IDW March 2010 Star Trek Comics Covers & Details

neroOn Wednesday IDW finishes up 2009 with one more Star Trek comic (see preview), but has much more planned in 2010. Today IDW released their solicitations for comics for March 2010, which includes three Star Trek comic issues, continuing their ongoing TNG, DS9 and ST09 series. We have synopses and cover art below.



New issues

Star Trek Movie Adaptation #2 (FC 32 pages $3.99)
Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Tim Jones, Mike Johnson (w) David Messina (a & c)
The official comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Star Trek continues in this mini-series presented by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman! Follow young Kirk and Spock on their journey towards Starfleet Academy and witness Kirk’s first encounter with the USS Enterprise! Brought to you by the creative team behind the best-selling Star Trek: Countdown, this series includes scenes not included in the original film!


Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #5 (FC 32 pages $3.99)
Zander Cannon (w) Javier Aranda (a) Joe Corroney (c)
It’s the stunning conclusion! As Worf’s execution draws ever closer, Commander
Riker sends Data alone into enemy territory to find him. Meanwhile, Picard and his fellow prisoners search desperately for a way out of the white zone before their link to the real world disappears—trapping them forever!


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #4 (FC · 32 pages · $3.99)
Scott & David Tipton (w) Fabio Mantovani (a) Sharp Brothers, David Messina (c*)
With Deep Space Nine descending into chaos, Captain Sisko turns to an unexpected source for assistance—but how can the Cardassian tailor Garak help? It all comes together in this final issue of IDW’s debut DEEP SPACE NINE miniseries!
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.


New collection

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, Vol. 2 (TPB FC $19.99 128 Pages)
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Ian Edgington, Stuart Moore, Andy Schmidt, David Tipton, Scott Tipton (w) Elena Casagrande, Mike Hawthorne, Wagner Reis, J. K. Woodward (a) Various (c)
Cardassians, Klingons, Q, Romulans, and Tribbles. Five different and distinct alien races, all part of the Star Trek Universe. Five stand-alone stories that take you on unique and intriguing adventures, each focusing on an alien species that has come into contact—and often conflict—with the Federation of Planets!


This title is already available for pre-order at Amazon

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Good to see they still make these!

I might get the movie adaptation. Maybe.

DEFINITELY getting the movie adaption when it comes out in collection form.

I love having regular STAR TREK but i just can’t keep buying comics for cost & space- i have to wait for the Trade Paperbacks.
Why cant they release the Trades the month after the final issue? why do they make us wait 3-6 months?

Wahhhhhhhh another whiny Trek bitch.

Cool..haven’t got a movie adapt since UC….have that whole series between FF and UC before wildstorm ..loved early adventures with Pike, didn’t get into Academy or Voyager….

Where’s the Voyager/Enterprise comics?! Those I would like… especially Enterprise!

DS9 comic for the WIN.

6. Agreed! I understand that VOY and ENT aren’t as popular as the other series, but there’s still a significant number of fans (myself included) that would love to seem them revisited.

What I’d really like to see, though, is an ongoing comic series based in the reboot universe. Since there’s such a long wait between films, it’d be nice to have a more regular glimpse at their adventures. Novels (and fanfiction, when it comes to that) are nice, but the more stories to tide us over, the better!