Quentin Tarantino Lists Star Trek As Top Film Of 2009

Today comes news of yet another list Star Trek is on. The Hollywood Reporter asked Inglourious Basterds director Quentin Tarantino to talk about his favorite movies of 2009 and JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie came out on top of the list. See below for video of Tarantino’s top 8 for 2009. Plus we have some Tarantino Star Trek mashups, just for fun.


Quentin’s 2009 list
Director Quentin Tarantino lists his top 8 films of 2009.

His (prelim) list

  1. Star Trek
  2. Drag Me to Hell
  3. Funny People
  4. Up in the Air
  5. Chocolate (Thai film also known as "Fury")
  6. Observe and Report
  7. Precious
  8. An Education

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is said to be one of Tarantino’s favorite movies, and the title card at the beginning of Kill Bill Vol 1 stated: "Revenge is a dish best served cold – Old Klingon Proverb"

Maybe if JJ Abrams doesn’t have the time to direct the Star Trek sequel we will see "Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek: Something Something". Abrams certainly knows Tarantino, he cast Quentin for a recurring role during the first season of Alias, when JJ was still hands on with the show (see video below).

Tarantino Trek Mashups
Seems like as good a time as any to show off some Star Trek/Tarantino Mashups from the YouTube.

Kill Bill Shatner (by FuzzyScottsman)

TAS/Kill Bill Trailer (by GoAnimate)

Pulp Trek (by Javilinman)

Pulp Fiction meets Voyager (by JanewayJunkie)




Source: THR

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Don’t think a full-on QT Star Trek is a good idea, but maybe something like Sin City where he directs a few sequences. Regardless, the man has good taste!

would be sick to see Tara direct a Star Trek

anther = another?

Tarantino being involved with trek would be gold.

I know some would think it would just be kill bill on the enterprise but i think that is missing the point of Tarantino’s writing skills.

He clearly is a master of story telling and being familiar with the Trek universe i doubt he would do anything to disturb that as such yet he would still bring elements that may be lacking, Not that different to what JJ and team have done but with his signature.

wow i can’t even begin to imagine what star trek would look like if he dirrected it. At the very least it would have random anime in the middle of it. At least it wouldn’t have any stupid lens flares.

Like i said those who think he would just do what they have seen in his other films have completely missed the point.

A Tarentino Trek? Frankly, I try to visualize such a thing and I can’t. I think it would either be insanely awesome, or a spectacular train wreck — nothing in between.

On the plus side, his episode of CSI blew my freaking mind, so that’s a point in his favour.

@6: So does that mean we’d never find out what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese on Andoria?


OK, Pulp Trek made only slightly less sense than Pulp Fiction.

Moving on…

Yeah I think Mr. Tarantino would do an amazing job if he were to be involved with the next trek.

Imagine him coming up with a enterprise crew vs. some natural phenomenon or alien culture…whatever. He really would bring a strong story to a star trek movie and the depth “we” need.

Kang cuts off Spock’s ear and screams into it: “Hello?!”

QT is a genius director – he studies the
characters, brings out the best in each
one, and then yells “ACTION!” I don’t
think he would make Trek weird, just
really good and original like he did with
one of the CSI episodes.

Big Fan of both JJ and QT.

Regarding the poll: I voted ‘same level of interest.’ … which means none. LOL!

“Inglourious Basterds” was probably my favorite movie of the year. The opening scene in the French cottage and the scene in the grotto/bar were fantastic.

Tarantino Trek would be a hoot.

Can we please give the light flares issue a decent burial?

It’s old news. It was JJ’s artistic decision. Some of you didn’t like it. Some did. Some were indifferent to it (me).

Give it up. It’s done… it’s over. AND all your bitching is not going to change it.

I remember years back durring the brosnan era bond films, that Brosnan made a comment saying that he wanted to do a bond film that was harsher and gritier and more realistic, and that he wanted His friend Tarentino to direct it. specificly his idea was actually remaking Casino Royale. But the Bond producers supposedly said they didnt want to go that direction(with either being grittier and more realistic or remaking Casino royale, despite the fact thats what ended up happening only with a different actor and the return of Martin campbell as director)

I remember when i read that interbview how friggen cool that would have been to see a Brosnan in what would have been the most intense bond film of his era directed by QT but alas it was not to be.

Besides being a excellent director QT is a huge star trek fan so i would definately love to see a trek film directed by him.

I like Tarantino. For those who are unaware, he also had a spectacular acting role in Alias (by J. J. Abrams).

@8, i thought that had been covered in deep space nine.

qt is one of those rare genius filmmakers. if he directed a trek film it wouldnt be ‘crazy’ but it would b awesome.


I can dig it.

I’d love to see Sam Jackson as the bad guy in a DS9 movie directed by QT

Tarantino would be gold-pressed latinum in the bank.

Quentin makes a good movie, but his tastes are pretty hit and miss.

A Quentin Tarantino Star Trek sounds very interesting. :D

RE 21 Sammy Jackson as Klingon/Bounty hunter type methinks would be friggin awesome!

Ooops! Meant 20 grr… my bad

Don’t let Tarantino anywhere near TREK. He’ll do nothing but ruin it.

Tarantino lately sees himself important enough to beard, the signs of a delusional mind.

correction: heard

Actually, I think Quentin Tarantino would be an interesting choice for director. Especially if the next movie deals with Khan and/or the Klingons. I know it would be hard to make a Khan/revenge movie seeing as how he hasn’t encountered Kirk and co. yet, but he could come up with something. The bigger problem would be to make it family-friendly. Something tells me Tarantino, Khan and Klingons would be “bloody” awesome.

A man that would include Funny People anywhere on his list does not make me have confidence in his picks. That was one of the longest, most boring movies I saw this year and I saw Jennifer’s Body.

#15: “Can we please give the light flares issue a decent burial? […] Give it up. It’s done… it’s over. AND all your bitching is not going to change it.”

The “Zoe Saldana looked hot in that Starfleet uniform” issue is settled and repeated commentary won’t change it, does that mean nobody’s allowed to praise that specific aspect of the film, either?

For just one example.

Message to Quentin Tarantino: Please re-write and re-make Kung Fu, using elements from the original pilot and the last episode of Season 1 (“The Ancient Warrior)”. If you want my help, just ask : )

He was generous leaving his own movie off the list. From the movies I’ve seen, Inglourious Basterds is the best film of the year. Star Trek was also great.

I agree that Trek XI is the best film of 2009

I am adament that it is NOT the best Trek movie and would probably place it 5 or 6th place in the Trek movies. But it is the best film of 2009.

If you ask me, I think Quentin Tarantino should have done the *G.I.Joe* live action. I think with his Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds background, a QT take on the whole Snake Eyes/ Storm Shadow backstory would have KICKED A**! But alas we got shite for a G.I.Joe movie.

I say reboot the reboot.

I love Quentin Tarantino. I don’t think I want him in Star Trek, though.

However, I DO think it would be awesome if he made a totally tongue-in-cheek (what else?) Sci-Fi movie.

Okay, so, you know those Captain Proton holodeck programs on Voyager? That’s the kind of thing he should do as a Sci-Fi movie, but with excessive sex and violence… Captain Proton, Death Proof style!

@33 — “He was generous leaving his own movie off the list. From the movies I’ve seen, Inglourious Basterds is the best film of the year.”

I also loved Inglourious Basterds. I agree about his modesty, though… classy.

I must be the only one who is not really a fan of JJ Abrams.
True he made a good Trek movie but I guess I just aint a fan of his stuff.

Taratino is a great director but not sure his style works for Trek.

I am a massive fan of Tim Burton fan but I would not choose Tim Burton to direct a Star Trek movie

That’s it, i just lost all respect for Quentin!!

Is Tarantino trekker?

38 Only because their styles are not the Trek style.

Tim Burton is still my fav director


I love Tarantino, but I personally don’t think he’d be right for Trek. Or Trek would be right for him.

I’d be much more interested in him doing a Bond film. Now that would be something…

Would I still be able to take my kids to see a Star Trek film by QT? Or by definition, is it automatically rated R?

I thought “Inglourious Basterds” was a decent film, but I’m really surprised at all the Oscar buzz the film is getting.

I’m not being a homer when I say that I think “Star Trek” was the better film.

I dunno about Tarentino doing ST all it would be is loud noises and shocking scens

Who honestly thinks Tarantino could make a Trek film that at the end of the day would be a Trek film in spirit?

I dislike his films, but even if I did like them I would never want him to direct a Star Trek feature or touch it with a barge pole. A good director doesn’t mean that they can do every movie well; best if they stick to their strengths (I mean, thinking of what Tarantino would do to The Wrath of Khan would be as bad as seeing what Spielberg would do to… well, any of Tarantino’s films.)

And reams of pithy dialogue. I was glad that was dialed back in Basterds, Death Proof was hamstrung with it to the point of boredom. The start and the end of the film were great, but the middle really dragged.

I am undecided as to whether he should make a Star Trek film. As someone said, it’d either be terrible or mind blowing, without much room for middle ground.

Good point, Mr Fuchs.

I was replying to #19. We posted at the same time.

#7–If you can’t imagine what a Tarantino Trek would be like? Imagine First Contact with more Borg-killing sequences and the style of Pulp Fiction…

TO ANTHONY: IF YOU CAN GET A MESSAGE TO JJ OR ORCI OR SOMEONE___PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE highly encourage them to get Tarantino to be behind the wheel of the 2012 Trek film:D