TrekInk: Exclusive 5-page Preview of Deep Space Nine Fool’s Gold #1

There hasn’t been a Deep Space Nine series comics for over nine years, but this week IDW changes all that with the first issue of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold". And today TrekMovie has an exclusive five page preview.


PREVIEW: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #1
Written by Scott and David Tipton, art by Fabio Mantovani.


Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine make their triumphant return to comics! When the station begins to be overrun by thieves, treasure-seekers, bounty-hunters and other assorted ne’er-do-wells, Major Kira and Constable Odo must find out why. Can they get to the bottom of it before the station’s new visitors bring things to a boiling point?

Fool’s Gold Issue 1 covers

Fool’s Gold Issue 1 five page preview


(click to enlarge)

"DS9: Fool’s Gold" #1 arrives in comic shops Wednesday December 16th. It is the first of five issues. You can pre-order the first three issues from TFAW.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fool’s Gold













A trade paperback combining the full DS9 Fool’s Gold series comes out in July, you can pre-order that now from Amazon

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Yeesh. Even in comics the ever talkative Morn never speaks. :P

I haven’t had much interest in DS9 for awhile, but I gotta say, reading these pages REALLY made me miss the show again. : (

Glad to see the running joke of the talktive Morn still shows up :D

Excellently drawn! Looks like we are in for a treat. Hopefully we will see many more DS9 stories. Hopefully Captain Archer’s Enterprise will see some love too and then bring on Captain Riker and Titan!

I’m very excited about this, DS9 has always been my favorite Trek series.

I wanted to ask though, are we going to see an Enterprise comic? Preferably one written by Manny Coto!

i miss u DS9!!

Bring on Enterprise. Until then that “Luck of the draw” ship looks pretty interesting. Would like to see more pics. I think someone should also compile a book of ships that have appeared in the various comics over the years.

Any chance we are going to be able to read the on the iphone?

I love DS9! Love it, love it, love it! Welcome back!

Wow,The Luck Of The Draw is one of the most innovative starship designs I’ve seen in a while. I really like that pivoting propulsion ring.

The likenesses could use a bit of work in these preview pages, but I have to say that Fabio Mantovani really draws the station and its sets well…

…and I have to echo everyone else that this makes me miss Deep Space Nine all over again. :(

Looks great! So when exactly does this take place in the timeline? Probably doesn’t matter, but the nerd in me would like to know.=

I, too, very much miss DS9 and Enterprise!

Long may they both live in fiction and comics!

great can’t wait to read these.

I love DS9

How can Ds9 exist i thought star trek XI destroyed the future so everything but Enterprise never happened, thanks JJ.

#16 – ST XI is set in a parallel universe. Google ‘Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics’, and ‘Multiverse’.

Some things about the preview confused me.

The story is supposed to be set at the end of season 3/start of season 4, just before Worf joins the crew. But Kira is wearing a uniform that was introduced after Worf joins the station.

Kira’s angry attitude here is one that a place more season 1-2, rather than when this is set, where she is much calmer and comfortable with Starfleet being on the station.

Jake and Nog running amuck. I thought Nog was supposed to be just about to join Starfleet at this stage. I again identify this with more season 1-2 material rather than when this is set.

Maybe its just the way I’m reading it. I’ll have to see the rest of the issue when it comes out.

@skyjedi: See the TNG episode “Parallels”. Or the Countdown comic. Or even the movie itself for that matter: They went to great effort to point out that an alternate reality was created and the original was *not* erased, and Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman have all confirmed this in interviews ad nauseum.

#17-Star Trek XI is Not set in a parallel universe. Contrary to what most people believe, Star Trek XI is simply a time travel story that really screwed things up. The countdown comics, were set in Picard’s era in the future, where B4 (after fully processing his downloaded info) has taken the name of his fallen brother Data and been promoted to Captain. As in real life, the crew got different jobs or were promoted to different positions which sent them to different locations. That is why Worf is now back with the Klingons.
All the singularity did was transport Nero and Spock to the past, to young Kirk’s era. Through the events of Nero wanting revenge and taking it, things were changed in the past. Now the Star Trek we know is screwed up thanks to JJ. But, if Ambassador Spock had done some computations for time travel and did a sling shot around the sun, he could have gone into the future and stopped Nero from entering the singularity. Or perhaps stopped the singularity from forming. It was artificial, it’s purpose being to consume the Hobus star and save Romulus. Unfortunately the writers weren’t smart enough to think of putting that in the movie and preserving the Star Trek timeline as we know it.
So please get it out of your heads that the movie was an alternate universe, it’s not! It’s the same universe, but it’s been changed because some silly writer didn’t bother to pay attention to written Star Trek history and make a proper story that would not have changed the timeline. Bottom line, if you’re going to make a story about time travel, pay attention to the past!

@2: They’re certainly not going to kill off the running gag now, are they? :)

@20: There’s no such thing as “Star Trek history”, beyond what the “silly writer” decides. It’s fictional. Made up. Not real. Etc.
Now, what did you think of the comic book?

I’d like to second the people above who miss DS9; seeing it again gave me warm fuzzy nerd feelings! And I adore the LuckJust a couple of questions:

* Doesn’t DS9 have some sort of customs checkpoint? What if those two had skipped the Promenade and headed straight for someplace important like Ops and just started shooting? Or just not run into Odo?

* Also, doesn’t Odo seem a bit dense here? Two shifty-looking guys with phasers, and he doesn’t think of frisking / scanning them for a backup piece? He should be way more on the ball than that.

I dig the design of the “Luck of the Draw” with it’s rotating warp arc… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that in Trek before.

Hey Captain Bill, like CarlG said, chill out. It doesnt exist in the first place. It’s science fiction. It’s fun. Just breathe in slowly and enjoy it. I’ll take my Trek in any imagined form that I can get it.

@skyjedi @Captain Bill

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


Looks great.
Been recently watching 5-6 episodes DS9 in a row on my new Plasma TV and i gotta say i finally made my mind:
Its my FAVOURITE Trek series before TNG. Its just so more real and versatile than TNG. Love all of the characters they are soo differenitiated not the wanne be super humans of TNG.

Will it ever get a Blu Ray? I hope so.

@Captain Bill
Star Trek XI IS in an alternative universe/reality.
Uhura says that in the movie and Spock confirms it

@CarlG and Desstruxion, I never said it did exist, I know it’s sci fi, I’m not stupid! Maybe instead of history, I should have said continuity, maybe that would have made more sense. But, by history, I mean the history of the characters and organizations such as Starfleet within the series as a whole. You can’t deny that they don’t have a history to them, every one of them has a back story which has been written and often referred to in other episodes/movies, or in other forms of ENTERTAINMENT such as novels and comic books. I don’t like the continuity of the shows or movies that I enjoy to be screwed with, and that’s exactly what happened.
@ RK Star Trek XI IS NOT in an alternate reality/universe. Please read Star Trek Countdown again, carefully. There is nothing in there about an alternate universe, that story is set 40 years or so after the events in the Star Trek TNG episodes Unification parts one and two. It’s possible to guess that the story takes place about 20 years after the events in Star Trek Nemisis. Star Trek Countdown was a great story, it made sense, and it fit perfectly into the Trek universe and didn’t screw things up. The movie did screw things up, they (the silly writers) didn’t pay attention to the continuity of the series or the movies that came before this film. As I stated before the singularity only took Spock and Nero into the past, it didn’t transport them into an alternate universe. We only assume that because things look different from what we’re used to seeing. It’s the SAME universe that was in the Original Series, but it has changed because and insane Romulan from the Future with a ship of Borg and Romulan technology is hell bent on getting revenge on Spock and Starfleet for the destruction of his home planet of Romulus. Starfleet technology looks different in the film because they had to beef up their technology to try to defend themselves from this highly advanced Romulan ship which could repair itself due to the Borg nanotechnology. I stress this again, it is the same universe, not a different one. Now that Vulcan has been destroyed, one of the most popular episodes “Amok Time” in the Original Series, can no longer take place because Spock has no home to return to. I hope I have made my points

#26 Get your head out of the sand. The movie DOES TAKE PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE/REALITY. Bob Orci has stated that previous episodes and movies still exist. When Nero and Spock travelled back in time, a new timeline was created. A new reality was created. Similar to the episode “Parallels”. And besides, “Star Trek” continuity still exists on dvd, novels and comic books.

As for Deep Space Nine, the comic looks great. Especially the station itself, considering the amount of detail. I hope (and am pretty sure) that we will see an “Enterprise” comic.

not sure why this is coming up again

some events in star trek 2009 take place in the prime universe, namely the creation of the jellyfish and narada, the destruction of romulus and the creation of a black hole that sucks spock and nero back in time. That event created an alternate PARALLEL timeline that branches off the prime timeline in the early 23rd century

Prime timeline continues as seen in Countdown. We also see the prime timeline in star trek online, which will deal with the destruction of romulus.

not sure what this has to do with a ds9 comic though

gee don’t they have better things to do like resolve the questions left by the funale?


Trekboi – The DS9 “reboot” book series has done a decent job with that. Even though neither are “canon” (by order of the space pope!), I’d rather not see the comics contradict the novels unless there is a really good reason.

I am all for a reboot of the series on TV or made for TV movie…

For further proof that the movie DOES NOT TAKE PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE REALITY/UNIVERSE please read Star Trek Nero, carefully. On page 4 of issue #1 of Star Trek Nero, Nero clearly states “The black hole must have sent us back in time.” The written word does not lie my fellow trekkies. It isn’t stated that they got sent to an alternate universe or reality. It’s right there in bold type, they were sent BACK IN TIME. That’s the SAME universe. It is only a different experience for the Romulan crew. If you want a perfect example of an alternate universe/reality watch some of the “mirror universe” DS9 episodes, that is what an alternate reality is. The new movie was simply a time travel story.
I don’t know what more hard evidence I could present to convince you all that the new movie screwed up the “prime” Star Trek timeline as we know it. The really good writers of Star Trek Countdown and Nero have laid it all out for us plain as day. There is no mention of an alternate universe in any of these comics. If a baffoon like me can see that, why can’t the rest of you? Are you blind, do you have Star Trek tunnel vision? I assure you, my head is not in the sand.
As for the bearing on the DS9 comic, I am in agreement with Skyjedi. It is quite possible that the federation never gains control of DS9 now because of the events in Star Trek XI. The lives of the heroes of the Star Trek universe we know have changed. Due to the events in Star Trek XI, there should be a ripple effect which could change the lives of other characters from the different Star Trek series, excluding Star Trek Enterprise. For example, it is highly possible that the starship Voyager will not have it’s Vulcan security officer Tuvok. If Tuvok was born on Vulcan, now he can not be born, Vulcan was destroyed in Star Trek XI. Ambassador Spock did NOTHING to reset the timeline to the way it should be. Shame on Spock, and shame on the writers for not putting that into the story.

Here’s hoping this series never gets created in the new alternate universe, something like the cardassians and dominion was wiped out by the Narada or Sisko’s dad/grandfather died in the Kelvin!

Burn DS9 Burn lol