New Home Video Commercial Trumpets Return Of Star Trek

2009 was a big year for Star Trek and many feel is the year that Star Trek came back and was made cool again (although we always thought it was cool). This meme is the basis for a new TV commercial promoting the Star Trek on home video as a great holiday gift item. Check it out below, plus an overview of the year of Star Trek on home video.


Bless you Star Trek

This new TV commercial promotes Star Trek as a good idea for holiday shopping.

2009 – a great year for Star Trek Home video

2009 has been a great year for Star Trek on home video and offers plenty of ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for yourself or your firends.

Star Trek 2009 movie

The JJ Abrams movie is available in three basic sets (plus some retailer exclusives – see article for more details).

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009

[TrekMovie review]

3-disk set



Star Trek TOS & TNG movies

All 10 previous Star Trek movies were re-released this year on both DVD and Blu-ray with new special features. These were in TNG and TOS box sets, plus the four of the ‘even numbered movies’ were also released as seperate films

Title Blu-ray DVD
Next Generation
Movie Collection

[TrekMovie Review]

Original Series
Movie Collection

[TrekMovie review]

Wrath of Khan
ST: IV Voyage Home
ST: The Undiscovered Country
ST: First Contact

Star Trek: The Original Series

In 2009 all three seasons of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series were released on Blu-ray (the DVD versions were released in 2007/2008).

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek TOS
Season 1 (Remastered)

[TrekMovie Review]

(released 11/20/2007)

Star Trek TOS
Season 2 (Remastered)

[TrekMovie Review]


(released 8/5/2008)

Star Trek TOS
Season 3 (Remastered)

[TrekMovie Review]


(released 11/18/2008)

Star Trek TOS
3 seasons pack


(released 11/18/2008)

‘Best of" TNG & TOS sets

And for those on a budget, CBS released two volumes each of four-episode ‘Best of’ sets for TOS and TNG. The sets were DVD only, no Blu-ray.

Volume 1

[TrekMovie review]

Volume 2

Galaxy Quest – Deluxe Edition

Although not technically Star Trek, Paramount also released a new Deluxe Ediciton of the Trek parody Galaxy Quest to coincide with Star Trek releases. The DVD edition came out in May and the Blu-ray came out in the Fall.

Title DVD Blu-ray
Galaxy Quest
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I don’t see how thats going to sell copies.

A sense of humour goes a long way.

that’s pretty funny

Is it just me or is the last guy wearing a Slusho shirt?

Welllllllllllllllll… quite frankly, I’ve had STAR TREK mousepads, mugs and die-cast toys at my work desk for years and never gave a rat’s patootie what people thought of me. Turns out, every so often someone would say, “Hey! You like STAR TREK?” and start talking about how much they loved the Tribbles episode.

Keep a sense of humor about yourself and enjoy what you enjoy. I realize the commercial’s supposed to “cute,” but why even hide your enjoyment in the first place? We’re not all a bunch of basement-dwelling mouth-breathers, you know…

Yeah, I love Trek…never minded people knowing about it. I guess I might chuckle though seeing it on tv “Whats this for? Oh! lol”.

I understand though having had people who never watched an episode tell me how cool the movie was, one of my friends asked to borrow my boxed sets.

I, too, have Trek memorabilia (toys) at my
work desk – and am never made fun of.
Some people “get it”, and some don’t. It’s
all good.

I never hid my love of all things Trek, either.
Pretty funny commercial, though!

HA! That’s awesome!

Paramount/CBS can go kiss my ***.

How dare they promote the film that way !

I’m pretty offended by this clip.

I think it’s cute, actually. And rather funny. xD Just from experience, when I was a 14-year-old girl, just gotten into Star Trek (and we’re talking 2007, yo) I didn’t think anybody would know about it… Unless they were my parents or around the age of my parents.

I love the fact that the new movie’s come out… But alas, I haven’t been able to get any of my friends to watch DS9. …Next step, Captain Sisko? ;3

I was offended on the first viewing, then on the 2nd I found it funny.
It is actually a pretty smart commercial.

#10 I don’t know how anyone could be “offended” by this tongue-in-cheek ad. Clearly it was meant to be humorous by mocking the stereotype that Trekkies have been unfairly labled with. And the ironic thing is, you stated your displeasure in an outrageous fashion that some might find offensive.

As for the ad itself, I thought it was pretty funny.

lol what the hell?

#13 Why don’t you sit down with some of your friends and put in some of your favorite episodes? Or episodes like “Trials and Tribble-ations” and “In The Pale Moonlight”?

OOPS!! I Meant #11 not myself lol!

If you’ve been a geek for a long enough time, you should have learned to not give a crap about what people think, and least of all, be ashamed about what you like. If you’re offended by this commercial, grow up.

That being said, I’m amused that this is how they’re marketing the DVD of the movie.

to those who are getting offending all i can say is

lighten up, cupcakes

Kind of annoying, but whatever.

#17 “lighten up, cupcakes” Very funny HA! HA!

I’ve been a “geek” for a long time now and don’t give a damn what the naysayers say! In fact, I fit the “definition” of geek. The mainstream crowd has always lableled “Star Wars” fans as “cool” while calling Trekkies geeks and nerds. It’s just the way it is. Might as well celebrate our “geekdom”.

On a final note, I am also a “Star Wars” fan. But I like “Star Trek” even more. “Star Wars” is definitely cool, but “Star Trek” is more cerebral and thought-provoking.

I was always proud of being a star trek fan, my DVD’s and blu-rays proudly displayed, and epic collection of video tomes, almost holy in their own right lol. This new movie did reawaken the world as to what star trek is, and how can you not be proud of that.

The commercial is funny, I like it. In this day and age humor and sex will always sell.

yeah, that add was kind of lame.

Personally I think Star Trek allways was cool, and this was the year it died, not was reborn.

@17. So we can’t be rude to each other, but you can be rude to some of us?


That was actually pretty funny I thought!

23 – There’s a difference between people flaming each other and Anthony saying “lighten up.” If you can’t tell the difference, you’re clearly in the category that needs to lighten up.

ANY of you who were “offended” by this ad need to seriously look at yourselves. There is NOTHING offensive in here to Trekkies, Trekkers, or whatever Trek-thing you call yourself.

Years ago, Carl’s Jr. restaurants ran a commercial that WAS offensive to Trekkies, mocking people and sneering “Isn’t there a convention in town?” and so forth.

But THIS commercial? Cheese and crackers, if you people can’t smile at this, you need serious help. You’ve become far too self important. You need a reality check.

that was cute

and anyone who is offended by Anthony’s comment proves his point. Some Trek fans are really waaaaaaaaaaaay too sensitive

I think that it is funny and offensive at the same time! It is definitely funny, there’s no denying that, but what I find offensive is that it seems to say Star Trek of past lore is something to be embarrassed about while New Trek has made it cool! I think New Trek is undeniably cool, but Trek has always been cool, and there would be no cool New Trek without the Awesome Old Trek upon which it is based!!!!!! Still funny though!!!

Offended? Get a life.

Agreed Tox Uthat. What really made Star Trek worth watching in the first place was not about its moral messages and so forth, but for the fact that it was cool to begin with. And once they finally brought Star Trek back in reruns in a time slot that actually makes sense, then it took off. But over time, probably after Gene Roddenberry’s death, it started to become a little more stuck-up. And naturally loss of interest began to plague it.

But but this movie brought back that magic, that feel, that sense of actually going where no one has gone before. Bring Star Trek back to what it was, something worth watching.

I haven’t read this thread because I know it’s probably gonna have some comments I don’t want to read, but I will nevertheless say: Star Trek was, is, and ever shall be cool. :-)

“This meme is the basis for a new TV commercial promoting the Star Trek on home video as a great holiday gift item. Check it out below, plus an overview of the year of Star Trek on home video.”

Uh, John…. what is a meme? Never heard of that word before…

lol, i guess no one understands my sarcastic comments.

That ad wins the “lowest common denominator” of the year award for uniqueness. A little funny, but it could have been a lot smarter.

Pretty funny ad that as 34 said plays to the lowest common denominator but I still can’t help but feel that CBS/ Paramount are going out of their way to flip the bird to the old school fans with stuff like that. No real need for it, the film stands on its own without the need for p*ss taking and the playing up of ill informed stereotypes.

Couldn’t they have thrown in at least one woman?


Get over yourself.

I saw the spot over the weekend and thought it was a total WIN. I think it got the attention of a crowd that might have glossed over seeing a standard Trek commercial.

Cheesy … just like Star Trek.

Oh God! Where are they running this horrible thing? How incredibly sexist … they couldn’t put one single woman in this video? Gotta tell you, if I were not already sold on this franchise, this commercial would convince me to run the other direction fast. After so many marketing hits, why this pathetic effort? I get that this is supposed to be funny, but these collection guys don’t paint a pretty picture for the public perception of the fanbase. Sorry Paramount, this is a huge miss.

At least it was only 15 seconds.

Would have been funnier if the cast from “The Big Bang Theory” had done it.

A ‘meme’ is a popular viewpoint or cultural wisdom, like the one this year about how star trek is now cool again

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

#42, Anthony. You are one smart dude. Never even heard of tha word.

Yes, after 44 years, Trekies are STILL living in their parents basements waiting for them to die to own it. We never have been laid, and instead of putting away for our retirement, we have thousands of dollars of Trek stuff littering every corner. We check the trek sites hourly for anything new we can read, or buy and daily pay homage to the Paramount alter that is capitalism! That commercial was embarrassing and just plainTribble turds.
It was worth all of the 29.99 it cost to produce.

It is always a bit difficult to sit apart from the mainstream. It makes no sense to me that mindless action flicks are “cool,” while thought-provoking stories that examine moral issues, while at the same time entertaining people, are “not cool.” And yet if we prefer the latter we are “not cool.” Really the only option is to disregard the popular sensibilities and judgments. It’s not that it’s hard, but it is sometimes frustrating- a bit like swimming against the current.
Ah well. As Spock said “Superior ability breeds superior ambition.”

That commercial was pure tribble turds. Remotely funny, to the very lower common denominator. Paramount still insults the very fanbase that they’ve milked for every $ they’ve sucked out of us since 1966. Too bad they couldn’t have taked the classy or intelligent road. I’m surprised they didn’t film a geek in spock ears in his parents basement talking to his blow up date.

i find this to be OFFENSIVE, speaking as a trekkie, ive never had to worry about it, infact ive never cared who knew the i liked Trek!

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