VIDEO: Shatner Reads Palin & Palin Reads Shatner

A recurring gag for the last few months on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien has been Star Trek’s William Shatner reading comments from former VP candidate Sarah Palin (see here and here and here). Friday night Bill was back, but this time there was a twist as Sarah Palin joined him.


Shatner & Palin read eachother

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The applause she got are much bigger than any of the boos that he usually gets. on this show.

That was pretty good. I read his book and liked it a lot. My mom’s reading HER book right now. They picked some good excerpts from both.

Shatner looked like he was really enjoying Palin.

I doubt that the political association with Palin will be of very much benefit.

He didn’t look impressed, and looked somewhat shocked, at first of course

Look how Kirk , uh, I mean, Mr. Shatner always keeps his cool.

“Phasers on stun. Kirk out.”

You know, he looks like he’s actually lost weight. I think he looks better today than he did about a year ago.

At this rate, he could very well be in shape to reappear as an elderly Starfleet officer — in due course.

I don’t care what anyone says, Sarah Palin is hott !!!

What the hell is it with Palin? From this side of the pond she sounds like an idiot. Sorry, I just don’t get it and shudder at the thought that she could possibly end up as leader of the free world one day.

THAT was awesome – loved Shatner’s response to the flute guy!

– 24thCRS

That was great.

I am a Palin-hater, but she gets a point for that.

Conan’s the funniest of the bunch, for sure. I hope he survives the shake-up at NBC intact.

Full credit to Palin for this, no doubt! And I love Shatner’s expressions as she read his elephant/underwear line. :)

Funny to think that, as Denny Crane, he’d LOVE Palin!

As Capt Kirk, he’d have her for breakfast,

Yes, it was a setup and the ShatMan was in on it.

This was worth a couple of good brownie points for Palin, who gets props for appearing with the Shat-who mokes her tweets. A good night for Sarah all around.

Next stop for Palin? “Raw Nerve”. Trust me, it will happen.

#8 “What the hell is it with Palin? From this side of the pond she sounds like an idiot.”

It’s not just your side.

“Sorry, I just don’t get it and shudder at the thought that she could possibly end up as leader of the free world one day.”

Don’t worry. All polls indicate that Americans of pretty much every demographic consider her unqualified. She is a celebrity of the moment, but she will fade away.

How anyone could respect her is unreal? She won’t let her daughter’s boyfriend see his own dauighter and he has to go onto larry king . She is republican and republicans are dangerous. Shatnet should NEVER have appeared with her.

Great job Sarah! It’s only fair for Shatner to get back a little of what he gives out so freely and so often. LOL!

I actually enjoyed that exchange.

Fair and balanced! Fox News watch out! LOL!

Shatner was so checking her out. That is awesome

And once again, Captain Kirk ends up with the babe.


“She is republican and republicans are dangerous.”

I thought Star Trek preached a philosophy of respect and tolerance? That sounds like prejudice to me. I happen to be registered as a republican at the moment so does that means I am dangerous? Really?

You are free to disagree with her ideals, but let’s not pre-judge people by skin color, or gender or political affiliation.

Very funny. Maybe now Sarah Palin can forget politics and join the cast of Saturday Night Live so Tina Fey can run for office?

@15 ………..Don’t believe everything you read and hear in the media. How could you not respect a woman who chose life rather than death for an unborn knowing it had disabilities. If you love Star Trek and its philosophy at least respect her for that . Republicans are dangerous ? I think you should be more worried about the Democrat in there now .


This Democrat seconds that notion. I happen to know some very fine people who are Republicans. Now, one hting I would agree with is that Sarah Palin winning the Presidency would be dangerous. Very dangerous. But that’s because she’s a vapid fool, not merely because she’s a Republican.

#17-Yes, he was. I bet he hit on her as soon as they got back stage! lol Probably said, “let’s go visit some of your Alaskan animals in our underwear” or some other smooth Captain Kirk line. lol-joking everyone

Actually she would make a better President than the one we currently have.

To #15, maybe you should actually do your own research and not just go along with the democrat talking points. Stop being a drone and open your mind.

To #22 the same applies to you. You are like the people who attacked the Archons. Stop being a drone. Open your eyes and you will see it is your version of Landru that is in the White House who is dangerous.

I know attacking Obama will bring down the lawgivers, and the will of the body ;)

Return of the Archons so applies to democrat politics these days.

This was awesome. Shatner is definitely still Kirk.

I’m not a fan of Gov. Palin by any means … but that whole thing was a hoot! Well played by all involved.

I LOVE how she makes liberal Palin haters heads explode!


Both “sides” need to enjoy this moment and forget their political views.

Did you see the Shat eyeing her up when she first came out?
I’m sure he was thinking:
“I’d like to see you on my plate next to the mashed potatoes”

This clip made my day!


This is a fun thread.

Can you lay off a bit, please?

I’m an independant that voted for George W. and Obama. Everyone just shut up with the politico speech already!

Brilliant bit. Love it. The Shat has always been a good sport about things, and it’s nice to see someone else being a good sport about things, too. At the very least, it demonstrates that Palin understands the absurdity behind it and doesn’t get all twisted up when someone makes fun of her, like some other politicians out there right now. Regardless of whether you agree with her, it demonstrates a humanity that is sorely lacking in a lot of our lawmakers.

@AJ – Please make sure you tell others using this thread to open their attacks on Palin the same thing. Don’t just go after people with whom you disagree.

Conan rules!

Shat’s expression is priceless… or is that Priceline? I can’t tell if he’s embarrassed as hell, or thinking he’s back in the good old days and she’ll be joining him in his dressing room.”Pow! Taste my nightstick!”

Sara Palin was not funny at all in that clip. I mean just to be fair, I mean funny is funny and she was just not funny in that clip. I thought Bill was funny as usual. I also want to point out that Bill’s book does not sound like a crazy person wrote it when read out loud, Sara’s does.

I happen to be a democrat that thinks Palin is not funny. That being said I feel she has a right to appear any where she wants, with whom ever she wants.

Time for the Final Analysis

Sara Palin = Not funny

Sara Palin =Bad Politics

+ Sara Palin is Hot

Final Answer I would do her.

Just some simple Math.

Man.. it’s just so funny that some can’t get past their political prejudices and just enjoy a funny clip. BTW, personal degradation is no way to argue your point (on either side), it just makes you look petty.

Sarah Palin is attractive. IMO, take a look at Erica Durance AKA Lois Lane. She could play palin in a movie! there is a very string resemblance!

The Canadian thespian and the witch hunter from Alaska. Good one! :)

When I saw this earlier, I ROFL’d for real. (Then my mom got angry. Said I was too loud.)

Loved Andy’s comment after they left, though. “I was starting to think they were the same person.”

I’m so 1) buying Shatner’s autobiography 2) watching the rerun of this episode.

I find it odd we were asked to keep partisan political opinions to ourselves when it came to the “Nimoy & Orci Comment on President Obama’s Similarities to Spock” article. However, no such request is made when it comes to this article.

Can you say double standard?

#8 You don’t understand mainstream America, much in the same way we don’t understand parts of your culture. To millions of Americans Governor Palin represents their common values in a way no one ever has.

#38 I have been saying that for over a year. Erica Durance was born to play Gov Palin!

I am AMAZED at the prejudice Sarah suffers to this day.

C’mon, fellow fans: IT’S CALLED IDIC!!!

Ok. Here we go again. Im an Independent and I can Vote either way. I suported Hilliary Clinton for presedent. But I voted for Mccain when Hilliary did not get the Nom. Sara Palin is a good Woman and a Great Mom. What everyone on the Dem side is Scarred of is that she is a real Woman who Represents most of the Country. I do not think she is Qualified to lead the Country. But she is a good Woman and a good Mom.

The Shat Strikes again. As Mccoy said in Star Trek 6. (What is it with you!!!) Lol. Shat You are the Man!!!.

BTW, that clip was AWESOME!

I love how, as Sarah does her thing, Bill’s squirming like he just got OWNED!!!

They were both awesome–seriously.

Agreed Rush… all I can say is anyone who can’t laugh at that because of their political biases must have a pretty joyless life. Shat was brilliant, Palin was brilliant… funny, funny stuff.

#42 If she represents mainstream America the world is screwed. I wouldn’t want someone ‘mainstream’ representing me. I want someone better, someone smarter. And she ain’t it.

I think Conan was brilliant to get this as (what should be) the endgame of Shatner’s current hilarious run. The absurdity of having these two in one room reading from each others’ autobiographies made me chuckle even before I hit “play.”

I hope she was in awe of his Shatliness.