Great Links: Holiday Edition

holidayIt is Christmas week and so the Great Links is bringing together examples of Star Trek holiday cheer from across the web. We have Star Trek Christmas songs, Vulcan Giving, Klingon Christmas, Trek trees, Enterprise in Gingerbread, Santa Spock and more. Ho Ho Make it So.


Star Trek Holiday 2009 Links

Here are some intersections of Star Trek and the holiday season of 2009.

Merry Trekmas – the Free Star Trek Christmas CD
Musician Rick Moyer has put together a collection of original Star Trek Christmas songs and made them available online for free, including CD artwork. You can download them all off his website Here is a promo video for the project.

Star Trek Tree
Hallmark Star Trek ornaments have been a staple of Trekkie Christmas for decades and this year there are lots of Star Trek Christmas Tree videos on YouTube, but this one from Vicky of Texas is a favorite because the tree is made of aluminum, and even comes with a Star Trek tree blanket.

Star Trek Menorah
Of course Star Trek embraces all faiths. Last week, the eight day Jewish holiday of Hanukah ended on the 19th. Each day of Hanukah is traditionally counted down with a menorah, with a candle or light for each night. But the folks at at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories helped a couple turn the Star Trek Pez into a speical Star Trek menorah.

Spock inspires giving
The new Star Trek movie has a scene with young Spock being quizzed, and it is this scene that has inspired a non profit fund raiser who wrote an editorial for the Florida Sun Sentinel titled Generosity is Best When Given Freely. Here is an excerpt:

In the latest Star Trek movie, a prequel to the television series, a young, proto-logical Spock contemplates the idea, "morally praiseworthy but not morally obligatory."

Although swiftly spoken, the phrase catches attention. As a nonprofit executive whose role mainly involves motivating private, voluntary financial contributions (that are praiseworthy) to complement government funds earmarked to address specifically defined, community-centered needs (obligatory), I found the idea worth investigating, especially at this time, in a season of giving. [read the rest]

The Lost Star Trek Holiday Episode?
The Whatever Blog has put together their list of 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time, which includes the following:

The Lost Star Trek Christmas Episode: “A Most Illogical Holiday” (1968)

Mr. Spock, with his pointy ears, is hailed as a messiah on a wintry world where elves toil for a mysterious master, revealed to be Santa just prior to the first commercial break. Santa, enraged, kills Ensign Jones and attacks the Enterprise in his sleigh. As Scotty works to keep the power flowing to the shields, Kirk and Bones infiltrate Santa’s headquarters. With the help of the comely and lonely Mrs. Claus, Kirk is led to the heart of the workshop, where he learns the truth [read the rest]

Klingon Christmas Carol
Earlier this month the Commedia Beauregard in  Minneapolis, MN once again showed their Klingon interpretation of the Dicken’s classic "A Christmas Carol". Here is a news report about the live show from a couple years ago.

Photo of the week: Santa Spock
Karracaz from Deviant Art has created this Christmas Spock. (Click image to enlarge).

More Star Trek Holiday Links


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Happy Holidays to all my Star Trek friends and family!

Live Long and Prosper and Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all my Star Trek family and friends!

Live Long, Prosper, and Merry Christmas!

That is one scary looking gingerbread Enterprise! Don’t know if I would want to eat that!! LOL! Sorry!

Merry Christmas to all

Oh the ornaments on the tree are cool, I have four of them and I insist on getting them on the tree. they look awesome

Everyone on Trek Movie and to all of the familys have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or should I say. Have a Very Merry Trek Christmas. Some Cool items for Trekmass.

Hey. That Gingerbread Enterprise is NOT CANON. Ok. I had to say it.

It’s fun, but at the same time…I’m always appalled by how tacking so much of the Trek merchandise is.


#9. I agree with you. Not Canon and not Appetizing.

Yeah….in regards to the gingerbread enterprise…”This is a disaster!”

i kid, i kid.

Happy Holidays to everyone. What a great year in Trek it has been!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We Worf you a merry Christmas!

I want for Christmas the lost tos holiday episode. “it sounds exciting”

Oh my dear – I just worfed in my mouth…

Tribbles don’t “mate.” As McCoy says, they’re bi-sexual. (ha!)

that Pez Trek menorah is degrading and insulting to Judaism; yet another example of unrestrained commercialism gutting a holiday’s spirit and meaning…

That Klingon Carol sounds nice. Ok they have some heavy accent. But it’s a nice thing. I hope they recorded it, i want to see the whole play.

And something Important,
thlingan Hol does not Sound like a GERMAN CAVEMAN!!!

Does the free Star Trek Christmas CD really promote the user to “marry” it? Just pointing out a typo.

I didn’t get to go to that Klingon Christmas Carol but it sounded fun.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all & to all those brave souls in the mid-west who will be traveling during that big snow storm coming Christmas Eve be safe.

A Very Merry Christmas to all my fellow Trek Peeps & Live Long and Prosper!

12. Simon – December 22, 2009

We Worf you a merry Christmas!

….and a Happy New YAR!! :)

I hopefully represent all of Montreal trekkies/trekkers when i say…..HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MAKE IT SO.

@16. nuSpock –
“that Pez Trek menorah is degrading and insulting to Judaism; yet another example of unrestrained commercialism gutting a holiday’s spirit and meaning…”

I think you misread the description. That is not a commercial product but something someone made from a set of Pez dispensers. If you follow the link to the actual original article, it seems to be something they made FOR THEMSELVES.

Merry Trekmas to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I hope you’re all blessed with happiness this season.

I got a pretty good laugh watching the Klingon Christmas Carol, which just goes to show the nutty lengths Trek fans will go to just to give themselves good time.

Imagine the audience watching that the night it was performed …LOL.

I went to see the Klingon Christmas Carol for the first time this year, and highly recommend it! It was hilarious! They had a good handle on the language as well. We plan on seeing it again next year! If you can make it up to Minnesota, you won’t be dissipointed!

Merry Christmas to all, live long and prosper!

Have a wonderful merry trek christmas and may none of your gifts be a RE SHIT!

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