Watch ‘Science Trek’ – New PBS Show Hosted By LeVar Burton

This week our regular science writer Kayla is attending an important science conference and learning important sciencey stuff, so instead of our regular science article, we bring you a new show airing this month on PBS, exploring the science of Star Trek, hosted by LeVar Burton on the set of the Enterprise D.


Science Trek

Science Trek is a new show airing this month on PBS stations which explores the intersection of science fact and science fiction, discussed using Star Trek as a hook (using many clips from various Star Trek episodes). Science Trek is hosted by Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton, who was filmed on a recreation of the Enterprise D bridge (shot at Star Trek The Exhibition). The show features interviews with many notable scientists, including many from MIT (visit for more on that).

Here is a promo for the show

WATCH Science Trek
Science Trek is repeating on various PBS stations, so check your local listings. And you can watch the full show at YouTube in a six part playlist. It is not embeddable, so click the image below to launch the YouTube playlist in a new window.

CLICK to launch YouTube playlist in a new window


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