruin the movie”

A joke? If that’s what you call someone who makes millions by being smart enough to invest in the stock of a popular company during his ten year stint as its spokesman, while simultaneously doing a bang up acting job in an Emmy winning role at an age when most people are retired …… I wanna be a joke too.

And no, he wouldn’t have ruined the movie. The recently revealed Shatner scene and the largely positive reaction to it proves that.

I don’t know how old the other actors are, but doesn’t 37 seem just a little old for “young Sulu?”
No doubt I should quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
“I’m thirty-seven!! I’m not old!”
So… I answered my own question.

Shatner is perpetually entertaining. And he’s getting funnier every year. Conan obviously loves him, and they have a great repartee, for sure.

If Conan loses the “Tonight Show” to back Jay Leno after NBC is sold and moves back to NYC, I hope he keeps the Shat close at hand.

Again with the ‘Bring back Shat’. Seriously. Nimoy already passed the torch over quite well in the new movie. Now we can move on with the new adventure.

31 – Erica Durance would look good in anything. =D

“Erica Durance would look good in anything.”

Mud, swamp grass, a garden hose????

#34 No one would take his portrayal as Kirk seriously. If you had read “Up Til Now” (as I did, I love THE SHAT) you would know that his Priceline stock was worth a lot but some SEC rules kept him from selling it and by the time he was able to sell it, the stock was worthless.

Erica Durance in mud, swamp grass and/or a garden hose?

Oh yeah! In my mind somehow STILL yummy!

#37 You obviously don’t appreciate the original actors enough if you believe that their only possible purpose in a Star Trek movie is “torch passing”.

Shatner and Nimoy deserve so much more than “torch passing”. They are respected gifted actors of their generation. Their presence should always be meaningful and significant.

Nimoy’s presence in Trek XI wasn’t torch passing. It was vital to the plot and legitimised the new series of movies. If you take Spock Prime’s scenes out the movie, it would not make any sense. In fact you would have a bad guy with no motive at all — something less classy sci-fi shows can boast.

Bring on Shatner–it would only make the movie better. It would only bring that many more people to the movie–just to see him.

I say no to shatner in any future star trek movie,
because hes already HAD HIS TURN!
he was pissed he wasn’t in this one… he was already in Generations and this movie was about SPOCK
shatner needs to learn that he is not the face of star trek anymore.

the new Kirk is just effin G-gous!

– If you had read “Up Til Now”… –

Hey, you’re talking to ShatnerFan – he’s co-written it! ;-)

By the way, who is this “no one”? Seems we’re on the same page. :)


Lore, I’ve always acknowledged that Erica Durance LOOKS good, she just can’t act! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to remind everyone of that! :>)

Go the Cho.

Pine is too College boy, Quinto too intense- I’ll take the new sulu anyday.

Let Shat go!
If u have to be seriously altered by Gci Special Effects just to play a role its past time to rest it.