REMINDER: TrekMovie/American Cinematheque Star Trek Marathon This Weekend In Santa Monica

[REPOST] If you live in LA and want to have a Trek-tastic time this weekend (Friday and Saturday), then head to Santa Monica for a 2 day long Star Trek Marathon from American Cinematheque and The event includes a screening of Star Trek 2009, a 10th anniv. screening of Free Enterprise (with a panel), plus a showing of the "Genesis Trilogy" of Star Trek II, III & IV, including a panel with Nicholas Meyer. There will also be free prizes, details below.


American Cinematheque tribute to 30 Years of Trek Movies

The American Cinematheque in association with is proud to announce a special tribute to 30 Years of Star Trek Films being held at the American Cinematheque’s Aero Theater in Santa Monica on Friday, December and Saturday, December 5th honoring the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on December 7, 1979.

Friday December 4th

Friday will feature a theatrical screening of this year’s hit film, Star Trek, directed by J.J. Abrams and be followed by a Trek giveaway of highly coveted Trek merchandise courtesy Playmates Toys, Pocket Books, Titan Books, IDW, and CBS Paramount Home Video.

Immediately following the film is the 10th anniversary tribute to the Trek-centric cult classic, Free Enterprise, introduced by filmmakers Robert Meyer Burnett and Mark A. Altman and followed by a cast and crew reunion. The film will be projected in its original theatrical version.

Says writer/producer Altman, “We’re thrilled the film is being honored by the Cinematheque on its 10th anniversary and look forward to loving long and paryting like it’s 1999. I can’t imagine a better double bill than Trek 2009 and Free Enterprise other than when Free Enterprise played in Westwood followed by Buckaroo Banzai, but that’s a whole other story…”

Saturday December 5th

Saturday will be a Trek Triple Play with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan immediately followed by Q&A with director Nicholas Meyer who will discuss his work on the film as well as co-writing Star Trek IV and writing and directing Star Trek VI. This will be followed by showings of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and concluding with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The event will be moderated by Geek Monthly’s Jeff Bond and TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale.


More information at

American Cinematheque/TrekMovie Star Trek Movie Marathon Weekend
Here is all the info you need to know

What: Four Star Trek movies + Free Enterprise + panels over two nights with free prizes

Where: American Cinematheque’s Aero Theater
1328 Montana Avenue at 14th Street in Santa Monica

When: Friday December 4th & Saturday December 5th. Each night kicks off at 7:30PM.

Tickets: You can buy tickets at Fandango. Each day costs only $10 (with discounts for students, seniors or members). Click links below to buy at Fandango

TrekMovie will be giving away some tickets via our Twitter this week, so keep following.


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Wish i was there

be cool

its a shame you are not showing The Motion Picture as well since it is the 30th anniversary of the first movie.

Would love to see these three movies on the big screen.

First one I saw in cinema was The Undiscovered Country.

Finally get to see II, III and IV on the big screen!

Sorry to double post…

Is this Trek II print the same one Lindelof & Co. showed at the Alamo Drafthouse way back when? Or am I imagining that such a new print exists?

Are they showing this in 35mm or digital?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish I could be there! Have fun if you’re going – Full report please!


Just wanted to let you know Robert Niwa and myself have both purchased our tickets for the Saturday nite event and will be there. Unfortunatley due to the timing of the event we will be the only ones coming down to represent the USS Las Vegas-Star Trek Club. I look forward to having a chance to meet Mr. Meyer for his panel. Do you know what time the last film will end?

Paul Walker
USS Las Vegas-Star Trek fan club

Discounted tickets for Saturday:

I so wished I lived in CA this weekend!

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Hey. Any chance they will bring this to Texas. Just had to ask. Any way. Wish I could be there. But my transporter is broken and Scotty can’t get to it till his poor barrings are fixed.

#11 – Yeah seriously, more Alamo Drafthouse appearances please! =D

– 24thCRS!

NYC. Is that too much to ask someday?

I wish I could go. Oh well! At least I have all 11 eleven movies on Blu Ray which I plan to enjoy again soon. Anthony, I’m wondering if you will be providing highlights from the event?

Disappointing Line Up

How can you have a Trek movie marathon AND now show and avoid the fact that the same weekend is also the 30th anniversary of the great Trek movie that started it all.. Star Trek: The Motion Picture! For shame.

Just got my tickets at fandango for triple feature on Saturday. I live an hour away but this is going to be worth it! I went to the 25th anniversary showing of Star Trek 2 at the Laemmle in Santa Monica and it was the best experience I’ve ever had watching a movie with the greatest fans on earth! The movie print was pretty worn but they made up for it by blasting our eardrums out with James Horners score. Hopefully these prints are in better shape.

Free Enterprise is 10 years old????

Where has the time gone?

Wish i was there!!! LOVE Free Enterprise and, of course, the Genesis Trilogy, and Star Trek 2009!!!

Nothing like watching a Trek movie with a room full of fans. But watching the Holy Triumvirate (II, III & IV) at the same time? Sweet!

Off on a tangent, TSFS sometimes gets short shrift as being an odd-numbered (and therefore weak) movie. “Search” could be the best of the TOS Trek movies – as someone who saw it in the theater in 1984, it probably had the biggest impact on me of any film. Here was a movie with heart, that showed the crew as a family, and revealed that the Enterprise was a character that, although she was a beautiful lady and we loved her, wasn’t necessary to what Trek is all about. Deep thoughts at the time for a 16 year old Trekkie. Let the flames begin that Wrath of Khan is the greatest Trek of all – yeah, I can buy that. I’m just sayin’.

Wish my inheritance money was getting here sooner…maybe I could have talked my wife into flying out for the weekend and forgetting all about the economy, politics, etc. and just enjoy the nostalgia that is Trek!

#19 … I love TSFS. Some beautiful moments in there. I do think Treks II-IV work brilliantly as one long story.

#15 – Ditto to that. Maybe I’ll have my own festival this weekend, starting with that 1979 classic. And, “The Search For Spock” was good, despite the urban legend about odd numbered “Trek” films. Which I think is b.s. I still remember what Gene Siskel said about it – “It’s titled ‘Search for Spock’ What, they don’t find him?”

See if you can get a scoop on Free Enterprise 2. I have to actually back Anthony on not showing TMP. Yes, some people like it, but overall, I found the movie to be a big bore. I just can’t sit through the thing. But ST2-4 were the best 3 movies of the franchise. ST11 was a good movie too, and arguably the 4th best, depending on what you think of ST6.

MMmmmmm-kay. A celebration of 30 years of Trek films and its practically 30 years to the day (Dec 7) since Star Trek The Motion Picture was released and you won’t be screening it???

#2, #3 OK OK OK OK. I didn’t read any of these responses before I posted. My bad.

Son of a Maui Portagee


The reporting on that in October wasn’t very clear. It left the impression that clips were only shown. And wasn’t the event actually in September? It took me awhile to figure out to what was actually being referred as to the screening of TMP.

I’m there on Saturday!

Son of a Maui Portagee

Still, I don’t think a decent tribute can be made to TMP unless an actual film print is screened as Wise espoused for all his films, and ideally in 70mm at that.

Son of a Maui Portagee


I’m not sure what brought that on other than my being genuinely confused about what was being suggested as an appropriate tribute screening for honoring the 30th anniversary of the release of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, and that confusion in general is often difficult to adequately portray in mere text and can often be mistaken for something else?

I get it that you absolutely do not feel as ardently as I do about TMP, but maybe it would help you to get some idea of my NOMAD non-sequitur experience if you try to imagine 30 years from now that someone would suggest to you that they considered the playing of a standard definition DVD of this year’s STAR TREK as an appropriate tribute?

Actually, 30 years from now DVDs will probably be so rare that my example will totally fail to convey what I meant and actually instead will be considered an honor in which case …

I’m genuinely sorry that my typed words added to your burden in preparing for a weekend of fun. I am aware that, on occasion, I can really get my Sheldon on.

I intend to take my disinvitation good-naturedly and try to learn from the experience.

I sincerely admire the patience and tolerance you’ve managed to muster in managing this site’s legion of comments. But I get it, that if some elements contribute to making it cease to be fun: why bother?

Live long and prosper.

Anthony – tonight was a treat ! Thank you for organizing in conjunction with the Cinematheque.

i cant wait to read an article or three bout this event both days -who was there n what they said etc. thanx Mr Anthony for all that u do for trek n us fans-u rock dude!

also what prizes were there and which trekmovie com members won them?

Looking forward to tonight!

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