Cryptic’s New Promo Site Allows You To ‘Tweet In Klingon’

JJ Abrams may have cut the Klingons out of his Star Trek movie, but they are at the heart of Cryptic’s upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG. In a clever marketing movie, today Cryptic launched which helps you use the popular Twitter system, in Klingon.


Tweet like a Klingon
Star Trek Online is set in the 25th century where once again the Federation and the Klingon Empire are at war. Players will be able to join either faction when the game launches on February 2nd. So it makes great marketing sense for them to build a viral website that allows people to send out ‘tweets’ to their Twitter followers in Klingon. translates your English tweet and sends it out automatically. You can also choose from a list of ‘highly useful Klingon phrases’ from the traditional "today is a good day to die" to the mundane "Where is the bathroom?".  

STO Klingon Trailer
In case you missed it, last month Cryptic released a trailer for Star Trek Online, from the Klingon point of view.

And here are some previously released images showing Klingons in Star Trek Online:

Star Trek Online comes out February 2nd and  is available for pre-order now.

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Woo hoo 1st comment! Looks cool!

First!!! I was able to pre-order last week at GameStop. I can’t wait.

I have high hopes for this game.

I wonder Anthony, do you know if they will ever bring the STOL to the game systems?

Are those old school Klingon’s I see? Also, the one Federation ship that got destroyed looks strangely similar to the design of the new E, except with different nacelles. I’m glad that they’re finally promoting the Klingon’s, though, cause otherwise I think the game would end up being everyone playing on the Federation and that would be no fun.

Romulans at 0:20 and 1:03-1:05 it looks like ?. so its good to know that they will play a big part in the game , hopefully an expansion will come out that lets you play as them.

Use Twitter?

In Klingon?

And people wonder why Star Trek fans are considered “nerdy”.

#7 Nerdy? You are posting on this site and calling others nerdy?

Geek! ;-p

Am I the only one who thinks the ships shouldn’t move like they’re jittering on caffeine? :/

#9 i agree but its the game engine. not much can be done about that. alot of “gliding/flying” movement in online games are the same

That ship in the video is basically the new Enterprise with different nacelles!

LOL Daq losers ‘Iv luj Daq taH ‘wa’Dich’.

I’ve already tweeted in Klingon a couple times today, great little API !

Thank you for deleting my post earlier it was insightful and informative. You’ll probably delete this one too. *sigh*

I’ve been tweeting in Klingon for years. Search hashtag #tlh

Was that the Enterprise from the New movie in the trailer? And did anyone else like seeing it damaged and listing?

#15 its a mix of the refit enterprise and jj’s enterprise. i cant remember what class this ship is in the game. it’s supposed to have that constitution look to it though. i like it. preorder it at gamestop and get the tos version of the ship though. which is a pretty sweet deal.

My brother spent alot of time learning Klingon.
People not wanting to understand Klingon yet wanting to tweet in it.

Dumb and Dumber

I think Anthony forgot to report on the new official ESRB rating for the game which is T for Teen. T=Awesome! M=not so awesome unless it’s Halo!

I will never pre-order anything ever again. Oh, I will buy this game, but I will not pre-order it.

There’s a new ‘Fleet Actions’ video up on IGN:

Klingons and Romulans must be out of fashion–no one has compared them to any political figures or enemies of the state! ;)

Seriously, it is cool how modern technology helps Trek live!


#21 True, as the Klingons were Soviet Russia and the Romulans the Red Chinese during the run of TOS, more or less. Ironically, our current set of ‘jihadist’ conflicts are more similar to the story arcs on DS9.


…I love it.

They forgot the most important “useful” phrase…

” A chalice of Bloodwine (or Warnog Ale) and be quick about it”

One of the best Klingon phrases ever: butlh DaHutlh! Don’t say it to friends.