Zoe Saldana Talks Growing Up Geek, Vulcan Boyfriends, Implants and more

holidayZoe Saldana is getting a lot of attention these days as the star of the blockbuster hit Avatar. The actress is on the cover of Complex Magazine, which has includes an interesting and personal interview. See below for excerpts and a behind the scenes video on her photoshoot, and more.


Zoe on geeks and bras

Complex magazine has a cover story on Zoe Saldana, including an interview with Zoe talking about Avatar and much more. Here are some of the interesting excerpts:

With Star Trek and now Avatar, you’re like the Intergalactic Queen of Comic-Con. How has your adjustment to that world been?
Zoe Saldana: It’s been great. I was raised by a woman who was a huge sci-fi geek, and I think I’m one too. I wouldn’t even say “geek”—you tend to chase great stories and fall in love with strong characters, especially of your same sex, and when I was growing up, and when my mom was growing up, those characters lay in science fiction.

Speaking of Star Trek, what makes a Vulcan a good boyfriend?
Zoe Saldana: The brains. The brains.

Have you ever felt pressure to get implants in Hollywood?
Zoe Saldana: Have I ever not, are you kidding me? I’m human, and I’m a girl. Even before you’re in Hollywood, at 14 years old you want to have more because your sister has a better rack than you and you see how beautiful she is. But me getting it done because men are dictating the quality of my beauty? I can’t do it. If I were to do it, I’d get it for me. But it’s too late, everybody knows I’m flat-chested. [Laughs.]

You were in your bra for a very brief moment in Star Trek, but that shot of you was in all the trailers. Did that surprise or bother you?
Zoe Saldana: No, because I understand that trailers are formulas. They have to show: “This is why we want you to come and see Star Trek! Boom! A space dive! Girls with nice bodies taking off their clothes in space! Hot boys! Kissing!” I’m OK with that. [Laughs.]

You haven’t done real nudity—we did a very extensive search. Would you ever do CGI nudity like Angelina Jolie did in Beowulf?
Zoe Saldana: Of course I would! You can even choose which kind of rack you want to have and everything. I mean, what? I love that idea!

Complex also has a photo gallery of interesting new images of Zoe. Here is just one.

This article is brought to you in part by ThatSweetGift. What makes a Vulcan a good boyfriend?

Plus they have a video of Zoe’s Complex shoot.

 Pick up Complex Magazine with Zoe on newstands. More details at complex.com.

Zoe and the Governator
In other Zoe news, the actress joined many of her Avatar co-stars last Friday to attend a ceremony in Hollywood inducting director James Cameron into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also attending was California Governor (and star of Cameron’s Terminator movies) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Zoe on the left with Arnie



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“Interesting” new images? I think the word is “Fascinating.”

Zoe you rock!

GAH! I just hate Avatar

Hollywood walk of fame? Why? Because he ‘Did Titanic’? Sure, its an ok film… but does it deserve to be the highest grossing of all time?

And as much as T2 and Alien are two of my favourite sci-fi films ever made, it just seems to me Hollywood loves to kiss his ass.

Zoe you rack! err rock!!


James Cameron launched so many Hollywood stars careers

Arnold, Leo, Kate, Zoe (star instead of a supporting character)

T2’s special effects are still unbelievable and way ahead of its time.


Aside from the fact that Titanic was commercially and critically a massive, massive success, Cameron also brought us Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, and Avatar, all critical and commercial successes. You seem to be part of the very select few that did not like Avatar, but you have to realize that you are in the minority.

About Zoe, she is looking INCREDIBLE in that shoot!

I can’t recall a bad Cameron film…

The Abyss, Terminators 1 & 2 (and
he was definitely missed with the last
two installments), Aliens, True Lies,
Rambo 2, and Titanic. Not a bad
list to be associated with I tell you.

If ANYONE dishonours Zoe they shall feast on the sweet steel of my d’k tahg!!! For Kahless and the Empire!!!

LOL.. I kid I kid, but really she seem like someone who is easygoing and even has a sense of humour and would be a blast to hang out with.(platonically guys!!) Not to say she’s unattractive…. but my gf would disapprove at first and then take Zoe for herself so then where would I be?

#3 … but does it deserve to be the highest grossing of all time?

Well that down to the public surely? Titanic may not be everyones taste which I understand but it works across the generations – My parents who were 72 when it came out went to see it at the cinema – the first time they had gone to the cinema since ET! They loved it and my daughters who were 10 and 12 at the time also loved it and still do – and myself an avid sci-fi fan – well I also really enjoyed it, its the reason we watch films to be entertained!

Hence the reason it is the “highest grossing of all time”.

the ONLY reason Titanic did as ‘well’ as it did was because the twelve-year-old girls at the time were OBSSESED with it…trust me…i remember having to sit in my middle-school history class and listen to them go, on. and on, and on, and on, and on about it. then for poops and giggles, my friends and I went to see…as a guy i can safely say: OVERRATED.

if Dark Knight came out back then when the economy wasn’t such a wreck, it would have blown that damn ship right out of the water. AND it would’ve been a better spent three hours.


where would you be? do i even HAVE to say anything? lol

#4 LOL !!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has much more to do with commercial success than film artistry. And movie promotion. Agreeing to show up for the ceremony and having someone willing to pay the $25,000 fee to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is pretty much all it takes to qualify for a star.

Can’t say I care about his star on the sidewalk or whatever . . .

But James Cameron is someone who consistently tries to do something new with his films. T2, Titanic, and Avatar (& maybe Abyss?) all pushed boundaries of effects and film-making.

Even Cameron recognizes what Titanic was: when they were finishing up the film, and people just weren’t expecting it to do well, he sat back and said, “What have I done? I’ve made a $200 million (or whatever) chick flick!” You can look down your nose as much as you want at the people who went to see that movie, but it connected with viewers (the TRUE test for any work of art to go through: did it connect with an audience) and it surprised everyone.

Avatar is a technical wonder, and the best example of science fiction world building I’ve ever seen on the big screen. It puts Lucas’s prequel trilogy to shame. A movie I’d compare it to is Dark Crystal, which also created a completely alien world. I’d also compare it to Dark Crystal in that the story is not that great . . .

But I plan to see Avatar again. At least once more in 3D, and also in 2D just to see how it compares. It’s a visual spectacle. James Cameron is not one of my favorite all time storytellers, but only because his STORIES aren’t the greatest . . . his TELLING on the other hand, is amazing.

@14. BenAvery: I agree for the most part with your assessment. However, for Avatar, I need to chime in somewhat.. the whole thing was built up to be shot in Sterescopic 3D from the get-go from what I remember.. after having seen that in 3D yesterday, I feel like this kind of movie needs a whole new visual language to go with it, as the imagery just feels different when compared to ‘traditional’ shots. A lot of shots felt strange this way, if you get what I mean. It’s not that Avatar is a bad film.. I just feel that it needs a somewhat different, or adapted visual ‘language’ – just as, IMO, the advent of colored film changed the aesthetics of storytelling in the 30s,40s,50s..

Arr, dammit, pressed the ‘say it!’ button too soon :(
Anyway, I am really impressed with the visuals, and WETA has truly come a long way since Lord of the Rings (some of their shots there were quite iffy in my eyes) when it comes to visual quality.

As for the film itself, I’ve put up my thoughts in my blog (just click my name). The front page is spoiler-free for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.

Anyways, re: Zoe: That one shot in the chrome corset/armor.. for some reason old school Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurions jumped to mind when I saw that.
Yeah. I’m a massive nerd. As evidenced by my nick xD

Anthony: Please don’t rip me apart for this double post.. xD

#7 – what about Piranha II?

“You haven’t done real nudity—we did a very extensive search”

That’s not creepy in the slightest…

Either way, Zoe remains awesome, and apparently it’s genetic. Go Zoe and Zoe’s Mom! :)

Zoe, Nothing is wrong with your rack! Keep what you got at the size you got and you have nothing to worry about because its hotter than a pistol. Bigger is not the best choice and it can lead to a disaster: Think Pam Anderson.

Titanic was successful for many reasons: it was an historical period movie, it was a disaster movie, it was an action adventure movie, it was a special effects movie, and yes, a chick flick. I think it is because it worked on those different levels that made it such a hit. I think for similar reasons Star Trek is so popular: it works on many varied levels as well.
Avatar was very good. The plot was not the most intricate, but the special effects were very good and it was a very good movie overall. The 3D I really don’t like that well, not specifically with Avatar, but all the 3D movies I have seen lately. The glasses are too dark and it is still hard to see, at least for me. They need to come up with a 3D implementation that can be much brighter and show all the detail that movies like Avatar deserve.

so hot

Ive seen avatar twice now-and us trek fans thought trek09 had a lotta eye candy-avatar blows everything outta the water–a good way to describe what cameron has done-this is perhaps the 1st movie to be as rich and deep as a scifi/fantasy novel–not just visual depth although that alone is groundbreaking–the story has detail that builds pandora and jakesullys world beyond any movie-in the star wars prequels obi wan rides a dragon like beast-we thing neat but who cares? With camerons world buildin we care–this is perhaps the 1st movie that is like a novel-if u understand what i mean–i took my parents,mom 83,dad 90,they both loved it so did my sister–cameron is still king of the world–and zoe`s netiri is wonderful-best cgi characters since gollum in lotr–her emotions from laughter to cries of despair resonated-and i will remember her character long after the movie stops playing-she was great as uhuru and amazing as neytiri–

Hubba, hubba.

10. Uh, no. Come to China. The first time I saw the damn film (which was nothing to write home about in my book either) was here. Believe me, everyone, or a healthy percentage in China, know this flick if they don’t know any other American film. In addition to your twelve-year-old girls, there are a few million people here who probably helped put the film over the top, at least in buzz if not box office. BTW, why should we discount that demographic and what is wrong with twelve year old girls? We were twelve-year-old, pimply-faced, boy Trek geeks, once upon a time, so we ought not cast stones (and I’m raising an 8-year-old Chinese Trek geek myself to continue the tradition; he watches entire eps of TOS even though he speaks and knows only a little English–He can say “KIrk”, “Spock”, “Dr. McCoy”, and “to boldly come [sic] where no man has gone before.”).

On the rack scale i think she scores a ten out of ten.

Amazing girl.

@20–I think you nailed it on Titanic. A personal favorite film of mine is “Somewhere in Time” which appealed to the romantic in me and, I suppose, a nostalgic longing for simpler times (except I would miss all the cool tech toys). But I also enjoyed it as a simple time-travel story and because Jane Seymour was simply luscious in it! In a similar fashion (and I would say similar story–fascinating parallels that someone else on the Net has noted in detail) Titanic did appeal (more successfully) to a wide range of people and the repeat viewings by young girls. I personally enjoyed it because of the period and the intrigue of Titanic and its sinking AND the special effects that gave us an inkling of what it might have been like to have gone down with the ship.

James Cameron has had enough success that I am sure he qualifies for the Walk of Fame more than some others who are also there. I honestly don’t know how they choose people but I suspect it really is just a curtesy nod to people who have contributed to the success of Hollywood in some fashion–and it generates great PR for the industry and the city.

Cameron did Rambo 2? Well I guess everyone has to have a nadir. Working with Stallone would qualify.

Why the american´s woman are so thin??

Zoe is thinner like a boy.

I m out.

Looking at it dispassionately … I suppose Cameron would qualify for a star on the Walk. I just find his arrogance quite distasteful and hate to see anything more that would feed it.

Saw Avatar twice already, first time in regular 3D and second time in IMAX 3D, it was amazing in IMAX 3D!

It had everything I would want in a sci fi film, sci fi planet, special effects that pushed technology, emotional story with a nice allegory tied in, great score, deep complex characters, and a nice long film that didn’t cheap the audience, 2.5hours should be the standard for epic films.

James Cameron gets film making and know who to cast, he single handidly launched Arnold/Leo’s careers and now Sam and Zoe. I mean he called JJ just to have him cast Zoe as Uhura!

I hope one day someone like James sits on the Academy Awards panel and votes, he understands what is good and what is bad.

Avatar 2 and 3 will blow our minds!

Would be funny to see the humans setup casinos on Pandora and the Nav’i getting hooked to tobacco…

#19: Agreed. Quality over quantity.



plain and simplee .