Watch Zachary Quinto Voice Tutorial EMH For Star Trek Online

On Monday we reported that Zachary Quinto will be voicing an Emergency Medical Hologram who will guide you in the tutorial for Star Trek Online. Now Atari has released video showing Quinto at work, along with the first look at the EMH 6.0 he will be playing. There are also new details on the various retail exclusives for STO.


Quinto’s EMH

Pre-order FAQ and details
Recently a lot of info has been coming out on pre-orders and exclusives and there has been some confusion. So Cryptic have set up some helpful pages on the site

And to help you out, here is the new pre-order FAQ

Q: Where can I pre-order?

A: Our pre-order partners can be found on our retail page.

Q: What about the EU/UK? What about the collector’s edition there?

A: Namco/Bandai is handling distribution in the United Kingdom and EU. They are working on various product plans currently. We will post information as we know it.

Q: How does the pre-order work? How do I get into Open Beta and the Head Start?

A: When you purchase the preorder, you’ll receive a Key that works for Open Beta and Head Start. Keys will either be e-mailed to you or given to you at the store. Each retailer is sending out keys at different times so check with them about timing.

Q: Will I receive my retailer exclusives during the Head Start?

A: No. The exclusives are tied to the retail product, not to the preorder key. In other words, you’ll need to purchase the full version of the game and input that key.

Q: Do the exclusive items stack? Can I get more than one thing?

A: Yes, different items stack. So if someone purchased multiple copies of the game from various retailers, he would receive all those items for EACH character created. Included playtime will still stack as well. However, the same bonus does not stack. So if someone purchases from Wal Mart twice, he cannot get two 500 point skill bonuses for the same character. (Each character will get one).

Q: If I purchase the game in order to get the retailer exclusive, can I give the code to someone else?

A: No. You only receive the retailer exclusive once you redeem the retail code. Once you’ve done that, the code cannot be used again.

Q: Will the exclusives be offered as a microtransaction?

A: Not at launch, but somewhere down the road we may offer to let people purchases these if they did not pre-order.

Q: When is the Head Start? When is Open Beta?

A: Open Beta is 1/12/10 – 1/26/10. Head Start is 1/29/10-2/2/10.

Q: If I purchase the Digital Deluxe Item from Steam, D2D, etc. will I also receive their retailer exclusives?

A: Yes.

Q: If I preorder the game, but don’t pick up the retail game, will I be stopped from playing past the Head Start?

A: Not right away. We will have a grace period of several days to give everyone the opportunity to pick up the retail copy of the game.

Q: How do I get my items?

A: After you’ve entered your retail keys(s) and create a character, you’ll enter your first map and immediately see a pop up screen. This will notify you of the item(s) available for you in our C-Store, online microtransaction store. You’ll be able to collect these items for free at any time and they’ll be applied to that particular character.


And if you are ready, then click the link below to pre-order at Amazon (you can choose regular or deluxe collector’s edition once at the Amazon site)

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Ah ha! I knew there was a little bit of Crusher in him!

I am so grateful that, in addition to an excellent portrayal of Spock, that Zach is embracing Trek through and through. I think it goes a little beyond just being a cash cow for him, I sense that he’s in to it.


I totally agree…if anything, the man is grateful for his fame and giving something back to the people that contributed to it…what a class act…

The more voiceovers STO gets from well known Trek actors, the better. Heck, the more voiceover work in the game, the better. Period.

Gonna be honest, his voice doesn’t strike me as good EMH material. Too crackly for my taste. One would think that Starfleet would prefer an aesthetically pleasing sound to emit from their EMH’s vocal regulators…

Picardo set a high bar.

if Quinto can worj the same magic he had reading the Star Trek adaptation, it’ll be sweet.

and i’m still perplexed why you get the TOS Enterprise with one pre-order, and the TOS uni’s with another. why would they do that to us?

ADMIRAL Crusher!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

OK, I LOLed at that last bit after the fade to black. Zach’s the coolest!

Does anyone know how much the monthly fee will be?

6 – because some people will actually buy it twice to get both.

That is what I want to know Adam E. I wonder why the figure hasn’t been released yet….


anything for more money, eh? i’ll bet ya people will swap codes on the forums…as i’ve said before in a ntoher post, i’d glady trade my Wrath of Khan Admiral’s Uni for the TOS uni’s…

That bit at the end when Quinto goes “Always wanted to do that, always” felt like something Sylar would say after doing some evils.

Well I’m guessing the cost per month will be the same or close to the cost for Champions Online. Here is a copy and paste from Champions Online’s site:

Q: Will a monthly fee be required to play?
A: A monthly fee is required for Champions Online. Our current pricing is as follows:

$14.99 recurring for a month-to-month subscription.
$41.97 recurring for a 3-month subscription. ($13.99 per month)
$77.94 recurring for a 6-month subscription. ($12.99 per month)

These are the same prices for WoW. A bit more than what I’m willing to pay.


Good thing there is a single player for us poor people…

single player? What are you refering to?

Not interested as long as there is a monthly fee.

I don’t want to feel like I HAVE to play a game X hours a month in order to make it “worth” the price. I want to pay for something once, then play through it in my own time. If it is so good that I play it more often, cool. If not, at least I know how much money it will cost me.

Seriously, am I supposed to think about stuff like “hm… I better not go on vacation where I can’t be online because if I do I still have to pay for a game I am not playing…”

To me the monthly fee is a HUGE turn off. No game can be that good.

ugh, more zillion-meter-high ceilings >.< …and somebody realign those holoprojectors!

love that Zachary is doing the voice though. <3