Watch Ron Moore’s Caprica Pilot Online + Trek Vets on Newsweek Best Of Decade

Veteran Star Trek writer/producer Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica wrapped up its fourth and final season earlier this year, but the story of the Colonies is not over. In January SyFy begins airing the new BSG prequel series Caprica (also co-created by Moore). And today SyFy put the entire pilot episode online. You can watch it below.  


Watch Caprica
The Caprica pilot below is a slightly different one that was released on DVD in April (with the most obvious change being the removal of the few bits of nudity). SyFy also says that the version airing January 22nd might also be slightly altered from what is available here.

You can also watch this at and get more info on Caprica.

BSG, Lost, Daisies – Best of the Decade
Newsweek and Facebook have teamed up to put together their summary for the decade of the 2000’s. In the category of best 10 TV Dramas, Moore’s Battlestar Galactica ranked #5, and JJ Abrams & Damon Lindelof’s Lost ranked #2. And in the category of Best 10 TV Comedies, Pushing Daisies, created by Trek vet writer/producer Bryan Fuller, was ranked #10.

There is one more Trek connection to the Newsweek ‘Decade in Rewind’ feature. Star Trek director JJ Abrams wrote an essay for Randy Pausch for the 10 People Who Died Too Young list.


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I really liked Caprica. I just wish tptb wouldn’t take so long between the pilot and the series.

watched caprica on dvd thought it was great. hope the new series is up to the same standard as bsg. loved that show. rock on

great i’m no 1

I thought the pilot dragged on and on and on….

BUT in spite of that I did like the premise.

Errrrrrrr… Again. Only in the US

Really? BSG one of the best TV dramas of the decade? I guess that means there wasn’t much competition…

Seriously, for all this talk about how everyone wants to be the new BSG, I don’t see what the big fuss was about. I think it won acclaim just because it was all “dark” and “gritty” and “real” in atmosphere, not necessarily the quality of the actual show’s content. I liked parts, but the fact was that they made a hell of a lot of it up on the fly, so for all the talk ’bout the “plan”, there wasn’t much of one and the ending was a major letdown.

Also, while it might have been critically acclaimed, it never had stellar ratings–only 2.4 for the finale, around 2 million for the final season average, and only around 1-2 million for the years before that. It’s pretty poor, even for a cable show (consider that SGU is punting around similar numbers right now, quality of the shows aside).

I liked the pilot, but the virtual reality was a turn off for me…

Wow, those are some pretty bad “best of” lists!

“In Treatment” makes the top ten dramas, but “The West Wing” does not?

“The Comeback” (does anyone even remember that one?) makes Top Ten Comedies but “The Big Bang Theory” does not?

Wow. Just…. wow.

How can BSG be ranked as low as #5?

Not only was it the best program of the decade. It may have been the best program (of any genre) of all time.

8. Voodoo… To each his own, I thought the first season of BSG was outstanding but the rest was tedious excepting a few sporadic moments of greatness. The last three seasons could have been condensed into about 10 episodes with very little of the story lost.

Pushing Daisies was ranked #10?

I’m sorry, but that show was crap. Someone got paid to put that show on the list.

I liked the Caprica pilot. Can’t wait for the series. :)

The Caprica pilot has some pacing issues (needed tighter edit), but I did like it and want to see more.


I’ve only recently started watching BSG, via Netflix, I’m up to the latter part of the second season. It has its moments, but it’s not as good as what I’d expected… maybe nothing could live up to everything I’ve read about it. My expectations were also high because Ron Moore had been involved in some of my favorite Star Trek. My biggest problem is its strong serial nature. I guess I was expecting something more like Star Trek and the way more TV used to be, where each episode was a complete, satisfying, self-contained story (apart from an occasional 2-part story). I mean, I do like an underlying continuing story, but I prefer that to be the subtext under strong individual stories, as opposed to it being the main story. Some BSG episodes have been like that, but too often an episode feels like simply the next installment of a soap opera with no resolution in sight.

As someone who abso-frakkin-lutely loved the RDM BSG, warts and all (I will readily admit they stumbled at times), I enjoyed the Caprica pilot quite a bit. It wasn’t perfect, but I don’t neccessarily expect that out of a pilot. And the very last scene throws a VERY fascinating twist on the Toasters. Oh, and it’s got Polly Walker; me likey Polly Walker!

@14 Scott

I can see how that could be frustrating (contnuous stories). It did make it hard for me to recommend it to people as the series came to a close, only because they’d have to stat from the very beginning. But then again, as you watch it and see just how everything intertwined, it was worth it.

BSG had some moments of brilliance. The writing was exceptional, even if the plot seemed to meander through the desert in some places. Thompson & Weddle get most of the credit for that, I think. There were some great scenes throughout the run of the series. Even though they missed the mark on the finale, they at least seemed to be able to keep track of where everything was during the run. For the most part.

I think what made BSG “ground-breaking” was a combination of reboot+anti-Trek+Olmos & McDonnell. The Peabody doesn’t go to just anyone.

On the flip side of that, I don’t think BSG was the best of the genre. I think it was too dark, too depressing. The ending lacked any sense of completion and seemed way too contrived for my taste.

But then the other end of the pendulum swings over to JJTrek, which was complete popcorn and no plot, a bunch of strung-together coincidences.

Exceptional science fiction needs to be somewhere in the middle – dark moments full of danger, but with seeds of hope inside. Funny moments to contrast the scary ones. A mix of emotions, reflective of humanity. Because after all, sci-fi is really a journey of self-exploration. We need a show that has a bit of everything, just like we are in real life.

But we can probably skip the 2am trips to the bathroom…

I saw caprica and I literally fell asleep half way through so not recommending it, it’s to slow, no action, and plot has a Wesley Crusherish theme. NO THANKS.

A complete was of time. BORING.

#5 is wise to say: “Really? BSG one of the best TV dramas of the decade? I guess that means there wasn’t much competition…”

Amen to that. Contrived, heavy-handed, lopsided, shortsighted, and increasingly dumbed-down for a coffeehouse audience. Had promise at the start, but consumed itself utterly by midpoint and then went out with an ending so tacked-on and lazy its own stars were mocking it at conventions just weeks after. Had some fine acting, though. Alas.

borring,we need some action shows,with battles and explosions,and chrome tired of all these soap operas.especially teenage vampire soap operas,and shows that claim to be sci fi,but are just soap operas with out science or imagination

So annoying when clips are not allowed outside of the US, ffs it’s the internet, if it’s online, the world should have access to it! Whoever invented that block or passed that law should get a facepalmx1000

I’m not suprised that it’s America only. SyFy are notorious for that.
Oh well. It was a nice idea :(

You peeps outside of the U.S. aren’t missing much… There are a few good things about Caprica but not enough to make it worthwhile. It’s going nowhere fast unless they retool this sucker mid-stream which I doubt will happen.

I had no problem at all with Caprica. I expected to hate it after reading some of these comments but couldn’t stop watching it and was quite pleased at the end. Although I was sometimes annoyed by the “religious” aspects of BSG, it was interesting to see how the Cylons developed the “one god” interest.

Caprica’s pilot worked overall. I much prefer space-based sci-fi, but I can see that there’s some potential here. I’m not really sure where it’ll have to go to fill up multiple seasons. I wish they’d have aimed for a mini-series, say about 10 hours’ worth. Still, it’s not too bad.

It’s obvious where this series is going… the first war with the Cylons. Most likely that’ll be a whole new series. Then we’ll be able to see the Galactica and the rest of the fleet established. Love the “Adams” family in this.. all really great performances by these actors. Can’t wait for the series to start up.