Explore the Star Trek DVD/BD ‘Experience The Enterprise’ Augmented Reality

ellisonAn interesting feature of the Star Trek movie home video release is the ‘augmented reality experience’ where you can explore the Enterprise using a webcam and the box cover. Check out a new video that demos how it all works below.


Explore the Enterprise with your DVD or Blu-ray Box

You can have your ‘augmented reality’ Star Trek experience by visiting www.experience-the-enterprise.com/ and holding up your DVD or Blu-ray box up to your webcam. There are three different ‘experiences’ with the USS Enterprise you can explore.

Today Paramount released a new video demo of how it all works. Watch what you can do with the 2-disk DVD or the Blu-ray release of Star Trek.

(Video is also available on Facebook)


Blu-ray DVD

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nice first

1st! This is weird…. but worth trying out.

Hm. The article says “There are three areas of the USS Enterprise you can explore,” but the video doesn’t show any of them. That’s very teasy of them :/

Ok, dumb question. What is the prinicple for this projected imagery at work?

What happens if I just print out a copy of the front of the Blue Ray box and throw it in front of the camera?

What if I bought the Target exclusive BD in the model of the Enterprise?

Ah- the insert in the box does it.

Ah- Crashes Firefox every time I try it.

Then I tried in in Chrome which doesn’t recognize the plug-in. I am apparently Starfleet grounded….

Hasn’t any one figured out this Enterprise is just a cheap BEER FACTORY

Agree totally with the beer factory comment, i.e., J.J. Abrams is too cheap to build a proper engineering section.

you know i could never get this to work off of the website a few months ago

I bought the Bluray Target ed w/ model in side and not the standard BD/DVD pkg front……so maybe I’m screwed…… and have tried in vain MANY times to get this to run! I keep getting an error on my many returns to the site to get it to function. VERY frustrating! I put a call out a month ago to several Trek websites and non trek….sites specific to reviewing Blurays and dvd’s and NOT ONE person responded back and how I could solve the error issue. My Internet Explorer kept closing on me too.
It sucks big time!

isn’t that just the same thing as that experience the enterprise site?

Yes, it is! I JUST went there again..and the site loads…I download the Total Immersion software….it begins to load..and then:
So, I see the controls, sidebars, all around except center..my cam corder doesn’t activate and when I try to leave the site, my Internet Explorer stops working and closes and restarts.
Anyone have a contact to get ANY customer support at all?????????????

The site doesn’t work. I’ve tried it with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and….IE….the plug-in either crashes or hangs.

So… not a single person can attest that this works? I’m not even going to try it. I’ll just watch the movie again!

I thought the engineering “set” sucked as well. I hope at least in the next one maybe they’ll actually build something that resembles the standard set by the other series and movies. The warp core should be the centerpiece. We should be able to recognize it. Other than that I’ve seen it now about 18 times. May watch it again tonight. Loved it.

I don’t mind the engineering set. There probably aren’t going to be many people other than the engineers seeing that area, so it’s not a big necessity to make it look fancy. It’s a scientific vessel and a battleship, not a hot rod.

I actually got it working!

Nope, I’ve tried this on IE, Safari (both PC and Mac versions), Opera, Chrome, FireFox, and Arora.

Still can’t get it working.

It works fine for me! And it’s hecka fun! :D

This worked for me this summer, but hasn’t worked for me since I got the DVD. Bummer.

it worked perfectly fine for me. im using firefox 3.5.6. the way the ship flies around is a little awkward. but its still pretty cool. and it actually flies “around” your head if your head is visible in the webcam shot.

# 10, # 11, #18: The engine room on the original series was little more than a small room with what appeared to be red chicken wire over a matte painting. Had I not seen the documentaries on the DVD set, I would never have known it was a beer factory. And it does not bother me that it was. Why does it bother you? Why does it have to look like everything that has come before? I wonder how many Star Trek fans complained that they didn’t see any red chicken wire in the engine room in TMP back in ’79? “I hated the engine room! What was that cylindrical blue thing? Where the crap was the red chicken wire and shiny soccer balls?”

And as for the water pipes, remember in Star Trek III, Scotty DID say, “The more they over-think the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.” ;-P

The steel catwalks and some of the piping were tolerable. The concrete floors and huge vat structures looked schlocky and out of place inside an interstellar conveyance.

The ice planet set was lame too, reminded me of TOS and ST:III el cheapo rocks and cave walls made of paper mache and tin foil. They had smooth concrete floors too, probably the exact same ones at Para.


Man, everyone’s a critic here.

27 – Welcome to Star Trek Fandom ;)

No point in even buying this movie.

I really hate that Engineering Room of JJ. My Workplace looks the same. I’m working in a chemical Industry. I prefer an engeneering Room that doesn’t look like my Workplace. And i won’t buy this DVD. The Movie isn’t a bit what i expected of a Star Trek Movie.

I’m totally cool with having a lot of beer available on the Enterprise. But cheap beer!?! No way! Can we move to a micro brewery for the next movie? It might’ve worked for the younger actors, but you’ll never get Shatner into that cheap beer factory.

By the way, when I was watching an Imax film preview of the film, way back when, it immediately looked to me like a cheap beer factory. Coupled with the silly Budweiser reference in the bar on Earth, I found it a little annoying. As much as I appreciated and enjoyed the film, I thought the big radiation symbols pasted onto conditioning tanks looked a little bit like a fan film set.

Great movie though. Kudos to JJ, Orci, Kurtzman, actors et al for making this film work as wonderfully as it did in that horrible setting.

I got it to work!!! I could never get those things to work…but this one does! Awesome!!!

Can we get as MANY people as possible to post HOW they got the 3D site to work? Exactly what you are using! I’d really love to see this before the site is taken down!

@ 10 & 11

So you wanted a $150,000,000 bottle-show? Put all the money into sets? Keep the movie restricted to the ship but with a pretty engineering set? Yeah….that would have invigorated the franchise.

Too bad you guys weren’t producing and directing….I’m sure you’d have delivered a better movie.

BWah HA ha HA HA ha ha!!

# 25 “The engine room on the original series was little more than a small room with what appeared to be red chicken wire over a matte painting.”

Small room? Matte Painting? Clearly it’s been awhile since you’ve watched the original series, if ever.

Hey 25, chill out dude. I said I liked the movie but can I not make at least some constructive criticisms? The brewery in the movie was way too expansive and cavernous. There’s no way it would have fit even if the new/old Enterprise is as big as D. It aint the TARDIS. My thought in 79 was hey the warp core is vertical now instead of horizontal and I liked it better. As far as the “chicken wire” goes, I at least knew that the warp core was situated behind/around it. I think Archer’s Enterprise would be a good template for an expanded eng. section on the new/old E. Just enough plumbing with good points of reference. Gonna watch it again tonight. Merry Christmas all!!

Using the Bud brewery was just MAJOR product placement, IMO.

FYI, there was no “chicken wire” used on the classic engineering set.
It, as did the TMP set, used forced perspective to give the illusion of size and depth. And in both cases, it WORKED.
What I don’t understand is, why with all the excellent cgi sets possible would JJ opt for something “real,” but as utterly inappropriate and distracting as the brewery? (Oh yeah, that product placement thing… ;)

Off topic, but is it just me or are all browsers sucking with many tasks lately? IE, (as usual) FFox, Chrome, Safari…

I’m using Firefox, with a Cyberlink YouCam, that is installed in my laptop. When asked what device I am using (or something to that regard), it wouldn’t work when I chose Cyberlink YouCam, so I chose USB Device…and it worked. That’s about all I can tell you, I’m not the most technical person out there…good luck, it really is pretty cool!!

The brewery thing was what farked the ENTERPRISE for me. Most of the rest of the interior shots worked for me, but that brewery thing just looked ridiculous, especially when Pegg is running around at the end yelling about “givin’ her all she’s got” apparently ** all by himself ** in the this-is-supposed-to-be-the engine room.

Man, that was just wrong on every level. It was bad enough having the staging area during the recruiting sequence set at some sort of power station.

welcome to May 09!
have you lot only seen the film?, I’m only asking because brewery bitching & moaning was done to death 7 months ago and its now soooo redundant.

Have you all got a problem keeping up with the times? or does mommy stil cut your hair with a fuc<ing pudding bowl?

#41, It’s December not May. Saw it 3 times in May. Watched the movie again last night and the brewery is still there. Why are you using profanity? Not intelligent enough to make your point without it? The movie was great but some of the sets sucked. They could have been better. My opinion. Excuse the rest of us if we don’t sit in a puddle of drool and accept everything that’s before us. It’s fun to think and imagine. You should try it sometime. Ask your “mommy” and maybe she will help you.

I got it to work, but it took several tries and a reboot after installing the plug-in. The web site doesn’t play well with IE. Once on the web site, none of the IE controls seems to work (Back, Refresh, etc.), they just cause it to stop working.

Once you pick one of the three options on the site, Cadet Orientation, Set A Course, or Take Command, it takes about 30 seconds for the simulation to begin. It worked well once I got it going though. My arms got tired holding the box cover up to the camera and it sort of interfers with being able to see the monitor well (had to look under the box cover) because my camera is built into the top edge of the monitor. If I could move the camera, I’d set it down below the monitor on the desk when doing this.

Just be patient in loading and keep trying. Good luck!

# 25, 27 and 35

Couldn’t agree with you three more! Well said- thank you.


“Constructive” criticism doesn’t usually contain words like “sucked.” You’re less likely to be called out as a hater if you put some thought and courtesy into you criticisms.

Ok #45 maybe you have a point. “Sucked” may have been a little rude. I do still say however that the “engineering” area should have looked like an engineering area with the warp core as the center piece. If Scottie hadnt been in that area during his “I’m givin it all she’s got” dialogue we could have assumed that he was in the shuttle bay or any other area in the guts of the ship. It all looked the same. As far as “re-invigorating” the franchise goes, as others have suggested, for lifelong fans it’s as invigorating as it was the first time we saw it. There’s no reason the sets couldnt have been somewhat true to the original and the action and storyline still be there for the new fans. I loved this movie as I’ve said over and over again and I’ll take my Trek in any form that I can get it, but for some reason anytime someone tries to speculate what might have been (which the ficional universe of Star Trek has always done) others get threatened and lash out. I enjoy other opinions. If you liked the brewery set then great but don’t get all uptight when others do not.

as someone who loves the movie but hates the brewery set, I would be interested in hearing from someone who loves the brewery set on exactly WHY they love it. We have all heard the reasons why it is hated ( Looks like a brewery, doesnt fit in the ship, The old engineering rooms look better and more functional). I have never heard anyone say why it is good. Please, Im very curious

These games are lame!

I’ve seen the GI Joe one too, it’s a cute trick but rather pointless.

As for the brewery sets; they looks like…. a brewery.

The lower decks sucked in this movie, they did no look like parts of a starship, they looked like 20th century industrial facilities.

Those of you who argue that they can look like anything they want cause they’re fictional would be right if Trek was new, but it’s not it’s a 44 year old, well established franchise with established dogma in relation to things like warp engines, Ship construction, etc.

These are elements of our mythology that this movie arrogantly ignored or changed & that is unforgivable.

It’s like removing Batman’s cape & not explaining why.

JJ seems to be unable to think on the visionary scale of Rodenberry & that’s exactly why he was the wrong person to do this movie.

I mean does he actually think that rooms will still look like this in 200 years?

Go visit a 200 year old building, is it the same as one made today?

Uhura’s bra is no different than one off the shelf today; does JJ think underwear has been the same for centuries? Or that it won’t change in the next 200 years?

This movie’s story was OK, the casting was pretty good, the alien make up design was great (excluding the deleted Gorn, WTF?).

But it suffered from a tremendous lack of imagination & simply wasn’t good enough to justify this many changes.

The view screen is just a big window?!

Come on, man!!

Think ahead, not current.

I hope there’s some significant changes in art direction for the sequel, at least in those engine rooms, please!

& make the dialogue match the CG, if Scotty ejects the warp core, show the core ejecting, not the antimatter pods, they are two different things.

My beef with the beer factory engineering set is that it looked exactly like a beer factory. At no point did I think ‘hmm that’s an impressive engineering set that looks in no way like a beer factory’.

I’ve no problem with them shooting in one, but I wish it looked more like a starships engineering bay, and rather less like what it was. And I think most other people feel this way too.

#48 I agree with you on the engineering/brewery. However, J.J Abrams had to choose between a new set or visual and special effects. He chose the latter. At least not a whole lot of scenes were spent in the brewery. As for Uhura’s bra, I would guess that undergarments wouldn’t need to change much because it really hasn’t for centuries. Sure, little things like fabric and patterns, but other than that the principle remains the same and probably would in the 23rd century. On the other hand, George Lucas felt women don’t wear bras in the “Star Wars” universe and that is why Carrie Fisher didn’t wear one(as far as I know, since it was she who said it) in the first movie.Anyway, Uhura was hot in her underwear so it doesn’t really matter.

As for the 3d thing, I haven’t tried it and don’t think I will. I have the Starship Simulator on the Blu Ray anyway.