Leonard Nimoy Joins Star Trek Online Voice Cast – Watch Behind The Scenes Nimoy Video

Today is turning out to be a busy day for STO news as we have a second (and very exciting) update. Star Trek’s original Spock Leonard Nimoy is joining the other Spock (Zachary Quinto) and lending his voice to the game. Atari has released a behind the scenes video of Nimoy recording for the game, which you can watch below.


Nimoy lends his voice to Star Trek Online

From the video below it appears that Nimoy is narrating the back story for Star Trek Online, which has been outlined on the official site.  

In a statement, Nimoy said of his involvement:

I’m happy to be involved with Star Trek Online. In this game, the essence of Star Trek — exploration and adventure — lives long and prospers. I’m pleased that a whole new generation of fans will be able to discover new frontiers in the Star Trek universe.

Nimoy joins Star Trek’s new Spock Zachary Quinto, who is providing the voice for the EMH who will guide you through the game’s tutorial. In case you missed it, here is that video.


STO is coming February 2nd, 2010
You can pick pre-order Star Trek Online at Amazon.

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This will be AWESOME!

More Awesomness! I hope this game lives up to the hype!


Sweet. I can’t wait for this game to come out.

Very exciting.

WOW!!!!. Spock Himself. I like this Game. It’s Exciting!!!!!!.

Yeah, I think I am hooked as well.

I have to decide if STO can co-mingle with WoW, or if I will eventually send my old high-level friends in Azeroth packing.

It’s not clear yet when WoW’s next package “Cataclysm” is being released, but if it’s not soon, STO may become far more interesting.

Now this will be good voice acting :)

I’m in!!! Can’t wait!

it’s too bad they won’t have a seperate EMh-like guide ala Quinto’s character…then they could interact with each other.

You know, with all the interest in Trek now, it would be a great time for some company to resurrect the canceled “Vulcan Fury” game from a few years back…you know, the one with all of the original cast playing their characters. What a waste that was when they canceled it.

“exploration and adventure”

????? Looks like ‘splosions.

First Quinto and now Nimoy? Wow…this is turning out to be a pretty stellar project.

This is great, but where’s the Shat?

The Shat probably demanded too much money or wouldn’t agree to a cameo.

This is great news. More Trek actors doing VOs for STO, please.

Well, that clinches it. I can not WAIT to get my hands on this game.

In all honesty… if Leonard Nimoy narrated something, I’d play it. Just for him.

#15– William Shatner narrated another Trek game. NOT as Kirk, just as narrator at the top of each mission.
So… I’m not sure where your statement is grounded?

this news just gave me goosebumps. nimoy plus quinto. and there is only one missing ingredient; stewart!

Shatner has done several Trek games, three in 2006 alone, and many years ago he was even filmed as Kirk for the game Starfleet Academy. Best of all he joined the entire TOS cast in voicing the classic adventure games Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites, both of which deserve to be remade with modern graphics so a new generation can enjoy them.

I like this news! It’s exciting!

@19: I loved those games — I used to play them all the time! I lost the star map, though, so I had to go to random planets and spent 90% of my gameplay time being blown up by Klingons. :)

That’s right, I forgot about Starfleet Academy! And I bought it at an antique shop back in March, lol.

I only have Star Trek: Encounters for the PS2 with him doing the narration, so that’s the one I was referring to. I love the game, once you get past the damn training mission at the beginning. That just pissed me off to no end. (Shattered Universe on the other hand…. I hate that game with a fiery passion. You work for Sulu, and it’s the hardest game I’ve ever played, except for The Lost World: Jrassic Park. But now I’m rambling, lol)

I didn’t know 25th Anniversary had any voices in it? Are you talking about the SNES game or is there another one?

@21: There was a PC version on floppies (LOL retro!) and the special edition CD with the voices.

Starfleet Academy was my favorite game of all time until Bridge Commander came out.

Shatner not only lent his voice, but acted on video in many cut-scenes and mission briefings & endings for SFA.

After I completed the game, I even bought another copy of it on ebay because it came with a pewter figure!

so, will thiss be on a game console by the time of launch or is this just a pc title?