Harlan Ellison Wants You To Know He Is ‘Not Looking’ For Job On Star Trek Sequel

ellisonLast month "City on the Edge of Forever" writer Harlan Ellison posted comments on his site expressing interest in working with JJ Abrams on the Star Trek sequel. However, now the legendary (and cantankerous) sci-fi author wants it known that it was just idle chatter.


Ellison just musing on Trek

Last month we reported that Ellison had written two posts on his website about how he was a fan of JJ Abrams and would "jump at the chance" to be involved with the Star Trek sequel. He even opined on what they would discuss, assuming (of course) he was paid "from the first meet git-go."

Harlan’s comments were also reported by other genre sites including SciFi Wire (which is part of SyFy, owned by NBC Universal). And it was to SFW that Harlan made a call to clarify things. According to their new report Ellison wanted it to be known that he was not looking for a job with Abrams. The report also noted:

Harlan wants us and you to know that any and all talk about the possibility of him working on the film is just idle musing, and nothing else should be read into it

And in typical Harlan eloquence, he also implored for SciFi Wire to "kill" the "brash correspondent" who wrote their article reporting on his website comments.

Firstly, I do hope my friend Parick Lee at SciFiWire is in no immediate danger of being bumped off by NBCUni. And I am not sure if I should be happy or insulted that Mr. Ellison didn’t wish my demise as well.



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Not involved? Glad to hear it! NEXT!!!

yikes what a nut….

edit: his past work was pretty awesome, “City” and such… but still….

This bloke is a utter disgrace. Gene roddenberry didnt get on with him , and i dont know about anyone else here but gene’s word is good enough for me.

Its clear he is only in the buisness for money and i am glad he wont be going any were near the enterprise any time soon. why CBS and Paramount agreed a settlement with him is beyond me. yes he had the original idea for city on the edge , but it was very different to what he saw on screen.

Your the one utter disgrace to the franchise Mr Ellison and im glad ur nothing to do with it

that guy needs a good anti psychotic in hefty dosages

correction * what we saw on screen*

how dare someone want money for doing their job

thank god

Ellison is a ‘Tiger Woods’ joke…..barely amusing the first time and subsequentlyincreasingly annoying.

And Ellison in case this stings your bloated ego or body. Let me save you from a pathetic retort, because I too get very well paid for my efforts in life.



he’ll sue!

Reading between the lines with this latest press release……a month ago Ellison floated the idea of working with Abrams on the next movie. A month later, and with Abrams having laughed in his face, Ellison now has to downplay his interest, acting as if the initial suggestion was idle chatter. The bigger the ego, the more fragile they are…..sad.

I want him to know that I don’t give a crap.

oh no !

It’s refreshing to see some news about a real writer.

Well, that was a crap headline. It made it sound like he actually wanted to write in Trek 12 when all he was saying is if there was ever an opportunity, he’d certainly listen to his options ($$).

Anthony you are becoming a top dog already! Well done ;-)

>>This bloke is a utter disgrace. Gene roddenberry didnt get on with him , and i dont know about anyone else here but gene’s word is good enough for me.


You are a pea-brained moron. Ellison has written some of the finest fiction and non-fiction around. Plus he has delivered some excellent scripts. All Rodennberry did was recycle Wagon Train and head it out to the stars.

#17 “All Roddenberry did was recycle Wagon Train”

And that’s after ripping off most of the premise from Forbidden Planet!

#18: “And that’s after ripping off most of the premise from Forbidden Planet!”

Ye gods, and not just the premise, either (I mean, Forbidden Planet was just Shakespeare) but also the whole vibe, virtually the entire aesthetic.

When I was writing licensed Star Trek gaming material several years ago, I did so as a TOS junkie while some of my co-writers were more into pajamatrek (24thC stuff). Whenever I was asked how to capture the feel and voice of TOS, my advice was always: rent Forbidden Planet. Pay attention.

Don’t be insulted Anthony! We are all just lucky to share a planet with Harlan. :)

Better advice would be to read Horatio Horblower, Shakespeare and other classics that combine action/adventure, and character based morality plays. FB is one film, itself derivative and yet unique, as is Star Trek.

edit #21 FP (too much FaceBook on the brain :)

Star Trek is to Forbidden Planet what Automan is to Tron.

Harlan {yawn} Ellison? {yawn} Again?? {…yawn…}

Wake me when there’s NEWS, OK? {snore}

#17 edit_much

Hello, Harlan. Welcome to the board.

I love Harlan Ellison… He may be the one person in the world who bitches more than I do : )

The grouch speaks again!! He can’t help it, he’s just a grumpy old b***t**d!!! He’s like the bored kid who sets off fireworks at a cello recital. Me! Me! Pay attention to me!!!

“I single handedly am responsible for the most popular episode in Star Trek history! By the way, they completely changed it before it was shot, edited and aired!! But the popularity is all due to me!!”


Jeez, Harry. Now I don’t want to watch Star Trek anymore.

It’s now a badge of honor to be targeted for termination by Ellison.

It’s funny how public and private personas clash. For example, I’ve read that John Lennon was an egotistical ass with no empathy who ran out on his second wife for a while only to be escorted drunk out of bars in LA wearing tampons on his head. He once yelled on TV that his rock band was “bigger than Jesus.”

But, here on West 72nd Street in NYC, you’d think he IS Jesus because of what he wrote, which was absolutely brilliant. The hippies and tourists who flock to his home (I live up the block) have no concept that such a wonderful musician and writer of enduring classics about peace and love could be a stuck-up S.O.B. at the same time.

It doesn’t matter, ultimately. Mr. Ellison’s work and his personality can be mutually exclusive.

Harlan did one thing on Trek years ago, and he’s been a pain in it’s collective behind ever since. Leave him alone and don’t get involved with trouble again.

We’ve got your back, Anthony. ;-)

If Paramount is smart, they’ll pass on Ellison.

Would love to see some new input on Trek from Harlan. It doesn’t have to be JJ’s next movie. How about a game that’s more than just ‘splosions? How about a Trek novel? How about a straight to DVD? How about a collaberation with Monsieur Cawley? How about a clever t-shirt?

Come on! It’s a big universe!

Thank God. leave him behind.

I don’t care if he’s an informed/talented/whatever writer… he’s a horse’s ass, and it overshadows his works.
There are plenty of other writers just as high in quality.

Plus, his head looks like a melted potato.


I wish he’d actually, y’know, WRITE stuff instead of pissing and moaning and throwing temper tantrums.

I love his short stories (I had to read “How’s the Nighlife on Cissalda?” for english class and nearly died laughing), but I wouldn’t cross the street to meet this jerk.

And I want Harlan Ellison to know, despite the fact he wrote one of the best (not THE best) episodes, that I don’t care.

The man made some valid points over the years, had some respectable successes, but now he’s just an unfunny, hate-filled, egomaniac, a bad Shatner-imitation at best.

@34 Xeos “Plus, his head looks like a melted potato.”

You know… I’m a pretty big Ellison detractor. But I have to ask, “So what?” What in the blue blazes does Harlan Ellison’s physical appearance have to do with ANYTHING?

#31: “If Paramount is smart, they’ll pass on Ellison.”

Never you worry; Paramount have demonstrated a determination to avoid encumbering new Trek films with things like character, plot, or reason. Avoiding Ellison is bound to be circled, underlined and highlighted with little stabby arrows on their white-board :)

Feeling insecure Harlan? That everyone knows you’re out of money and desperate?

His moves here speak volumes, as do many other things he’s done in the past. One formulaic time travel story and he thinks he’s gods’ gift to Trek

*I* want Harlan Ellison to know he should shut the hell up already, no one wants to here the diatribes of a bitter old man anymore.

I am printing up Guardian t-shirts and am writing a direct sequel to City on the Edge of Forever as we speak. I’ve already had boatloads of cash pouring in on all of my activities related to his works, including the videos of all of his other works of literature — which have been made in China and are being bootlegged all across the world (the lip sync is a bit off, but what do you expect?)

I’ve even taken a photo of his dog and sold it to another company to make mugs that say, “Harlin’s Dog” on it. Should sell quite well, along with the copy of Harlin’s dental X-Rays that were smuggled out of his dentist’s office and that are going like hotcakes on E-Bay.

And lastly, I’ve gotten quite a few treasures from going through Harlin’s trash every week, and they sell pretty well at the local flea market. I attach a certificate of authenticity with Harlin’s name and forged signature to seal the deal.

Come and find me Harlin!!!!!

I truly have no idea why some people feel so driven to make negative comments about Harlan Ellison. There have been plenty of other celebrities who are A) have big mouths; B) are sarcastic; C) have more talent than their critics. So what if Ellison speaks his mind? So what? So what?
Are people so sensitive that the words of one person can get them so riled up?
I, personally, like Ellison, and I like his work. He is MORE than just “City,” and he is one of the most awarded writers in American history. As usual, most of his critics aren’t writers of any significant degree…

#43 By the way, that’s “Harlin” spelled that way on purpose. Harlin Eliesan. That’s what my lawyers told me to do so that I won’t get sued by someone who might happen to have a similar name. Not that any such person even exists, or sues or bad-mouths people more often than flies landing on %$#KING $#@!


If Gene’s word is good enuf for you (regarding Ellison or anything else), you clearly subscribe to the notion that we must ‘print the legend’ rather than the truth. Roddenberry really ranks as a pretty shitty human being in most researched accounts, and that is even before the heavy drug abuse started.

Ellison’s entitled to be pissed over the TREK stuff, because it is like an anchor round his neck, when people should be looking at his much better work (as in, much less rewritten/damaged work), his incredible essays, his unproduced scripts like FLINTLOCK, and hundreds of damned good short stories.

Ha, go Harlan go!

#4: “This bloke is a utter disgrace. Gene roddenberry didnt get on with him , and i dont know about anyone else here but gene’s word is good enough for me.”

Too bad you think that, since Ellison is fifty times the writer that Roddenberry was. Most of the rest of what you posted is wrong, as well.

Harlan Not Involved?


Oh, Thank the Maker!!!!

Oh, look now I am sued!

I don’t care who’s involved with the new movie – as long as it’s good.